1577: I’ll protect you – Chapter 3

Title: I’ll protect you
Author: Sessh-Amy
Media: Video Games
Topic: Slender: The Eight Pages
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
URL: Chapter 3
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Hello, dearest Patrons, and welcome to another chapter of Slender Man fic!

I can feel your excitement radiating through the Intertubez. That, or Bifocals has been mucking around with my laptop again.

In the last chapter there was a rehash of the first chapter, this time from Slendy’s perspective, and he’s been turned into an obsessive stalker of our fearful fearless protagonist, the living sorrow-sponge named Thaddeus. This would make for a very good Horror fic, but the author seems determined to try to paint Slendy’s unnatural attachment (literally in this case, since  Slendy’s appendage-bit is still physically attached to Thaddeus’ ankle) as something positive and possibly romantic.

There are times when I truly worry about the youth of today.

Authors Note*

Oh, right; this is one of those authors who likes to put Author’s Notes at the beginning and end of each chapter.

Important note! Did you guys get the email that I updated this story? It’s coming up on my story!


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So this chapter is going to have a lot of P.O.V. changes. xDD

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::picks up massive eye and throws it into the hall:

Goeth! What did I tell you about leaving your stuff in my room?

yeah sorry about that lol

I am unconvinced of your sincerity.  If you don’t want to use POV Tags, then DON’T USE THEM.

For those of you who don’t know what P.O.V. means, it’s short for Point of view.


If you’re going to explain a term to your audience, then the place to do that would be in the chapter where there term firsts appears – in this case, that would be the previous chapter and not this one.

So yeah I hope it makes sense and that you like it.

Thus far, neither one of those things seems likely.

Enjoy! Thank you guys for the reviews btw! XD

There are currently eighty-two reviews for this fic; I glanced through them and, like always, most are positive. There was even one that pointed out that there’s “some rather delightful slenderman yaoi” located in the Mythology section under the Miscellaneous category.

I haven’t looked and I’m kinda afraid to.

Thaddeus P.O.V.


I was expecting it and it still pains me.

“Watch where you’re going geek!”

You know, I thought about going geek for winter but I don’t think it works with my coloring. I might go with a warm auburn instead.

“Sorry,” I mumbled after bumping into a third person today.

I just hope the narration doesn’t bump into the third-person.

I walked passed him and quickly made my way to my 8th period class.


No numerals in the narration!

I sat in my desk in the back of the room and kept my gaze away from the window. Why you ask?

I don’t remember asking that. And why are you suddenly talking directly to the audience?

Just in case I see that thing looking straight at me from the outside!

Is that something that could happened? If the classroom is located on a ground floor, and the school is near the forest, that is an understandable precaution. However, if he’s on an upper floor or the school in in the center of a city then his fear is irrational.

After I found that note in my pocket I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. Thanks to that now I have dark circles under my eyes.

After only one night without sleep?


You really are a delicate princess, aren’t you?

“Hey, are you okay dude?”

Oh, no! The unattributed voice followed him into the classroom! IT DEMANDS VENGANCE!

I looked towards the person who asked, which was near the windows.

:falls out of chair from the sheer magnitude of awkwardness:

…Well, this is new.

“Y-yeah I’m fine,” I smiled awkwardly towards Carlos.

Don’t think you can seduce Lyle’s cattle prod with your awkwardness; he has very high standards. And very high voltage.

“Are ya sure?” He asked, tilting his head to the side, “cause ya look pale-ish.”

Oya, the author’s going to try her hand at rendering dialect. That rarely goes well even when experienced authors do it.

“It’s nothing, really,” I smiled at him reassuringly.

You’re spending a lot of your time smiling at Carlos. It’s a bit creepy.

Carlos is literally one of the only people in the entire school, well unless you consider teachers people, who actually tries to talk to me and occasionally tries to get me to open up.

Teachers aren’t people; they are actually a sub-species of cave troll that sleep under their desks at night and go through reverse-season hibernation, spending the summers nesting in a large pile of discarded essays in the school basement.

Don’t get me wrong, I want friends more then anything but you know how the saying goes, the trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.

…That’s not a saying, it’s a quote from Stephen King’s novel Needful Things. That’s not really the kind of book you want to use as a template to pattern your life choices on.

You never know you know?

:alarms blare:

Crapcakes.  See what your lack of punctuation has done, author?


Luckily I have the Spider Cannon on stand-by.

:muffled screaming and explosions:

Although I guess if it’s loaded with mutant fire-breathing leeches it’s technically a Leech Cannon now.

Carlos could just be another person trying to be my ‘friend’ just to learn my secrets and humiliate me… yeah I have trust issues.

There’s actually a word/chirping noise for that in Velociraptor; Crunchy says it translates as “casual friend”, but according to Gumdrop the literal translation is “potential snack option with tolerable presence”. (I’m paraphrasing of course, Ishi-sensei is the only human-analogue in the library who speaks passable Tyrannosaur, so it was translated from Velociraptor to Tyrannosaur to Japanese and then to English.)

