1130: The Final Hunt – Chapter 13

Title: The Final Hunt
Author: Uhjinhyuk55
Media: Video Game/Anime
Topic: Bloodborne/RWBY
Genre: Drama/Adventure
URL:  Chapter 13
Critiqued by Erttheking

Ert: So another story where we’ve hit a dead end. Just one chapter left and not a lengthy one at that. Sorry guys, this week is gonna be a short one. I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m gonna need my strength. Next week we’ve got another fucking EP fic.

Chapter 13: Into the Abyss

Goeth: So what, is this a crossover with Dark Souls too? Because I don’t know if I’m ready to go another bout with Manus.

Ert: And I don’t know if I’m ready to have yet another one of the things I love desecrated in this story.

John Freeman: Whu EP persun bi way?

Ert: The first author we ever tackled. He is a REAL piece of work. Sometimes I feel bad for him because he feels freaking emotionally stunted, but then his shitty attitude washes all of those sympathetic feelings away. And he KEEPS WRITING SHIT! Thankfully it’s not a huge fic, but now he’s blatantly gone into self-insert territory. 40k verse. And considering his track record with women and the fact that the main 40k character is an Inquisitor with big tits I am NOT looking forward to it.

I made a change in the previous chapter in the last part so please read that small last part. Sorry about the inconvenience…

Crow was literally and figuratively buried in paper work.

Ert:…*Grinds teeth* Literally? Tell me. If I were to go hunting for Crow, would I need a shovel? If that’s not the case, THEN IT ISN’T FUCKING LITERAL! Learn what the fucking word literally means people, it isn’t hard!

He didn’t know being a teacher would lead to this amount of paper work, some of them didn’t related to him at all. Despite that the silence that accompanied it was comforting. No sounds, no people bothering him, no need for paranoia.

John Freeman: Nvr ned 4 paranoia with Raven. He parrnoid alwys

Ert: Pretty much. Crow was ready to gut Yang’s father on the spot, I’m surprised he isn’t checking to make sure that there isn’t a bomb under his desk or that there’s a Vileblood climbing up to the window behind him.

The better part was that he usually had company and that company being Yang.

Goeth: At yes, they can engage in the ceremonial exchanging of the fluids that always gets in the way of work being done.

What puzzled him was that far as he know she wasn’t the kind of person to enjoy silence at all. Crow saw her as a swan, beautiful and majestic with wings of freedom.

Ert: A swan huh? I always saw her as more of a dog. Big, friendly, liable to bite if you get on her bad side. But…don’t let me get in your way Crow, you just throw in another animal motif that doesn’t make any sense at all.

So why was she with him every time he was doing paper work? Why bother sitting with him for hours? He thought the two were polar opposites, no they are polar opposites

John Freeman: Raven ackass whill Yang Huntress who keel with bear hands and awesume big sistor

Crow didn’t like loud places let alone loud music or anything that involved groups of people. While Yang prefer the exact opposites. Even to the smallest details there were differences so the question lingered why was she here? Granted he liked it but it was all strange to him.

Goeth: Yes, we have indeed noticed that Crow seems to have a severe phobia about social contact. And that the concept of people wanting to stay in the same room is a complete conundrum to him. Granted it is to us as well, but I imagine it’s for different reasons.

The hunter turned his attention to the sleeping beauty. She sat across him from the table, her face was buried in the desk accompanied by a loud snoring. He leaned then gently tapped on her shoulder. The sunset made its way through the windows above the whiteboard that was behind his table. It made the huntress’s skin glow through her pale complexion, emphasizing her beauty as it already did.

Ert: Yes yes yes, you have a major hard on for Yang, I get it. It’s a pity this is nothing more than flat out lust considering the shitty treatment you’ve given her has caused me to refuse to believe that any emotional connection, short of pure hatred, could exist between the two of you.

“Yang?” the only reply was a soft groan this time he placed his hand on her shoulder then lightly shook her. “Yang you must wake up,it’s almost past your curfew” the girl’s expression wasn’t serene, it was pained. The same one he makes when he goes to sleep.

John Freeman: Y sleventeen yer ould wuman have cerfew?

Ert: Because for some reason this author keeps treating the cast of RWBY like little children. Making Crow’s infatuation with Yang REALLY creepy. As if the whole teacher being hot for student thing wasn’t enough.

“…mama… don’t leave…” he retracted his hand, he hesitated if to wake her up or keep her in the nightmare. He placed his scarred hand on her soft hair, he wanted to heal her wounds but that was simply impossible for him. There would and will be nothing he can ever do.

Goeth: I’m surprised that he even knows what she’s talking about. She never exactly told him about her mother. Or do I need to start poking around in his cerebral cortex for abnormalities that would suggest telepathy of future gazing?

