1177: Kamen Rider Ryuki: A Rider’s Persona – Chapter Three Part 1

Title: Kamen Rider Ryuki: A Rider’s Persona
Author: Nero Angelo Sparda
Media:  TV Shows/Video Games
Topic: Kamen Rider Ryuki/Persona
Genre:  Adventure
URL: Kamen Rider Ryuki: A Rider’s Persona Chapter 3
Critiqued by Herr Wozzeck

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to Kamen Rider Ryuki: A Rider’s Persona. Last time, we started with the Persona 4 main plot while also regurgitating a bit of plot from Kamen Rider Ryuki. So this time…

Huh, what does happen this time?


Okay. Well, that’s a thing.

We open our next installment with an author’s note:

I’m back people! After Several months of silence I’m back!

No! No! You go back into the quiet room! You’re not allowed out of the quiet room!

*shoves author back in*

I won’t go to far into details but I wills say I’ve been story hopping between ideas and writing them out with inspiration coming out for them at random times and couldn’t focus

Checking his profile, this guy has a lot of other Kamen Rider crossovers across the different series, including one crossover with Naruto. So I can believe it, in addition to believing that this actually explains a lot…

and I’ve had to step up my duties for my little bro, poor guy’s taken what’s going on between our folks pretty hard.


What thing is this going on between your folks? And even if it affects your update schedule, why do you think I care? Normally I don’t pipe up about this sort of thing to anyone that isn’t a close friend, so why are you telling the public about something that I have a very strong feeling should remain a private issue?

So then he thanks people that reviewed and submitted a character, mentions a “frub” at the end of the last chapter that he fixed, and then answers a few reviews. I won’t talk too much about that, so let’s just jump right to the chapter!

Which opens with…

Chapter 3: The New Kid, and Murder


It had been a few days since his encounter with Knight and since then he hadn’t seen the bat-themed Rider. After their encounter Riku made his way back to his apartment and had a couple of bruises from Knight’s attacks, and a couple of small cuts as well.


Um, what? The way this is written, it makes it sound like the bruises appeared after the fact. And I know that bruises do happen after hard hits, but I seriously did not know that bruises could work on such an extreme time delay. I mean, Jesus…

Apparently the armor only protected you from fatal blows, but you could still get bruises and a couple of small cuts as well, during the blow.

Well no shit! It’s almost like that’s how any kind of armor is! I never would have known that Kamen Rider armor would work the same way! How could we ever have known!?

It was still better than having the enemy able to just stab you inr the heart or head and be done with it in the Mirror World, at least with the Final Vent method he had a chance to counter it, dodge it, or block it with his Guard Vent.


And I see we’re back to sentenceographs. Good Gravy, this prose is awkward.

Also, the “Final Vent method”. Um… you’re aware that, due to their nature as “you pull cards out of them”, they’re canonically called “decks”, right? Since “Final Vent” is only one card in these decks, then the Final Vent method just seems… I dunno, anticlimactic?

He did decide to get a job at Sanako’s café, he needed the money and couldn’t live off of the money in the bank accounts in his accounts forever and needed to make some income.

Well, to be fair to Riku-Stu, it’s not like there’s no precedent: canonically, Shinji got booted from his apartment for late rent payments, so he ended up staying at Yui’s place right above the café for pretty much the entire rest of the series. So hey, taking a job there is just as good an excuse as any to make the café a sort of hub point for Ryuki and one other rider since Sanako does look for help in the series. (And in fact, she ends up looking for more help, while lampshading that Shinji just keeps running around the city.)

She had been happy to have a little more help, before it had just been her, and Yui running it before Keisuke had left for collage, but was now working there again, since the collage would be closed for some time and had found some solace in working here again and was staying up in the guest room for now.


Yeah, I’m with Swenia here. Can anyone tell me what in the nine circles of hell this sentence is trying to communicate? ‘Cause it’s so awkward as to leave me totally confused as to what the fuck is going on.

