1368: Harry is Hari? – Chapter 1

Title: Harry is Hari?
Author: Death Magnetic Cyanide
Media: Movie/Anime/Manga
Topic: Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi/Harry Potter
Genre: none given
URL: Chapter 1
Critiqued by Ghostcat

Hello, dear Patrons!

I hope everyone’s having a Good Friday!

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Anyway, I’m here with a new fic, a short little abandoned number that’s a crossover between one of the most well-worn town bicycles of fanfiction, the Harry Potter series, and Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi.

:crickets chirp again:

Yeah, I’m guessing that not many in our Patronage are familiar with this particular source material. That’s okay; the author barely skims the surface of either source material, so familiarity isn’t required. I’ll also include SC-style info-dumps for the high points, but first let’s take a look at the summary!

Title likely to change. Ritsu gets a call at work from a friend saying that his older sister who was kidnapped, Lily, was killed. Ritsu decides to take custody of her five year old son. Harry Potter. What will come of this? And how does Takano fit into it

I’m sure those with a passing familiarity with the HP series will notice a glaring difference in the AU – not only is Lily secretly Japanese, but it would seem that Harry was five when his parents died rather than only a year old.

Time to info-dump! “Ritsu” is Onodera Ritsu:

He’s the main protagonist of Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi; the manga’s full title is Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi: Onodera Ritsu no Baai, which translates into “The World’s Greatest First Love: The Case of Onodera Ritsu”. (There’s a number of side-stories as well, but they all follow a similar “[character name] no Baai”  format.) The bulk of the series takes place when Onodera is twenty-five, although there are numerous flashbacks to when he was fifteen, and at the start of the series he is beginning a new job at a publishing house after having quit his previous job at a different publishing house owned by his father in order to escape rumors that his success was due to nepotism. Onodera believes he will be working in literature, but to his horror finds that he is instead assigned to Emerald, the house’s shōjo (young girls) manga department. It’s like being promised a job editing John Grisham or Stephen King books only to be sent to work at Seventeen instead.

The flashbacks to his high school days focus on a short-lived but very intense relationship with Saga Masamune, an upperclassman who broke Onodera’s heart and left him vowing to never fall in love again.

Why does that matter? Well, the head of the shōjo manga department is Takano Masumune:

Or, as he was called before his parents’ divorce, Saga Masamune. Takano became the head of the department after recovering from a breakdown brought about by personal issues that included his parents’ divorce and getting dumped by his first love – Onodera Ritsu. When he realizes that it was all a misunderstanding, he decides to make Onodera fall in love with him all over again.

Hijinks ensue.

Dmc – ” I don’t own Harry Potter or Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. So enjoy this story, or not. This will have Harry and Draco yaoi, it will also have Takano and Onodera yaoi. So if you don’t like YAOI than leave this story and NEVER return BWAHAHAHAHA… anywho…”

In case you couldn’t tell from my exceptionally brief synopsis of Takano and Onodera’s complicated relationship, Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi is very clearly a yaoi manga/anime. If the audience didn’t enjoy reading such works, they probably wouldn’t go looking for fanfics from this particular source material. Even the Harry/Draco slash pairing isn’t surprising; there’s a big segment of the fanbase that ships those two.

Onodera POV


Even the shark erotica didn’t stoop so low as to use POV Tags!

I was sitting at my desk. After nearly two years working in the manga department it had become routine to work and ignore Takano.

Hmmm … I don’t think so. Onodera might try to ignore the man, but despite his efforts he is always aware of Takano.

But today was different. One ring tone I had set to go off when only one person called went off. It shocked me a bit until I stood up and pulled out the phone.

He programmed this person’s number into his phone and even assigned it a special ring tone, but was surprised when the person actually called? If he didn’t think they would call, why go to all that effort in the first place?


“Ritsu Onodera?”

“Yes it’s me. Did you find anything?”

This person called Onodera’s personal cell phone – was he expecting someone else to answer?

“Yes. Your older sister it seems was a witch. After she was kidnapped all those years ago she went to a school for witches and wizards where she met and than married a young man. They had a single child.”

Lily and James Potter’s back story, reduced to only three sentences. And not a single mention of magic being real, or anything about the magical world. This person almost makes it sound like Lily was kidnapped and forced into a cult.

