1058: The Final Hunt- Chapter 4 part 1

Title: The Final Hunt
Author: Uhjinhyuk55
Media: Video Game/Anime
Topic: Bloodborne/RWBY
Genre: Drama/Adventure
URL: Chapter 4
Critiqued by Erttheking

Cornelia: Why is the station sealed from the outside?

Goeth: Manus triggered some failsafes then fried the motherboard! Whatever you do, don’t blast your way in, you’ll decompress the entire station!

Seiko: If I can pry open an airlock and then slam it shut when we’re in, that won’t be a problem.

Nora: I can’t think of any better ideas.

Cornelia: All right Seki, you’re the strongest so it’s up to you.

Seiko. S-seki?

Nora: Job to do!

Seiko: Right!

Cornelia: Christ, I swear this has been going on for years. Ok, so when we last left off the hunter decided that the hunter would stay and the hunter would enroll at school so that the hunter would have a reason for being at Beacon…the hunter.

Nora: Also he got younger because for some reason portals to other dimension always de-age you or turn you human/pony instead of…I don’t know, making you grow a third testicle.

Dark, I was surrounded by it once more, it was a routine now, a man stood in front of me he seemed very meek, nervous, weak pale skin, brown eyes and short neat hair, formal clothing, he seemed like a twig able to be snapped by a small force

Cornelia: Oh Christ it’s this. You know what it is, it sprouts up in bad fan fiction a lot. Vague nonsense taking place in a description-less void to either give us vague hints into the mind of the main character or provide clumsy foreshadowing. While it can be done right, like so many things in bad fanfiction, it usually isn’t in the shlock we look at.

Who is that man?


is that me?

Nora: See above.

no it can’t be… another man approaches next to the formal man he was a stark contrast he was barely human almost that of a monster fangs portruded,tattered clothes,eyes that of a beast, body was covered in scars and blood, his hair was messy and long, his arms were longer than it should be

Cornelia: Fangs protruded from…what. Nora: Nose. They came out of his nose.

which one am I? am I a human? am I a beast?

Nora: Yeah, REAL subtle exploration of the relationship between man and beast that was such a big part of Bloodborne.

Oh yes… I am the two yet I am not I’m no longer human nor am I a beast I’m a monster…

Cornelia: Did you get the ending in Bloodborne where you BECOME a Great One? No? THEN SHUT UP! Christ, second rift and I can already hear “Crawling in My Skin” playing when this guy talks.

all I want is to die peacefully

Seiko: Yet *Yank* he willingly signed up to join Beacon Academy. You can’t volunteer for something when you have every chance to walk away, no real obligation or motivation for doing it, and then whine about how much you don’t want to do it Nora: Say what you will about Shinji Ikari. When he whined about how he didn’t want to pilot Evangelion, he kept doing it because the alternative was forcing someone else to go through that Hell.

why? why do I have to suffer through this cycle of death? Is death so much to ask?

Nora: *Cocks rifle* Not at all.

Crow woke up from his dream, he looked around the room only to remember what has transpired yesterday. Another soft knock came from the door. He walked up to his table to wear his eye patch, he tightly tied it to ensure it won’t fall off.

Cornelia: Do people missing eyes take off their patches before bed? That’s an honest question, I seriously don’t know.

Next to his eye patch he saw a stack of paper with a metal coil around it, it was similar to his journal except the papers had lines and wasn’t tattered, it looked new.

Nora: We never knew your journal was tattered (Or that you even had one) so this comparison is pointless.

Next to it a small metal stick lied upon examination it was similar to a quill, he was impressed by the advancement the city had.

Cornelia: All the things to get impressed about and it’s a goddamn pen?

He looked out to the window the sun was barely up. Crow’s head felt like a jumbled up strings he needed some fresh air or a bath to clear his mind sadly he didn’t know where to take one

Nora: Dude. They’re called commas. Try them out sometime..

Crow began to explore his room as it was suppose to fit four people and he was the only one in albeit a short one. Crow went to his storage box and decided to wear his old clothe when he first arrived in Yharnam however it was tattered and covered in blood. In the end Gehrman decided to wear Gascogine’s outfit after all it was a clothe from the church, it was that or the clothe of the Cainhurst and he would be damned to wear that.

Cornelia:…So your starting outfit is too bloody, but the one you got off of Father Gascogine is ok? Even though you had to KILL him to get it? And yes I know you actually buy it in a shop in game, but that’s a mechanic that doesn’t make sense when translated to a story so I’m not buying it!

Crow grabbed his scroll then walked out to the door he still didn’t know how to work it out but he’ll damned to be locked out again.

