1092: The Final Hunt – Chapter 8 Part 1

Title: The Final Hunt
Author: Uhjinhyuk55
Media: Video Game/Anime
Topic: Bloodborne/RWBY
Genre: Drama/Adventure
URL: Chapter 8
Critiqued by Erttheking

Ert: Thought I’d shuffle things up a bit

Nora: How you holding up Seiko?

Seiko: All right. It’s actually kind of nice around here now that Manus is gone. Though, and this is kind of embarrassing, I’m having a little trouble getting used to a lot of the stuff around here.

Nora: Oh yeah that’s right, you’re from Dark Souls.

Seiko: Uh-huh. I’m getting a little used to it but sometimes I need Goeth to remind me how to turn the lights on. Hope that’ll stop soon, I really don’t like the look he gives me when I ask.

Nora: Pretty sure that’s just his default way of looking at people.

Ert: Well let’s get cracking

Chapter 8: Hunt of the executioner

Alone, we can do so little. Together we can do so much” -Helen Keller

Ert: Ok three things. First of all, if you’re going to have quotes at the start of chapters, be consistent about it. Don’t make it so that some chapters have them and some chapters don’t. Second, the last time you had a quote it was a quote by a Bloodborne character, this time it’s an IRL person. Pick one and stick with it. Third, I’m laughing my ass off because the quote is about how much people can do when they work together when the entire story has been having Crow refuse to accept any help and mostly kicking ass on his own. In a good story this would probably have a lot of negative consequences as he was forced to learn to rely on others. Here it’s just bad writing and Crow being more OP than everyone else.

Crow’s Dorm

The hunter slowly woke up from his bed, an intense head ache rang it was worse than the time the hunter got his insight sucked out and that was not something he would deal with again. Now hunter can remember two things, one was that he met a chil- I mean a women who saved his life and the second was that he got picked up by team RWBY somehow.

Nora: Oh Christ, it’s getting worse. It’s not the hunter anymore, it’s just hunter. I guess Crow changed his name when we weren’t looking.

“By the gods…” just to put salt on the wound the scroll rang the hunter slowly went for the item he read the message

Gehrman Crow

When you are available please come to my office, there is something I must discuss with you

Seiko: What wound? Is he talking about the hangover? Because if he is the story did a very poor job of tying the two together.

For the first time the hunter groaned with annoyance,

Ert: For the first time in what? His entire life? I doubt it.

the hunter took out his uniform from the closet as he was too lazy to get one out of his coffin,

Nora: Because one is harder than other? I guess?

the hunter groggily walked up to the shower, it look normal as usual but this time there was a sweet scented smell and it looked neat (for once), towels were folded neat instead of hung every where, the hunter happy about the changed hygiene in the boy’s shower room, he happily grabbed a towel from the basket,

Seiko: That sentence could not be more run on or disjointed. Somehow looks are related to smell, there was something about a changed hygiene in the boy’s shower room (?) and the narration keeps repeating itself.

(Goldfish Counter: 8)

Since it was an early morning no person could be seen except one person who was taking the shower already, a fresh scent of strawberry filled the shower room, the hunter took of his clothes stepped into the shower with the shampoo and the soap he was given by Ozpin, the hunter as much as he didn’t wanted to turned on the cold water to wake himself up

Ert: Not quite sure why we’re constantly being informed of this sweet smell.

“Hmm hmmm hmm mm hmm hm hm” a sound of humming could be heard through out the shower, he didn’t mind people singing and it was a nice tune but it gave him a minor headache, he began to think the tune sound like from a girl but he choose to ignore it as he blamed on his headache, the hunter closed his eyes to let the cold water ease him,

Nora: A minor headache? I thought he was supposed to be hung over. Did he lose his hangover and suddenly gain another headache?

The city was dark as always, the hunter soon woke up from his rare naps, he stared at the sky again, it was no longer the dark blue sky instead it was the combination of red, orange and a tinge of blue, the color of the pale blood sky, the cries of the infants would never leave his mind

Kill then be killed, repeat process, Kill then be killed, repeat process, Kill then be killed, repeat process, kill then be killed repeat proce…

Seiko: So it just randomly smashes to Yharnam again. You know, usually when a story has a present plot-line and a past plot-line going on at the same time, it’s to show the character’s origin, how he came to be what he is and how it formed his character. The flashbacks constantly being shown in this story don’t build Crow’s character, they just jerk him off. So let’s ding the counter.

