1450: When You Cry – One Shot

Title: When You Cry
Author: Tiana
Media:  Video Game
Topic: Suikoden I / Suikoden II
Genre:  Drama
URL: When You Cry
Critiqued by Lyle

*walks into her office, mug of tea clutched in her hands*

G’mornin’, everyone.

*yawns widely and plops down into her chair*

Lesse what we got today… *taps a few buttons on the keyboard*

Oh, good!  Tensei II did not update so we’re going to do a brief one shot riff instead.  Cue the SC-Style Infodump!

Today’s fic is called “When You Cry” and it hails from the Suikoden section of ff.net.  Suikoden is a video game series (and a manga, but we’re ignoring that because it’s not important for this riff) that is comprised of 5 games set at different points in the history of the same world.  I’ve played the first 3 games, the 3rd of which is my favorite.  Typically, you’re at war with [people] because [reason] and, ultimately, you either dispose the government (SI), prevent mass genocide (SII), or save the world (SIII).  I am not familiar with the overall happenings of IV or V, but that won’t matter for this fic as this fic takes place at some point after SII has started.  I’m not sure when as it never really specifies. The only reason I know an approximate “when” is because of a name-drop that happens.

Anyway, Suikoden is a great game if you, like me, have Pokémon Syndrome.  In the games, you have a variety of shit you can collect.  For instance, in SIII, you can collect  recipes, spices, old books, medal sets, dog houses, bath toys/beads/sake sets, plays, stones, hammers, and people.  The last of which is the most important because the Suikoden games all revolve around the concept of the 108 Stars of Destiny.  There are 108 characters (not all playable, but many important to your growing town/castle/stronghold such as shop keepers, appraisers, builders, and the all important Man Who Can Fix the Mothing Fucking Broken Elevator) and, while you can beat the game without collecting all these people, why the hell wouldn’t you collect them all and get the best ending?  Yes, the ending can change depending on how many lackeys you gather, and what choices you make throughout the game.

Moving right along, this particular fic is about Flik.  Flik is a swordsman from SI and SII.  I totally want to ship him with Viktor because I think they’d work together (Flik lost the love of his life in the first game and probably swore never to love another woman again because twajek), and they spend the rest of their lives traveling together – Legolas and Gimli style – after SII, so why not let love develop?

I’m getting distracted.  Let’s just get to the fic.

I looked at this fic initially because of the summary:

I am definatly making this into a small series. It’s about the turmoils of some of the Suikoden cast. This one about Flik.

A misspelling at the third word, no real idea what the fic is going to be about (other than some sort of turmoil that Flik is in) and a notation that there will be more… when there never was.

Disclaimers: Don’t own Suikoden, or Konami, or the characters.


Notes: This is just something I thought of. It’s got a few little scenes with differnt characters. I just liked the way it came out. Future chapters, of course.

Naturally.  That’s why this is the only chapter and it was posted 15 years ago.

I, uh, sometimes go and slog through the back of the slush pile to look for crap-fics.  That can lead to some oldies in my riff pile.

Anyway, our author does understand simplistic scene breaks so that’s a point in her favor.  I won’t post it here since it’s nothing special.  Let’s get on with the story itself.

She was gone. Never to return, because of death alone.

Death typically works alone; is there a reason we shouldn’t expect Death alone to cause Person (who is totally Odessa, Flik’s dead girlfriend) from never returning?

Lina:  Maybe she died on Take Your Daughter to Work Day?  That would explain why Death might not have been alone.

When the hell did you get here?

Lina:  Just now.  Coffee?

…*snags the mocha*  You may stay.

Why did he still think about her? Why did he dare to think about Odessa once again?

Well, when you love someone, you never truly forget them.  And you will find yourself thinking about them periodically throughout the rest of your life, even if you move on and find a new person to love.

Lina:  This is especially true when you are parted by death and not by “irreconcilable differences.”  Vlad still thinks about Sophia now and then and gets mopey.  Wee lamb fell out of window during a siege; she hadn’t gotten the hang of bat transformation yet.  None-too-bright, Sophia, but he said she was such a sweet woman.

… O-kay, then- Wait.  If Sophia were a vampire, why did falling out a window kill her?

Lina:  She fell onto a tree.

*cringes*  Oh.

All it ever lead to was him regreting how it ended.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense.  It implies that he shouldn’t regret that Odessa died and is angry that thinking about her being dead leads him to regretting her dying.

McDohl and Viktor saying goodbye, with Cleo and Gremio, He wasn’t there to say goodbye. To say that he’d love her always.

