1545: A Daughter – Chapter Two

Title: A Daughter
Author: Lady Lilith La Belle
Media: Books / Movie
Topic: Harry Potter
Genre: Romance/Angst
URL: Chapter Two
Critiqued by Lyle

Good morning, everyone!  Welcome back to “A Daughter.”  Last time we met, Cellophane was sorted into Slytherin.  That’s seriously the only thing that happened.

*sets the buzzer out on the desk*

This thing is up to 15 and we’re only starting the second chapter.  It’s a bit longer than the previous installments, but a good chunk of today is just the lyrics to “Nights in White Satin”.

My apologies to The Moody Blues.

Chapter 2: Slytherin Princess and Lockhart’s Favorite

*hand hovers over the counter*

If this turns out to be a reference to Sidelong being Lockhart’s favorite, my hand comes down.

My first night at Hogwarts was quite different from what I expected. When we were escorted through the dungeons and to our common room, Draco never left my side. I noticed the annoyance on Pansy’s face the entire way their.



Draco didn’t seem to either notice nor care. I learned the password was “Pureblood” and I actually wasn’t too surprised at the irony of the term.

How many of these fellow students in my house were actually half-bloods? It has been seen on numerous occasions that parents with black hair end up with offspring with brown hair, even when the gene for black hair was dominate.

That’s… that’s not how it works.

*sighs and rolls out the chalkboard*

A simple God-damned punnett square is all we need here.  Look, this is basic genetics.  Assuming hair can be controlled by a two-letter genotype (it isn’t, by the way.  Neither is eye-color.  They are much more complex than that, but we’re simplifying so I can make my point without launching into an hour long genetics lecture.  We are essentially diploid in our genetics but more than one gene controls your hair and eye colors), let’s call black hair dominant “B” and brown hair recessive “b”.

Your genotype is the genes behind your phenotype (physical expression of your genotype).

Let’s say mom is heterozygous for Black hair with brown recessive and dad is homozygous for black hair.  It could be expressed as this:

MS Paint and a touch-screen computer screen = Lyle actually using the chalkboard.

MS Paint and a touch-screen computer screen = Lyle actually using the chalkboard.

Using this set up, there isn’t a possible outcome of a brown-haired child because Dad can only supply a dominant black-hair gene.  However, there is a 50-50 chance that their offspring will became heterozygous and, thus, a brown hair carrier, like the mother:


Say the mother is a heterozygous Black hair with brown recessive.

However, if dad was also heterozygous black with brown recessive:


Both parents are physically showing the trait of “Black hair.”  However, due to the greatness of genetics and chance, they now have a 25% chance of having a brown haired child.


Using hair color or eye color to determine infidelity is dumber than trying to brush your teeth with a used toilet bowl brush.  Two brown-eyed parents can have a blue-eyed child.  My brother and I are case-in-point for how heterozygosity happens.  Our mother is blue-eyed.  Our father is brown-eyed.  I have bluish-gray eyes, Taco has sort of hazelish-blue eyes.  If saying brown is a dominant color (which is usually the case with eye color), Sludge’s logic would indicate that our father could not possibly be our father because neither of us have brown eyes.  The reality of it is that my father is heterozygous brown-blue because our grandfather had blue eyes and could only pass along a recessive blue gene to his children.  Mixed with our mother’s recessive-only eye color, we both have shades of blue.  They’re different from each other because, as I mentioned, eye and hair color is not controlled by a single diploid gene, but the general principal of the matter still makes my point valid.

Then the family friend with brown hair suddenly disappears. I’m not pointing fingers, but most pureblood families would never admit to adultery, especially if a child is involved.

Most families in general don’t admit to adultery.  It has nothing to do with blood status.

Arranged marriages are quite common in the Wizarding world, but they have fallen out of favor over time.

I’d make a counter for Death by Disposition, but I’d just have to hold it down for the entirety of the fic.

I mean, who truly knows if the children produced are actually by the husband and not by the lover who begged to marry the pureblood daughter.

The mother might know.

Centuries ago, they used to dispose of illegitimate children, whether it was by dropping them on the doorstep of muggles, orphanages, or killing them. Nowadays, if the child is illegitimate, the family keeps quiet or given the status of muggleborn if raised by muggles.


But back to the story at hand.

Our narrator just became self-aware that this is a story.

Entering the common room of Slytherin was almost breathtaking.

Almost, but then it became apparent how dull it was and no one was impressed.

It was everything I could’ve hoped for.

It just wasn’t awesome enough to be breathtaking.

I must admit I have always been drawn to the darkness, but this was perfect. The leather black couches.

*cringes*  That’s not the proper order of how you describe shit!  Color, then material!