Thaddeus’ paranoia is understandable given his status as the communal whipping boy, but it is at odds with his earlier behavior of just blindly wandering into what could have been a trap baited with that piece of paper attached to a tree.

Carlos smiled back at me, believing my lie before facing the front of the class.


I was about to do the same before I saw a figure outside the window. My heart stopped at the sight of what seems to be a tall man with a suit on.

Knowing where the school and classroom are located within the Void would help me to determine if this is supposed to be an unusual or frightening incident. Seeing a man in a suit is creepy if you’re in the forest, but decidedly less so if you’re in a more urban environment.

My hands began to tremble as I took slow, long, breaths. Oh my god he is real! Why is he here? Is he stalking me or-

Is he just a figment of your imagination? That would be an interesting concept – Slendy as an obsessive stalker that turns out to be a delusion brought on by Thaddeus’ paranoia and the systemic abuse he’s suffered – and one that is workable given that no other character except Thaddeus has interacted with Slendy thus far.

Why is it that all this fic has done is give me ideas for other Slender Man fics?


No, unattributed voice, I’m Ghostie. Thaddeus is over there :waves towards Void: somewhere.

“Huh? What?” I asked looking back at Carlos.


He gave me a worried and concerned look. “What’s wrong?” he asked, looking out the window, as well. I looked out the window again, he’s gone.



“Uh… nothing, I’m just tired is all,” I lied, running my hands through my face and sighing in relief. Okay Thaddeus relax, you’re letting this get way over your head.

I dunno, having the only friend/person-you’re-willing-to-tolerate disappear in front of you could be considered a traumatic experience.

“Okay class, today we are going to talk about…” I zoned out as soon as the teacher began talking. I swear, having a language class is so unnecessary!

The author’s poor grammar would argue otherwise.

I looked up toward the clock on the wall. GAH! Only 30


minutes left. Looking down at my notebook and began to doodle.

The phrasing “only thirty minutes left” makes it sound as if Thaddeus feels this is a very short time, which is at odds with his behavior.

My mind went elsewhere as I began to think about… that tall man.

Who, Carlos?

What did he mean by being my ‘friend’ and wanting to ‘protect’ me?

Oh, Slendy! Sorry, the increasing number of male characters is starting to make it difficult to keep track of things.

What does he want? Is it going to try and kill me or try to make me go insane?

I think you’re supposed to go from least severe to most severe when listing things, unless you feel death is preferable to being insane.

Oh god, I swear this thing is going to be the death of me.

Or the crazy of you, since there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground there.

Should I tell someone? Ha, who’s going to believe me? No one ever believes me, not even my own family. Bet if I utter a word to anyone I’ll end up going to mental hospital or something.

Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, really. If Slendy really is a paranoid delusion, then the doctors would be able to help Thaddeus, but if Slendy is a physical entity who is actually stalking Thaddeus, then being locked up in a secure facility with constant monitoring and security would be a lot safer than letting the boy wander around in the forest alone.

Of course, that would be the practical solution and this is a Romance fic so Thaddeus probably isn’t going to do that.


The sudden shift in format tells me that Slendy is feeling chatty and has decided to “talk” to Thaddeus – in the middle of class, with an unknown number of people around. If his goal is to drive Thaddeus insane, or at least make him look insane, that’s a good start.

“Huh?” I jumped looking around the classroom. Oh no, is he here to kill me now? I jumped again at the sound of the school bell ringing. “It’s time to go already?” I mumbled to myself, looking at the clock. It’s already 3


o’clock. How long have I zoned out?

There was thirty minutes left in class, so … :does math: Approximately thirty minutes?

“Say,” Carlos suddenly said, breaking me out of my thoughts, “that’s a pretty neat drawing ya have there.”

“It is?” I asked looking down at my drawing. I gasped. I didn’t even notice what the hell I was drawing! I ended up drawing-

Based on my previous experiences with boys doodling in class, it’s probably a page full of three-dimensional boxes, that odd angular S thing, and crudely drawn penises.

“-it looks like Slender man,” Carlos smiled as I looked at him with wide eyes.

“Slender man?” I asked.

Wait, how does Carlos know about The Slender Man?

“You never heard of Slender man?” He chuckled, making me blush, “slender man is this tall creature, with no face that stalks after little kids and takes them away forever! But watch out, if you take one of his treasured pieces of paper he’ll come get ya!”

That’s a short, if somewhat inaccurate, synopsis of the game. There is one little detail, though – the papers don’t appear to belong to Slendy. Clearly they have all drawn by a former victim (or victims) and left around Slendy’s hunting grounds as warnings to future prey.

“Ha-ha r-really?” I nervously laughed. OH GOD! He’s after me because I took his paper! I’m so dead! What do I do? I know, I’ll go back to the forest and tape or staple the paper back on the tree? Will that work? It has to work! I’ll go right away.

Yes, let’s go back out into the spooky forest and give the crazy stalker back his piece of paper.  That’s sure to slake his bloodlust.