(Pointless Counter: 15)

Another headache began to overwhelm the hunter, he quickly cleaned himself then stepped out of the shower, he dried himself off quickly then wore his usual old eye patch the strawberry scent was very relaxing for the hunter, the hunter knew why the humming sounded like a girl, thanks to his bad hangover he was in the girl’s shower room and in front of him was Ruby wrapped in a towel and nothing else, an awkward silence ensued

Ert: Well dinging that counter was a good call. Really what purpose did that serve other than to remind us that Crow came from Yharnam? Also Crow is in the girl’s bathroom because he was hungover…I’m pretty sure hangovers don’t include a complete inability to take notice of your surroundings. But then again nearly all of the humor revolving around Crow involves all common sense to be thrown out the window, shouldn’t be surprised.

“Hey… Gehrman”

“Hello Ruby…”

“Bad hangover?” the hunter nodded slowly he could notice that she was blushing profusely, it was the same color as her red hood, but he decided that it was form the hot water

“Yes, I will take my leave”.” the hunter quickly grabbed his belongings then he quickly bolted out

(Pointless Counter: 16)

Nora: No character development, no humor, no entertaining downtime talk, just pointless bullshit that’s quirky for the sake of being quirky. Also Ruby’s face is red, same color as her cloak, and Crow think it’s water. You know, instead of HIM BEING IN HER BATHROOM! Crow is just brain dead. In this scene and in many others.

Crow’s Dorm

The room the hunter was in was empty as always, the hunter dressed himself in the school uniform he began to wonder if he’s in trouble for getting drunk, which was rare since blood vials itself was intoxicating and he probably now have an immune system from using it so much that would make any drunks cringe in pity,

Ert: That isn’t how your immune system works you dumbass. Hell, I don’t even think you can build up a tolerance for alcohol in general.

Crow still remembered the fight he had with Alfred tonight he would make sure it would end, the hunt would begin during the night, for now Gehrman decided to train and prepare his weapons after he met the headmaster, the hunter made himself a ponytail for his hair then went outside, there he saw Ruby again, the huntress’s face went pink from the shower incident

Seiko: So question. Why is Crow waiting until nighttime to go hunt down Alfred? In fact, how come Alfred isn’t showing up to finish Crow off? I swear it feels like an entire chapter was ripped out.

“I apologize Ruby I should have been paying attention to my surroundings”

“It’s fine Gehrman it was an accident after all”

“Thank you for understanding” a brief silence filled the empty hallway

Nora: Well that pay off sure added a lot. To the word count.

“Gehrman you trust me right?” the hunter kept silent not confirming anything, the huntress made a slight frown

“Listen you don’t have to tell me what happened right now, but I want you to know that we are here for you okay?” the hunter simply nodded which made Ruby smile a little, he was surprised that she had some maturity within the child

Ert: Which is more than we can say for you drunky.

“Is that a promise?” the huntress asked

“Yes Ruby a promise”

“Then swear it” the huntress pulled out her pinky,


Nora: Oh Christ he isn’t.

the hunter tilted his head in confusion, the huntress gently grabbed the hunter’s hand, she raised his smallest finger and intertwined with hers

“Ruby what is this?”

“This is how we keep promises It’s called a pinky promise!” the child smiled, she shaked her hand slowly then Gehrman followed on that suit, the huntress smiled brightly, the hunter made a small smile his crimson tired eye locked on to the huntress’s shining silver eyes,

Ert: GAHHHHHHHHHHH! Ruby acts a little childish from time to time, there is no getting around that, but there’s a difference between someone acting childish and having the emotional maturity of a three year old. Ruby trying to cement the importance of a deep personal issue with a pinkie promise is having the emotional intelligence of a TWO year old. Treat your characters with a LITTLE respect author.

Ozpin’s office

“You wish to see me headmaster?” the grey haired man turned to the hunter

“Yes, please take a seat, coffee? ” the hunter began to wonder what was going on he handed him a warm brown liquid to the hunter, after a small sip the hunter nodded in approval, Ozpin smiled at the hunter

Seiko: That warm brown liquid would probably be better in a container Crow.

” I have some questions for you if you don’t mind” the hunter kept silent and simply nodded, Ozpin looked around in his office as if to look for something

“So I heard team RWBY witnessed the remnant of your previous life” the huntsmen asked another question, the hunter’s face turned solemn

Ert: Well I’m just gonna sit here and try to figure out that that sentence means…nope, I got nothing.

“Yes… they did Alfred, he was a friend of mine in Yharnam”

“You wish to tell them about it?”

“No… they should not know about this”

Nora: Being difficult and mysterious is my only gimmick! Even if the audience knows and therefore there’s little purpose and padding out the reveal, I MUST DO IT BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING ELSE TO WRITE ABOUT!

“They’re understanding people Gehrman, do you have any idea how he arrived in Vale?”

“In my world there is a creature called a bell maiden it calls the hunters who wish to kill to those who wishes to live on,when I killed another hunter who was summoned by the bell maiden few days a go, the perplexing thing is Alfred arrived in a Cainhurst carriage… I believe there are deeper roots within this”

Ert: So how did the Bell Maiden get to Vale? No answer? Guess the author didn’t think that far ahead.