“Yes go on.”

How do you know there’s more? The couple could be living a peaceful and unremarkable life in the suburbs sacrificing goats to the blood god, for all you know.

“…Lily was killed nearly five years ago.

And this nameless person is only now getting around to telling Onodera because … Why? Did he only recently start looking for his sister? The Onodera family is very wealthy; they have the resources to search for a kidnapped child.

Her and her husband died protecting their only son. His name is Harry James Potter and he is living with his ‘aunt’ on his mothers, your sisters kidnappers, side. I have found that he is in a very abusive home.

The Dursleys were neglectful, domineering, and all-around rotten people who made Harry sleep in a closet for much of his time with them, so I have no problem calling them abusive. I do take issue with all those missing apostrophe marks. Harry only had one mother.

I’ve got every thing needed to remove him and have him put under your care.” I had stood up and taken the call out in the hall.

The hell you do. As I’ve pointed out numerous times in other fics, there is an enormous amount of paperwork and legal wrangling involved in cases like this – much of it requiring Onodera’s presence in court. This isn’t like picking out a puppy at the pound, you know.

And Onodera’s parents are still alive; as Lily’s birth parents and Harry’s grandparents they would be the first choice of guardians. They’re financially stable and have the room and resources to provide for a child, while Onodera lives alone and has a highly stressful job that sometimes doesn’t even leave him time to eat, much less care for an abused child.

“Where is he?”

“In Surry England.”

“Surrey” is a county in England; “Surry” is a county in North Carolina. Two very different places with two very different accents, and only one is home to the fictional Mayberry.

“Okay. That would be excellent. Please do that. I’ll be ready to sign any papers need. Call me again when you need me. I’m at work so I need to go right now.”

“Very well . I shall contact you when everything is set.”

:grabs Plot Broom:

We’ll just sweep all this very complicated legal stuff under the Formless Void Rug. I’m sure no one wants to read a gripping emotional tale of complex legal maneuvering involving a precocious child and determined adoptive parent.

“Thank you so much Kingsly. You’ve been a great help. I’ll let my parents know as soon as I can. I’ll be waiting for your call.” I hung up and was about to walk back into the office when I bumped into Takano.

Kingsly? As in Kingsley Shacklebolt?


The author couldn’t create a private investigator, who would legitimately be able to track down a missing person. Oh, no – they had to rope the future Minister of Magic into the fic and turn him into Onodera’s errand boy. And why is Kingsley acting as if this is new information? Lily and James’ deaths were widely known, as is Harry’s existence. He’s the frickin’ Boy Who Lived!

And when would Onodera and Kingsley have ever met, even once? Onodera is a Muggle half Kingsley’s age living in Japan; there is absolutely no overlap between their social circles. And does Kingsley even know how to use a telephone? Magical folk aren’t known for their ability to operate Muggle technology.

“Who was that?”

More importantly, who are you? Your dialogue is unattributed.

“No one that has anything to do with you. Now I have work to get back to.” I walked around him and went back to my work.

Unless they are at the end of the publishing cycle, when all the deadlines are coming due, I think Onodera could take a personal day after discovering that his missing sister is dead and that he has a surprise nephew to take care of.

It was hard because I was distracted for the nephew I didn’t know that would be under my care.

Ummm … Yeah. Whatever that’s supposed to say, but more coherent.

After I finished with work a couple hours later I started my trek home. It was as I was getting on the train my phone rung again.

He can get a signal on the subway?


Is it me you’re looking for?

“Mr. Onodera. I have your nephew with me right now. I will meet you at your home.

I’m hoping that sounded way less stalker-ish in the author’s head.

Normally these things wouldn’t go this quickly but the family gave up all rights as soon as I asked them and the paper work went through quickly because of the extent of abuse.


Dude, you cannot have it both ways. If Harry is an abused child in the home of someone who is not truly related to him, then he would be removed immediately by the English equivalent of Child Protective Services until his legal guardian could be determined. The Dursleys would not give up their rights because legally they have no right to relinquish, and likely would face charges instead. Either way, according to the narration it has only been “a couple of hours” since Onodera spoke with Kingsley. Travel can be virtually instantaneous due to magic, but no bureaucracy in either world works that fast.