“But hey, don’t worry about it dude, it’s just a myth,” he assured me, putting his hand on my shoulder and giving it a tight squeeze. I think he noticed I got scared or something.

So’s Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, but that never stopped anyone from believing in them despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary.

“R-right, a myth,” I gulped, quickly shoving my notebook inside my bag and speed walking towards the door.

Yes, that’s not going to look at all suspicious.

“Thaddeus wait!” Carlos called. I stopped at the doorway and looked back at him. “If you’re not busy, maybe we can hang this Saturday?”

“Saturday?” I questioned as he grabbed his things from his desk and made his way towards me. “Umm, I don’t know if I can-“

Thaddeus’ life has been depicted as an unending parade of abuse and misery, and now he’s reluctant to spend time with the only person who treats him like a human being?

“-I wont take no for an answer,” he smirked,


:waves as a wall of wool thunders past:

Keep up the good work, Cerbs!

standing next to me. “We’ll play video games and stuff,”

I’m suddenly worried that this could be the beginning of a love triangle between Thaddeus, Slendy, and Carlos.

“…Alright, I’ll see if I can,”

Does he need to check his nonexistent social schedule, or does he have to ask permission from a parent or guardian? Come to think of it, has Thaddeus’ exact age ever been given? In the US, where the author claims to be from, having classes separated into individual periods typically starts in middle school and continues up through the higher grades – but that could mean that Thaddeus could be anything from an approximately eleven-year-old sixth grader to an eighteen-year-old senior in high school.

“Awesome, see ya tomorrow,” he waved, walking the opposite direction from me.

Is tomorrow another school day, or is that the day Thaddeus is supposed to go over to Carlos’ house?

“Okay…” I nodded, watching him walk off. I don’t get it, why is he always trying to hang out with me?

Can’t be because of your personality, you don’t have one.

At this rate, he’ll end up being the reject of the school too.

Or you might become more socially active, especially if Carlos introduces you to his other friends.

Oh, wait; he’s an Emo Stu. Being social would cut into his angsting time.

Or maybe Gerald put him up to it?

Is Carlos friends with Gerald? Do they even know each other? If Carlos is friends with the designated asshole and Thaddeus is aware of their connection that could explain Thaddeus’ reticence, but that hasn’t been established at all.

“Oh Thaddeeee-baby!” Speak of the devil, “I have a bone to pick with you.”

…Did Thaddeus just summon Satan? And would that count as an extracurricular activity, since he’s doing it at school?

I turned towards Gerald, he and his friends were making their way towards me. I gulped as I cautiously stepped back. “Sorry Gerald b-but I have to go now-“

Why are you stopping to talk to him? Just pretend you didn’t hear him over all the other people and book it until you can find a teacher.

“-You’re not going anywhere,” he smirked, grabbing onto my wrist before I could run away.




Sorry, he has a Designated Asshole card.


Awww, I can’t stand to see a demonic sheep sulk. Especially a three-headed demonic sheep; that’s triple the amount of sulking.

:slides three plates in front of Cerbersheep:

Here, have some clover crumpets. Just don’t tell Gumdrop.


Sorry, we’re out of marmalade; there’s only strawberry jam and apricot preserves left. Bifocals has been making doomsday weapons again.

“You see, after you stepped on my new shoes yesterday I tried to clean them, but as you can see-” he said before shoving me to the floor and stepping on my face, “there’s still mud stains on them.”

“Ung!” I groaned as he pressed harder on my face. The guys around him began to laugh as tears streamed out of my eyes. Why me?

Because he’s the Designated Asshole, and you’re the communal whipping boy. There doesn’t seem to be any other reason beyond that.

“So as punishment, I order you to clean them,” he says, stepping off of my face, “with your tongue.”

“What?” I sat up and looked at him in the eyes. He can’t be serious-


Thaddeus just left the classroom, so he should be in a hallway of some sort. If classes just ended for the day then there should be plenty of people around, both students and faculty. Gerald is literally stepping on another student’s head in full view of everyone, without even attempting to hide his actions or even glance around to see if anyone is watching. Why is everyone allowing this to happen?

“You heard me,” he said, nudging his foot towards my face. “So what are you waiting for? Do it.” His friends giggled as they pulled out their phones to record me.

Great, that’ll make it much easier to convict Gerald when he’s charged with assault.

I stared at his foot for a moment or two before gulping and grabbing hold of it.

If he’s only standing on one foot, it’d be very easy to tip him backwards into his cronies – and if you sit up, his balls would be in easy punching and/or biting range.

“That’s a good boy, now lick it clean,” he said as I licked my lips.

:crosses fingers:

Please, don’t let this be another weird fetish fic.

You know, throughout the years I’ve let Gerald do unspeakable things to me, like letting him beat me up, forcing me to take the blame for him, and even giving him my money.

Unspeakable things that you are still able to list in what appears to be a completely random order.

But never has he ever made me do something this humiliating… and I’m not going to let him get away this time. “Hey, whats the hold- Ahhh!” He shrieked as I punched him straight at the balls. “You-Bitch!” He growled, cupping his sack and falling to the floor.

