The Library’s Fourth Annual Sucktastic Awards Voting

UPDATE: Voting closes tomorrow (Thursday) evening, so if you’ve been putting it off, now is the time.

It’s that time of year again, folks!  The voting for the Forth Annual Sucktastic Awards starts now!

As with previous years, your Librarians have poured over the last 365 days of posts to pull out the most deserving fics, characters, and moments across twenty-three categories of achievement for you to vote on!  I keep using exclamation points!  HELP!

Err, anyway, please check out the link below to vote for your favorite nominees!  If you need any refreshing, I’ve included links to the first eligible post of every nominated fic.  You can find this list after the break.

2015 Sucktastic Award Poll

Happy voting, patrons!

Also, after you submit your answers to the survey, there will be an advertisement that pops up.  As with last year, it’s a free survey site so there’s nothing I can really do about that except tell you all not to click anything on that page.

List of nominated fics:

Homura Afterstory

The Legend of Dragoon

AQ Males x Reader

For Thee I give Mine Breath

Tangled: alternative story

Thomas & Friends: Sodor High Tales

Twitanic the ship where dreams almost come true

Beauty within the beast

the Rare Animagus: REWRITTEN VERSION!

District 9 and three quarters

Persona 3: Trade Me

FaCe ThE StRaNgE


Samurai Jack Meets Jewel Lee

Life with Raptors

Subject 23

A Jedi’s Destiny

FZero LX: Enter the Eagles of Faith

Jasmine cumslut

The Final Hunt

My Job on Australian Wheel of Fortune

The Ratways

X-Com:The Kisaragi Squad

After all this time

Pingu’s Venture Into Sexual Activity

Legendary Adventures, Futuristic Saviors

The Cat Cometh

Teen Fortress 2


16 Comments on “The Library’s Fourth Annual Sucktastic Awards Voting”

  1. GhostCat says:

    It’s time for the annual Battle of the Fics! Many fics enter, only a select handful will fail so badly that they deserve the honor of being called Sucktastic!

    :wipes away tear:

    It’s so beautiful.

  2. SC says:

    Nobody told me that this was today, what the hell.

    Bifocals: I gave you an alarm clock.


    Bifocals: But it woke you up!

  3. agigabyte says:

    My first Sucktastic awards, whoo!

  4. AdmiralSakai says:

    Voted with extreme prejudice.

  5. agigabyte says:

    Most of my votes ended up being Face the Strange or Teen Fortress 2.

  6. infinity421 says:

    Ah, jeez! What do I pick, what do I pick? They’re all so bad!

  7. S.M.F. says:


  8. magisking says:

    Now to find the most grimy, disgusting turd(s).

  9. infinity421 says:

    Jasmine Cumslut: making you feel guilty and somewhat dirty for all your weird fetishes since 2014.

    • GhostCat says:

      There’s nothing like really twisted badfics to make you feel better about your own personal kink.

      • infinity421 says:

        Or worse, when yours and the fanfiction’s begin to line up.

      • AdmiralSakai says:

        Well, I haven’t seen a ‘fic profess any particular interest in turians before*, so I think I’m safe.

        *Seriously, most authors seem to forget that they exist entirely aside from Garrus. Subject 23 even removed a turian girl and replaced her with a foulmouthed asari.

  10. Explodium says:

    I tended to vote between cumslut for the ickiness, Subject 23 for the sheer Stuness, and For Thee… for the unbridled pretentiousness.

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