1194: Room for Another – Chapters 1 & 2

Title: Room for Another
Author: Khaleesi’s Fyre
Media: Film
Topic: Megamind/Tangled
Genre:  Humor/Romance
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Hello, darling Patrons!

You’ll be happy to note that I’m not doing another Big Hero 6/Five Nights at Freddy’s crossover – this is a completely different crossover! And it’s … I don’t know how to describe it.

I mentioned way back when that there’s a multi-fandom called Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons, which blends together characters from the various sources in different ways. There are countless pairings; same-sex, hetero, genderbent versions, etc…You can find anything, if you really look for it.

I wasn’t even looking and stumbled over something called Megapunzel.

Now, I knew “-punzel” would be Rapunzel from Tangled, but I wasn’t sure who “Mega-” was supposed to be. Megaman? SC thought it could be Megaera from Hercules, which is a good guess. But that’s not it. It’s Megamind.

Yeah, the blue alien Awesome McEvil from the movie of the same name.

According to this wiki entry, the pairing is popular – but I wouldn’t really call it that. There’s barely anything on the pair; only two fics on ff.net, unlike the hundreds of Jelsa fics out there.

Let’s take a look at the all-important summary, shall we?

When Megamind actually does mess around with that little reset button, he finds himself in a tower that’s home to a special girl with special hair. And a rather unusual looking frog. And a rather painful frying pan. Megapunzel pairing! K just in case.

There is a passing mention of a Reset Button in the film, but Megamind claims the math is “impossible” and apparently gave up on it. The K rating is very oddly worded, though; K is the lowest rating on ff.net, it is the equivalent of a G rating and means the fic is suitable for all ages. Typically when an author rates a fic “just in case” they give it a stricter rating than it would require on the chance that things will go in a more adult direction.

Why do I ALWAYS come up with a new story in the middle of 10 other projects? –shrugs-

Inspiration doesn’t really care how many things you are doing at once, and it is completely possible to work on several projects at once if you have the right mindset to do so. I have head one of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey, say that she might work on a half-dozen books (hers are almost always long, involved works) at the same time. It’s very possible, but it isn’t for everyone.

So yeah, recently discovered the Megapunzel fandom and I have to say that I find it absolutely adorable! Had to give it a try for myself. Hope you guys all like it!

I find it strange and puzzling, but who am I to judge these things? To each their own. What I don’t like is this meandering Author’s Note that offers nothing of value and is essentially meaningless.

Room for Another

Since that’s the title of the fic, I’m going to assume that the pointless Author’s Note is finished.

The first time Megamind had toyed around with the idea of the reset button had been after the 163rd time that Metro Man had plopped him off at jail.


No numerals in the narration!

How does one “plop” someone to a location? You can plop someone down into a particular spot, but plopping isn’t a viable method of transportation.

Things would have been ultimately better if said hero’s pod hadn’t knocked his own away from the Scott mansion.

Well, duh. But if Megamind had arrived at the mansion, he’d be a completely different character.

With their riches and resources, he most definitely would have been Evil Overlord by that point.

I must disagree. Megamind first tries to be liked by his classmates, but when all his attempts end in miserable failures he assumes he’s destined to be a villain.

So by the time that Minion had busted him out a few weeks later, he’d had notes scribbled all down and the skeleton of schematics drawn up.

Ummm … no, he wouldn’t. Megamind is kept in an isolation room under constant supervision; there’s nothing for him to write in or on, even if he managed to hide his activities from the guards.

Although through nearly 8 months of research, with the occasional trip back to jail here and there, through all the algorithms and equations, it was concluded that the science for the reset button was impossible. The project was abandoned, but the button and the research were stored away in the Vault along with all the other rejects.

Wait a second – he spent eight months doing the math, decided it was impossible, yet still built a button and stored it in his rejects vault? Why he do that?

Weeks turned into months, months turned into years. The reset button was far from forgotten; with a brain the size of Megamind’s, it was impossible to forget anything, really.