There is one thing you should know. Your nephew, Harry, is a wizard.”

Still not going to elaborate on what that means, are you. And he’s what? Five? Six? He shouldn’t be showing signs that he’s a wizard yet. If children were able to do magic that young, they would start attending Hogwarts in kindergarten. There’s a reason that underage mages are closely monitored; magic is frickin’ dangerous and can be difficult to control. One bad temper tantrum and a little kid could level a city block.

“That’s okay. I’ve no problem with that.

“Because I have no idea what that means!”

Thank you for doing all this for us Kingsly. I’ll meet you at the apartment.”

Does Kingsley even know where that is? Are these two that close?

I hung up my phone and couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I finished the train ride than the walk to my apartment.

Sweet mercy, this fic’s pacing is all kinds of rushed.

I completely forgot about the fact that Takano was walking right behind me and that he was trying to talk to me.

Takano isn’t a stalker, he just happens to live in the apartment beside Onodera’s so the two occasionally run into each other on the way home.  I’m not sure how Onodera could forget someone who was actively trying to engage him in conversation, though.

We rode in the elevator together and when we stepped out I saw the dark skinned man who had been helping me. We had met by accident one day when I was seraching for Lily and he had been doing the same.

Why was Kingsley searching, or “seraching,” for Lily? Lily and James did go into hiding to evade the Death Eaters, but their friends knew this and would not have gone looking for them because it would have been impossible to find them through random searches. Once the family was protected by the Fidelis charm, Kingsley would have been physically unable to find them unless he was specifically told where they were by that lying rat. Searching would have been completely pointless.

I explained that when Lily was six she was kidnapped by a man who called her a witch.

What? Harry was living with the Dursleys, which means that the abductors were Lily and Petunia’s parents – who were both Muggles. How would Muggles even know about the existence of witches, much less travel all the way to Japan to commit several felonies and abduct  a little girl who should not even be showing signs of magic yet? If she was showing signs of magic, which apparently are so frickin’ easy to spot that even Muggles can do it, it should have been a piece of cake to find her among all the Muggles once she was taken. Someone would notice an English couple travelling with a clearly Asian little girl who would likely be very distressed and screaming in Japanese. They’d never make it out of Norita. If she was taken at that age, Lily herself should have had memories of this traumatic event and would have had questions when she was older.

He had sent a letter later explaining what that ment for her.

Who sent the letter, Kingsley or the man who abducted Lily?

So he had offered to help me find her and meet her.

Again, which one are you talking about? I’m confused as to which of these male characters that “he” is referring to. It almost looks as if Kingsley was the one who abducted Lily.

We had been searching ever since than. Looking down next to him I saw a small thin and very pale boy with a head of messy black hair. He looked up and I saw his slightly broken glasses and bright green eyes.

Harry Potter has his mother’s eyes; this is something that he is repeatedly told throughout the series. Green or blue eyes are exceptionally rare among Japanese people.

“This is Harry Potter, he is now under your care.

Kingsley was just planning on dropping Harry off like he’s an unwanted parcel? That’s cold, man.

He does not know much of this language but he is willing to learn to avoid beatings.

Wait, what? Did … Did someone tell Harry he had to learn Japanese or Onodera would beat him?

I … That … It just … What the ever-loving hell?!? Why would you tell a child something like that? Did Harry just assume it on his own? If so, why didn’t anyone tell him that wasn’t how it worked? Why would you let him think something like that?  And why would he think that? He spoke the same language as the Dursleys and they were terrible to him.

I fear that he is also in need of…special care.

No shit, Sherlock! Maybe you shouldn’t drop an emotionally fragile and obviously damaged child on the doorstep of a relative that likely doesn’t have the special training to deal with Harry’s issues.

I’ll stop by once a month to check up.

Once a month? That boy should have weekly therapy sessions!

It was nice helping you.

As half-assed as possible. He’s not even really helping Onodera, he’s just giving the man an entirely new set of problems.

I’m truly sorry about Lily.

But James can go rot in Hell, because he was kind of an asshole when he was a teenager.

I must also warn you. The headmaster of the school, Dumbledor is very tricky and manipulative.

He is, but why bring it up right now? Harry is six; he has another five years before he would receive his Hogwarts letter. Couldn’t Kingsley bring this up at a later date or is he going to cut off all communications with Onodera?

