Art-Tastic Saturday – Link versus A Very Angry Pig

Hey folks!

SC is the dumbest fucker to ever walk the earth, and so my riff isn’t done yet. I kind of hate that this is a recurring pattern with me, but as I explained once before, apparently, I don’t have much of a grasp on the concept of time.

You know who else probably has a dodgy idea of the concept of time? Link, from Legend of Zelda! (I mean, if I had to time travel back and forth in order to save the world, I’d get pretty confused which timeline I’m supposed to be from, you know?)

I noticed Ert was running a Zelda riff, and it suddenly occurred to me that, whether because we get distracted by other badfics or are simply too chickenshit to set foot in the Zelda side of, the number of Zelda-related anything here is quite low. As is any fanart for it, naturally. So, I figured this would be a good start towards remedying the situation. And what’s one of the single most popular images of Zelda fanart you’re apt to find on the internet?

…Uh… well, porn, primarily. A looot of porn.

In fairness, that was before I refined my search parameters.

But the OTHER most popular Zelda fanart you’ll likely find, when you don’t accidentally subject yourself to Rule 34, is some variation of Link squaring off with Ganon, the ever-present villain of (most of) the series. And therein lies the joke behind the title of this post, because Ganon is almost always portrayed, without fail, as a gigantic, angry pig monster.

Don’t believe me? See below for details:

Pictured: Legolas a young boy fighting FILTHY SWINE.

Pictured: Legolas a young boy fighting FILTHY SWINE.

My point, proven.

Sadly, I don’t know who made this image. I wasn’t quite able to track down their name. If anybody else has better luck than me, by all means, let me know, because I hate not giving credit where it’s due.

But in the meantime, enjoy the weekend, folks!



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