So anyway, his thoughts turn to Kamen Rider Knight, and he’s all “I’m not sure what to make of him”. We then get to this:

Despite them being enemies, he didn’t blame him for fighting. He was fighting from the same thing that he was. He was fighting for what he wanted. Everyone has a reason to fight, it just depends on the person and what they want that determine if they are willing to kill for it. He might not be fighting for the same thing that Knight was, but he was willing to fight and die for what he wanted, just like him.

Could he kill the other Kamen Riders if it came down to it? Could they kill him if it came down to it? Could he kill them if it came down between him or them?

These were the questions that have plagued him ever since he became a Kamen Rider.


Okay, to cut Nero Angelo Sparda a little slack here, the questions he just asked about “can you kill another Kamen Rider” are valid questions, and in fact they’re questions that are pretty frequently brought up throughout the course of Ryuki’s run. They’re also not just brought up in relation to Shinji, either: Ren gets his own moments of this as well.

You know how they don’t do it? They don’t tackle it in this random soliloquy here. They actually show the struggle they go through: hell, Ren gets a moment where he has one of the other Riders at his mercy and he’s all intense and stuff… and then he doesn’t kill the other Rider because he can’t bring himself to do it. That is how you show philosophical conflict that reveals the core of a character!

You don’t do it by doing… this! Good Jesus, dude…

He often had dreams now of him fighting Knight or a Mirror Monster and seeing the people that he cared about at risk, and the worst part was he couldn’t confide in anyone about his thoughts and feelings as a Kamen Rider.

Ah, I see this fic finally remembered he’s supposed to be the troubled loner. It’s about time it remembered, I say.

He couldn’t talk to Yui about it, while she could see into the Mirror World he shouldn’t go to her about his thoughts and the questions that plagued his mind, doing so would only remind her of what her brother has done to him and forced him into and what he might have to do one day, whether he wanted to or not. After all it was just like what Shiro Kanzaki said.

If you do not fight, you do not survive.

Well, Riku, if that’s how you feel about it, allow me to point out one tiny little problem with your logic: it completely forgets that the whole reason Yui is involved with the Rider War in the first place is so she can find Shirou in the first place. She said as much herself! So frankly, “I don’t want her to worry about what Shirou has done to us”. Yeah, she’s going to be asking that anyway, even if you don’t confide your feelings in her.

So literally, you’re just hiding your feelings because you can.


At least it’s finally consistent with something a troubled loner might do…

He wasn’t ready to die and he only met one of them. Knight seemed skilled and if any of them were even better then he was then he wasn’t sure he could win, against them alone.

*yoinks comma for the spare punctuation box*

We’ve been on a shortage of these lately. I’m sure Taco will appreciate the gift.

A thought then struck him. He could form a alliances with other Kamen Riders and fight together to take care of other one’s, but there would be risks to it every time he formed alliances with someone.

The Riders that allied with one another risked being betrayed later on by the other down the road or getting stabbed in the back, both figuratively and literally. If they were to fight against an enemy Kamen Rider who’s to say that they won’t use him as a human shield or finish him off when his back turned after they finish off a Mirror Monster or another Kamen Rider?

No one.


Okay, look, Nero Angelo Sparda: I get it. You’re addressing issues that come up in canon. I know that the Rider War is a bit like a dog-eats-dog scenario no matter how you go about it. And yes, I get that Riku-Stu would have to grapple with these questions anyway. And yes, they’re tough questions (as evidenced by the fact that it took Shinji almost the entire series to figure out what he’d wish for if he did win the Rider War).

There’s just one problem: it’s all being dealt with in narration.

You know the saying, don’t you? Here, let me refresh your memory:

Sure, the Kamen Riders end up finding places to sit down and brood about stuff throughout the series, but they’re usually confronted by the problem in the field rather than sitting at home thinking about it! They also come up with the solution in the field of battle, too!

You know why that is? It’s for a similar reason nobody cared about Ulrich-Stu’s faux-philosophical bullshit in Homura Afterstory: it drags the pacing down to a crawl. Granted, these questions are actually relevant to the story so it’s several levels above Ulrich-Stu already, but the fact that you’re tackling them in this way is just not interesting! It’s more interesting when they actually, you know, do shit!