Then why did he need to take the written notes and schematics for the reset button with him?

So it was simply stored away in the back of his memory, sometimes teasing him, but for the most part, promptly ignored.

Probably one of those things that keep you awake at night while you’re desperately tired but your brain refuses to stop trying to figure out what the name of Ron’s owl was. (Pigwidgeon.)

If he had to be perfectly honest with himself, he loved the elaborate Game he and Wayne Scott aka Metro Man had set up for themselves. Even though Megamind never actually won any of their fights or achieved his goal of becoming Evil Overlord; even though he’d become very very acquainted with the Metro City Prison for the Criminal Gifted and just about every employee therein, he loved his career. There was very little that could make him give up the villainous lifestyle he had chosen.

These are all things Megamind discovered after he accomplished his goal of “destroying” Mega Man and becoming the city’s Evil Overlord. That’s why he goes to such lengths to create a new superhero; he misses the old way.

And so the button sat in the vault, gathering dust and remaining purposeless.

And it always would be without a purpose, because it doesn’t work. Seriously, why even build one?

Until one rainy September day, when the world stopped; when life as he knew it was thrown into a dark shadow.

That’s very ominous.

“Sir, I have to remain adamant that this…” Minion hesitated. “Well, it just seems like a really bad idea.”

To be fair, all of Megamind’s ideas sound like bad ones.

“Yes!” Megamind yelled over the sound of his blowtorch. “This is a wickedly bad idea for the greater good of humanity!”

The greater good!

When the button had been saved from the dust and decay

How long was it in the vault? And shouldn’t a vault be secure and relatively dust-free? Megamind is terrible at evil storage.

and the schematics reviewed, he had realized that the technology might not have been exactly impossible, just difficult to come by.


What? I could buy this if he was still in the theoretical stages, but he built a frickin’ button! That would mean the technology exists and was sitting in the vault the entire time!

It needed an extremely stable environment to work 100% safely. Hence the safe-room he was just about to finish constructing.

Megamind’s probably the first Evil Overlord who actually cares about stable work environments and having a doomsday device that operates safely.

It had taken nearly another 6 months to redesign his first crude prototype of the button and a further 4 to finish this safe-room.

Six months to completely redesign a working Reset Button seems really fast, especially when he worked on the original suck-ass version for eight months without getting anywhere. Designing and building this “safe room” from scratch in just four mounths seems like a very short period of time as well. I don’t have any experience in the matter, but I would assume that making an environment that is “100% safe” would be an exacting chore that couldn’t be rushed.

But no matter; if this worked (which it most definitely would, as his equations this time had been flawless)

So what was he doing last time he worked on the theory, just guesstimating everything?

then the amount of time it had taken would be inconsequential.

That depends on whether you’re talking about time objectively or subjectively; even if the button can return everything to the exact state of a given time, Megamind still has to experience the time it takes to build the widget himself. This is assuming the button wouldn’t just split off the timeline and create an alternate version of reality that begins at the designated moment, leaving him to continue on in his own unaltered reality.

This time tomorrow, things would be back to the way they should be.

Again – subjective or objective? If the button works, Megamind’s “tomorrow” would be a point in his current past (or an alternate version of Earth) and the actual “tomorrow”  according to the calendar would be in the future.

“No…Sir, I have to say that even from an evil perspective…this is just plain bad.”

And from a grammatical standpoint it is just plain confusing.

Megamind switched off the blowtorch and a hopeful smile crept upon his face. Finished. He pulled his goggles off and removed the showercap from his flawless bald head. “We’re finished, Minion!” he exclaimed. “It’s finally ready!”

With the safe room or the button? And how does the blowtorch factor into either of those things?

“Sir, are you even listening to me?” Minion sighed. “I really think you shouldn’t go through with this.”

“What are you talking about?” Megamind handed the blowtorch and goggles to a nearby brainbot and clambered down the ladder. “You know that if anyone could pull this off, Minion, it would be me.”