Nora: Uh, you need to establish shit author. Like here’s an idea. “He wasn’t damned if he was going to be locked out again. There had been a rather embarrassing incident with that yesterday and after three hours he had finally got back in”

While he walked he saw a girl with two soft looking bunny ears was on top of her head. Naturally he was curious about the trait the girl had but the experience in Yharnam the hunter had made him immune to surprises.

Cornelia: Yeah no it didn’t. Also, STOP ARBITRARY PUTTING IN HUNTER EVERYWHERE! Nora: Also, this is Velvet, a Fanus (think person with animal ears) student at Beacon. Frankly if I was writing this story I’d have Crow have a heart attack because he thought the beast plague was spreading to Beacon, but that’s just me trying to make two worlds blend together in ways that play off of how unique they are as opposed to just making people cool with everything like EVERY fucking crossover on the Library does.

As he approached closer to he noticed something different other than her ear, she smelled different. It wasn’t the smell of the beast nor human it was something completely different. He couldn’t help but approach to her, she seemed helpless and scared almost like a prey.

Cornelia: Uh, what was that about Crow not being a beast?

Crow quickly turned the other way and ran fast as he could before he could have done something he’ll regret. He began to realize the blood was being tainted every heart beating moment. After he regained his composure he began to continue his walk.

Nora: Uh, what about his blood being tainted? And what about heart beating moments? Story needs to explain shit.

He began to walk around in school as his black hair swayed back and forth, He began to walk around in the hallway the building still seemed vibrant in colors than Yharnam buildings. The cold morning air awake the hunter completely he was truly taken how advanced the city was.

Seiko: Something that just occurred to me. If he’s fifteen now how come all of his clothes still fit him? Those outfits were designed for full grown men. Cornelia: I guess those portals to other dimensions picked up tailoring.

“Enjoying the academy mister Crow?” Crow turned to see the headmaster behind him

Nora: Yeah I only felt the urge to kill one person. I think. It was kinda vague.

“Yes indeed I am” “May I speak to to you in my office? There is something we must discuss.” “Of course.” -Ozpin’s Office-

Nora: Well that’s a smooth transition.

“When students attend in Beacon they go through an initiation to be placed on a team of four, somehow words reached around the city that you are attending here without a team has aroused some suspicion.”

Cornelia: You’re really just pointing out how he really doesn’t fit in at Beacon. While he can summon some people for boss fights, the main character in Bloodborne would’ve been on his own 90% of the time. Not really a team player and sticks out like a sore thumb in the four man teams of Beacon.

“Being a huntsmen is a dangerous work once you go through there will be no turning back are you certain that this is what you want? ” Ozpin had a serious look on hi face,

Nora: A serious look on hi face? The fuck?

Cornelia: Yeah. Also, yeah, Crow’s life was all sunshine and gumdrops before this point. Really whatever the world of RWBY throws at him will be a step up, because at least this time around he’ll have a stable support grid.

For Crow there was no doubt he wanted to be a huntsmen that protects instead of killing, maybe this would be a way of redemption after having so much blood on his hands.

Cornelia: You know, blood on his hands implied that he killed someone, as opposed to just plain old failing to save someone, so either the narration is doing a shit job of getting what happened across or something happened in his past that we aren’t being told about.

Perhaps this would be the best way to die, giving up a life to save other instead of dying in senseless slaughter he was so used to.

Cornelia: He’s gonna talk about dying every three seconds isn’t he?

“Yes I am sure about this.” Ozpin smiled in return he stood up from his chair “Then today all of your classes are cancelled, I will give you a notification thirty minutes before the initiation, for now you should get some breakfast you have a long day ahead of you.”

Nora: Wait, classes what classes? This motherfucker is enrolled in classes already? Either it’s the very start of the semester (Which I doubt) or he’s gonna be playing catch up like a mother-fucker. Considering that Beacon is like a college to RWBY, I don’t see this working out. Have him wait until next semester and then have him enroll.

‘Initiation it’s been a while since I had done some writing…’ “Headmaster what kind of initiation will it be?” “Your combat prowess would be tested in the initiation is that a problem?”

Cornelia: Wait, was he signed up for classes when he hadn’t even gone through the basic entrance initiation? Christ this is plot that’s jerking around at random.

“A bit yes” For the hunter fighting meant life or death the idea of sparring is foreign idea for them one small mistake can cost their lives,

Seiko: You know, I’m pretty sure Hunters sparred before everything went to hell in a handbasket. There are hints in game that hunters were trained en mass. This sounds like he has the same problem I did of having no self control.

“What would that be?” “The hunters of Yharnam kill to survive be it man or beast, I won’t be able to hold my self back” Crow looked down in embarrassment compare to the students in Beacon who were taught to fight and protect he knew either of those he only knew how to kill.