You never thought to tell her that you loved her before she died?  Okay, I can see that being something you’d regret, but you should have said that straight out instead of beating about the  bush.

Lina:  I regret that this author has a hard time writing a complete sentence.

But perhaps she knew that he had loved her always?

Lina:  Well, it’s too late now to know for certain.  You waited too long to say something and now she’s dead.


Lina:  But no less true.  I’ve seen a lot of death.  Remembering the dead is fine; obsessing about the shoulda-woulda-coulda is pointless.

He carved her name into is sword, and he was always by her side.

*snorts*  He carved her name into two and a half feet of tempered steel.  Sure.

Now, I will give the author a small break because Suikoden 1 had one of the most terrible translations from Japanese to English.  Warriors from Warrior’s Village (such as Flik) do name their swords after the person they love the most, and they do put the name on the sword somewhere.  He canonically named his sword “Odessa.”  But “carving” the name into steel is pretty dumb.  Maybe I’m splitting hairs, though.  I know you can get words etched onto sword blades but “carved” makes it sound like he sat down with a knife and scratched at the sword until he got her name down.

She’d tell him to take his resposibities as a leader better. But he wasn’t resposible then. He was young, and vibrant. He just wanted her. He didn’t care about the Liberation army, or Viktor, or McDohl.

Actually, he did very much care about those things.  Well, he didn’t care much for Tir McDohl until after Tir had proven himself as a suitable replacement for Odessa.  Odessa was the leader of the Liberation Army and, upon her death-flagstone, she told Tir he had to lead them in her place.  He fell in love with Odessa while fighting for the Liberation Army.  He enlisted before they got lovey at each other.

At least he didn’t think he did. But when it came right down to it, her words haunted him deeply. Telling him to help; Telling him to go on; Telling him that what he needed to do was stay by the side of the greatest leader there ever was.

She never said Tir was the greatest leader there ever was.  She just said she saw his potential and saw how people reacted to him, and that led her to believe he could succeed where she failed.  She thought he would be able to unite the rebellion into something that would actually be able to overthrow the empire.  Odessa felt she was too weak to lead the army and, when she died to protect a child from the enemy, she felt her beliefs were validated.

Lina:  What the hell is with this author’s mechanics?  Either don’t use the semi-colons or get rid of the bizarre capitalization.

So he did what the words told him to. Go on, and remember me, but don’t spend every waking moment wondering- ‘What if’.

*faint barking noise is heard from down the hall*

Lina:  Eesh.

Yet he did spend many of his waking hours thinging about her,


Lina: Whatever floats your boat, buddy.

dispite Nina and Kimberly who’d both admired him.

Wait, what-

Nina was so young, and crazy, so it was just a crush. Kimberly just had problems. She couldn’t read for one, and she takes a liking to any man really.


Lina:  *hands over a small dorm-room-door style white board and a marker*


…What’s this?

Lina:  You want to make a list.

Well, yes, but… *stares at the tiny board* What’s this?  Where’s my chalkboard?

Lina:  Well, you see, about that.  The reason I’m here today and not Perky McNinja, is that we really don’t know.  There was some hardcore celebrating last night and a pretty vicious game of Pictionary broke out.  We haven’t seen the chalkboard since.  Koori is out looking for it.

You lost my chalkboard?!

Lina:  Temporarily misplaced.  We temporarily misplaced your chalkboard.  The kid will find it.

Fine.  I’ll use this for now but I’m very disappointed in you guys right now.

1.) It’s spelled Kimberley.

2.) Kimberley agreed to help the army in SI on the condition that Flik agreed to have a few drinks with her.  That is the only interaction they had for the entire game.  After that, Kimberley hung out with Tai Ho and Yam Koo in their boat shack.  She never pursued Flik after the date.

3.) This author is making it seem like illiteracy would be a total deal breaker.  Kimberley mentions not being able to read once.  However, given her characterization, it’s never truly understood if she was being factious or not.  Considering her job is forgery, I’m more inclined to believe she was lying about not being able to read.

4.)  This author also makes it sound like Kimberley can’t be taken seriously because she’s man-hungry, or something.  Even if she was – and there’s no indication that she’s anything more than a flirt as she isn’t seen doing anything remotely close to chasing men in the game – what of it?  How do Kimberley’s bedtime activities have to do with the current topic?  Flik regrets not telling Odessa he loved her =/= Kimberley sleeps around.

*hands the white board back to Lina*

Lina:  I am honestly impressed you fit all that on here without smudging it.  There’s nothing on here about “Nina,” though.