I’m fairly certain that this scene is taken from the film; it is nearly word for word a recreation of the scene when Megamind and Minion are concocting the formula that turns Hal into Tighten.

The safe-room was egg-shaped on the exterior and blindingly pure white on the interior.

Was the inside egg-shaped as well? Because that’s going to make standing difficult and the acoustics will be terrible.

It was reinforced with padded walls

Padding isn’t really a form of reinforcement.

so that no outside sounds could interfere

But no baffles on the inside so it’ll be echoy as hell.

and given missile proof protection, just to be safe.

Nothing is “missile proof”, only “missile resistant”.

One never knew when the witless wonder Metro Man might get lucky and find the evil lair.

But Megamind is under the impression that Metro Man is dead, so why continue building everything missile-resistant?

Missile proof metals and glasses happened to be some of the materials he had a harder time punching through, though it was unlikely he’d even be looking for the lair.

Missile. Proof. Glasses. Not just one kind of glass, but glasses. Plural.

Megamind had been devoting most of his time to this project, so Metro Man hadn’t exactly been active either. Not since…well, then.

Since he’s supposed to be dead? Yeah, that would cut down on his activity levels.

“I don’t doubt you there, sir.” Minion conceded. “It’s just…” he sighed, fiddling his surprisingly dexterous metal fingers. “This is a little like playing God to me, sir. It seems so wrong.”

Megamind brushed past him, grabbing the necessary equipment he would need. “It’s not ‘playing God’, Minion.” He said. “All I’m doing is setting things back to the way they were supposed to be. I don’t even care about rewriting my entire past anymore.”

This is exactly the same dialogue, with the exception of that little bit about rewriting his past. The whole point of the reset button is to rewrite the past.

He strapped on his holowatch, holstered his De-Gun. The night before, he had packed together a small satchel with a spare outfit and three days rations of food. He didn’t know how long he was going to be gone, or how long his mission would take, but he suspected that it wouldn’t be long.

Wait, what?

It’s a Reset Button; i.e. it resets the timeline back to a predetermined point. If he’s going on a trip with the button then it isn’t a Reset Button, it’s a time machine.

Early into his revisions, he realized the problem with the first prototype had been that he’d been expecting the change of reality to be instantaneous and that the button would do all the work.

… And that’s wrong?

The original design, had it been possible, would’ve been more like skipping through different dimensions,

So it would be the alternate dimensions thing!

which according to David Tennant and Billie Piper, was very much impossible. (Many a late-night Doctor Who marathon had helped greatly in his redesigns.)


He’s basing his science on the dialogue of two actors on Doctor Who? I love the show dearly, but it isn’t exactly one hundred percent scientifically accurate.

For it to actually work correctly, it had to act as more of a time-traveling device; it had to be more of a flux-capacitor rather than a reset. If he wanted his present to change, he had to go into the past and do it himself.

Why does he keep calling it a reset button, then? It’s not a reset button, it’s a time machine. And it could still involve travel between dimensions, depending on which theory of time travel you favor.

Minion sighed. Once his ward made his mind, it took a miracle of spectacular proportions to change it.

His ward? Dude. Megamind isn’t Robin, you know.

He placed his hands on Megamind’s spiked shoulders,

It’s a good thing he’s in a robotic suit, or that would really hurt.

straightened out the high gothic collar, and smoothed the creases in his cape. “Just…promise me you’ll be careful.”

Given his track record, this is a futile request.

Normally, Megamind would’ve told his friend to stop being such a mother hen, but this wasn’t like the other times. Despite the fact that they were sure the button would work, there was the slight uncertainty that it might not; at least, not in the way he intended and who knows how disastrous that could turn out to be. Looking into Minion’s eyes, he could see the sincere apprehension the fish was experiencing.

“Alright.” He said. “I promise.”

Best case scenario – Megamind manages to alter the timeline. There’s two likely outcomes for this version of Minion; he ceases to exist as the timeline is rewritten and is replaced with a different version that experienced the new timeline, or nothing happens to him because the timelines diverge in the past and a slightly older Megamind arrives shortly and believes the button has failed. This could set up a loop with Megamind constantly going into the past to change things, unaware that each time he does so that a new line is created.