“This happened already?”

“Days a go yes, the hunter is dead now so do not worry.”

“Who are these Cainhurst?”

Nora: That’s like me saying “who are these Canada”

“They are the tainted hunters who are blinded by blood lust, to see that mark again… it gives me a horrifying premonition “

Seiko: And they’re different from every other Hunter who went mad with bloodlust because I say so.

“Do you have a plan to deal with this predicament?”

“Yes, tonight I will head out to the city, I will search for a way to their gods forsaken castle” the hunter explained his ‘plan’ with malice

“What do you plan to do after that?”

“I will wipe out every living being in that castle”

Ert: So your plan is to walk around Vale blindly and hope you stumble onto a way to get into Cainhurst Castle. Assuming there is one. Assuming that the Vilebloods got to Vale from Cainhurst Castle. Then single handily wipe out an entire castle’s worth of enemies. Brilliant plan GENERAL FUCKING CUSTER!.

“You speak the death of others so easily” Ozpin frowned slightly at the young hunter, the hunter kept silent

“I am simply used to it, that is all, is that what you came here to ask?” the hunter wanted to leave already

Nora: Crow doesn’t think twice about killing people has been established around seventeen times already, you don’t need to keep hammering it in.

“No, I need to know if you can solve this problem, if you need help I can provide it for you”

“No, in all due respect the hunters in this world are rather… lacking”

Ert: BLOODBORNE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN RWBY! It’s hardcore, it’s got blood and guts! RWBY’s just a girly show and Bloodborne is so awesome! *Groans* if you’re gonna write a crossover just for the sake of having one universe be infinitely superior to another, don’t fucking bother.

“What do you mean?”

“It means I can take care of it myself headmaster, this happened because of me and I will take responsibility for it”

“You don’t have to do it alone” Ozpin slightly frowned

“No… I have to do it alone this is my score to settle” the hunter paused then spoke again

Nora: I’m sorry, what was the quote at the beginning of the chapter?

Alone, we can do so little. Together we can do so much” -Helen Keller

Nora: Well so much for that. Crow is so super awesome that he doesn’t need any help. And he needs to do it on his own because because.

“I apologize headmaster.. I did not mean to sound rude of your offer to help”

“It’s fine Gehrman I understand, one more thing”


“Instead of being in a team what do you think about being a teacher? Of course you’ll be paid for your serivce” the hunter’s brow raised by the offer

Seiko: Oh come on! He has the body of a teenager, how would that fly at all? And what qualifies him to be a good teacher? He’s good at fighting? Yeah, I think it takes a little more than that, especially considering that Beacon is supposed to be a COLLEGE! You need to go through a lot of education to get a teaching position at a college.

Ert: The messed up thing is that i actually kind of like the idea of the Bloodborne main character being a teacher. With a few clever developments it could flow smoothly. Now let me make that clear. I like the idea of the Bloodborne MC being a teacher. Crow, on the other hand, could never make this idea work in a thousand years. In fact let’s just ding this right now.

(Gary Stu Counter: 16)

“That would be better however what will I teach?”

“That depends how many types of weapon can you use?” the hunter began to remember his arsenals, pistols, blunderbuss, swords, great swords, hammers, spears, gauntlets, whips, cane, saw cleaver.. thing, cannon, throwing knives, his fists, even though he doesn’t have his own he knew how to wield a scythe

“I can use few types of weapons” Ozpin smiled at the hunter’s hidden confidence


Nora: Oh goodie, you know how to use a bunch of weapons that are completely different from the weapons used in this world. You know what a Bloodborne character should be teaching Beacon students? About the Old Ones. About the Beast Plague. About the nature of the Arcane. About anything from Yharnam that could potentially be a threat to them one day. Not just weapons because “He so badass”

The hunter began to have his problems already, first due to being in Yharnam for so long he forgot how to interact with other people normally,

Ert: You know he seems to be able to talk to people all right when he’s not being a prick for no reason, so knock it off with the informed flaws.

second he had to keep his origin secret,

Ert: Because he wants to be mysterious to…draw attention and be special, let’s be honest.

third he hated being in crowds since he was used to isolation in Yharnam with only few people to talk to, the phantoms didn’t speak so he could deal with them,

Ert: Considering Yharnam was a nightmarish realm wouldn’t you like experiencing human contact again?

He didn’t mind team RWBY since they saved his life and they are the possiblt only people he can talk to easily since they were the only people he was talking with, back in hunter’s hunting ground a large group of people meant a blood bath not teaching classes

Nora: Yeah we get it, Crow was from a rough world, please stop treating his back story like it’s a personality trait. IT FUCKING ISN’T, back stories help build personalities, THEY DON’T ACT AS THEM!