“Yang please… wake up” as if that was the magic word her eyes opened groggily then she jolted up.

“Huh wha?”

Ert: So what word is the magic word? Yang, please, wake, or up?

“It’s almost curfew Yang you must get going”

“Wait… was I sleeping the whole time?”


“And you watched me sleeping?”

“Not exactly but yes.”

Ert: I know she just kinda feel asleep in front of him, but still.

“Was I snoring?…” the huntress asked hesitantly

“Yes you did, it’s quite charming actually” Yang’s face lit up like fire work, soon the hunter’s face turned into panic

John Freeman: Autor want uz 2 fel emotionatonally connected. It nut wrk so gud.

“Yang! Your going red are you alright? Are you ill?” she hid her mischievous smiled underneath her fake expression, she held hand on her forehead and dramatically swayed

“Yes I am feeling ill, oh my head my head!” the hunter panicked even more, he frantically stood from his chair to took off his coat to wrap it around her,

Goeth: That long flowing feather thing? Or something else? It’d be so much easier if he didn’t constantly keep changing outfits.

“I’ll get the nurse you stay here!”

“No I just need some rest at the infirmary” she extended both of her arms “Carry me” with ease the hunter lifted the huntress. She yelped as she was picked up quickly, he was carrying her bridal style. Crow made to the infirmary as fast as his feet could carry him. Without the eye patched hunter noticing Yang buried her face into his chest.

‘I should pretend this more often” she silently smiled at the result

Ert: You know, this would actually be kind cute if a couple who actually had something resembling a sweet relationship did it. As it stands with these two random fuckers it comes off as rather random.

Ozpin exited the room, through the window he could see the hunter lying on the hospital bed unconscious, he blamed himself for letting him go. Thinking that he could take care of it. There he saw an old friend stomping her way to him with a mixed expression of curiosity, and excitement with tinge of anger. She had a long blond hair and white science lab coat. She slammed the writing pad on to Ozpin.

“Read it.”

“I doubt I’ll be able to understand, I’m not a doctor Grey.”

Goeth: I guess in this world only doctors are literate. Would explain the rather sorry state of Crow’s class.

“I do.” the doctor pinched the bridge of her nose, with a deep breath she continued “This kid survived ten bullet wounds, twelve more from a fifty caliber with ice dust infusion, two deep blade wound that fractured his ribs, another one penetrating through his internal organs then out the back. So tell me how did those wounds heal up” the headmaster’s expression didn’t change.

Ert: I don’t know who this doctor is (Speaking of which, random note, turns out we were kind of right about Colt not showing up again aren’t we?) but I already like her. Turns out all you need to do to be likable in this fic is try to figure out what’s up with Crow’s bullshit.

“His aura healed him simple as that” the blond doctor scoffed

John Freeman: Ozpen jking oar justice dumm?

Ert: Unno.

“You know my semblance Ozpin aura didn’t play any part healing him at all. This isn’t healing it’s regeneration which only high level grimms are capable of”

Goeth: A semblance Ozpin aura? So where do you have to go to get one of those?

“What are you saying?”

“What am I saying? What am I- Ozpin this kid isn’t human! The wounds healed it self like he was some kind of mons-” she couldn’t find the right word to describe her patient

Ert: No no, you were on the right track. Monster is the perfect word to describe him.

“Some kind of?” the doctor sighed

“The point is he healed his wound without the use of aura which is impossible. Not to mention those scars he had which some of them were suppose to kill him! This kid is scientifically… Impossible! ” Ozpin flipped through the researches and notes as well as x-rays from the writing pad. The doctor recomposed her self.

Ert; Well I’m glad someone came out and say it. Still doesn’t make Crow any less annoying though.

“And there’s more…”

“That is?”

“I gave him a toxic scan and there were sign of drugs use that I never seen before, it accelerated his cell growth to something Oum knows what. So the sudden and rapid growth of the cells caused his body to collapse due to the stress his body edured. While that’s a hypothesis it’s damn near true ” she sighed at the frustrating discovery
Goeth: If it’s near true, than it’s more fact than hypothesis. And if this story is trying to give this a scientific explanation, I’d like to hear their reasoning for how the power of love reversed this situation.

“He’s either incredibly lucky or his body is used to the transformation… Don’t even get me started on his eye”

John Freeman: I nevar explained properlyly

“Is he going to be fine?”

“I’m not sure I need to run more tests. It’s not the wound I’m worried about it’s the drugs he took. Listen I’m doing this for a favor I owed you. Next time you call House not me. Oum knows he knows if he needs friends”

Ert: Oum knows he knows if he needs friends…Oum knows he knows if he needs friends. Oum knows-WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!? And how does it relate to his injuries?

“Grey… there’s one more thing.”