He is, isn’t he? Now that Kingsley has delivered the MacGuffin he’s served his purpose and will be placed on a bus, never to appear in the fic again.

You must watch out for him and make sure that Harry knows love if not than there could be trouble in his future.”

Okay, but wouldn’t that apply to all children?

“I understand. Thank you so much for bringing him here. Mother and Father should be delighted to know that they have a grand child.” Kingsly nodded and walked off. I smiled down and kneeled down to Harry.


Not only were Onodera’s parents never considered as guardians, they haven’t even been told that Harry exists.

Hello Harry. I am Ritsu Onodera. You’ll live with me from now on okay?”

If not, good luck getting around in a foreign city where no one can understand you.

Think about it for a second; Harry is a six-year-old raised in an abusive home who, in the space of a few hours, learns that magic exists and that there’s an entire family out there that he never knew about. He’s then taken away, likely by magic, and finds himself in a strange land where everyone looks, acts, and speaks differently than anyone he’s ever known. Little dude’s going to be terrified.

You can speak English too? I want to learn your language, so that I can be better help.”

:sighs: I guess I should be grateful he didn’t learn it on the trip over, like some characters have.

Your already doing a lot by being here.” I smiled at him and grabbed his hand lightly to lead him in to the apartment. He was really shy and didn’t say anything when I lead him in.

:crosses all the things:

Please don’t be creepy, please don’t be creepy, please don’t be creepy…

I sat him down on the couch and made dinner for the both of us. I handed him a plate and his eyes went a little wide.

Yeah, Japanese cooking can take a little getting used to. It’s literally a world away from English style.


“This is a lot of food.” He said looking down. I let a small frown cross my face.

‘That is a small serving. Is he really that under fed?’ I thought.

He’s six; he doesn’t need a big meal.

“Just eat what you can. You need to make sure you’ve got enough strength. I’ll see about getting you into a primary school here okay?” Harry nodded his head. He ate about half of what he was given and I took care of the plates.

The boy has been extremely eager to please his new caretaker, he would likely stuff himself with as much as possible and then become sick.

And I really hope Onodera meant a language school and not a normal primary school, because as the characters themselves just pointed out Harry doesn’t speak Japanese.

After that I took him into the guest room and his eyes got wide again.

“This will be your room. We can paint it any way you want and I’ll take the day off tomorrow and we’ll get you some clothes okay?”

“This is my room?” He asked slightly shocked. I smiled down at him and nodded. “Yes. Now come along.” I picked him up, and noticed how light he was. I tucked him carefully under the covers and rubbed his hair before going to my own room.

Finally, something in line with the canon. Harry would be surprised that he had a whole room to himself. I am wondering how Onodera knew to prepare the room for Harry – air it out, put on clean sheets, and all that – when he only learned about Harry a few hours ago and has been at work the entire time.

I woke up the next morning it was to loud banging on my front door. I sat up quickly and walked to the door. After peeking into Harrys’ room and seeing him asleep still. I answered it and saw Takano standing there. I glared at him.

If it was loud enough to wake Onodera, why didn’t it wake up Harry? He should have the reflexes of a scared rabbit after his time at the Dursleys.

“I took a vacation day today so that I could take Harry shopping and get other things he would need and sign him up for primary school. So what caused you to wake me up this early?”

You keep saying primary school, Onodera. It’s really making me worry that you’ve forgotten that Harry doesn’t speak your language. And if you think you can simply walk into the closest school and expect to enroll a student to start immediately, even without the enormous language barrier, you had best think twice.

“I want to know who that boy is.”

“Harry, is my older sisters son. My nephew and legally under my care.”

“Older sister?”

“Yes. I had an older sister, Lily, who was kidnapped when she was six. Now, shouldn’t you be going to work?”

They’ve been working together, and likely in some kind of relationship, for two years; did the subject of Onodera’s missing sister never come up?

“No. I took the day off.” I groaned and went to shut the door but he shoved it open.

Takano took the day off as well? There’s only five people total in Emerald’s editing department, and two of them took the same day off?

“Ah! Takano get out! I have to make breakfast and get Harry ready.” I said. He simply placed his hands on either side of my head. I groaned again and ducked out quickly making my way into the kitchen. I started to make breakfast for three knowing that Takano wouldn’t leave no matter what I tried.