This was it. He was going to reset their reality. He was going to make things right again. He stepped through the first door of the safe-room and stood in the cabin between the doors so that it could sterilize him.

That’s an extreme and invasive step to take. Is he worried that he might become his own grandfather?

He then stepped through the second door and into the safe-room. In the middle of the room rested the reset button, resting on a slim pedestal.

With a single spotlight shining down from directly above it, no doubt.

He looked back through the doors’ circular widows, much like the one in his high security cell at the prison,

A cell that hasn’t been described in the work, so this comparison is meaningless.

to look back at Minion. He gave the fish a reassuring smile and a thumbs-up to tell him that everything was going to be fine.

Because no one in a completely hopeless situation has ever given a thumbs-up gesture as a form of false bravado. That’s just unheard of.

He turned back to the button. Its siren song called to him. Press me, it called. The world will be perfect again.

He’s hearing voices from the button? Blue boy’s got issues.

Without another moment’s hesitation, he crossed the distance between him and the pedestal and picked the button up.

Two things – how far could this “distance” be, and why isn’t the button installed into the pedestal?

It was round and red, inset into a silver frame. On the top, it read “reset” and was circled in white. In no way had he copied the exterior design from the Staples “easy” button. Not a chance.

That is sort of a vague description of the Staples’ Easy Button and could stand some revision – is “reset” written on the top of  frame or on top of the button? What shape is the frame? – but I question it’s appeal to a broader audience. Not everyone is familiar with that particular advertisement, and the Big Red Button is iconic enough to stand up on its own.

He pressed down on the button and the world around him changed into a mass of swirling colors and sounds. He felt a tug forward, as if someone had fastened a hook behind his navel, and he was gone.

Is he travelling through time or Apperating?

There’s a line break, so I assume that means that we’re shifting to another scene. Yay.

“This is it!” Rapunzel was giddy as she finished cleaning up her paints. “This is a very big day, Pascal! I’m going to ask her.”

… And we’re tossed into another scene with no attempt to establish it. It looks like we’re in for more plot regurgitation as well.

Her chameleon friend smiled and chirped his support as he climbed up onto Rapunzel’s outstretched arm. From the time she had been 10 years old, she had been yearning to see the floating lights that appeared every year only on her birthday.

If she yearns to see them, that would mean she has never actually seen them. How then does she know that they appear every year on her birthday?

And not from a tower window miles away; no, she wanted to see them up close.

I know it’s canon, but how has someone like Rapunzel – who is very resourceful and has gobs of free time to kill – not managed to make her own damned sky lantern?

On her “mother’s” orders, she’d never dared leave her tower before, but now that her 18th birthday was tomorrow, perhaps Mother would finally realize that she was mature enough to experience the outside world.

Why is mother in quotation marks? If this is as early in the story as it appears to be, then Rapunzel still believes Mother Gothel is her biological parent.

As if on cue, she heard her mother’s soprano call out in a sing-song voice, “Rapunzel! Let down your hair!”

Her heart skipped a beat in excitement. She grinned down at Pascal, who was now resting upon her shoulder. “It’s time!”

Time for more plot regurgitation!

Pascal puffed his frail little chest out, telling her to be brave and confident. Rapunzel giggled and then gently removed him from her shoulder. He grabbed onto the wall behind her and quickly changed his scaly body’s color to the same shade of midnight blue she had painted earlier. “Don’t let her see you,” she told him as she drew the curtains over the newest artwork.

Something tells me that the chameleon, who only communicates vial pantomime and color changes, is going to be a difficult character to write.

“Rapunzel!” Gothel called again. “I’m not getting any younger down here!”