“What is it?” she asked annoyingly. The headmaster handed her a folded paper as she unfolds she read the bold print and the answers to the questons

If answered yes more than 10+ (This patient shows many symptom of PTSD)

Goeth: At yes, the “Do you have condition X, yes/no) sheet.

An aura therapist is needed for further treatment.

Ert: How is aura going to cure PTSD? Why is it I get the feeling this story would’ve magically cured Crow’s PTSD in a way that would make me want to scalp Crow?

He looked at his old friend sincerely “You’re the best I know Grey please”

“And you’re sure that this test is accurate?”

“I know him well to know that he has it. Grey I’m not asking you as a fellow huntsmen or a colleague. I’m asking you as a friend”

Goeth: Yes, the accuracy of a yes or no print out test that you could easily get offline and given to someone who is well known for keeping secrets apparently isn’t in question. In other words, the parents of those choir boys got over it.

“Fine on one condition”

“And that is?”

“You have to ask Glynda on a date”

Ert: I am going to strangle myself to death if I ever have to read anything like that again in my life. Someone’s life and mental well being are on the line, and you’ll only help if OZPIN GOES ON A FUCKING DATE!? Can we re-roll our characters please? I’d like to get someone who I don’t wish a horrible death!

“What?” his stoic expression changed which was seldom for Ozpin

“I won’t do aura therapy if you say yes. Or you can ask house.. your choice”

“You’re… alright fine whatever you want me to do…” Grey smiled in triumph

“I’ll look forward to meeting with Glynda next week.”

John Freeman: John Freeman dispointed in Dr.! He shuld hand in lisense.

“Professor Ozpin?” the two adults turned to see team RWBY all of them had concerned expressions, as for Yang she went to the window where it displayed Crow with medical equipment surrounding him, the breathing mask he had didn’t ease her worry. Scars could be seen from the baggy hospital clothes he was wearing, she still had difficulties seeing it, knowing that he suffered all those wounds was unbearable to think.

Goeth: Scared hospital clothing. Well, that’s a new one. I guess those sentient clothes my old roommate said he was working on finally took off.

“Is he going to be alright?” Grey could never be used to the hopeful gaze

“I’m doing my best to treat him”

Ert: I’m just holding certain treatments to ransom unless people do my bigging. Forget what I said about liking you. And what about hopeful gazes? This is why you make sure you understand basic grammar before writing kids.

“Can we see him?”

“Yes you can he’s-”

The sound of body hitting the bed came out of Crow’s hospital room, it chorused with machines chirped frantically. Grey turned to the young soon to be huntresses with a solemn look on her face.

“You four need to leave this area now.”

Goeth: Well that was a choice that got reversed quickly.

Ert: Can we see him?

Goeth: Yes. Except no. HA! HA! I changed my mind!

Crow’s body began shake violently. First the blond doctor went into the room, she called for other nurses and doctors for help. Then Ruby, Weiss, and Blake were asked to leave from other doctors except for Ozpin. As for the blond brawler she was still in front of the window, watching.

Her senses felt numb, sounds were muffled through her ears, she didn’t feel her sister grasping her arm nor calling out her name. Her vision only focused on Crow, who was thrashing intensely while the other doctors held on to the hunter. Nothing else could be heard as everything went silent. Only a sharp silent whistle that lingered in her head.

Ert: Ok, we started off at numb, then went to muffled, then to her senses not registering at all. So not only can this author not keep things consistent, but he will also put in three contradictory takes.

“Get something stronger then he’s not calming down!” after the fifth inject to put the sword wielder to sleep, she needed something stronger to put him down, one big enough for a grimm.

Goeth: So what? Do Bloodborne characters have massive enhanced metabolism or something?

Ert: No, just lazy writing.

“Gehrman get a hold of yourself!” Ozpin was in the hunter’s room, holding him down as the seizure continued, chaos swiftly swallowed up the hospital. The strength of the seizure was too strong for regular staffs.

John Freeman: Raven stopted sezore bcause Ozy tolded him too.

“Yang! We can’t be here anymore!” Ruby called out to her sister, she pulled her arm to move her. The brawler refused to move.

“No! What if he needs us?”

Goeth: *Snort* yes, what if he needs his love interest to stop his seizure.

“Yang you’re obstructing the doctors If you want to see him again you need to let them do their job” Weiss, the voice of reason in team RWBY joined Ruby to pull her out of the way of the doctors.

Ert: Actually she was outside of the room, so she wasn’t really in their way, but whatever, token drama.

“Weiss is right, Yang we need to go” her partner agreed pulling her away as well. Eventually she calmed with reason. Eventually she was left with her team. Each steps felt heavier than the last. As she looked back she saw one of the doctors that were holding onto the hunter closed the binds obstructing her view.