The two went outside the office to the hunter’s new classroom, the hunter sat in his new class he began to think how he was going to teach his class,

Seiko: Wait, they’re already throwing him into the classroom?

Ert: List of things wrong with this. 1. Either Beacon didn’t have someone teaching weapons use or Crow is teaching a class that was already being taught, so either Beacon fucked up big time or Crow’s new job is redundant. 2. This is the middle of the semester so no one would be showing up on account of the fact that people have already signed up for their classes and had been taking them for a month. 3. College classes rarely, if ever, are made up on the spot. They tend to follow a strict syllabus with the material for the entire semester mapped out day by day. Crow has written no such syllabus, or even a lesson plan for the day. 4. Crow still struggles with simple machines in the world of RWBY and yet he’s trusted to teach children about weapons when they use completely different weapons from him. 5. Crow had just proven himself the last night to be extremely unprofessional, and your decision was to put him in charge of a few dozen young adults? 6. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF DE-AGING CROW IF YOU WERE JUST GOING TO MAKE HIM A TEACHER!?

he wasn’t good with crowds due to being in Yharnam for a long time,

Nora: WE GOT IT!

(Goldfish Counter: 9)

he had until tomorrow to think for his class, the class room was similar to an amphitheater but similar to an arena but slightly smaller, he had thirty minutes before class started

Ert: *Smacks face* I guess days are thirty minutes long now.

he brought some of his weapons including his usual blade with the Kirk Hammer and Stake Driver

Seiko: Ignoring the fact that the Stake Driver is a heretical weapon developed by the renegades known as the Powder Kegs. I’d love to know what value could come from learning how to use such a weapon. Even if he was teaching Bloodborne Hunters this would make no sense.

He remembered two mentors in Yharnam Eileen and Gehrman, then he realize how he should teach he would have the strictness of Eileen’s teaching and Bluntness of Gehrman,

Ert: Ok, this is something that Bloodborne fan fiction in general rubs me the wrong way on. They constantly say “Oh x was my mentor” when, in game, they rarely talk. If you’re going to go down this road, some flashbacks showing the mentor actually being a mentor could be used, but this author pissed that chance away to make Crow more twajick.

‘Those two would have got along so nicely…’

*30 minutes of thinking later*

The class began to fill with students as for the hunter he wore a different set of armor it was the first armor he got, it was the hunter’s set

Nora: Don’t use gameplay terminology in your narration. Period. You know, unless the story is about playing video games.

but he had the tri cap with the fabric covering his face,this time the students didn’t run away from him (progress!), only a few loud murmurs set the room, there he saw team JNPR and sadly for the hunter team RWBY, he hoped that they wouldn’t notice it wasn’t him, and the bastard who pulled his hair

Seiko: Why does this guy have a severe hatred of people knowing anything about him? He doesn’t want people to know where he’s from, he doesn’t want people to know he’s teaching, he even refused to fire his gun because he thought the noise would cause someone to notice him. Is there a term for this?

The hunter took a chalk then began writing his name on the board, once he was done he cleared his throat

“Welcome students I am Gehrman Crow and I will be teaching combat generals, however today I wish know you all better so I am willing to take questions” he noticed a student raised her hand if he could remember her name was Pyrrah Nikos

Ert: Uh, invitation into Beacon involved being dropped into a forest filled with Grimm and being forced to fight to the end and back again. *Leans in* I think they got combat generals down.

“Yes miss Nikos?”

“What will you be teaching us?” the hunter imagined what Gehrman would say at a time like this

“I will be teaching a wide variety of combat methods both physically and mentally” the hunter replied he noticed few more students raised their hands he noticed that Ruby was stretching her hands to make it longer

Nora: So apparently everyone got forced into this new class that just popped out of nowhere because they don’t know the first thing about it. You just know that no one is going to be getting any credits for this class.

“Yes miss Rose?”

“Do you know how to use more than one weapon?” her eyes wen on the weapons that surrounded the desk

“Yes miss Rose I do” the students began to murmur a voice called out

Seiko: More than one weapon? Is that really that impressive of a feat?

Ert: Considering that nearly every character in RWBY is proficient in melee and ranged combat, I’m gonna say no.

“Aren’t you the one who fought professor Ozpin?”


“Yes, I am and please raise your hand next time” the murmur began to grow louder he sighed at the sight of the hands raised by the students, he was thankful that team RWBY didn’t

“Yes mister?”

“Cardin Winchester,” the smug voice made the hunter cringe inside his fabric, it was the same bastard who pulled his hair

“Yes? Mister Winchester?”

“What makes you so special to teach us?”

Nora: This is a legitimate question. Crow just out of nowhere became a teacher because Ozpin said so. Ozpin is a little unorthodox, but I have a hard time swallowing that he’d go this far.