Make them do shit! There’s a time and a place for these kinds of musings, and right now is not the right time! Especially since he hasn’t really been confronted with the difficulties of being a Kamen Rider yet since he’s not aware that Keisuke is Kamen Rider Knight!


Good Jesus…

He then goes on and debates that topic to himself, scrapping the allies idea. He then looks outside, seeing that it’s raining. He then steps outside, not bothering to put a hat on as he walks to school. As for why he’s not wearing a hat?

He wasn’t even trying to cover his head from the rain since he didn’t see the point.

I can, though! The point is that he’s being as emo as he possibly can right now!

“Whoooa!” he heard someone exclaim and heard slipping noises and saw Yosuke holding a umbrella in one hand as he rode his bike down the wet road and saw a girl with grey hair wearing the school’s female uniform, with the added addition of the male’s coat with a umbrella in hand staring at him as well.


I think that Swenia really needs to get that checked. At some point, she’s really gonna mess up her voice with that!

Riku couldn’t help, but wince in sympathy when Yosuke crashed into several piles of garbage cans and wince when his bikes handle bars hit his junk. Yosuke shakily got up as he hissed in pain and held his privates area, doing a little hop in place.

The girl just stood there and starred at him for a few more seconds and then continue on her way, Riku honestly not blaming her leaving or not saying anything to Yosuke. If he didn’t know him then he would probably do the same thing to.


Wow, way to be a dick, Riku. You look at Yosuke crashing into garbage cans, and instead of thinking “oh shit is he all right”, you look at the girl close by walking away and you’re all “yeah, I’d totally do that if he weren’t my friend”. You know, instead of running over being all “oh shit, are you okay”. You know, the way a friend would?

“Are you alright, Yosuke?” Riku asked, making his way to poor guy.

Thank you.

“Yeah I’m alright, just a bit sore,” Yosuke groaned, still holding his privates. “Where’s your umbrella?”

“Don’t got one,” Riku answered, shrugging his shoulders.


Um, Riku is in Japan, right? So why is he taking part in gangster talk? That sort of seems… I dunno, atypical of the culture?

“Dude you’d catch a cold like that,” Yosuke commented, and Riku only shrugged in reply. Yosuke ignored the pain in between his legs as he picked up his bike as Riku picked “Well other then that nice coat.”

“Thanks’ I bought it myself,” Riku said as he continued walking to school, Yosuke following him.

“Say why aren’t you driving your bike?” Yosuke asked. Every time that he came to school he always came

That’s what she said!

“Because I’m not an idiot and don’t wanna be in the hospital at worst, or suffer a nut shot like you did at least,” Riku answered, smirking.

Yes, because suffering a minor nut-shot is so much worse than, I dunno, getting a life-threatening injury?


Wipe that smug-ass smirk off your face, Riku, because you’re not being funny. And also…

*hands bolt-tape to Crunchy*.

Go wild.

Yosuke blushed at his answer and sputtered for a moment, but then hung his head in defeat and was hoping that he wouldn’t tell the others.

Riku wouldn’t tell them, depending on his mood. Telling them right now would be a terrible idea. He would hold onto it as blackmail in case he ever needed Yosuke to do something for him and he wasn’t going to do it if he asked him nicely, but that would be a last resort.

Our hero, ladies and gentlemen: taking his lessons on how to deal with Yosuke Hanamura from the pages of Regina George’s diary. Isn’t he just so friendly? Why, I wanna be friends with him right now!


When they got to class Riku sat down in his desk and placed his bag to the side When Yosuke finally entered the class he lazily threw his bag onto the ground and plopped down into his seat, and placed his head down onto the top of the desk.

Riku didn’t bother asking he was still probably feeling phantom pains from his ‘accident’ this morning.

From being whacked in the crotch? I know that shit hurts, but it usually subsides after at least an hour, right? Like, what the hell is this?

Anyway, after this, conversation turns to a transfer student from the city:

Not long after he entered the class Yukiko and Chie did as well along with several other students. One girl quickly made her way to the other side of the class, no doubt to talk to her friends and listened in on their conversation.