Naw, I’ll let that one slide.  Nina spends the entirety of her screen time swooning over – and chasing down – Flik, despite the significant age gap.  She has an obsessive crush to the point where he actually hides from her.  She can’t take a hint.  That said, Nina was in my final party, along with Flik, because together they have a powerful Unite Attack, and she’s got a significant amount of magic power that can be used for both healing and attack.  Nina might be annoying as hell, but the 1500 damage she did Uniting with Flik, when standard attack damage was around 200, was well worth it.  Plus their Unite Attack was amusing to watch.

So would that mean he’d never fall in love again?

“I can’t love a woman I went on a single date with!  I can’t love a derpy teenager who has a crush on me!  I WILL NEVER LOVE AGAIN!  WWWAAAAAHH!”


Though he’d seen it everywhere, such as Hix and Tengaar, he never immagined this feeling he’d had with Odessa again. She was Irriplaceable, really. Yet he trudged on, because her words told him to.

Again, this is a disconnect between cause and effect.  “I will never love anyone again, but I’ll keep going.”  How is not loving anyone romantically again a block to continuing your life?

Lina:  Because the author was probably thirteen when she wrote this and ZOMG his life is ova cuz there’s no one to loooooovvvveee hiiiim!

You do that surprising well.

Lina:  I had a teenaged daughter at one point in my life, you know.

He’d found himself, alone in a room, and BOOM.


*Lina and Lyle dive under the desk, wedging themselves in together.  Alarms start blaring over the Library intercom.*

Shit, I’ve never had a fic explode before!

Lina:  I hope help arrives soon.

*Eliza bursts in with a fire extinguisher, shooting glitter all over the office*

Eliza:  All clear!  And pretty!

*sirens stop screaming as Lyle and Lina climb out from under the desk and look around*

Uhm.  Thanks.

*Eliza blasts Lyle with the glitter-extinguisher and runs out*

Lina: *stifles laughter behind her hand*

She was right there. She was there, glaring at him, smiling.

*attempts the expression “She” is using*

Lina:  Well, that’s right creepy.

Then all of a sudden she’d be gone. She was gone of course. Gone for good. There was no replacement. Even the great McDohl could not lead like she, even though no matter how many times Viktor explained she died because she CHOSE to be a woman rather than a leader, he would not belive it.

Lina:  You WOT?  *lunges at the screen, yelling obscenities in Hungarian*

*attempting to hold her back*  What Lina is trying to so eloquently say is that casual sexism isn’t cool.  Odessa’s choice to save the boy instead of save herself has nothing to do with her uterus and everything to do with the fact that she was a good person who put the well being of others over her own safety.

That said, saying there was no replacement for Odessa, followed immediately by saying Tir wasn’t even as good as she was, makes it sound a lot like Flik briefly entertained the idea of whether or not Tir would be a suitable new love interest.

Lina:  Don’t say that too loudly or we’ll have Swenia in here.

Nah, too much glitter.  She’d have to groom for a week to get it all out of her fur.  We’re pretty safe.

Time heals all wounds they say. What about his own? They did not heal. Though his doubt did go away. McDohl may have surpassed Odessa in many ways, and so did the new child leader, the son of Genkaku. He was young, and confused. He lived to see this child grown into a man by taking responsibility.

The son of Genkaku would be Riou, the hero of SII.  Since Nina was mentioned earlier, we know this takes place around SII.  This sort of implies that SII is over, though, as Riou was 15 when he defeated the Beast Rune and freed the City-States from Blight rule.

Lina:  Wait, wait, wait… Flik just said that Tir was no match for Odessa and now is saying that Tir surpassed her?

Yeah, Flik can’t seem to make up his mind whether or not he wants put Odessa on that pedestal.

As did his best friend. He lived because of Viktor, and because it was too early to see his beloved. So once again, he trudged on.

Actually, according to game dialogue, Viktor nearly gets them killed multiple times.  And they didn’t become friends until the very end of SI when they vanished together during the final battle.  It’s implied they died together while fighting off enemies, allowing Tir to escape the crumbling castle.  Flik took an arrow to the back in that one.  It actually says at the very end, when it does character recaps, that Flik and Viktor were never seen again.  Until SII, that is, when they’re integral to the events that unfold and it’s revealed they wandered off to Jowston to become mercenaries together.

Lina:  And then hot sex ensued?

A girl can dream.