“I can use wide variety of weapons and faced against the headmaster himself in a duel, I believe that is enough”

Ert: Oh yeah, can use a variety of weapons and fought the headmaster, that totally qualifies someone for a teaching position.

“Yeah but didn’t you lose?” the hunter, walked over to his table grabbing his gauntlet, the weapon had some sort of a piston mechanism and a large spear tip attached to it in the end, Ruby stared at the weapon like staring at the plate of cookies,

“What can I do to prove myself to you mister Winchester?”

Nora: Show me your doctorate.

“Fight me one on one” the hunter frowned at the suggestion

Seiko: *Sigh* This is extremely out of character for Cardin. Ignoring that picking a fight with a teacher is a good way to get EXPELLED, Cardin is a coward. For all the tough talking he does, he’s a bully that only picks on extremely weak people. When he picked on someone who was actually a competent fighter, he did it via a proxy.  He did end up actually fighting her at one point, but only when he had his whole team backing him up. He would not be trying to pick a fight with someone who snapped his wrist.

“Will that be the only way mister Winchester?” the huntsmen-in-training gave a smug look to the teacher

Sadly the prideful mace wielder walked down to the steps with his mace ready, the hunter simply stood there once Cardin reached to the other end of the arena the hunter bowed, as for the leader of team CRDL he simply scoffed then took his stance while the hunter didn’t

Ert: A proper teacher would show Cardin the door. Crow is gonna humor him because it’s been a whole chapter since we got reminded that Crow was awesome.

The gauntlet the hunter held made Yang interested about how the hunter was going to use his weapon, she wondered if he knew any fighting styles that would be a great excu-reason to talk to the hunter,

He waited for the blind club wielder to advance,

Nora: Wait, when the Hell did Cardin lose his eyesight? Is this story just throwing out random words now?

the hunter noticed that he began to ran toward with his mace raised, the hunter began to dodge the powerful strikes, it was messy and sloppy with each movements leading himself to be opened,

Seiko: Look I don’t doubt that Cardin would fight in an impractically aggressive way. But like everything else in this story, its only purpose is to show how awesome Crow is. Not, say, build the world or other characters. Cardin isn’t a character. He’s Crow punching bag #3. #2 is Junior, #1 was the Vileblood, and more will get added to the list, trust me.

The hunter studied the student’s movement carefully calculating despite his next movements although it was painfully obvious, from the audience it looked like the professor was not even trying as he stepped side ways to dodge every attack with occasionally stepping back

Ert: Ok, even Cardin deserves more respect than this. I know Pyrrha singled handily took on his entire team without getting a scratch, but that turned out to be foreshadowing for how her powers worked AND it looked like she was giving it her all.

The hunter stayed in once spot making Cardin charge at the hunter, as the maced was about to slam down the hunter blocked the attack with his gauntlet , then he pulled out his pistol from his left hand, he proceeded to shove the barrel to his mouth, in the end he didn’t bother using weapons, he didn’t intend to in the first place

Nora: Shoving your pistol in someone’s mouth counts as using a weapon. But if you insist.

(Gary Stu Counter: 17)

The hunter asked in a polite yet deadly tone

“Do you yield mister Winchester?” he nodded quickly

“Good, now please go back to your seat”

the hunter pulled out his gun roughly to pay back for his hair pulling,

Seiko: Boy doesn’t that sentence say a lot about Crow and where his priorities are. I think you already paid him back when you broke his wrist. In fact you overpaid him back. I guess we shouldn’t interrupt Crow’s masturbation session.

which lead to the mace wielder to cough,

Ert:…Exactly how deep did he shove that pistol in? Oh gross, I don’t even want to think about that.

the turned back to his desk to put his barely used weapon back to its place, with that chance Cardin ran up with his mace raised, the hunter felt a thud behind his back the hunter turned to see a mace behind his back and a frightful student, he survived a strike from weapons to giant monsters this was nothing for the hunter ,

Nora: Oh for fuck’s sake, Bloodborne characters are not invincible to all but the most powerful attacks. Ironic, Bloodborne and Dark Souls go out of their way to show how having arrogant invincible video game character mindsets will get you killed, and it completely flies over the head of this author.

“I believe asked you to be in your seat mister Winchester… now” he quickly scrambled to his seat, the hunter walked back to his table he watched as the students whispered among each other

he internally sighed at the hands that was longing for the questions, he looked at the clock he still had thirty minutes to go still,

Ert: First classes are just supposed to be about introducing how the class is going to run for the semester, and Crow couldn’t even pull THAT off.

and there were plenty of hands he decided answer few more, after all ignoring questions would be a bad trait of a teacher, he saw an orange haired girl waving her hand so lively the hunter pointed at the orange hair girl

“Yes mi-?”