The bright green fire in the black fireplace. Every detail in the room was either outlined in black or green and it was beautiful. Another genuine smile was etched onto my face. Draco saw the smile on my face and smirked,

*Lyle’s phone rings*



*checks a piece of paper in her desk drawer*  No, he’s on the approved list.  If it gets too out of hand, though, I’ll call you back.



“What are you on about?”

…Nothing… she didn’t say anything or go on about anything.

I glanced at him, mirroring his smirk,

*Lyle’s phone rings again*


Go for it.  She’s fair game.  But… how are you working a phone?


Oh.  I guess I didn’t need that mental image.  Anyway, gong away, buddy.


*Lyle stands up and opens her door just in time for a gong to sail through it and smack into the far wall*

His aim is improving.

“This is definitely my house. Can you imagine me going into the Hufflepuff’s common room with all those bright colors? I would’ve gone blind and gagged notoriously at the sight.”


That’s not what that word means!

He laughed at this and directed me to an empty couch. I sat directly beside the arm of the couch and Draco was on my other side. Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy sat opposite of us. Other Slytherin students filled in the seats. Some of the others sat on tables and the stairs. The Perfects addressed all of us.

“Now, I’d like to welcome everyone back to Hogwarts, and all of our first years as well. We have gained many new talented witches and wizards this year. We even now have a Serpentine in our house. Selene Serpentine will be taking classes with the 2nd year students.

*smacks the buzzer*

Yup, that’s a Sue!: 16

Even though she’s gotten counts for those things before, I’m giving her another because the prefect is blathering on about it.

You all know what Salazar Slytherin looked for in his chosen students? The seeds of greatness. You all have been chosen by this house because you’ve got the potential to be great, in the true sense of the word.

Instead of the fake sense of the word.

Already, this gives us an advantage on the house points.

What gives you advantage on house points?  Everyone starts off at zero.  Just because Witchy McSuepants here gets to skip a grade means nothing.

Selene and many others of you have started studying for classes this year, so we will NOT lose points for ANY bad grades this year or any other year for the matter.

The logic in this fic astounds me.  It truly does.  Because Selene is here, you won’t lose any points for bad grades?  That’s not at the discretion of the student.  Or is he under the impression taht she’s just so good of a student that there’s no way she can fail a class?

*taps the buzzer*

Yup, that’s a Sue!: 17

Our new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is a celebrity, expect anything in his class. He has not taught students EVER and we should do our best to make the best impression. You are all dismissed.”

Who is this guy that’s talking?  How does he know these things?  It’s never been mentioned that Lockhart hasn’t taught before.  Considering how bad he is at it, it can be assumed he’s new to the job, but it was never told to the students that he wasn’t going to have any idea what he was doing.

I stayed seated on the couch. As did Draco and his friends. Pansy opened her mouth, calling out Draco’s name, but he was already speaking to me,

“Well aren’t you pleased that you get to have class with Gilderoy Lockhart? He practically spit out his pumpkin juice at your name. I take it that you know him as well.”


Yup, that’s a Sue!: 18

Causes celebrities who are so full of themselves that they can’t think of anything besides themselves, startle in awe.

Shaking my head in a calm manner, I replied,

That’s boring.  I always shake my head like this:

“No. Not at all. He may have known my mother and aunt. I believe they all attended Hogwarts at the same time but as different years. I swear if he asks about my aunt to know if she is single, I can simply tell him that she will be coming here in about a month, on business of course.”

Is that your mother-mother, or your aunt-mother?  And is this the aunt that’s really your mother?  Or is this your real aunt?  Is the mother mentioned just an aunt pretending to be your mother?  Or is this the same person and you’re just mentioning them twice to try to pretend they’re different people?

Or did you forget already that your aunt and your mother are different people?

Draco and everyone who was eavesdropping jaws dropped. Crabbe was the first to speak,

*taps the buzzer*

Yup, that’s a Sue!: 19

By proxy of her mother-aunt being as well known as she is.

“Your aunt is coming here?”

Yes, dipshit.  Pay attention.

“Yes, but on business. Professor Snape is a business associate for her potions manufacturing company in France, Bulgaria, and America.”

That actually sounds relatively legit, although it’s a contrived way to get her mom and dad in the same room while she’s there.  I don’t see why Mama-Aunt couldn’t have taken care of this business before school started.  Snape is a busy man during the school year.

Envy was present in most of my fellow students eyes. I was more surprised to see it in Draco’s. But I then realized that most of the students don’t see their families until holidays and then some not even until the school year is over.

You’ve been in school less than a day.  Why would everyone want to see their relatives already?  Boarding schools are very common over in England so their youth would already be prepared for long stays away from home; it’s the norm for them.  Plus all her new “friends” are second years.  This isn’t their first rodeo.  And Draco‘s father is a school governor.  He pops around all the time to stir up trouble.  I’m sure Draco sees more of him than he really wants to.

“I am pretty sure that she will come while classes are going on, so I doubt I will get a chance to see her or even talk to her.”