I’ve been really straining my brain, but I can’t recall Onodera ever exhibiting a talent for cooking. The only time his fridge is shown it’s full of energy supplements and sports drinks. Most of his meals, when he remembers to eat, come from the konbini.

After I finished I set it at the table and went to go get Harry up. Only to find that he was already awake and sitting next to Takano.

If the wizard thing doesn’t work out, Harry might make a halfway decent ninja.

“Breakfast is ready. Harry, I’m glad to see you’ve met Takano.” I glared at the other man.

At this point, Harry probably assumes that strange men appear out of thin air on a regular basis.

Harry gave a shy nod and I took them both into the kitchen and sat Harry down beside me.

I’ve scouring the Intertubes looking for references for Onodera’s apartment, but have come up dry. I have found floor plans for typical apartments in the Tokyo area, though;

And here’s one with some helpful translations so everyone knows what the different bits are;


“LDK” stands for “living room, dining room, kitchen”; the one room serves all three functions. Since Onodera has a guest room, which is an incredible luxury considering the price of housing in urban Japan, he likely has a 2LDK or 2DK, which is to the right in the top image. And “luxury” is a comparative term; a typical room is a roku-jo no heya (six tatami mat room) and is a bit less than a hundred square feet.

He smiled lightly and ate some of the food. After he decided he was done I cleaned up again and changed clothes. I didn’t know what to do about his clothes which where about three sizes too big.

This is why it might have been a good idea to actually prepare for Harry’s arrival instead of taking care of things after-the-fact.

“I have some smaller clothes in my apartment.” Takano said. I rose an eyebrow at him.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound creepy at all.

“They are left from when my cousin stopped by with her brat for a week.” He muttered.

If they were just there for a brief visit, why did the kid bring a change of clothes? And what happened that made him leave those clothes behind?

I nodded and we stood walking to his apartment next door. He walked into a back room and came back holding a shirt and pants.

That were just sitting there, waiting for Takano to pick them up and give them to his lover’s new son, regardless of how unlikely such a scenario would be. It’s almost as if he were expecting to need them.

He handed them to Harry who looked at them before looking for a bathroom.

Does Harry want to take a bath?

Takano took him to it. Once he was done changing he walked back out. The black shirt was still a little loose on him but the pants fit him fine.

He went to the bathroom to change? That’s hard to believe, even if he is skinny as a rail. As you can tell from the above diagrams, most Japanese apartments divide the facilities; one is the yokushitsu which is literally just the bathroom – it is a room strickly for bathing. There’s typically a separate senmenshitsu, a washroom with sink and toilet, and in many cases the toilet will have its own little closet. This division leaves the space very cramped; Harry’s going to have to stand in the bathtub to change. Very small places, the so-called “wan rūmu manshon” (one room mansions) studio apartments that are quite common, might have a combined bathroom/washroom, but I doubt Onodera’s place is one of these;

If it is, Harry’s going to have to sleep in the shoe cupboard.

He ducked his head trying to hide a blush. I rubbed his hair. It seemed like it would take a lot to get him to open up.


After going to such lengths to establish Harry’s damaged state, the fic is glossing it over and making it sound if he’s just a shy boy who needs to communicate more. He thought Onodera was going to beat him if he didn’t learn Japanese, for crying out loud! The author’s giving him the super-deluxe Tragik Past, but doesn’t want to deal with any of the issues such a past would produce so they aren’t.

This is just … Ugh!


Sadly, no; there are three more chapters. But it looks like this author is one of those who feels the need to point out to the audience when the chapter has ended.


27 Comments on “1368: Harry is Hari? – Chapter 1”

  1. AdmiralSakai says:

    secretly Japanese

    I didn’t know you could secretly be an ethnicity.

    What if I’m actually Turkish and nobody ever told me?

    • GhostCat says:

      My mother’s from Turkey; it’s a little town in Sampson County. I don’t think you’re from there, though; there’s only about three hundred people living there and I’m related to most of them.

    • batjamags says:

      *Whispering* Oh, shit! He knows!

      *Out loud* I MEAN what would give you that idea?