“Hey you guys, I heard that there’s going to be a transfer student from the city in this class,” the girl said, catching her friends and the people around her attention.


I didn’t know that “attention” could be a tiny little imp that sat on her shoulders and shouted things at people. Huh.

I’m now curious as to how she got that kind of attention…

“Huh really? Is it a guy or a girl?” her friend questioned curiously.

It wasn’t long before most of the class began talking about the new transfer student, a lot of them wondering what the transfer student would be like,


Oh goddammit, again?


Crunchy! More toku-splosions, please!

*sounds of explosions outside the snarking chamber*

Thank you.

“A transfer student from the city…just like you two, huh Riku, Yosuke,” Chie said to the two boys, getting their attention, but then noticed something.

“Huh? Yosuke, you look dead today,” Chie commented, noticing Yosuke’s condition.

Yes, because the fact that she noticed something and then commented on it totally isn’t an indication that she noticed his condition!

*hits buzzer*

Readers Are Stupid Count: 19

“Yeah, um…I don’t wanna talk about it…,” Yosuke said, the pain from his accident earlier still VERY fresh in his mind and still feeling the pain from it as Riku smirked.

I see our main character has forgotten he’s supposed to be a troubled loner again. I also love how he’s apparently out to make Taco annoyed.

Don’t fret, Librarians, I have back-up.

*hands the ninjas more bolt tape*

She then looked at Riku and asked. “What’s with him?”

“Nooo,” Yosuke drawled out, lifting his head a little to look at Riku. Riku’s smirk grew at the look and chuckled.

“Let’s just say that Yosuke had an accident this morning and leave it at that at the moment,” Riku answered, his smirk never faltering as he looked at Yosuke.

It’s good to see that Riku-Stu is such a reliable friend. It’s almost like he made the right call not making an alliance with other Kamen Riders: the other Kamen Riders would’ve beat his face in with his own monster by now!

“What happened?” Chie questioned, wanting to hear what happened, and possibly get some dirt on Yosuke.

“No,” Yosuke said, a little more force behind it, causing Riku’s smirk to grow.

Before Riku could reply the bell went off and King Moron entered the room with the girl from earlier that stared at Yosuke standing next to him.

Thank you, King Moron. Now, let’s see what—

Now that she wasn’t going somewhere Riku took the time to actually look at her. She was definitely pretty cute and had a slender build with grey hair that went down to her shoulders and had a tail of braided hair on both sides of her head and had eyes that were the same color as her hair.

*hits buzzer*

Fashion Police Needed Count: 14

“Awright shut your traps!” King Moron exclaimed, the girl from earlier standing next to him. “Since we got someone new today and a perverted delinquent from last week, I might as well repeat what I said at the beginning of the year!”

Riku silently scoffed at the man and rolled his eyes, resisting the urge to flip him off right then and there. Delinquent possibly, but a pervert he was not.

He also apparently isn’t a troubled loner. You know, the thing you established him to be at the very beginning?

“Just cause it’s spring doesn’t mean you can swoon over each other like love-struck baboons,” King Moron continued. “Long as I’m around, you students are going to be pure as the driven snow!”

I see King Moron has taken lessons in moral bullying from Ted Cruz. I have to say, he couldn’t have found a better teacher if he tried.

The students groaned at that and Riku rolled his eyes. Sure some people might be like that, but he could say with no hesitation that not everybody was like that.

Oh my god, shut up. We get it. You don’t like King Moron. Now kindly stop hammering that in every three sentences if you don’t mind!

“Now I hate wasting my time, but I better introduce the new transfer student. This sad sack’s been thrown from the big city out to the middle of nowhere like yesterday’s garbage.”

“And she’s still just as much of a nobody here as she was over there, so you boys better not get any ideas and hit in her or try to cop a feel!” He exclaimed, making some the boys and the girl blush as he sent an accusing look at Riku’s way, who was also blushing. She then turned around and began writing her name on the board.

One more comment. One more look. One more degrading term directed at him. One more time comparing him to a horn dog. That was all that was needed in order to make that flip off a reality.