Stuuuupiiiiiddd…. If she shows up while classes are in session, she won’t be able to get any work done because Snape will be in class.  She should show up on the weekend when all he has to do is tweak lesson plans, restock the supply room, and grade papers.

Now the majority turned understanding and sympathetic. I do not want their sympathy, nor do I need it.

Then why say something to garner sympathy?

Draco took to pulling out his schedule for the year and in turn so did I.

Class schedules are not passed out until breakfast the morning after students arrive.

We every class together and Crabbe and Goyle had half of the same classes as us. Pansy had all of the same classes as us but at different times. She looked so disappointed and angry. Draco saw her reaction and did nothing to sooth her disheveled state.

Okay, that’s it!  *digs spare parts out of her desk and stares at them*

I need a montage for this one.

*places newly completed buzzer on the counter next to the first one*

Let’s see here…

Slytherine Pureblood, skipping a grade, sorted out of order, class schedules on the wrong day, and members of the same year and same house taking different classes at different times.  That’s five.


I Learned the Canon from Fanfiction!: 5

Members of the same house and year take all their classes together until Year 3.  Near the end of Year 2, students can pick additional classes they wish to take during Year 3 (like Divination or Ancient Runes), to help them start specializing in what field of magic they wish to go into when they grow up.  They are still required to take the base courses like History of Magic and Potions, however.  And the classes that they take (either required or additional) are always taken at a certain time based soley on what house and year they are in.  In Year 2, every 2nd year of every house is required to still take the base 6: Potions, History of Magic, Transfiguration, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Herbology.  And they will take these 6 classes with all their year mates within their house.  First years are required to take a 7th class for flying, but that isn’t a year-long class.  It’s pretty much a one-day thing, like when you were pulled out of 6th grade for an hour to learn about puberty.

ANYway, my point is that if she’s sitting with a group of 2nd years, all five of them will be taking the exact same classes at the exact same time.  There will be no difference in the schedules.  Which means Lady Lilith la Belle either did not read the books, or she vastly misunderstood them.  Not even just knowledge from the movies would lead you astray this badly.  I’m guessing she’s writing in a fandom she’s actually not versed in and has learned most of what she knows directly from reading other peoples’ crappy fanfiction.

After everyone exchanged their schedules, they all began having separate and private conversation. Draco seemed to not want me out of his sight as he kept conversing with me until we were both being escorted to our separate dorms. We had talked about plants mostly. Poisonous plants to be more specific. I noted how fainted he was with them.

How what now?  That isn’t even close to the right word.  I can’t even tell what she was trying to go for with that one.

There was a light in his eyes, a light that only seemed to grow brighter as he learned that I have a vast knowledge of most poisonous plants of both the magical and muggle world.

*taps the first buzzer*

Yup, that’s a Sue!: 20

When we finally went our separate ways, there were very few students left in the room. The 4th year student who was escorting me brought me to my room. I was very thankful that most of the rooms in the Slytherin household was made to suit individual students and not groups as I heard the other houses do. Slytherin’s like their privacy.

*steals the apostrophe*

*taps a buzzer*

I Learned the Canon from Fanfiction!: 6

There are, on average, 6 new students in each gender, each year.  The reason they house each year in one big bedroom per gender is because of space issues.   In order to have a bedroom for each Slytherin, the Slytherin house would be required to have 84 individual bedrooms.  Hogwarts is fairly large, but not that large.  Welcome to sleeping in a broom closet, Sillyputty.

I thanked the her 4th year girl, whose name I learned was Isabella. She wished me luck with my classes and went on her way. Closing and locking my door with a spell, I started unpacking my suitcases which were laying on my queen sized bed. My room was dark even with the lamps on. Black walls and furniture. My bed looked so lovely, but I wanted to have my uniform out for tomorrow.

Enoby Sassafras’ bedroom has mood lighting.  *gags*

As I changed out of my robes, took a shower, and into my black satin nightgown, my thoughts drifted to Draco Malfoy. I tried to recall my mother telling me anything explicitly about the Malfoy family. I already knew of their pureblood status. I knew that Narcissa Malfoy was a Black. I knew that…..oh yeah, how can I forget that Lucius Malfoy was a Death Eater. Now I remember, my mother told me that the Malfoy’s are very nice to those of their class and that we were almost above them. She told me that it would be fine to befriend the Malfoy boy, better him than The Boy Who Lived.

You just now remember that she said to befriend the Malfoy at Hogwarts?  You’d think she would remember that the first time she heard him introduce himself.

So, as I lay on my back on my bed, I realized that is was dead silent in my room. Although I usually welcome it, I had a song in ming.



Raising my left hand into the air I swished it in a circular motion and flicked it to the left. In one of my suitcases was a record player. I set it up before I had even got in the shower. Steadily, the song I wanted flowed through the amp at a lower volume. I felt calm with the beat, but it was when the lyrics started that I felt complete peace.