As awesome as nut-punching a bully might be, I’m going to have to deduct points for not planning the scene out. Thaddeus was laying prone, with Gerald stepping on his head, and never sat up before grabbing Gerald’s shoe. Gerald probably wouldn’t even allow Thaddeus to sit up, both because he wants to maximize the boy’s humiliation and because it would require him to lift and hold his foot several feet off the ground in a very unstable position. (It would also put Thaddeus’ face very close to Gerald’s privates, something he’d want to avoid at all costs given his previous homophobic comments.) With the two arranged in that manner, Thaddeus laying down and Gerald standing up, even if Gerald was positioned in such a way that Thaddeus would have a clear shot, Thaddeus would have to have arms longer than Gerald’s legs in order to make this work.

“Sorry,” I mumbled before quickly getting up and bolting down the hall.

“Get him you dumbasses!” I heard him yell, causing me to run faster.

I had half-hoped that the setting had changed without the author mentioning it, but it looks as if they were in the very crowded school hallway the entire time.

“Why did I do that?!”I yelled at myself, shoving past a few people before making my way out of the school doors.

I’m still trying to figure out how you did it; you must have the arms of an orangutan.

“Get back here twerp!” I heard one of Gerald’s friends yell.

Why does anyone ever say that? It never works; no one running from a bully is going to turn around and go back to a certain ass-whooping.

I looked back over my shoulder. Gerald and his friends were hot at my trail. ‘Where do I go?’ I thought as i ran down the street… The forest! I’ll lose them there!


Because of course that would be where he goes – despite his fear of the mysterious faceless stalker.

I just hope the forest is close by the portion of the Void where the school is located, the kind of kid who gets bullied like Thaddeus was being bullied don’t usually have very good physical stamina.

Slender Man P.O.V.

Oh, goody.

Where is this child? The school bell rang 10,


I don’t care who you are, NO NUMERALS IN THE NARRATION!

or so, minutes ago. What’s taking him so long?

I can’t really determine if this is a long time or not, since there’s a number of unknown variables – like the where Thaddeus’ last class was located, or where the forest is in relation to the school, or even where Slendy is in the forest – that would have to be accounted for.

I roamed through the shadows and kept a safe distance from the student’s coming out of the school. I know he’s not talking to that boy anymore. He left the school a while ago.

Which “he”? So far, all of the characters in this chapter have been male!

Maybe Thaddeus has an after school activity or what was it they call it now a days, a club?

Those are both things that could be occupying Thaddeus, since you don’t necessarily have to be in a club to participate in some after school activities.

I looked back towards the entrance of the school. An uneasy feeling roamed inside my lower abdomen as time passed.

Either Ishi-sensei’s covert plans for a Xenomorph breeding facility have been getting more aggressive, or Crunchy’s been making chili again.

Is Thaddeus in trouble perhaps?… Maybe I should-

“Get back here twerp!”

I see the author’s still overlapping scenes. At least she didn’t go all the way back to when Slendy was doing his Peeping Tom routine.

I jumped at the sudden shout as I looked back towards the doors. Thaddeus was running away from a group of kids chasing him. Hmph, As if I’d let them get the chance to touch my child.

Have I mentioned recently how creepy it is that you call him that? because it is really, really creepy.

A growl erupted from my throat as I watched Thaddeus lead the group into the forest. Perfect my mouth opened, forming my jagged teeth into a smirk as I teleported towards the forest.

Hey, the disappearing/reappearing mouth is back! Even though every description of The Slender Man, even the bare-bones version Carlos gave mere moments before this, specify that he has no face.

Authors P.O.V.


What. The. Ever-loving. HELL. Is. THAT?!?

Wait a second … Are you switching to third-person perspective? :pokes fic with Mr. Crowbar: You better not be switching to third-person.

“You’re dead punk!” Gerald laughed, already catching up to Thaddeus. He grinned widely, exposing his teeth, and had a derange look in his eyes. “You can’t run from me forever!”

Well, no; not now that you’ve caught up with him.

‘Damn, Damn, Damn!’ Thaddeus thought as he made a sharp left after passing a large tree. He was already growing tired of running, his legs will give in any minute. ‘Someone, anyone,’ he thought as tears streamed down his face, “HELP ME!”


Dear gods, you are an idiot. I know, I know; you were panicking – but you actively ran away from an area where people would be able to help you into a place where Gerald could easily do Bad Things without any witnesses around. You were just at a school, surrounded by other students, teachers, administrative personnel, possibly even a security guard. Why didn’t you look for help there?

“Oof!” One of Gerald’s buddies bumped, face first, into the tree and fell back. “Fuck!” he cursed, clutching his nose in pain. “Is it bleeding?” he asked himself.

Yeesh. Nameless Goon isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, either. Trees aren’t exactly known to be masters of stealth, and a good indication that you have a bloody nose is the presence of, y’know, blood.