“Tell’em your name kid and make it quick,” King Moron said. The girl finished and the students saw that her name was Sora Narukami.


Wait, so they flipped the gender of the protagonist of Persona 4? Huh…

Ert? Your opinion on this?

“…” the girl didn’t say anything, not sure what to say and Riku honestly couldn’t blame her. With what King Moron had said to him the first time he almost didn’t respond either. He felt sorry for any transfer students that they might get in the future.

Wait, she’s using ellipses to talk?

“Still going through that rebellious phase?” King Moron stated, right when she was about to introduce herself, making her slump her shoulders.

Riku felt sorry for her, honestly having enough having enough of his attitude and would’ve liked nothing more than to punch him like he wanted to do last week, settled for flipping the man off from his seat, which King Moron didn’t notice, but the girl did and blushed a little.


Anyway, we then get more King Moron ranting about stuff, and then Riku-Stu notices Sora’s discomfort. So then he’s all “get her to sit next to me”, and King Moron allows it. And she sits down, and—

“Thank you,” she said quietly, a small blush on her face. Riku looked over to her and would admit that the blush on her face did make her look very cute, but he wouldn’t say it to her. He didn’t want to make things awkward between them since she just met him.

Wait, and he’s blushing just from sitting next to her? What?

“No problem,” He answered, shrugging his shoulders. “Besides you looked uncomfortable standing up there next to him, I figured I’d help you out.”

Well, good on you for being courteous, but—

Her blush grew a little as a small smile came upon her face, and Riku smiled in response. “Don’t worry about him, he’s always like that to everyone and won’t think twice about suspending you, and unfortunately we’re all on that side. I’m Riku Yamato.”

“Sora Narukami,” she answered, smiling.

Okay, and…?

He heard people talking about her and looked at her and saw her look uncomfortable as well, no doubt hearing everyone else as well. It always sucked being the new kid and the front of attention, being stared and talked about by everyone when they see you for the first time.

“Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I just came here last week myself, and the same thing happened to me,” Riku whispered to her, trying to help her relax, and she seemed to be calm down and smiled at him, a little more confidence in this one then the first one.


Okay, when are these two gonna bone? They’re getting on suspiciously well for people who’ve just met, their looks between the two have included blushing…

Come on, Nero Angelo Sparda! You’re being as subtle about this eventual pairing as a fucking steamroller. Can you maybe be a bit more subtle on that track, please?

“Shut your traps! I’m taking roll, and I damn well expect you to respond in an orderly manner!” King Moron exclaimed, making Sora jump a little in her seat and Riku sigh.

Ooooooor, you can have King Moron shut it out and go on with the thing. Huh. Thank you, King Moron.

We then get more school stuffs where Riku and everyone else ignores what King Moron says, and then as class ends…

“Attention, all teachers,” the lady on the other end said. “Please report immediately of the Faculty Office for a brief staff meeting. All students must return to their classrooms and are not to leave the school until further notice.”

Ah, there’s the start of Persona 4’s plot regurgitation. I was wondering when we’d get around to regurgitating Persona 4

Riku was immediately on edge after the announcement, and he wondered what was going on. It was definitely something big; her voice had a bit of an edge and a slight panic to it. The last time that something like that had happened to him in life was when a gas leak had happened, because one of the gas pipes in the chemistry class broke and they had to evacuate the entire building and cancel school for the day, out of fear that the entire building might blow up if someone lit something.


Not to mention, there’s also the tiny matter of, oh, I dunno, why would you choose this to flash back to, of all the times you could’ve had something flash back that would reveal how a character feels about something?

King Moron tells the students not to go anywhere, and then he leaves the classroom. They then hear police/ambulance sirens and stuff, and they wonder why the sirens are so close and if something happened.

Riku narrowed his eyes as he thought about what could be going on. At first he thought that it was a Mirror Monster, but immediately discarded that possibility for two reasons. The first being that if there was a Mirror Monster out in this world then where were the gun shots, or the sound of something monstrous roaming around in the area.