*hits the buzzer*

Yup, that’s a Sue!: 21

At least she didn’t start singing.  For a moment there, I was concerned.

This is where we get the entire lyrics to “Nights in White Satin.”  Because if there’s one thing a badfic writer loves, it’s padding their work with either original or stolen lyrics.

In case you’ve never heard the song before, you can listen to this.

The only thing I can say for Scapula here is that she has immensely better taste in music than any EmoSue I’ve yet encountered.  Moody Blues are legit awesome.

Waking up in the morning was easy. I sat up to look around my room for a moment. My record player went off the moment I went to sleep, so I went straight into my morning routine. Hopping off if my bed, I took the comforter and waving it up and down in the air, straightening it before letting it fall perfectly in place on my bed.

In Britain, it’s a duvet.

I then went to have a quick shower and brushed my teeth.

You showered last night.  Why are you showering in the morning, too?  I mean, I understand not wanting to be stanky on Day One, but you’re going to dry your skin out if you keep up that kind of shit.  Natural oils, girl!

I dressed in my Slytherin robes and made sure that my family necklace was in place before grabbing my bag with all my books for class and heading down to the common room. To my surprise, Draco and a few other Slytherin’s were already down there. As soon as he saw me, Draco stood from his spot on the couch and approached me.

The robes are not specific to your house.  You wear plain, black robes (it’s right here on the acceptance letter’s school supply list *points*).  Your house is identified by the color tie you wear, or your scarf in cold weather.

“Morning Selene. I was wondering if you would mind some company for breakfast….”

I took in Draco’s appearance. He looked exactly the same as yesterday. His hair was slicked back and his posture was of easy.

Of easy… what, exactly?

I had my hair down and tied back being my shoulders. He seemed to notice my hair because he stared at it while he talked to me.

Or he just has issues making eye contact and doesn’t want to look down at his feet.

“I don’t mind.”

Draco smiled and I looped my arm through his. He talked the whole way to the dining hall, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t have anything to talk about anyway. He went on to vent his dislike for Harry Potter and the Weasley’s. He especially must not have liked this girl named Hermione Granger.

“Thinks she’s so special. That filthy girl was first in our class last year and I was second. I’ll show her though. I’ve been studying all summer besides my trips to France and Russia with my father. You and I will be at the top of our classes this year. I’ll be first and you’ll be second. Then Granger will be third. That ought to knock her off her pedestal.”

I smiled at Draco,

Oh, no.  No, no, no.  I don’t care if you’re a raging Sue, you don’t take any of that bullshit from him about you having to take second fiddle to his ego-

“What makes you think that I won’t be first in our class? Do you not think I am capable of being better than you?”

Oh.  Good.  Carry on.

If it were possible, it looked like Draco went pale,

“No. Not at all. I just want to be first, that’s all. I honestly wasn’t thinking when I put you below me.”

Okay, who is this and where did you put the real Draco?  Despite me urging Seventy-Billion-Names here to stand up for herself, Draco wouldn’t roll over and show his belly so quickly to anyone.  He’s got an ego that could overflow the banks of the Mississippi.

I laughed lightly. We entered the dining hall and sat at the Slytherin table.

As opposed to sitting with the Gryffindors?

“Draco. I don’t mind having competition for the top position in our class, but I must warn you, I am a competitive person at heart. I will not make it easy for you to beat me. You’ll have to beat me using your intelligence.”

You’re competing for the top grade.  What else would you use to get there?

Also, she’s taking classes with the second years.  Why in the world didn’t the author just make her a second year to begin with?  She could be a transfer student or something.  I know it’s cliché but it’s an option if her MamaAunt spent a lot of time stationed in Bulgaria for her business, she could have gone to her first year there and then come to Hogwarts when they relocated to England.  I’d rather take the cliché transfer student route than the “I’m so awesome, I skipped a grade” route.

Draco and I was sitting side by side. Food was already stacked up on the tables. I filled my plate to the brim with eggs, bacon, fruits, and rain toast. I could see him eyeing m5 plate, but he kept his mouth shut and began putting food on his own plate.

Rain toast?

Uncle Google, you got anything?

So, I take that as a no, Uncle Google…

We both ate in silence for a while. My skirt was thankfully reaching my knees as Draco kept scooting closer as we ate. He seemed to have some sort of possessiveness over me as more and more students came into the hall to eat. Draco lightly nudged me to look at the Gryffindor table.

At this rate, by the end of breakfast he’s going to be sitting on her lap.

“Those three, the girl with frizzy brown hair, the dark haired boy, and the ginger. They’re the Golden Trio. Hermione. The ginger is the Weasley of course. And the dark haired boy is Potter.”

He said each name with distaste. I looked at them curiously.

“She already has a textbook out. Does she know what we will be going over in class already?”