Only the sound of voices overlapping each other echoed in the bustling yet empty hall

Ert: So is it bustling or empty? Those two words kinda contradict each other.

“What’re we suppose to do? Just track him down?”

Goeth: Don’t see how that relates.

“Well what else can we do? We can’t just sit around here”

“Yang, how do you know that fog is just going to appear?”

Ert: The fog that may or may not exist you mean?

“Well it did for him”

Weiss listened as her teammates tried to devise a plan. What she wasn’t a dream that she knew, but trying to stop them from making a plan to save their friends was something she couldn’t stop. So far their plan she was listening to was for the lack of a better word, awful. The heiress cleared her throat gaining her attention from her teammates

John Freeman: Para-graph not make much sense. Wot bout dream?

“We need to find the source of the problem”

“And where is the source of the problem?”

Goeth: Well the toxic elements in his bloodstream are probably-

Crow’s Dorm

“So this is his dorm…”

Goeth: Or maybe a solution will conveniently be in his room.

“Ruby we’ve been here before” the huntress’s partner corrected

“Yea it just feels empty without him.” a painful silence lingered in the room

Ert: I think it feels empty because its empty. It tends to work that way.

Crow’s dorm was neat and clean, desk to his bed everything was sparkling clean. His closet was tidy all of them being ironed and fresh ready to be worn and all of them organized by colors of dark black to light black.

Goeth: Cleanliness doesn’t really fit with someone who has been depriving himself of sleep and is generally a paranoid wreck.

His bed was made neat to the point that it looked brand new. The dorm was bigger than other team’s dorm since the extra beds were gone. The only thing that stood out was the old coffin he carried when he first arrived to Beacon.

John Freeman: He no carry. Coffin pear in Ozy’s office.

he desk had every groups, groups of pencils, pens, erasers, markers, and every school utensil in rubber bands to keep them together all in their place. Team RWBY looked around his dorm so far. The only thing that is significant (to Weiss) was the lesson plans he made for the next semester with each page filled with neat handwriting in details.

Ert: HA! The guy who had to plan classes twenty minutes before they started wrote up a plan for an entire semester. Pull the other one.

The coffin was seen heavy uses as the wood started to rot and iron formed rusts. The strange part was that the coffin seemed too big to bury an average person. Even with the combined strength it couldn’t be open.

“How do we open it?” the fanus examined the coffin

“Ew I don’t want to see a dead body”

Goeth: So was this thing just not there all the other times someone was in his room? A coffin with a tactical cloak?

“Well it’s the only thing that’ll give us a clue, his room too clean” Weiss stated

“Wow coming from you that saying a lot” Yang added

“I’m not sure if I’m suppose to complimented or be insulted” the brawler gave her usual smile

“Which ever you like”

Ert: Yeah I’d like to know what it means. You implying Weiss is a clean freak? Because that’s something you really haven’t established.

“So anyone got any ideas?” Blake watched as Ruby tried to open the coffin fruitlessly. Yang rummaged through her pocket to reveal a necklace, it was black and circular with intricate engravings. It was one of the necklace that their professor wore she laid the necklace around her neck.

Goeth: So which professor we talking about here? Oh right, Crow I guess

“How did you get that?” her sister pointed at the necklace

“Well when he was in the hospital I sort of… took it”

“Wha- Yang you can’t do that!”

John Freeman: Why knot?

“Well what if I tell you this is the key to opening the storage box?”

“I thought it was a coffin”

“That’s not what Gehrman told me”

Ert: I thought we established you can’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth.  And a necklace can open a coffin how?

She held the coffin’s handle and with east it was opened, for the three huntress the coffin was empty an old wooded coffin. For Yang the only it was like staring into the abyss and it was staring back.

Ert: I considered making a 2001 a Space Odyssey reference, but I don’t want to compare that masterpiece to this piece of shit in anyway.

Wow I got a lot of reviews from you guys and I want to say thank you, and sorry if this isn’t a new review becuase here’s an announcement.

This story will be on hiatus so I can work on fixing all my chapters as well as other mistakes I made in this. This story was sort of an experiment to see how it goes. It will take a while to fix this story and I will be working on my other stories as well implementing the reviews and advises you guys gave me. So expect this process to take a while.

Thanks for supporting me all the way through it sure has been one hell of a ride. Special shout out to Crimson Heresy for helping me at times I needed.

Ert: Eh…well we’ll see how that goes. I gave him a review that was fairly critical and he didn’t have THAT much of a problem with it. Then again he might have been brushing me off. Can’t tell. Anyway, that’s the end of the Final Hunt until it gets updated again. Join us next time for when EP joins a squad that includes a big breasted inquisitor, a catgirl, a princess, a nun and a muscular woman who will all be lining up to suck EP’s cock…God’s sake this hurts.


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