The sounds of the gunshots wouldn’t be anywhere, because mirror world monsters tend to strike before anyone can shoot them. Trust me, Asakura dealt with an entire squad of police using only his Mirror World monsters once (yes, monsters), gunshots aren’t a typical feature of being around Mirror World monsters.

The second being was that he didn’t hear the ringing. He didn’t the ringing that a Mirror Monster was attacking people and if one was here of all places then he would no doubt here it coming.


Ah, Christ! Crunchy, more tokusplosions!

*sounds of tokusplosions outside*

Ah, nothing quite like hearing that sound in the morning, you know?

What was going on?

This fic just being stupid and uninteresting as usual, that’s what. Try not to think too much about it.

So then Riku-Stu checks his phone, and…

It was then that he felt his phone go off in his pants pocket and pulled t out and saw that the message was from Yui wondering if a Mirror Monster had attacked. He quickly responded to the message and placed his phone back in his pocket.

Because why not show that shit when you can just tell us all about it, right?

So then they regurgitate some exposition from Persona 4. One of the students mentions that the paparazzi are looking for Mayumi Yamuno, they talk about rumors, they ask Yukiko if Mayumi is staying at her family’s inn, Yukiko basically says “none of your business”, and then they wonder how much longer it’ll take. Riku-Stu then takes the opportunity to show the female protagonist around, where—

“C’mon I want to introduce you to some people,” Riku said to Sora, smiling. It always sucked being the new kid and he wanted to make her feel welcomed. Sora looked unsure at first and then nodded her head. Riku walked over to Yukiko and Chie as Sora followed him to the pair.


Jesus, when it isn’t being awkward as hell, it’s busy being boring. That is kind of not great.

Anyway, they wonder how much longer it’s going to take, and then we get more of Riku being the welcoming committee. So then everyone introduces themselves to the female player character, they talk about the origin of King Moron’s name, and then…

“By the way Yukiko didja you try what I told you the other day?” Chie asked, getting a confused look from Yukiko.

“You know…that thing about rainy nights?” Chie elaborated.

“Oh…. No, not yet. Sorry,” Yukiko answered, realizing what she was talking about.

“Ahhh, that’s okay,” Chie said, waving it off. “It’s just, I heard a guy in class next door yell something like, “My soul mate is Yamano, the announcer.”

Ah, and there’s the first mention of the Midnight Channel! Yup, that’s also canon, and totally interesting in this fic!

Before anyone says anything else, the intercoms come on about an incident at the school, and they tell the students to head home. They’re all “oh my god, shit’s going down, let’s go”. At that point…

“C’mon let’s go take a look!” One girl said, excited.

“Hey Sora, are you going home by yourself?” she asked, grabbing her stuff. “What don’t you come with us?”

What Riku-Stu would probably say: “I’m sorry, go home with you? Are you mad? You’re not even given a name, why the hell would she go with you?”

What he actually says: Nothing.


“I’m sorry that this is so sudden,” Yukiko said, not really sure what to say as she grabbed her stuff.

“C’mon, don’t apologize like that. It makes me look like I got no upbringing,” Chie said to Yukiko.

This whole fic makes you look like you have no upbringing, Chie. Seriously, didn’t your mother ever tell you to avoid shitty fanfiction like this one? It’s horrible for the complexion, don’t you know.

So then, the group bumps into Yosuke outside, where it’s revealed that, predictably, he broke Chie’s DVD.

‘Poor guy, can’t get a break,’ Riku thought, feeling sorry for Yosuke. ‘But then again, better him then me.’

Yes, because we like smug douchebags to continue being smug, don’t we?

Hey if he had to choose between dealing with an angry Chie AND all the pain that seems to keep happening to his balls then wouldn’t rather it be someone else then him?

Well, at least you’re not under a curse which compels you to commit one deadly crime every day of your life. Yeah, somehow winding up in an especially subpar Adam Sandler comedy masquerading as a Kamen Rider/Persona fic seems kind of a relief in that situation, no?

Chie opened the case and gasped at what she saw. “What the!? I can’t believe this! It’s completely cracked! OHHHH My Trial of the Dragon!”