Draco shook his head,

“I doubt it. She reads a lot. She’s a teacher’s pet.”

It isn’t that she’s a teacher’s pet.  She’s just incredibly smart and very bookish.  She loves to learn and wants to do her best. She likes being able to answer questions posed by the teachers.  I’m tempted to hit the buzzer on this one, but I honestly don’t think it’s too out of character for Draco to call her a teacher’s pet, though, so I’ll let it slide.

Draco then went on to utter two very hateful words about the muggleborn. I said nothing.

Silence enables hate.

*smacks Salad Dressing upside the head*  If you really believe in wizarding equality, say something.

We ate a bit longer when Draco’s friends entered the hall. We both had finished eating as the sat around us. Pansy tried to sit on the other side of Draco, but she couldn’t get around Crabbe. Her and Goyle sat opposite of Draco and I. Pansy took to asking Draco about his summer.

My God, we get it.  You hate Pansy.  I mean, I do, too.  She’s the embodiment of bully in the books, and was written to be that way based on bullies Rowling dealt with in her youth, but do you have to whinge on about her attempts to get near Draco?

“So, Draco, how was your summer?


Oh, crap.  Me without my interns.  Uhm.  I think I know how to use this still.  *presses a random button on her desk*

That either released the Japanese giant hornets or changed the music in the elevators from New Age Jazz Piano to Salsa Yodeling.  Either way, it should scare them off.

I would’ve asked you yesterday, but there was no room in your booth on the train.”


I knew that she was sending indirect anger towards me for taking Draco’s attention from her. To be honest, I didn’t care if I upset her. Every time she opens her mouth, it’d to say something to Draco or about him. After she pounded him with questions nonstop for five minutes, I dismissed myself from the table. Draco asked where I was going.

” Oh, I’m going to introduce myself to the Trio of Gryffindor. It’s best to know who I will have to outwit for the top class position.”

I turned and walked towards the Gryffindor table. As I came closer and closer, more heads from the Gryffindor’s turned to me. I kept my gaze on the golden trio. Once I was beside them, I sat with my legs closed and bent to the side. I was beside Harry and a pair of twins were on my other side. I looked directly at the boy who lived and stuck out my hand for him to shake,

“Hello. I’m Selene Serpentine. First year Slytherin.”

That’s awkward.  You’d think she would have offered her hand before sitting down next to him.  Otherwise she’s going to have to sit at least two feet away in order to pull off a non-cramped handshake.

He cautiously took my and and slowly shook it,

“Harry, Harry Potter.”

“Pleasure. I wanted to meet you and your friends. I’ve heard so much about you three.”

I made eye contact to the red headed boy with food in his mouth,

“You are Ron Weasley.”

I then looked across from Harry and saw the girl,

“And you are Hermione Granger. It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. I hear the you, Hermione, was the to of your class last year. Draco and I have made it a friendly competition between us, but I wanted to see if you’ll make quality competition as well.”

Other than funky formatting, this actually isn’t horrible.

Ron swallowed his food,

“Why are you being so…”

Harry finished his sentence,

“Nice and calm. Slytherin’s hate us.”

I gave him a small smile,

“I have no reason to hate you. I am not prejudice like my fellow house members, but I don’t want to be called a blood traitor either. It’s my first year, I wouldn’t want my entire house who practically worshipped me on my first night, to hate me for being nice to a Muggleborn, a Weasley, and Potter.”

And just like that we’re back down into the sludge.

*taps the buzzer*

Yup, that’s a Sue!: 22

The twins on my other side had the same ginger hair as Ron. I tried to them, crossing on leg over the other,

Proof.  Read.



They replied in sync making me laugh lightly. They suddenly gasped,

“By George, George! She has dimples.”

O… kay?  So?

“Yes, I can see that Fred. Aww, she’s laughing at us. Wait! She has double dimples.”

Double… the fuck is that?

*one quick google search later*

Oh.  I guess it is a thing.  I lack secondary zygomaticus muscles, though, so I’m not really familiar with dimples.

My laugh was now echoing through the room. I knew that this got almost everyone’s attention. A Slytherin was sitting at the Gryffindor table, now she was laughing with them. Once my laughter subsided, I dismissed myself.

Yup, that’s a Sue!: 23

“Look at meeeeeeeee!  Pay attention to meeeeeee!”

“Well it was nice meeting all of you. I must go. See you in class.”

A shy smile was on my face as u approached my table.

Wait, when did I get there?  And why would I be at the Slyterin table?  I’ve always been a Gryffindor.

I was thankful to see that no one took my spot beside Draco. They all looked at me as though I was taken advantage of.

The fuck does that mean?

As soon as I sat down, Pansy attacked me,

Whoa, cool your tits, tiger.

“What the bloody hell were you doing over there!”

Ooo, obligatory British!

