1165: truth or dare suprise – Chapter Two

Title: truth or dare suprise
Media: Books
Topic: Kane Chronicles
Genre: Romance
URL:  Chapter Two
Critiqued by agigabyte

Sem: Hello, everyone, I’m back with Sadie’s first fic. Which, sadly, was not her last.

Chapter 2: Somebodys gonna cry

I am not dead so I will continue sorry its been taking so long I have a lot of homework and not a lot of time to do it. Okay so thanks to everyone who reviewed: Ivy shade- the one and only, tesarose,anon and guest. So here’s the next chapter

Sem: Ancestors, this is going to be a long day.

Carters POV

Sem: *Winces* Sorry, Ghostcat.

“Truth or dare jaz” Asked my annoying and crazy sister. Jaz gulped and started to crumble under Sadie’s gaze. Trembling she spoke “Truth”, my sister faltered for a moment but got back to reality and smiled “Who was your first crush”. Jaz went paler than clay and whispered “Carter”. This caught me and Zia by surprise and we directed our gaze to jaz who turned a violent shade of red and excused herself. Sadie felt a apology was in order and pushed me towards Jaz’s room.

Sem: Just kill me now, please.

Opening the door I saw she was on her bed crying her heart out. I felt for the girl and went over to console her but Bast stopped me and shook her head the universal signal for no.I gave her an outraged look pointed at the crying girl. She just pointed over at Julian who went over and gave her a hug understanding how hard it was to be Sadie’s truth or dare victim. Bast smiled and ushered me to close the door on Julian and jaz. Smiling I went back to the game and chose my victim. “Sadie truth or dare”

Sem: Of course. Of-cthaste-course.

Jaz’s POV

I sat down on my bed and started thinking about Carter and how mad Zia will be. I started crying releasing all my emotions whilst listening to sky of stars by Coldplay my favourite song in the world

Sem: The fanfiction seems to slipped into the PoV of the author.

and started to think about Sadie and what I had done to deserve this. I heard the door creak but payed no attention to it or the hushed voices echoing in the Nome and dorms.

Sem: *Mutters about mutilating Sadielover*

Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted carter and bast having a silent conversation their lips unmoving but I sensed carter was very upset and distraught and bast was the same but also sympathetic to her emotions and maybe I might be the cause of this raw emotion between the two. Then I heard a voice next to me “You okay Jaz”. I looked up to see Julian smiling at me and held his arms out awkwardly for a hug I returned the notion and hugged him he smelt like cinnamon and vanilla

Sem: Hmm… I wonder if they’ll get together.

I heard the door close on us but I was too happy to care and talked with Julian for a bit more and returned to the game surprized to see Zia smile and motioned for us to sit next to her so me and holding Julian’s hand we both sat down and re-joined the game.

Sem: No! Don’t rejoin the game! Save yourself before it’s too late!

So that is probably the shortest chapter I might do. If anyone wants to PM me any dares your welcome to as well as review me to tell me what you think (::)(::)(::)(::) Cookies

Sem: Why are cookies relevant?

See you next time in rainbowtopia


Sem: Ah, I see. Cookies are relevant because rainbows.

…I can’t believe I just wrote that.


3 Comments on “1165: truth or dare suprise – Chapter Two”

  1. "Lyle" says:

    And “Overreaction of the Century” goes to… *drum rolls, camera zooms into a close-up on Lyle tearing open an envelope* Jaz! For completely losing her mother-lovin’ shit over a reveal that she once had a crush on someone else’s boyfriend [measurement of time] ago!

  2. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Wait… That’s it?!

    Damn, this chapter is seriously blink-and-you-miss-it.

  3. neji7hyuga says:

    This one is very short.

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