“Coming, Mother!” She quickly crossed the room to the window/doorway. She grabbed her train of 70-foot long, golden hair, slung it over a hook that was nailed above the window, and threw the curtain of hair down. Gothel took hold of the end of it and fashioned a loop to stick her foot through. As soon as she was secured, Rapunzel began tugging on her own hair, pulling her mother up into the tower. As soon as she was close enough, Gothel scooted onto the window ledge and climbed in. “Oh, Rapunzel!” She cooed. Rapunzel pulled the last of her hair free from the hook. “How you manage to do that every single day without fail! It looks absolutely exhausting, darling.” She brushed her hand over Rapunzel’s face in tender love.

“Oh,” Rapunzel chuckled nervously. “It’s nothing, really.”

“Then I don’t know why it takes so long.” Gothel admonished her, tapping her nose. Rapunzel’s smile fell until her mother cackled. “I’m just teasing, dear.” She moved past her towards the full length mirror.

Wow, that’s a lot of plot regurgitation.

“Oooo-kay,” Rapunzel followed after her as Gothel tossed aside her cloak. The elder woman began primping at her hair and pulling at her face, checking for any blemish or wrinkle. “So, Mother,” Rapunzel continued, “As you know, tomorrow is a very bid da-”

“Rapunzel, look in that mirror,” Gothel cut her off and brought her close next to her. “You know what I see? I see a strong, confidant, beautiful young lady.” Rapunzel’s green eyes brightened up and a small smile began to creep back onto her face. There was a short pause before Gothel spoke up again. “Oh, look! You’re here too!” She cackled again as the smile once again fell from Rapunzel’s face. “I’m just teasing, stop taking everything so seriously!” Gothel began her self-inspections anew.

More plot regurgitation! Part of the Megamind portion was PR, and now this long section. How much of this fic was actually written by the author?

“So Mother, as I was saying, tomorrow is-”

“Rapunzel,” Gothel cut her off again. “Mother’s feeling a bit run down. Would you sing for me, dear? Then we’ll talk.”

“Oh, right!” Immediately, Rapunzel ran off and set everything up as fast as she could. First the chair, then the stool. She practically shoved the brush into her mother’s hand, and then actually did shove her down into the seat when Gothel didn’t move fast enough for her liking. Quickly, she grabbed a large pile of her hair and deposited it into Gothel’s lap.


“Wait, Rapunzel!” Quickly the golden head began to glow and traveled rather fast down the rest of the length. Rapunzel obviously didn’t hear her as she continued her speed-song.


Gothel swiftly took a few strokes at the hair before it made a whoosh! And her body was healed back into its youthful beauty with a snap of the fingers. The sensation she got from her rejuvenations had always had a sort of tingling feeling to it, but this time as it had been rushed, it almost stung. Rapunzel practically jumped into her lap and almost touched noses with her.


The humor of this situation is really lost during the transition from visual medium to a written one.

“So Mother, earlier you didn’t exactly respond, so I’m just going to say it, tomorrow is my birthday!” She exclaimed, latching onto Gothel’s arm. “Ta-da!”

“No no no,” Gothel replied, removing her arm from the girl’s grip. “I distinctly remember: your birthday was last year.”

Delivery is everything with a line like that; she could be joking, or she could be serious. The sort of off-hand way it’s delivered in the film is another indication of how little Mother Gothel cares about Rapunzel as a person.

“Well,” Rapunzel giggled, twiddling her thumbs. “That’s the funny thing about birthdays; it’s kind of an annual thing!” With no response coming from her mother, she sighed and sat back onto the stool. “Mother, I’m turning 18 and what I really want this year…” she grabbed at a strand of her hair and started to play with it as she mumbling. “Actually, what I’ve wanted for quite a few birthdays,”

Gothel scoffed. “Oh, Rapunzel, enough with the mumbling! You know how I hate it.” She held up her hand and mimicked mouth movement, “Blah, blah blah, blah blah, it’s very annoying! I’m just teasing you, honey!” She grabbed at Rapunzel’s cheeks and started talking down to her as if she were still 3. “I wove you so much!” Giving Rapunzel’s cheek one last pat, Gothel stood up from her chair and entered the kitchen, prepared to start making an early brunch.