Needless to say, this may have continued again. A war between Highland and Jowston or a War between Toran and the Empire- he was there. Maybe not next time, but this was here and it was now. He still missed the beautiful red head woman who he had loved so dearly in the past, but there is no way to change the past.

Depends when you saved last.

He vowed to himself this promise, as he sat alone one night in his room: This is the last time I cry over Odessa.

No shame in crying, but it has probably been about five years.  I’d think you’d have stopped the crying a long time ago.  Moping is more realistic.

He took a deep breath and felt his eyes tearing up. He sat on the edge of the bed, and sobbed into his two hands. His head persparated, and there was a knock on the door.

Lina:  His head did what now?  That sounds painful.

Uhm.  Perspired, maybe?

He got up slowly, wiped the tears away, and answered his bedroom door. In the door way stood the bear- Viktor.

“Flik, are you okay?” he asked, in one of his caring voices.

He has many caring voices.

Lina:  He keeps them in a box under his bed.

He nodded. “Yes. I am.”

“We’re you crying over Odessa again?”

“Yes,” he asnswered, fixing his hair. “My final cry.”

Viktor looked stunnded. What was this about a final cry? It didn’t make sense. “What?”

Lina:  He must be reading the same dreck we are.

“I shall sulk no more over my beloved who is obviously long gone…”

Jesus, that pretension came out of nowhere.

Lina:  What’s wrong with a simple “I’m ready to move on an stop crying over her”?

Viktor grew silent, and watched Flik’s tear start up as they always seemed to when silence started, and he was in his dark room.

Developing the latest film roll of their hike up Mount Hei Tou?

Lina:  Good times.

Viktor only knew to do one thing: comfort the best friend he’s ever know. He walked slowly towards Flik, and Flik just walked the rest on the way, to Vikors shoulder.

In a muffled voice Flik said, “Thank you…”

Viktor nodded and embraced his best friend.

fap-now-kiss-lLina:  Sorry, but that’s the end of the fic.

*Swenia’s voice from the hallway*  DAMNIT!

Welp, that’s all for this week.  Join us next time when, hopefully, I get my chalkboard back and all this glitter is gone.

Lina:  Ta!


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  1. SC says:

    Cue the SC-Style Infodump!


  2. SC says:

    When You Cry


  3. SC says:

    and the all important Man Who Can Fix the Mothing Fucking Broken Elevator

    Speaking of which, Bifocals may have broken the elevator recently.

    Bifocals: It was an accident!

  4. SC says:

    Flik lost the love of his life in the first game and probably swore never to love another woman again

    See also: Sam Fisher’s romance subplot in the Splinter Cell books. In that, his wife died from cancer, and because he’s a spy, every time he attempts to try romance again, the ladies almost invariably end up dead or his enemies.

    There’s a point in one of the early books where Sam has to get decontaminated and medically checked out after being in a radiation zone, and according to his narration, the doctors were all commenting on his insane libido and wondering how he could possibly still be single.

  5. SC says:

    I am definatly making this into a small series.

    Pls no

    I’m begging you

  6. SC says:

    Disclaimers: Don’t own Suikoden, or Konami

    I hate that we’ve reached a point where I’m finding myself saying this, but if the author owned Konami, it would still be better than what it is right now.

  7. SC says:

    Wait. If Sophia were a vampire, why did falling out a window kill her?

    Lina: She fell onto a tree.

    Shades: Didn’t we investigate a vampire impaled on a tree once?

    Lordic: I think the sergeant took that case away from us because we wouldn’t stop cracking wise at the victim’s expense.

    • BatJamags says:

      *Gets out the ever-growing list of tree puns*

      GoodJamags: *Gets out Billy the Imaginary Sword* No. Don’t start that again.

      But do you get it, though? “Ever-growing” list of tree puns?


  8. SC says:

    He carved her name into two and a half feet of tempered steel. Sure.

    There’s actually a support conversation between two characters in Fire Emblem: Awakening that involves them trying to think up a cool name for a sword, but they just can’t quite figure one out, so one of them puts about a thousand names onto the blade to make it that much more cool, only to realize too late that he fucked the blade’s integrity.

  9. Syl says:

    Lina: You WOT? *lunges at the screen, yelling obscenities in Hungarian*

    [takes notes] I’m learning so much in this Library!

    • SC says:

      Specs: Wow, it’s probably a really good thing that French, German and various Middle Eastern dialects are all I’m familiar with.

      Uh… we’ll go with yes.

    • BatJamags says:

      Hmm… According to Google Translate, her shoelaces have created life.

      Sounds about right to me.