“I think mine’s cracked too…c-critical hit to the nads,” Yosuke said, making Riku snort in amusement.


Riku, can you stop smiling smugly at Yosuke’s misery for a second? I admittedly don’t know anything about Persona 4 so I don’t know if Yosuke is supposed to be the butt monkey, but until I hear otherwise I’m considering Riku’s behavior here to be mean-spirited.

I mean, we’re supposed to hate this douchebag, right?

“Are you alright?” Yukiko asked.

“Oh Yukiko-san…Are you worried about me…?”

“He’s fine, Yukiko. Let’s ditch him and go home,” Chie said, glaring at Yosuke. She then placed her Trial of the Dragon movie inside her back and made her way to the door, Yukiko following her.

And… well, folks, I think I’m going to go ahead and call it an episode here. There’s more plot regurgitation that follows, though, so next time I forsee lots of skipping of fanfic bits.

I’ll see you guys next time when we go back to The Great Rift, where hopefully something will have finally happened.


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    he needed the money and couldn’t live off of the money in the bank accounts in his accounts forever

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    Despite them being enemies, he didn’t blame him for fighting. He was fighting from the same thing that he was. He was fighting for what he wanted. Everyone has a reason to fight, it just depends on the person and what they want that determine if they are willing to kill for it. He might not be fighting for the same thing that Knight was, but he was willing to fight and die for what he wanted, just like him.

    Holy pronoun problem, Batman!

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    “Whoooa!” he heard someone exclaim and heard slipping noises and saw Yosuke holding a umbrella in one hand as he rode his bike down the wet road and saw a girl with grey hair wearing the school’s female uniform, with the added addition of the male’s coat with a umbrella in hand staring at him as well.

    Wait, is the umbrella staring at him?

    And here I thought we could make it through at least one ‘fic without the Foundation getting involved…

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    Um, Riku is in Japan, right? So why is he taking part in gangster talk? That sort of seems… I dunno, atypical of the culture?

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    “Huh really? Is it a guy or a girl?” her friend questioned curiously.

    Professor Oak: The high school years.

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    He didn’t the ringing that a Mirror Monster was attacking people

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    She then placed her Trial of the Dragon movie inside her back and made her way to the door

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    Cain: The way this is written reminds me of a much less depraved EP fic.

    • Herr Wozzeck says:

      No. For it to be a much less depraved EP fic, it’d have to be either stolen, or there would have to be about six times as many typos as there actually are.

    • AdmiralSakai says:

      I am personally reminded of Philosopher of Earth for some reason, possibly because this ‘fic is also angsty-trying-to-be-introspective but not to the degree of Homura Afterstory or For Thee I Give Mine Breath

      • Herr Wozzeck says:

        Honestly, it’s not even to the degree of Philosopher of Earth, because at least this fic is actually pondering questions relevant to the themes of the story. And again, in some cases they’re themes that line up with the source materials (a good example of that shows up in the next installment of this), so really, I can’t complain.

        I just wish it wasn’t told in long narration. That’s really what kills it.

  9. TacoMagic says:

    *hands bolt-tape to Crunchy*.

    *Grabs popcorn*

    Watching Crunchy and Cerbs have lightsaber duels is the best thing since Gumdrop sang the entire score of Wicked.

  10. TacoMagic says:

    This sad sack’s been thrown from the big city out to the middle of nowhere like yesterday’s garbage.

    The fuck kind of simile is that?

  11. erttheking says:

    Author know how armor work good.

  12. erttheking says:

    I must keep Yui in the dark because TWAGICK!

  13. erttheking says:

    He ignored Yosuke because Yosuke is teh Butt Monkey

  14. erttheking says:

    Why the hell is he blackmailing Yoskue? Step one of friendship in Persona 4 is that now your friends will DIE FOR YOU

  15. erttheking says:

    Gender flipped protag? Hm…I’m ok with it. P3P had a gender switched protagonist so I don’t see why not. There should be noticeable changes so that it’s just just Yu Narukami with tits though. Yu was the type of person that could cross dress or play the role of a woman in a make believe date without getting insecure, so they should do something with that now that he’s a she.

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