“Hurry up Jose!” Another one of Gerald’s buddies called, disappearing in the distance along with the others.

Let me guess; Slendy’s going to pick off the goons one by one as they get separated from each other through contrived means.

“Hey, wait for me!” Jose groaned as he quickly got up. ‘Where’d they go?’ he thought as he looked at his surroundings. “Guys?!” he called.



You really take all the joy out of being right.

“What?” Jose quickly turned around at the sudden voice who called his name.

Wait a second – Slendy’s “voice” works through his alleged touch-telepathy, yet he isn’t touching Jose.

Was that Gerald?

I dunno; did it sound like him? Did it sound like any of the unknown number of people who followed Thaddeus and Gerald into the forest?

He jumped and the sudden roar that echoed around him. He covered his ears, clenched his eyes shut, and fell to his knees. “What the hell?” he shouted as he felt something touch his shoulder. His heart ran a mile as he looked up at the person touching him. His eyes widen and his mouth opened a gap in shock.

I assume this is meant to be suspenseful, but I don’t actually care what’s happening to a character that was only introduced seconds ago and whose sole purpose in the narration is to be the Sacrificial Lamb.



Gah! I hate it when the unattributed voices start screaming for no reason.

“Jose?” Gerald’s other two companions came to a stop. “Zack, Gerald, I think Jose is in trouble!” said one of his companions, looking back and scanning the area for his lost friend.

Finally, I can tell how many minions Gerald has with him. There appears to be four people total; Gerald, Jose, Zack, and this nameless fellow.

“Gerald?!” he called out, but said man was far from noticing anything else but Thaddeus.

I think Gerald might have some deeply hidden feelings for Thaddeus; he’s almost as obsessed as Slendy.

“Fuck Gerald, lets go get Jose,” Zack said as both boys ran towards where they last saw their friend.

Huh. I guess Thug Number Four doesn’t get a name. That’s actually a good thing, since it greatly increases his chances of surviving.


“Jose!” they both called out as they made it back to the tree. “I don’t see him Rob,”

Well, shit.

“Don’t panic, maybe he’s pulling our leg?” Rob laughed nervously. He felt a chill run up his back as he walked around the area. “What’s this?” he asked, noticing a piece of paper attached to a tree.

Go on – touch it. You know you want to.

“Don’t touch… my child?” Zack read aloud as both their eyes widen. “What is this -SHIT!” he cried as something grabbed hold of his ankle and dragged him back. “ROB!”

So scary. Much fear.

“ZACK!” Rob cried as he tried to go after his friend but something seemed to have latched on to his ankle as well. “AH!” He yelled as he was pulled back. He grabbed onto anything, arms reach, but nothing was strong enough to keep him in place. He was then hoisted up “WAH?!” He gasped as he was face to face with what evers caught him.


Nothing like a metric crap-ton of daybooking to suck out whatever scraps of suspense the narration has been attempting to build.

Do not touch my kitten! the slender man growled as he exposed his jagged teeth to Rob and hissed.

The “faceless” Slender Man really loves showing off his dental work, doesn’t he?


:jumps again:

Stop startling the unattributed voices!

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” Gerald cooed as he looked for Thaddeus. “Thaddeus?”

Yet another useless stock phrase that no rational person would respond to. Also – sudden scene shift is sudden. At least there wasn’t another P.O.V. Tag.

Thaddeus took slow, quiet, deep breaths. He’s some how managed to lose Gerald for a moment and hid behind a fairly large boulder. His heart was hammering in his chest. ‘I’m so dead,’ he thought, trembling madly.

There’s boulders in the forest? That typically indicates that the soil is stony or rocky; not ideal growing conditions for tall trees that need deep soil for stable root systems. Of course, the forest hasn’t really been described beyond “contains trees and a rock” so it could be all scrub pine, kudzu, and prickerbushes.

“Thaddeee-baby?!” Gerald called, as he walked away from Thaddeus hiding place.

Your choice of taunting phrases does nothing but reinforce my earlier suspicions that you are harboring a secret crush on Thaddeus and only bully him because you’re trapped in a spiral of self-loathing that you are projecting onto him. Or you’re just an asshole trying too hard to sound like a badass.

Thaddeus peeked his eye out from the boulder.

Ewww! Eyes are not meant to do that!

Gerald was no where in sight. “Now’s my chance,” he said to himself before, dashing off into the opposite direction.

Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

“There you are,” he heard a sudden voice call from behind him. Before Thaddeus could react, he was suddenly shoved to the ground.

Dammit, the unattributed voices are getting downright violent!

“Oof!” the wind was knocked out of him as Gerald straddled his waist. “G-Get off me!” Thaddeus said,

:covers eyes: Dude, nobody wants to see that. Project your spiral elsewhere, there could be hypothetical children present.

trying to sound serious, but the crack in his voice only made Gerald smirk in delight.

Ba:crunch-crunch-crunch:aaa baa ba.

I know, right?!?