  10. SC says:

    There was some hardcore celebrating last night and a pretty vicious game of Pictionary broke out. We haven’t seen the chalkboard since.

    Shockingly, for the first and only time in his career here, Contacts managed to successfully steal something, and the chalkboard happened to be it. I think he was getting pissed that he kept losing.

    • BatJamags says:

      *Stops stopwatch*

      Wow, it took Syl five whole minutes to take it from him.

      • GhostCat says:

        She’s really off her game today, usually it’s less than a minute. Must be hungover again.

      • SC says:

        Contacts: I’m almost worried for her health, if it’s this bad.

      • Syl says:

        I’m perfectly fine! [falls down] I meant to do that.

      • BatJamags says:

        Yeah, see? Syl meant to fall down and she did it flawlessly!

        The five minutes thing was just a fluke. Contacts probably hid the chalkboard in the liquor cabinet, and Syl was looking for it in the janitor’s closet.

        See? This whole situation clearly has nothing to do with the Elevator Incident, of which I was a passive observer due to the fact that it was caused entirely by Bifocals.

        • GhostCat says:

          The five minutes thing was just a fluke. Contacts probably hid the chalkboard in the liquor cabinet, and Syl was looking for it in the janitor’s closet.

          She does tend to confuse those two.

      • SC says:

        of which I was a passive observer due to the fact that it was caused entirely by Bifocals

        *Bifocals pouts*

      • Santa: There, there. A pack of random supplies Bifocals can use for construction needs to appear next to us, right now. Doctor’s orders.

        *A pack of random supplies Bifocals can use for construction needs to appear next to Bifocals and Santa*

  11. SC says:

    Considering her job is forgery, I’m more inclined to believe she was lying about not being able to read.

    Contacts: Oh yeah. That’s straight-up bullshit. Take it from the thief, folks, you can’t be a forger if you can’t read what you’re supposed to be forging.

    • GhostCat says:

      Or at least, not a very good forger.

      • SC says:

        Contacts: Well, yeah.

        Couldn’t they just copy the shapes of thec letters and/or numbers they’re copying, though?

        Contacts: You know what that would end up looking like, right? Especially when they have to stop and look at the part they’re copying over and over to make sure they’re not fucking it up?


      • GhostCat says:

        I’ve heard that’s what most Roman stone masons would do; they were largely illiterate so someone would draw the inscription on the stone and the mason would just try to copy over it.

      • SC says:

        Contacts: Yeah, but those guys were pros at their craft, largely because they only got one slab to work with, so they didn’t get to fuck up. Forgery in the thieving world largely involves paper, which is a widely abundant resource, so a lot of idiot rookies figured that meant that they didn’t have to try as hard. And their forgery jobs always looked like shit afterwards, which is why so many of them ended up arrested.

        I’m slowly getting the impression that you’re only as renowned a thief as you are because everybody else was a dumbshit.

        Contacts: Basically!

      • Syl says:

        You’re an embarrassment to our profession; you know that, right?

      • SC says:

        Contacts: As if the friggin’ Master didn’t tell me that enough times last time sh- HE was here.

        You very nearly got your ass shot again.

        Contacts: I know.

      • *A bullet appears out of thin air and headshots Contacts*

        DuFresne: What the fuck?

        *A paper appears out if thin air, and DuFresne grabs it and reads it aloud*

        DuFresne: “You’re welcome. Love, Goddess. P.S. Being a deity is awesome.”

        Cain: Son of a bitch.

  12. SC says:

    She has an obsessive crush to the point where he actually hides from her.

    See also: Book Specs, regarding Glasses. Or Syl.

  13. SC says:

    Unite Attack

    Fuck the Wonderful 101 for being my only frame of reference with “Unite ___”, because they do it all the damn time.

    Like Unite Sword:


  14. BatJamags says:

    Even the great McDohl could not lead like she, even though no matter how many times Viktor explained she died because she CHOSE to be a woman rather than a leader, he would not belive it.

    Hey! That’s not remotely fair! I mean, I wouldn’t risk my life to save a baby, but that’s not because I’m a man, it’s because I’m a self-important asshole (insert joke about that being the same thing here)! Baby-saving is not gender-dependent, author! Neither is it leadership-dependent! You fail on all of the levels! All of them!

  15. Swenia says:

    Until SII, that is, when they’re integral to the events that unfold and it’s revealed they wandered off to Jowston to become mercenaries together.

    Lina: And then hot sex ensued?

    You’re making it tempting to just ignore the glitter.

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