  2. AdmiralSakai says:

    It’s like being promised a job editing John Grisham or Stephen King books only to be sent to work at Seventeen instead.

    Or like promising to review Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and instead getting Harry is Hari?

  3. AdmiralSakai says:

    It shocked me a bit until I stood up and pulled out the phone.

    Wow. Not only is this office still using phones with cords that you can pull out when you stand up, apparently the wiring is faulty enough to shock users.

    • batjamags says:

      I keep reading that as “apparently the writing is faulty enough to shock users,” which is much more believable.

  4. AdmiralSakai says:

    “Yes. Your older sister it seems was a witch. After she was kidnapped all those years ago she went to a school for witches and wizards where she met and than married a young man. They had a single child.”

    Wait, what’s all this about Hogwarts KIDNAPPING PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS??

  5. AdmiralSakai says:

    I do take issue with all those missing apostrophe marks. Harry only had one mother.

    Although I’m sure there is fanfiction that will attempt to prove you wrong.

  6. batjamags says:

    Three things.

    First: The author’s name is Death Magnetic Cyanide? The hell? Is this a reference I’m not getting, or is it just a stupid name?


    I must also warn you. The headmaster of the school, Dumbledor is very tricky and manipulative.


    This author is a Dumbledore-basher, isn’t he? I hate it when authors try to make Dumbledore the bad guy just because he’s not always completely honest. It’s like they’re allergic to moral complexity.

    Third: Authors also can’t seem comprehend abuse that isn’t physical. The Dursleys never beat Harry in canon, so why is it always that way in fanfic?

  7. TacoMagic says:

    He does not know much of this language but he is willing to learn to avoid beatings.

    *Removes his contacts, washes them thoroughly, and pops them back in*

    He does not know much of this language but he is willing to learn to avoid beatings.

    • batjamags says:

      That line would be insensitive if it made any sense.

      All I can assume is that no one even tried to communicate “Hey, no one’s going to beat you anymore, OK?”

      Which comes with its own layer of stupid/disturbing because that implies that they think he will still be beaten, which makes me wonder what the Dursleys did that he had to be taken away, and…

      Say, do you know if the Brain Bleach Jacuzzi is occupied at the moment?

      • GhostCat says:

        And it makes it sound like that’s the only reason he would learn Japanese – not because it would be practically impossible for him to do anything without learning the native language, but solely because he wants to avoid beatings.

  8. Addicted Reader says:

    A timeline issue here – Harry was born in 1980 and Lily and James were killed in 1981. That puts this fic in 1986. I know Japan is pretty technologically advanced, but did they have cell phones in 1986? Is there a canon timeline for Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi?

    • GhostCat says:

      It’s modern; there’s never a specific date given, but cell phones are in use. I suppose the author could be using the film timelime rather than the books, I don’t recall Harry’s birth year being mentioned in the movies, just the day.

  9. "Lyle" says:

    And Onodera’s parents are still alive; as Lily’s birth parents and Harry’s grandparents they would be the first choice of guardians. They’re financially stable and have the room and resources to provide for a child, while Onodera lives alone and has a highly stressful job that sometimes doesn’t even leave him time to eat, much less care for an abused child.

    This could be true unless Lily and James specifically stated that Harry would go to Onodera in their will. If they had, though, he would have gotten custody of Harry immediately following the discovery of their deaths. Your point still stands, though, as it seems that Lily was unaware of being kidnapped and raised by her kidnappers.

    And what the hell is it with fic authors using “They were kidnapped!” as an excuse to try to make their fic make sense?

  10. "Lyle" says:

    I get the feeling this author has never read, nor watched, Harry Potter. I’m guessing their entire basis of knowledge is due to having read other terrible Harry Potter fanfiction.

  11. "Lyle" says:

    He’s six; he doesn’t need a big meal.

    The thing about six year old children, though… they have a stomach the size of a Blue Whale. If they’re going through a growth spurt, hoooo boy. I’ve seen my middle child eat five hot dogs in a sitting before. He’s 7. And he’s not overweight in the slightest. Same with the 4 year old girl. She’s been known to eat an adult’s share of food if she’s going through a spurt. And she’s undersized for her age. The three children together can polish off a large pizza, plus a couple slices. Bean poles, the lot of them. Not that I’m jealous. Nope. Not at all. -.-

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