“Worthless piece of shit,” Gerald laughed as he grabbed a fist full of Thaddeus hair and yanked him back painfully. “You think you can punch me in the nuts and get away with it?” he chuckled into Thaddeus ear as he shoved his face down beneath the earth.

Did the game fic just glitch out? I don’t think faces are meant to do that.

“Ah!” Thaddeus groaned as Gerald held his hand behind his back painfully.

When did they start holding hands? I thought Gerald was shoving Thaddeus’ head underground, or something.

“Looks like I have to teach you a lesson,” Gerald smirked as he rocked his hips against Thaddeus rear.

Wait, what?

Thaddeus eyes widened in shock. ‘Gerald’s hard!’ he thought, feeling his stomach churn in disgust.

Wait, what?

“No please!” he cried, trying to wiggle away from his attacker, but Gerald only applied more pressure to his arm. “Ahh!”

:blinks slowly:

I need to stop being right so much. It’s bad for my mental health.

“That’s right baby, scream,” he chuckled, biting onto Thaddeus shoulder, drawing blood.

He bit Thaddeus hard enough to draw blood even through however-many-layers of clothing the other boy is wearing? Gerald must be part shark.

“AHH! Help me someone, please!” Thaddeus cried out, his body trembled madly and tears wouldn’t stop flowing from his eyes.


I really am trying to sympathize with this character, that’s not a good situation to be in, but there’s just nothing there to sympathize with. I know nothing about Thaddeus other than he’s constantly the target of violence; I don’t know what he looks like, where he lives, or even how old he is. It’s like watching someone flatten a cardboard box.

And it worries me that this author keeps writing “Romance” fics where the protagonists get brutally assaulted.

“Shout all you want, no one is going to save you, because you’re a good for nothing faggot!” Gerald said, gripping onto Thaddeus jeans.


I’d be careful waving around those derogatory terms, Designated Asshole, especially if you’re a boy currently sporting an erect penis while straddling another male.

Thaddeus heart broke at Gerald’s words. ‘He’s right , no one will save me because I’m nothing but a faggot!’ he thought as he clenched his eyes shut, awaiting the pain that’s about to come.

:rubs forehead:

I can’t smack someone while they’re being assaulted! That’ll make me look like an asshole. I do want to shake some sense into this boy really, really badly, though.

“Now be a good boy and- wah?” Gerald’s vision began to blur and become, statiky?

…I’m sorry, it did what?

“What the hell?!” Gerald growled, rubbing at his eyes.

Yeah, what the Designated Asshole said! In the game there’s bursts of static and visual distortions that herald the appearance of Slendy, but that makes sense since it’s appearing on a monitor. Electronics produce static, eyes do not.

A high pitch sound suddenly rang through his ears. “AH!” Gerald cried, covering his ears. The noise was unbearable.

Really? Because Gerald seems to be bearing it just fine.

What the hell is happening?

I keep asking be the same thing.

Thaddeus jumped at the cry of Gerald’s voice. He looked up toward the boy, only to see him cover his ears and struggle with himself. “GAH!” he cried, falling on his side.

Who is falling? Thaddeus? Gerald? One of the other half-dozen male characters in this blasted fic?

Finally finding his chance to escape Thaddeus began to crawl forward. “Oh no you don’t!” Gerald growled before grabbing Thaddeus foot and yanking him down to him.

Either Gerald was somehow straddling Thaddeus’ shins, or Thaddeus can crawl ultra-fast; he barely moved after Gerald fell over and the only thing Gerald could reach was Thaddeus’ foot.

He flips the boy over so he could face him. “I don’t know what the hell you’re doing to me but it wont stop me from getting what I want,” Gerald said, as a matter of-fact-ly.

Dude, really? You’re seeing static and hearing an “unbearable” high-pitched sound; not even Syl is that persistent with her attentions.

“Wait Gerald-“

Something tells me he isn’t going to listen to you, unattributed voice.

“Shut your mouth!” Gerald growled, covering Thaddeus mouth with his hand as his other hand lifted his shirt up.

Why is Gerald lifting up his own shirt?  If he’s trying to rape Thaddeus, then he should be focusing on their pants. Last I checked, being topless isn’t a requirement for intercourse regardless of sexual orientation.

“Mmnno!” Thaddeus muffled, as Gerald licked his pink nipples and bit down on them. ‘Help me!’

…And now Gerald is licking his own nipples. Why exactly is he doing that? And how is he doing that without breaking his own neck?

Wait, is Gerald supposed to be licking Thaddeus’ nipples? Again I’d have to ask – why is he doing that? Rape is a crime of violence, of dominance; it rarely involves foreplay.

Stay away from my child! The slender man roared, shocking both teens.

So this time they both heard that? What about that high-pitched noise that the author apparently forgot is still sounding? Does Thaddeus hear that, too?

Thaddeus was suddenly torn away from Gerald and was held behind the tall man’s body protectively.


Ouch. Thaddeus was laying on the ground – which is full of rocks, sticks, dirt, and other abrasive obstacles – underneath a heavy weight. He’s going to be all kinds of scratched up.