Jiminy Christmas, this is boring.

Rapunzel’s slumped. She heard a soft chirping behind her and turned. Pascal was partially hidden behind the table leg and waved his claw, motioning for her to get on with it. Rapunzel groaned, grabbing at her hair. She was so tempted to pull at it. Finally she blurted out, “I want to see the floating lights!”

Gothel paused. “What?”

Did she mumble again?

Rapunzel clambered up to the mural she had painted earlier and pulled aside the curtain. The mural revealed a scene were several bright lights were floating above the forest and Rapunzel herself sat upon a tree top, watching the glowing lights. “Well, I was hoping you could take me to see the floating lights.”

“Oh,” Gothel nodded in understanding. “You mean the stars.”

No, she doesn’t – and you bloody well know she doesn’t. The narration keeps wavering as to how much the audience should know about Mother Gothel and her real motives and intentions.  The film doesn’t, it shows Mother Gothel abducting Rapunzel, but the fic didn’t cover that part.

“That’s the thing;” Rapunzel took her hair and whipped it up towards a small window in the roof, opening it so Gothel could see the star charts she’d made.

This is definitely one of those visual things that don’t work as a written action. Rapunzel does use her hair as a whip, but it looks really silly when written out.

“I’ve charted stars and they’re always constant.

Except Venus; she’s an uncertain bitch at times.

But these, they appear every year on my birthday, and only on my birthday. And…I just can’t help but feel as if they’re meant for me.”

And they are! Or they are in the film; the fic skipped over that part as well so it is unclear if the lanterns in this AU are also for her.

A brief shadow of fright alighted Gothel’s eyes, which Rapunzel would have caught if she hadn’t been paying more attention to her painting. But as quickly as it came, it was gone and Gothel chuckled. “You want to go outside?”

“Well…”Rapunzel paused. “Yes.”

Oh, no. No. No. No. Please don’t do the song.

Gothel came up to the fire place and motioned for her to come down from the mantle. “Rapunzel, you know why we stay up in this tower.” Rapunzel dropped back down to the floor.

“Yes, I know, but-”

“That’s right; to keep you safe, dear.” Gothel ran a hand through Rapunzel’s golden locks. “I knew that one day soon, you’d want to leave the nest, but not just yet, darling.”

“But why can’t I go outside, Mother? Just this once?”

Oh, good. it looks like she’s skipping the song.

“Rapunzel, there are plenty of cruel people out there who would take advantage of you. Someone could try to cut your hair and sell it!”

“Well yes, but I was thinking-“

That doesn’t make any sense; Rapunzel’s hair loses its power when it is cut. If someone was out to cut her hair, then that’s only a minor threat since they would cut her hair and leave her alone. The real danger to Rapunzel comes from the fact that she has to remain attached to her hair for the magic to work.

“And who knows what else could happen! There’s ruffians and thugs out there! Men with pointy teeth! Poison Ivy, quicksand, cannibals, snakes! For all you know, you could catch the Plague out there! And look at you!” Gothel gestured at Rapunzel’s appearance. “You’re underdressed, you’re immature, and you’re incredibly clumsy! You think you could survive out there? Please! They’d practically swallow you whole!”


It’s the song, squashed down into one paragraph. And apparently this is now a DC crossover, since Poison Ivy is considered a threat.

“But, Mother!”

“Rapunzel, I have raised you since you were a baby. I only changed, bathed, and nursed you for most of your life! All I ask in return is that you stay up here where it’s safe! Is that too much to ask?”

She still changes, bathes, and nurses Rapunzel? The girl’s almost eighteen! And Mother Gothel isn’t her real mother; how was she able to start lactating if she hadn’t given birth?

Rapunzel looked up into her mother’s eyes. Her expression was firm; she was treading on dangerous grounds and if she pushed any further, her mother would be very cross. She looked back at her mural and sighed. “No. You’re right, Mother.”