“Nora Valkyrie’s the name!” the hunter had a bad feeling about this question call it an instinct

Nora: And I share a name with a character that uses a giant war hammer that turns into a grenade launcher…I am ok with this.

“Yes what is your question miss Valkyrie?”

“Can you show us your face?” the hunter froze in his place some of the student’s hands went down then nodded in agreement majority being girls, the hunter sheepishly took off his hat then ever more slowly (if that is possible) he revealed his face again, the familiar eye patch revealed and his long black haired flowed, neat jaw and soft yet sharp crimson eye, a scar on the right cheek could be seen

Seiko: Why was it hidden in the first place? The entire school has seen him already. Stop making Crow mysterious just for the sake of being mysterious.

(Pointless Counter: 17)

“Will that be all?” the hunter noticed that few hands were raised, he noticed a girl raising her hand wearing a strange hat and sunglasses that seemed big to the hunter, he pointed at the student

“Yes miss?” the hunter remembered her name but decided to keep that for himself since he was a teacher now and didn’t want to show any familiarity… except Ruby because she was so tactless

Ert: Teachers can’t refer to students by name apparently. Why is it I get the feeling the author has never been inside a classroom.

“Coco Adel, how old are you?” the hunter knew he became young but didn’t know the exact age, he had many opportunities to look at his new face he could only guess,

“I am seven teen years old Miss Adel” before hunter would end questioning the huntress spoke out again

Nora: Well actually I’m older, but the magical portal made me younger so I could be a student, but now I’m a teacher-why are you looking at me like that.

“Are you single?”

“Single? Yes, I work alone”

“No not that are you single?” the hunter was confused by the repeating of the question

“Please specify your question Miss Adel”

“Do you have a girlfriend?!” the huntress asked in a raised voice in annoyance

Seiko: Ugh. Are we going to have to add sex appeal to Crow’s Gary Stu traits? It really annoys me when authors want to have their characters be covered in scar tissue yet still be sexy. It’s called wanting it both ways. People who are from tough lands with constant fighting (Because these Sues and Stus always are) don’t tend to look very pretty.

Ert: Exhibit A, Guts. A guy with so much scar tissue that he actually couldn’t sweat out a fever.  Also, he’s missing a hand and an eye.

“Yes I do” a gasp was heard from several students but the gunner’s expression didn’t change

“I mean do you have someone you love?” the hunter was taken a back by the sudden question and the bluntness of it

“Miss Adel, I do not tolerate off topic questions” the hunter felt his face rising in heat, but he soon recomposed himself however the blush on the hunter’s face didn’t disappear and it was noticeable to the students, the hunter cleared his throat, he saw only two or three hands raised

Nora: Ok, is there going to be a point to this sometime soon? I think we’ve already established that Crow is the most incompetent teacher that Beacon has ever seen.

“You still didn’t answer my question” the hunter’s face went even brighter,

“I-I do not have anyone that I have fallen for!, do not ask me that question again” the hunter crossed his arms then turned his face so no one would see his embarrassed face, the students in the classroom found a new word to describe the not so scary looking hunter


Ert: Oh goodie, we’re delving into anime bullshit land. How long till we get the beach episode where all the female characters wear skimpy bikinis? Now I’m not saying I hate the concept of Tsunderes with every fiber of my being…I don’t have to. It’s a stupid and idiotic cliche that basically runs off of being attracted to someone on the vain hope that they might be a nice person when they’re not being a douchebag. And now the author is willingly comparing Crow to this annoying cliche.

After answering rest of the questions he explained the students how class would work and how it will be for the rest of the year, it would be simple for the first few weeks he will assess the student’s skills to see where they were then he would began to teach them about combat talking about every type of weapon’s weakness and strength,

Nora: I can already see his first class. “See, swords are very sharp, which makes them good for cutting. But you need to be holding the right end so you don’t cut yourself.”

After his classes over the hunter slumped into his chair, with the spare time he had left he decided to train since he didn’t have any time to do so and he would need it if he needed to face an old ‘friend’ soon, he already knew that his skills were far superior than Alfred but he couldn’t help himself to wonder if it would be someone else, a quick flash of a certain hunter ran through his mind he shook his head to forget it,

Seiko: *Snort* you’re superior to the guy who ground you into the pavement. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

Before he could prepare himself four familiar girls went up to his desk, the hunter dreaded about this confrontation, he saw four concerned faces all wanting an answer, the hunter pretend not to notice it,

“Gehrman can we talk to you?” Ruby softly spoke out, the hunter nodded slowly in agreement

“What happened last night?”

Ert: I doubt we’ll ever truly know, considering that the author forgot to FUCKING WRITE IT!

“It seems that my past life have caught me” the hunter replied calmly masking his worry

Nora: Sorry, I can only answer questions in vague bullshit.

“What do you mean?”