Gerald cried as a thick appendage was tightly wrapped around his neck and hoisted him up toward the air, “AHHH!”

Probably should have done that first, chief. Now Thaddeus is gong to be picking splinters out of his back for weeks.

Thaddeus eyes widened as he looked up at the creature that saved him.

And since he’s standing behind Slendy, who is apparently in full back-tentacle mode, he would see something like this;

That’s gonna leave a mark; little circular ones, all over the place.

“Y-You saved me?” Thaddeus whispered as his heart skipped a beat and a small blush formed on his cheeks.

…You have really odd tastes, has anyone ever told you that?

I will tell you this once, the slender man warned as he tossed Gerald towards a tree.

“Oof!” Gerald cried as the back of his head hit the tree rather hard.

If only the back of his head hit the tree, where did the rest of his body go?

Do not touch my Thaddeus, he warned as Gerald fell to the floor and blacked out.

It’s a nice sentiment, but if he’s blacking out then he probably won’t remember it. Also, he might be dying from severe brain trauma. Not that anyone would care.

The slender man looked back towards Thaddeus, whom jumped a little. Do not fear me…Thaddeus, he says gently.

If you want to appear non-threatening, I recommend retracting your back-tentacles and turning off that unbearable high-pitched noise that has somehow continued unabated without anyone mentioning it.

Gulping, Thaddeus nodded his head. “O-kay,” he said, wiping his tears away with the sleeve of his sweater. “T-thank you,”

No, just start backing away slowly and try not to make eye contact. It shouldn’t be hard, since Slendy doesn’t have a face.

It was my pleasure…

Possibly literally, since he got a peek of Thaddeus’ nips when he dragged the poor boy out from under the Designated Asshole.

Authors note*

Since the author likes to pop one of these at the top and bottom of each chapter, I guess that means we’re done with Slendy and Thaddeus for now. Yay.

OMFG OMFG OMGF I’m stuck now XD I don’t know how to continue from here!

And yet you manage to stumble along for seven more chapters. I assume the author only had a vague idea that she somehow managed to stretch into three separate chapters and rather than trying to wrap things up, she’s just going to start throwing things at the fic to see what sticks. That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the fic.

Someone help?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

What shall happen in the next chapter?

Oh, there’s no telling what’s going to happen once an author starts reaching into the Big Bag-o-Plot Fragments.

lol did you like?

No; no, I did not.

Did it make sense?

No, not really.

I feel like it was confusing, i don’t know XP

No, you should go with that feeling.

Comment/subscribe/favorite BTW! I didn’t spell check this XP To lazy lolololol


Truthfully, the spelling hasn’t been all that bad – it’s the grammar that is really wonky.




55 Comments on “1577: I’ll protect you – Chapter 3”

  1. BatJamags says:


    Well, shit.

  2. BatJamags says:

    For those of you who don’t know what P.O.V. means, it’s short for Point of view.


  3. BatJamags says:

    Carlos could just be another person trying to be my ‘friend’ just to learn my secrets and humiliate me… yeah I have trust issues.

    I haven’t really been to a “normal” public school, so I don’t exactly know how this works, but this seems like an unnecessarily elaborate prank for a teenager with a short attention span to pull off. Like, this is some Carrie-level bullshit. The bizarre thing is that Thaddeus talks like it happened to him before.

    • GhostCat says:

      Yeah, my experience with bullies in high school was nothing like this sort of long-game con; it was more along the lines of “I’m bored, let’s pick on one of the unpopular kids!”

      This is more the sort of thing you’d find in a clichéd teen drama than anything like real life.

  4. BatJamags says:

    Based on my previous experiences with boys doodling in class, it’s probably a page full of three-dimensional boxes, that odd angular S thing, and crudely drawn penises.

    I tend to favor stick figures hitting each other with swords, myself.

    • Andiliteman says:

      My doodles usually consist of baby-fied characters, weird monsters and occasionally an interaction that occurred in some game or another.

    • AdmiralSakai says:

      Given that my drawing skills make Randall Munroe look like Leonardo Da VInci, I’ve mostly been limited to lines and polygons since middle school.

  5. BatJamags says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how you did it; you must have the arms of an orangutan.

    Maybe he’s Garrus.

  6. Angie says:

    “Y-You saved me?” Thaddeus whispered as his heart skipped a beat and a small blush formed on his cheeks.

    That is literally the most forced “romantic line” I’ve ever read.

  7. BatJamags says:

    Gah! I hate it when the unattributed voices start screaming for no reason.

    “You don’t understand our pain.”

    “Yeah, we’re tormented by needlessly persistent and devious bullies.”

    “Our lives are so angsty.”

    “We also had our lips sewn shut and grew our hair and got locked in Arkham Asylum.”

    “No, you fool!” the other Voice blurted out, “stop before you describe-”

    Huh. They actually got rid of themselves this time.

  8. What does he want? Is it going to try and kill me or try to make me go insane?

    I think you’re supposed to go from least severe to most severe when listing things, unless you feel death is preferable to being insane.

