1749: Maya and Raider – Chapter One

Title: Maya and Raider
Author: EclipsePheniox
Media: Video Game
Topic: Borderlands
Genre: Adventure/Romance
URL: Full Fic
Critiqued by Delta XIII

Borderlands 2.

I really like this game. In fact, this is the game that really introduced me to online multiplayer (not that I use it very much, but that’s irrelevant).

For those who don’t know, here’s a quick primer on Borderlands canon (and by “quick primer”, I mean “prepare for an SC-Style Infodump [patent pending]!”):

Borderlands is a series of First-Person Shooters with heavy RPG elements and a focus on co-operative multiplayer and Diablo-style loot collection, affectionately termed “shoot-n’-loot”. Set on the alien world of Pandora (please refrain from making Avatar jokes; as far as I can tell, Borderlands came out first), the story focuses on groups of quirky, violent, uniquely-skilled individuals known as Vault Hunters who, as the name suggests, search for the Vaults: massive, well-hidden caches said to contain valuable treasures.


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