“It means that it is none of your concern”

Nora: I swear this guy would keep how many eye-lashes he has secret if he thought people cared about them.

“Gehrman you can trust us…” this it was the not-so icy heiress, the hunter made a pained expression one that was clear enough to understand what he was feeling, except for a certain brawler

“I… I do not trust you at all however, now leave I- ” the hunter replied coldly as he can, distancing himself with the four huntress, suddenly he saw the red in Yang’s eyes


The hunter felt a sharp sting on his cheek he turned his head to see Yang gritting her teeth with her eyes flared up in red, the hunter sighed, a tense silence ensued, the blond brawler stormed out,

Ert: Normally I don’t like it when love interests hit each other, but frankly Crow deserved a crotch shot for how much of a prick he’s being. He refuses to tell them anything, chases them away, and flat out says he doesn’t trust them. It’s infuriating. Though Yang doesn’t slap. Yang punches. Hard. Oh and a punch to the face doesn’t effect him but a slap does because go fuck yourself.

her sister followed as well as the heiress, Blake looked at the hunter with a sympathetic gaze

“I’m glad you’re alright Gehrman…” the fanus followed her team each step ensuing a soft thud, it echoed in the empty classroom

Seiko: That makes one of us.

With that the hunter was left alone in the large empty classroom, a foreign pain began to surround the hunter’s heart mixing in thesame feeling of loneliness wanted to make the hunter throw up, a loud chime woke the hunter from his crestfallen state, he prepared himself for the rest of the day

Ert: If you want me to feel sorry for you, it isn’t happening.


After the classes were taken of the Crow realized he was lacking in one weapon and that was a scythe, it surprised him there were many students who practiced hand to hand combat, after meeting the armory master named Colt which he thought was a very polite person despite the appearance, he was given permission to use the armory when he found out he was a staff among them

Nora: Ok, ignoring the fact that the only scythe weapon in Bloodborne is the Mourning Blade, which you can only get if you fight Gehrman, and it is confirmed that Crow didn’t, what does hand to hand combat have to do with anything?

While building the scythe was easy since the burial blade was easy to make, so it didn’t take a while to make it, the scythe he made looked and worked the same as the old burial the only difference was that it was shinier and didn’t have seen any heavy usage, he began to sharped the blade of the scythe, small things like this would ease his sanity back in Yharnam as did now but by no mean it made it disappear

Seiko: Of course he can completely recreate the signature weapon of the single greatest Hunter in Yharnam. Why wouldn’t he?

“You want to ease on that sharpening” the hunter to see the armory master she had a muscular built with dark skin and sharp red eyes like the hunter but she had blue pony tail and she wore an undershirt with her apron and gloves, a torch mask was raised up from her head, her face was smudge in black marks from working with steel

Ert: Why is it I get the feeling this character is going to be pitifully underdeveloped?

“Thank you” the hunter began to sharpen slowly, Colt continued the conversation, it was something she was accustomed to see

“Something wrong friend?” the hunter kept sharpening his blade

“How? did you know?”

Nora: You telegraph it with the subtlety of a volcanic eruption.

“Won’t be the first time someone coming here to forget their problems so what’s the problem friend?” the hunter chuckled weakly

“It is a mere squabble nothing to worry about”

Ert: I can only pray this means Alfred will be twice as brutal in the next fight if what they did before was a “Mere squabble”.

“What did you do? If you don’t mind that is” the armory master wondered what kind of deed the young huntsmen would have done

“It is nothing really”

“Does it involve a girl?” Gehrman didn’t get the context of the question

“Yes, it does”

Seiko: UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! What does it say about a story when there’s a reality warping cosmic horror out there somewhere and the characters seem more concerned with half baked romance?

“Is it her?” the hunter followed finger Colt was pointing at, she smiled then walked away fully knowing what’s going on at least what she thought that is, she went back to working on… something so she could leave the two alone, she saw the blond huntress approaching the black huntsmen as he worked on the blade

Ert: Why is it I get the feeling Colt is just going to drop out of the story now?

“Please sit” the hunter motioned her to sit next to him with a well faked smile, she timidly sat next to him


“Hello Yang” an awkward silence ensued



The two spoke simultaneously, the blond huntress chuckled softly, the two stared at each other as if they were longing for an answer

“Please go ahead Yang”

“I want to apologize for what I did, I shouldn’t have let my anger take me like that…” the hunter he made a genuine smile at the huntress, it wasn’t big as Yang’s but it was just as bright as hers

Nora: The only thing you should be apologizing for is not hitting the little shit harder.

“It’s fine Yang, I think I deserve it as well, I am sorry, for saying that it must have hurt you…” the hunter noticed that she had a pleasantly surprised expression plastered on her face,

“You smiled…”

“What do you mean?”