    I dunno, I have a feeling death and insanity would both be preferable to what’s actually going to happen.

  9. BatJamags says:

    “Looks like I have to teach you a lesson,” Gerald smirked as he rocked his hips against Thaddeus rear.

    The fuck?!

  10. BatJamags says:

    He bit Thaddeus hard enough to draw blood even through however-many-layers of clothing the other boy is wearing? Gerald must be part shark.


    *Flashbacks ensue*

  11. AdmiralSakai says:

    That’s a short, if somewhat inaccurate, synopsis of the game. There is one little detail, though – the papers don’t appear to belong to Slendy. Clearly they have all drawn by a former victim (or victims) and left around Slendy’s hunting grounds as warnings to future prey.

    Really, really unclear and uninformative warnings, but warnings just the same I guess…

    • GhostCat says:

      To be fair, they do look like works produced by children which could explain why they aren’t very informative. Kids don’t articulate well even when they aren’t being chased by a faceless bogeyman.

  12. BatJamags says:

    And yet you manage to stumble along for seven more chapters.

    I’m sorry, what did you say?

    seven more chapters.

    I must’ve misheard you. Try that again?

    seven more chapters.




    Well, I’m glad there’s only one more chapter to go.

  13. Andiliteman says:

    Comment/subscribe/favorite BTW! I didn’t spell check this XP To lazy lolololol

  14. AdmiralSakai says:

    standing next to me. “We’ll play video games and stuff,”

    Yeah, it’ll be great. Yesterday I got the Content DLC for Shooter! It’s a System exclusive, and adds Mode to the multiplayer!

  15. AdmiralSakai says:

    Please, don’t let this be another weird fetish fic.

    I think it already is.

  16. AdmiralSakai says:

    I looked back over my shoulder. Gerald and his friends were hot at my trail. ‘Where do I go?’ I thought as i ran down the street… The forest! I’ll lose them there!


    Because of course that would be where he goes – despite his fear of the mysterious faceless stalker.

    I dunno, leading the bullies into a forest where he knows there to be a monster (and possibly also wolves?) could be a pretty valid strategy if he knows the area better than the bullies do (which he probably does, given that he was in there before).

  17. AdmiralSakai says:

    Yeah, what the Designated Asshole said! In the game there’s bursts of static and visual distortions that herald the appearance of Slendy, but that makes sense since it’s appearing on a monitor. Electronics produce static, eyes do not.

    Um…. not really? I mean, you’re playing it on a monitor, but in-game the camera is the player character’s eyes.

    I still thought it was a cool visual effect, and there could easily be ways to interfere with an organic visual system to produce it.

    • GhostCat says:

      Which is what makes it so creepy, in my opinion. It’s like Slendy’s breaking the fourth wall and reaching out of the game to mess with the player.

      • AdmiralSakai says:

        Umm… I guess?

        You do realize that the various types of flatpanel display don’t usually display snow static unless it’s actively fed into them, right? Endogenous static is pretty much a CRT thing (and even then it’s not super easy to have happen as opposed to image warping or flickering), so here it would only show up if the image was coming in through an analog source like an antenna or tape.

        • GhostCat says:

          No, Ghostie not know how blinky box make pretty pictures. ;)

          The static would only appear if the signal was coming through an analog source, or if it was being deliberately produced by something or someone. According to the accrued mythos, Slendy produces some sort of signal that affects the brain’s electrical activity and induces a number of varied effects – that could mean that he has the ability to interfere with other electronic devices, like a computer monitor. If Slendy was a self-aware character trying to break through the fourth wall to “attack” the player when he gets near the player-character, the signal he’s throwing out might come across as a burst of static.

          That’s just my theory, though. I’m not really sure if an organically produced signal would show up as “snow” on a modern monitor even if that was the intended effect.

    • Delta XIII says:

      Um…. not really? I mean, you’re playing it on a monitor, but in-game the camera is the player character’s eyes.

      Incorrect; the in-game perspective is that of a handheld camera, not the character’s eyes.

  18. AdmiralSakai says:

    OMFG OMFG OMGF I’m stuck now XD I don’t know how to continue from here!


  19. SC says:

    That, or Bifocals has been mucking around with my laptop again.

    Bifocals: *gasp!* Ich habe eingerahmt!

  20. SC says:

    where there term firsts appears

    Did you fall down the stairs while writing this riff, Ghostie?

  21. GhostCat says:

    My curiosity got the better of me, so I took a peek in the Mythology section and … Slender Man/Jeff the Killer Romance fics are apparently a real thing.


  22. Delta XIII says:

    …Did Thaddeus just summon Satan? And would that count as an extracurricular activity, since he’s doing it at school?

    I did that for a science fair project once.
    Somehow, I still lost to a goddamn baking soda volcano.

  23. Delta XIII says:

    “We’ll play video games and stuff,”

    “I just got Slender: The Arrival, it’ll be great!”

  24. Delta XIII says:

    Hmph, As if I’d let them get the chance to touch my child.

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