Gothel smiled and gave her a quick peck on the forehead. She then turned back to her brunch preparations. “I love you very much, dear.”

Rapunzel smiled weakly. “I love you more.”

“I love you most.”

And that’s the point where Mother Gothel kisses Rapunzel’s hair, which is yet another subtle sign that it isn’t the girl that she loves. The way Mother Gothel interacts with Rapunzel’s hair is very interesting; she’s constantly pulling it forward, covering Rapunzel’s face, and patting or kissing the hair rather than Rapunzel. For her, Rapunzel isn’t a person; she’s a living wig-stand.

Half an hour later after they were both fed, Gothel left again to go gather together ingredients for their dinner. Rapunzel climbed the stairs up to her room, Pascal once again perched on her shoulder. He chirped sadly.

She leaves immediately after eating to go shopping for the next meal? That seems rather inefficient.

“I know,” Rapunzel said, playing with her hair as she sat down at her vanity table. She moved it around, holding it up into something that resembled the skeleton of a coif. “But, you know how she is, Pascal. I would’ve gotten in trouble if I said much more.”

It resembles a what?

A coif is a close-fitting cap, and can also refer to an article of chainmail that covers the head, neck, and shoulders. If Rapunzel has seventy feet of hair to play with, she’s going to be able to make something far more elaborate than a coif.

Pascal nodded in sympathy. Rapunzel sighed again and let go of her hair. She rested her head in her arms. Why couldn’t her mother, just for once, listen to her?

Because she doesn’t see you as a person, only an object of great importance to her continued youth and vitality.

Suddenly, she heard a crash downstairs. Her head snapped up, her eyes wide in shock.

Oh, my GIANT blue head!”

Oh, gee; I wonder who that could be.

There’s another line break, so I guess that’s it for this scene.

So, there you go. Chapter 1.

As always, I do not own either Megamind or Tangled. They belong to Dreamworks and Disney, in that order.

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Huh. It’s just an Author’s Note and a disclaimer. Odd that the author would put it at the end of a chapter rather than the beginning; disclaimers typically go in front of what they are disclaiming, not behind.

The second chapter isn’t really a chapter at all, just another Author’s note.

You know what really sucks? My jump-drive died. A few weeks ago, I accidentally dropped the computer, and it landed on my poor jump drive, which miraculously clung to life. So quick as I could, I transferred all the documents, music, and pictures that I could onto my computer before my brave little jump-drive finally blinked out of existence.

The bad news? My Megamind documents didn’t make it onto the computer, so the chapters I was working on have been lost forever! I am SO sorry! I’ll try to rewrite them as soon as I can, but I am SO. VERY. SORRY.

First things first – anyone who uses only one method of data storage is just asking for trouble. Unlike days gone by where you were limited to paper, there are numerous methods available, both physical media and digital services online, at reasonable prices so it would be utter foolishness to put all your eggs in one basket. Writing is hard work, and trusting all that work to a single jump drive would be an incredibly bad idea.

As for rewriting her fics, it looks like she never got around to it. She updated two of her Megamind fics with the same “my jump drive died” Author’s Note, there’s an older fic that didn’t get the AN and isn’t marked as complete, so I’m not sure what’s going on with that one. There were fics posted after this, the most recent is about a year old, so the account didn’t go completely inactive. I don’t know why she didn’t do the rewrites, other than she didn’t want to.

I did find something curious when I was poking through her fics; the author has written a grammar guide for FullMetal Alchemist fanfic authors which can be found here;

How to Be A Good FMA Fanfic Author

The author’s grammar is better than many of our  authors here in the Library – regrettably that’s a fairly low bar to hop – but this “fic” is written more like a series of blog posts instead of a guide. (Guides are also against the site rules at ff.net, but then so are many of the regular fics in it’s archives.) The second “chapter” actually devolves into a ramble about how she doesn’t understand what certain terms mean and solicits the information from the audience rather than just Googling them.

That’s it for this week, see you next time with another fic!