Also… *steals the exclamation point and replaces it with a question mark*  Hm, we’re getting low on question marks.

I looked her right in the eyes. My previous joy was gone and I had a dead serious look on my face.

Joy about what?

“I was sizing up my competition. The boys are of no concern. Hermione Granger is most formidable with intellect. I could tell just by looking at her. Those twins were entertaining though.”

I deadpanned my tone causing Draco to come to my defense,

“We weren’t accusing you of anything. But you should not make a habit of talking with the likes of them. Pansy was just concerned is all. We wouldn’t want you getting mixed up in their mess.”

That’s not defending you, you twat!  That’s gentle admonishment!


Words have meanings!  Look them up before using them if you don’t know what they mean!

I now smiled at Draco and wrapped my hand around his arm.

Is having giant man-hands a Sue trait?  I’m honestly not sure.

Pansy let out a small squeak as I gave Draco a small kiss on the cheek.

She’s bold, isn’t she.

When I pulled away, I swear Draco was blushing and his looked totally in bliss.

“Thank you for your concern. It’s very sweet and sensible of you. I think I’m ready to go to class now, Draco. I’ll be there if you need me.”

I stood up with my bag and made my way out of the hall. I was only a few steps out in the corridor when I heard Draco calling out from behind.

“Wait! You don’t know where the class even is.”

“I was going to ask for someone to show where it is. You don’t need to chauffeur me around. I don’t want or distance you from your friends.”

I told Draco in all honesty. But Draco was insistent, he shook his head and grabbed my hand, leading me in the right direction. Just as about to turn the hall, I looked back. There stood a fuming Pansy Parkinson.

Wait… Pansy is mad that Draco isn’t paying her any attention?!  You don’t say!

The first thing I noticed about the classrooms was that they we really designed to fit two students instead of one.



Maybe she’s talking about the desks?  If so, she a word there.

Draco didn’t let go of my hand, even when we arrived in the classroom. Very few students were already here and none of them were sitting down. They were girls and they were huddled at I understand Professor Lockhart.

Okay, Lilith.  English isn’t your first language, right?  Right?

*checks profile*

…Right?  No?  It doesn’t say but I get the impression she’s a native speaker.

Please.  Please, please, please, writers: Read what you’ve written aloud.  If it doesn’t make sense when you say it, it isn’t correct.  This is how I do a lot of my editing on my original works.  I actually have a Giant Binder of Stories that I take on road trips with the family.  I read them out loud to everyone and correct as I go with a pen.  (I’d like to note that this was Mr. Lyle’s idea.  I’m not  forcing my writing on them; he doesn’t like to read (dyslexia makes it difficult and slow for him so reading is frustrating (fuck yeah, I just parentheticaled in side a parenthetical)) but he loves to listen to my stories and actually asks me to make sure I have the binder when we travel.)

Nobody turned to look at us as we entered the room. Draco held my hand still firmly as he guided me to a desk. The desk was on the right hand side of the classroom abs I sat on the left hand seat. Draco sat directly beside me. Placing my bag on the desk, I began taking out a few pages of parchment,

“Aren’t you going to sit with your friends?”

“They are your friends too, Selene.”

That’s not really your choice, Draco.

I sighed,

“Crabbe and Goyle are ok, but I know the Pansy doesn’t like me. Not that I necessarily care. It’s just, she’s been your friend for a year and you’ve known me for a day.”

Draco had a determined look in his eyes. He held my gaze steadily,

“Pansy is very needy. She just wants my attention and I’m only friends with her because she is a pureblood.”

“Then what about me?”

“You aren’t seeking attention.

You are honest and actually kind.


The sorting hat called you a pure Slytherin for a reason. I am a pure Slytherin in more way than one, but the hat didn’t call me that. I’m your friend because I want to be. Besides, you are different. I could tell that from the moment I saw you. No matter what, you will always have me as a friend.”

*taps the buzzer*

Yup, that’s a Sue!: 23

I smiled at Draco and laughed as i nudged his shoulder,

“Okay, I believe you, now stop looking at me so intensely.”

Draco continued to stare and started laughing,

“Wow. You really do have double dimples.”

Slytherin table is not next to Gryffindor table.  How did he hear Fred’s comment?

I was turning bashful at his comment.

“Yeah, I don’t know why I even have two sets. Nobody else in my family does.”


*vigorously points at the punnett squares at the beginning of the riff*

I was looking at my blank paper, my mind beginning to drift. But Draco snapped me out of my daze.

“Don’t worry. It makes you look adorable.”

Draco stopped himself, his face went pale,

“I mean it looks nice on you. No wait. It just suits you.”

*tinkers with some more spare parts*

*places a third buzzer on the desk and taps it twice*

Where the Hell is Draco?: 2

I placed my hand on his arm,

“Thanks Draco.”