“Gehrman I know when you fake your smile” Crow was taken back by her surprising perception

Ert: Oh goodie! He got over the fake smiling thing! And how did his behavior change to reflect this radical change to his personality on remembering how to be happy? NOT AT FUCKING ALL! I knew this sub-plot would be pointless! It basically said “Ok, Crow underwent a major character change because I said he did.” Ugh.

(Pointless Counter: 18)


“You know Ruby is my sisters right?” the hunter nodded

“When my mom died she went through a lot, she still does, when I ask her if she’s alright sometimes she’ll lie to me so I don’t have to worry, she always make a strained smile when she lies, like what you do” Gehrman grew confused at the her part

Seiko: I don’t think a little girl with a father that has been described as fairly loving would fake her smiles. People only fake their in…well stupid ass stories like this.

“I am so sorry about your loss”

“I still have my dad so don’t worry, what about your parents? Don’t you miss them?”

“I… I don’t know” Being in Yharnam teared his sanity as well as his memory he only presumed his parents were dead since only thing he could remember as a child was being alone,

Nora: Let me try to imagine the author’s mindset while writing this. “…OH SHIT HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE INSANE! Uh…he can’t remember his parents! Look at how insane he is!”

Ert: I think this author is confusing memory loss for insanity. And it makes me want to punch something. Now to be fair, loss of memory does appear in Bloodborne and its close cousin Dark Souls when people are going insane, but it’s portrayed much different. One Dark Souls merchant is on the brink of going insane, and he is struggling to remember how to COUNT TO FIVE! It’s a symptom of a much greater problem, the victim’s entire mind being destroyed. Not “I can’t remember my parents, MY SANITY IS GONE!”

“What do you mean?”

“I forgot how they look like”

“Were you an orphan?”

“I… I can not remember” he felt the huntress’s hand onto his own Crow looked at the concerned huntress

“Yang I am fine, there is no need for your concern”

“Why do you always say you’re fine when you’re not!” she stood up from her seat with her voice raised,

Nora: But I have to do that! If I told the truth people might learn things about me, and that would be terrible because then I wouldn’t be able to be the mysterious loner!

thankfully the armory was only comprised of three people, Gehrman, Yang and Colt, and she was in her office to leave the two alone, the blond huntress’s eye turned back to lilac from red quickly

Goeth: Huh. I’ve heard of making buildings out of people but I’ve never seen it down with only three people.

Ert:…Not gonna dignify that with a response.

Goeth: You already did.

The hunter didn’t speak, Yang composed herself at the hunter’s surprising stubbornness , she looked at the hunter’s scars and his eye patch it was certainly old and tattered but it meant something to him otherwise why would he keep wearing it? It was as if it was sending a message,

Nora: For fuck’s sake, not everything about a character’s appearance is intentionally symbolic.

Yang embraced the hunter tightly, as for the hunter he hesitated at first but he wrapped his arms around the huntress as well, he felt a warm light wrapping him gently, the short embrace felt like too short and left the hunter wanting more

“I’ll always be with you” she lightly whispered so the hunter couldn’t hear it

“I’m not forcing you to tell me I just want you to know that I don’t want you to suffer alone” she spoke clearly to make him understand

“Thank you Yang you words are enough for me” the hunter hesitantly wrapped his arms around the huntress as short duration felt like an eternity for the hunter and he yearned for more.

Seiko: I guess that was supposed to be character development. Not feeling it. Well, this review has already gone on for awhile so we’re gonna have to leave the last bit of this chapter for next week. See you guys then!

Ert: Colt is never gonna appear again.

Nora: Ert, you’re not supposed to be the repetitive one.


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  1. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Ert: For the first time in what? His entire life? I doubt it.

    “John Freeman was fraid for first time. He didnt want nothing to happen to Henry Freeman because Henry Freeman was John Freeman-”
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    You can indeed build up a tolerance for alcohol, but you’re right in that it has absolutely nothing to do with the immune system.

  5. TacoMagic says:

    “Yes, please take a seat, coffee? ” the hunter began to wonder what was going on he handed him a warm brown liquid to the hunter, after a small sip the hunter nodded in approval, Ozpin smiled at the hunter

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    “That would be better however what will I teach?”

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    Nora: I can already see his first class. “See, swords are very sharp, which makes them good for cutting. But you need to be holding the right end so you don’t cut yourself.”

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    “Bad hangover?” the hunter nodded slowly he could notice that she was blushing profusely, it was the same color as her red hood, but he decided that it was form the hot water

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    Show of hands, who wishes this happened?

    “No, I need to know if you can solve this problem, if you need help I can provide it for you”

    “No, in all due respect the hunters in this world are rather… lacking”

    Ozpin: I find your lack of faith in us….. disturbing.

    *force chokes Crow*

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    Goeth: Huh. I’ve heard of making buildings out of people but I’ve never seen it down with only three people.

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