21 Comments on “1194: Room for Another – Chapters 1 & 2”

  1. SC says:

    SC thought it could be Megaera from Hercules, which is a good guess. But that’s not it. It’s Megamind.

    Which is still weird as hell.

  2. SC says:

    Typically when an author rates a fic “just in case” they give it a stricter rating than it would require on the chance that things will go in a more adult direction.

    All my fics are rated M because I know for a fact that, for whatever reason, anytime I try and do something lighthearted, it gets dark real quick.

    • AdmiralSakai says:

      I wouldn’t necessarily call any of my writing dark per se so much as it’s just often quite bloody. I don’t really believe in censoring writing, and since I write mostly military SF that results in a lot of characters getting blown up, shot, burnt, and so on. I think it helps a lot with the immersion, actually, and as it’s grown into a very distinctive, shiny-but-harsh style I’m inclined to keep it that way.

    • GhostCat says:

      I could see grading higher uf you tend to use more adult themes, but a K? It’s. One of the lowest ratings available.

  3. SC says:

    That FUCKING author’s note. I read this site in mobile for ease of use so whenever something gets a blockquote tag, it automatically becomes italicized, and when it gets italicized after the fact, it returns to regular text. That italicized blockquoted author’s note looked like YOU wrote it, and it threw me right the hell off.

    Normally this wouldn’t aggravate me because I can usually tell, but damn it…

  4. SC says:

    but plopping isn’t a viable method of transportation.

    Bifocals: Hmm…


  5. SC says:

    Wait a second – he spent eight months doing the math, decided it was impossible, yet still built a button and stored it in his rejects vault? Why he do that?

    Sports Shades keeps all the crap around he thinks is useless because he’s a huge Just In Caser.

    Contacts: No, seriously, he has like twelve Blue Eyes, White Dragon cards that he will likely never use, “just in case.” It’s ridiculous.

    • The Crowbar says:

      That’s exactly how I operate in RPG games. I save the most worthless of trash if I possibly can, because I MIGHT need it in the future for some obscure reason or another.

      • The Crowbar says:

        I do that shit even in Dwarf Fortress Adventure mode. I stole a rusty fork from an evil witch because I thought it might be an useful weapon if I lose my main weapon (I had 5 swords in my backpack already)

      • SC says:

        Item hoarding: can’t stop won’t stop.

  6. SC says:

    Missile. Proof. Glasses.

    She kind of is, if you think about it. What with the whole immortality thing.

  7. AdmiralSakai says:

    Six months to completely redesign a working Reset Button seems really fast, especially when he worked on the original suck-ass version for eight months without getting anywhere. Designing and building this “safe room” from scratch in just four mounths seems like a very short period of time as well. I don’t have any experience in the matter, but I would assume that making an environment that is “100% safe” would be an exacting chore that couldn’t be rushed.

    Well, it all comes down to what, exactly, he did. If he had most of the theoretical work done previously and only recently realized there were a number of things he needed to correct, six months does not sound at all unreasonable. And if the technology for the saferoom already existed and he just needed to make one, four months sounds actually kind of long.

    Basically, we need more information. As a final project EE students here build a working AM radio in about a week, and the Mythbusters routinely design and fabricate relatively complicated tests in a few weeks tops. Was this device made out of off-the-shelf components that take 45 minutes to buy, or did everything have to be fabricated from scratch? Was Mega deriving the theory from first principles, or was there already a large corpus of theoretical work on the problem? How physically large is any of this? And is Mega working on this nonstop, or does he do other stuff too? Until we have some answer to these questions, it’s hard to say what’s reasonable and what’s not.

  8. agigabyte says:

    Cain: The only time you should ever use numerals in narration is for numbered military forces, like the 501st Legion or 447th Special Forces Battalion.

    • SC says:

      Or, in Paulo’s case, 3rd Vanguard, then 2nd Vanguard (after the 3rd was all but destroyed), then 1st King’s Elite Guard.

      Paulo: It is truly a miracle that I somehow retained my position within the same platoon for the majority of my military career.

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