Art-Tastic Wednesday- Sailor Effect

Ello-ello patrons.  Taco had a little too much on his plate to get his submission up for today, so we fished around for some art to put up.  I decided to volunteer a little gem that I had been sitting on for some time, a work by ElynGontier called Sailor Effect.  I think I’ve made my appreciation of crossovers very clear, so I thought a Sailor Moon/Mass Effect picture would fit a post by me just fine.

It’s a pretty damn big pic, so check out the artist’s original page if you want to see it in full.


3 Comments on “Art-Tastic Wednesday- Sailor Effect”

  1. "Lyle" says:


  2. SC says:

    I kind of wish they had put Chibiusa in there as a Volus or something. XD

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