As class started, all the other girls famed over our professor. I had no interest in hint in the slightest. He called the role, getting good looks at each student to memorize their faces. He made over have of the girls blush by complementing their names. I resisted the newest urge to roll my eyes.

When he got to my name, he stuttered and did a look about the room. I didn’t raise my hand, but he picked me out with ease.

Yup, that’s a Sue!: 24

Can everyone please stop fawning over her already?

“Owe my. A Serpentine. I knew your mother father and aunt.

Her MamaAuntDaddy?

They were fourth years when I came to Hogwarts. Very nice people. You look just like your mother. Well being that your aunt and mother were identical twins, I’ll say you look like the both of them.”


I politely smiled and turned away from his adoring gaze.


She’s eleven!

I felt particularly uncomfortable and Draco was rolling his eyes subtly. Thankfully, Lockhart kept on with the role. Draco silently chuckled at my reaction to our professor’s attention.

Draco leaned towards my ear.

“See, there’s another difference, you don’t like him and Pansy is practically throwing herself at his feet.”

I turned to see Lockhart by Pansy’s desk. She was twirling her hair around her finger and giggling in a high pitched voice that made me cringe on the inside.

By time we actually started our lesson, class was half over. But that didn’t mean I was out of Lockhart’s mind or sight. He continually called on me and Hermione to answer his questions and awarded our houses 10 points each time we answer what he asked of us. All in all, by time class was over, both of our houses got 50 points.



I Learned the Canon from Fanfiction!: 6.5

In the books, Defense Against the Dark Arts is always taught to each house individually.  In the movie, Slytherin shares the class with Gryffindor.  I’m giving it a half-count because I still think she’s gotten most of her information from other badfics but it is technically accurate to one of the possible official sources.

Draco kept teasing me about Lockhart’s unreasonable questions through the rest of the day.

It would be nice to know what questions these were but we won’t be shown because that’ll distract from how awesome Seasonal Flu is.

But at least his teasing was nice towards me. He was snide and rude to Hermione. As he kept verbally abusing her, the more I wanted to snap at him. But I didn’t want to lose the good friend I had gained.

Good friends can straight up tell one another when they’re being assholes and still retain their friendship.  That’s what being a good friend is. Draco is not a good friend.  Draco is your arm candy.  You don’t want to mess up the chance of boning him when you’re older.

I didn’t want to stand idle and watch him harass students that weren’t pureblood or were blood traitors in his eyes. All I could do was use my wand less magic that I had not yet told any student in the school about, to give the student a box of chocolate or tissue to wipe their tears away.

*sits very still for a minute before reaching slowly over to Carlos and taking him off his charging station*


What the ever living FUCK is wrong with you!?  You’re throwing a band-aid over a bruise!  He’s abusing people!  You’ve even acknowledged that and you won’t stand up for the people you know he’s hurting even though you know it’s wrong because you think he’s such a “good friend.” That is not the type of person you want to associate with!  Using your SUPER SPECIAL SUE POWERS to cover up the hurt for others isn’t helping them!  It’s like telling someone who is being abused that “Hey, that sucks, but at least he didn’t hit your face this time.”  It solves nothing and you not saying anhtying only encouragees him to be a horrible person.

Fuck you.  Fuck you sideways with a dead porcupine that’s a carrier of plague fleas.

As the school year went on, I knew that Hermione figured out that I was the one helping others. Especially with the danger lurking our halls at night. I was particularly sympathetic to the victims and I did what I could for the victims of Draco’s harsh attitude. When Draco called her a mudblood to her face, I let go of his hand and took a step away from him. He immediately glanced at me in confusion, but his attention was turned back to the Trio as Ron had pulled out his wand to Draco.

And suddenly half the year passes.

Accidentally hexing himself, Ron and the Trio scurried off to Hagrid’s. I found Hagrid to be pleasant company actually. I never told Draco that. It seemed I never told Draco anything about my opinions. I only ever talked to him about schoolwork, our professor’s, and the whole petrified muggleborn situation. Though I could not stand to talk about that situation for long, seeing as he supports it.

This relationship makes absolutely not fucking sense.  She walks around holding his hand like they’re joined at the hip but she never actually associates with him past school work and doesn’t care for his attitude about other people.  Why the fuck are you still friends with him?  Drop his ass and find other friends.  It isn’t unheard of to have friends in other houses!

It was hard for even I to understand my friendship with Draco.

If it makes no sense, it isn’t a friendship.

He was my only true friend in our house, but he was my complete opposite.

I’m completely failing to see the friendship.  You’ve shown us nothing.

He would be so kind and gentle with me and then turn around and be rude and harsh to any other person.

He’s training you.  Run.  Run far away from him.  This is how it starts.  Trust me.  I know.  Run.

I think he’s starting to catch on that I do not support abusing others, whether it be verbally or by spell.

If you’d just told him that the first time he uttered a slur toward another student he wouldn’t have had to work it out on his own.

Well, that was fun.  And by fun, I mean stupid and irritating.  Join me next time when we tackle chapter four.

As a parting gift, have some more Moody Blues.

28 Comments on “1545: A Daughter – Chapter Two”

  1. BatJamags says:

    mean, who truly knows if the children produced are actually by the husband and not by the lover who begged to marry the pureblood daughter.

    And who truly cares? Stop babbling about this and go do something!

  2. BatJamags says:

    “This is definitely my house. Can you imagine me going into the Hufflepuff’s common room with all those bright colors? I would’ve gone blind and gagged notoriously at the sight.”

    You decide you fit in because you don’t like bright colors, and diss the best house while you’re at it.

    For shame.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure the Slytherin common room is actually just a big stony dungeon. They’ve probably got green-and-silver furniture, but I’m not sure where all this black is coming from, other than catering to the Sue’s emo-ness.

  3. BatJamags says:

    Waking up in the morning was easy.

    When has that ever been true?

  4. BatJamags says:

    Draco and I was sitting side by side.

    And you was using questionable grammar, too.

  5. BatJamags says:

    A shy smile was on my face as u approached my table.


    *Insert appropriately dramatic music*

  6. GhostCat says:

    Draco didn’t seem to either notice nor care. I learned the password was “Pureblood” and I actually wasn’t too surprised at the irony of the term.

    How is that ironic? An ironic password would be if the notoriously bigoted Slytherins used a Muggle-related term, like “rubber duckie”.

  7. BatJamags says:

    When I pulled away, I swear Draco was blushing and his looked totally in bliss.

    At this point, I don’t even have the energy to do the shouty-ragey thin-


    GoodJamags: *Whistles innocently*

  8. BatJamags says:

    (I’d like to note that this was Mr. Lyle’s idea. I’m not forcing my writing on them; he doesn’t like to read (dyslexia makes it difficult and slow for him so reading is frustrating (fuck yeah, I just parentheticaled in side a parenthetical) but he loves to listen to my stories and actually asks me to make sure I have the binder when we travel.)

    I hate to nitpick, but I’m pretty sure there are three open-parentheses and two close-parentheses there.

  9. GhostCat says:

    Two brown-eyed parents can have a blue-eyed child.

    I can offer further proof of heterozygosity; my mother has straight blonde hair and blue eyes and my father has curly brown hair and brown eyes. I have curly blonde hair (when I’m not dyeing it) and blue eyes while my sister has straight brown hair and brown eyes. She’s a carrier of the recessive traits, though; her husband has (or had) curly blonde hair and blue eyes and of their three children, two have straight blonde hair and blue eyes and one has curly brown hair and brown eyes.

  10. GhostCat says:

    I sat directly beside the arm of the couch and Draco was on my other side.

    As opposed to sitting perpendicular to the arm?

  11. GhostCat says:

    As I changed out of my robes, took a shower,

    So not only does she and presumably every other Slytherin have a private bedroom large enough for a queen-sized bed, but they apparently have en-suite bathrooms as well. The Slytherins must have tunneled into the surrounding dirt like a bunch of giant gophers to make enough room for everyone.

  12. GhostCat says:

    “I was going to ask for someone to show where it is. You don’t need to chauffeur me around. I don’t want or distance you from your friends.”

    Unless Draco is hiding a small car in the folds of his robes, I don’t think that’s the right word.

  13. GhostCat says:

    (fuck yeah, I just parentheticaled in side a parenthetical)

    Oooh, I’mma tell AR on you!

  14. GhostCat says:

    When Draco called her a mudblood to her face, I let go of his hand and took a step away from him.

    It’s telling that the worst punishment she can think of is to deny Draco physical contact with her esteemed person.

  15. GhostCat says:

    It was hard for even I to understand my friendship with Draco. He was my only true friend in our house, but he was my complete opposite.He would be so kind and gentle with me and then turn around and be rude and harsh to any other person.I think he’s starting to catch on that I do not support abusing others, whether it be verbally or by spell.

    I’m really starting to worry if this is how the author thinks a relationship is supposed to work, that it’s permissible to put up with this kind of hateful bullshit from your partner as long as they’re pretty/handsome. That’s a dangerous hole to sink into, and one that’s very hard to climb out of.

  16. BatJamags says:

    Nobody turned to look at us as we entered the room.

    That must’ve been very hard for you. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure you’ll be the center of attention again in about five seconds.

  17. BatJamags says:

    “Crabbe and Goyle are ok, but I know the Pansy doesn’t like me. Not that I necessarily care.

    Waaaah, Pansy doesn’t like me! Uh… NOT THAT I CARE ABOUT THAT. MOVE ALONG. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

  18. BatJamags says:

    This is such a generic Suefic, and yet it seems to be completely serious.

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