Nora: Yes you will. Also, Christ’s sake, this story is on constant repeat. Protect vs only kill, Hunter is Hunted, beast vs man, only four chapter and I think each one has been said just as many times. And it wears its welcome out quickly because the story doesn’t DO anything with it.

“Don’t worry that I can handle that.” “I see if you’ll excuse me then.” Crow turned around to leave the office

Cornelia: Well that solved nothing.

“Oh and one more thing .” he stopped to see the headmaster eyeing his outfit head to toe “Uniform is required while attending at Beacon you can wear what you can only wear you desire during sparring matches and when outside of the academy.” “I do not have one.” “I see, that’ll be take care of you may leave now.”

Seiko: So he was signed up for classes but didn’t have a uniform. Who thought this was a good idea again?

-Mess Hall- “Don’t worry Ruby I’m sure we’ll find him” Yang comforted her sister, after what happened last night Ruby felt awful about joking about his eye patch

Nora: Did that even happen on screen? I think Ruby would know better.

“What if he doesn’t forgive me?” Ruby was still worried. “Beside he won’t be hard to miss.” Weiss added

Cornelia: Those two sentences don’t connect in the slightest.

“What do you mean?” Ruby asked Weiss pointed at her left eye “His eye patch he always seemed to wears it not to mention he has a ridiculously long hair.”

Seiko: This whole mess was about her being upset that she made fun of his eyepatch. Did she really need to be reminded.

“See? It won’t be hard cheer up Rubes.” Yang cheered up her sister but Ruby was still upset

Seiko: Uh, I feel like we’re getting fragments of three different conversations. Three conversations of someone with a limited grasp of the English language.

“There’s something wrong with him” Blake spoke out causing the three huntress to look at her. “What do you mean?” Weiss asked “The expression he had on his face, I saw them before…” Blake paused then looked around to see if anyone was around to eavesdrop, the three leaned closer to hear “When I was in the white fang.” Blake whispered loud enough for them to hear

Nora: Yeah, Blake used to be part of a terrorist group called the White Fang who lashed out against the racial prejudice that Fanus have to face. She left after she felt like they were going too far. I’m not quite sure how this relates though.

“What do you mean?” Yang looked over to her partner her expression changed to a solemn one “I remember seeing those faces after they…” Blake hesitated to say it so bluntly she was looking for a way to say it without scaring her innocent leader. “they took the lives of the others.” a silence fell for the three huntress as for Ruby she was oblivious to what the fanus meant.

Nora: Ugh. Ruby is not that fucking dense. Also, can we stop beating around the bush with whatever Crow did? It’d be one thing if you were hinting at something in his past, but since you’ve pretty much spelt it out that he killed someone, I’d prefer if you cut the bullshit and just told us who he killed.

“Blake don’t you that’s a bit too much?” Yang tried to lift up the mood as for the leader she was confused “What do you mean lives of the other Blake?” Ruby asked innocently,


“OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH please stop!” the four huntress turned to see team CRDL bullying again. This time he was pulling some girl’s hair out but the voice was that of a male’s. The four kept watching. Cardin was pulling the girl’s hair hard after he stopped some strands of hair were taken out. The student wore a male school uniform but the hair was long enough to be a girl. The four huntress couldn’t do anything but to watch and the students in the mess hall just watched. Small sniffles could be heard. “What are you a girl? why don’t you cut your hair?”Cardin sneered

Cornelia: That’s…depressingly accurate.

“He’s too poor to cut his hair hah you look like a freak!” Russel got close to his face he made a sinister smile. The sob began to get louder

Nora: That…doesn’t make any sense. I know you’re a one dimensional bully character but could you at least bring your D- material?  Who are they bullying anyway?

“Awww he’s crying! What are you a girl?” “Look he’s only crying from his right eye!” Cardin pointed it out he began to look at his eye patch.

Nora:…*Sigh* You’re fucking me. Cornelia: Nope. They’re seriously going down this path.

“Let’s see what’s under there.” The brown haired boy reached for his eye patch, his wrist was grabbed by Crow in desperation to stop him, he squeezed his wrist to stop him unbeknownst to him he accidentally used his beast blood not knowing how much power was put in.

Seiko: I’m sorry Wot? Nora: It doesn’t WORK THAT WAY! While you can tap into a beast like power in Bloodborne, you need to either eat a special pellet or use a special weapon. It doesn’t just happen willy nilly like he’s the goddamn Incredible Hulk. What’s more, the more Insight you get (And this guy should have a BUTT LOAD) the less effective your beast power becomes. It’s an interesting dilemma. Remain blissfully ignorant and become a mindless beast or seek out the truth and go made from the revelation. Usually involves sprouting eyes somewhere they don’t belong. Exhibit A. The Brain of Mensis Cornelia: Hell, in one case a massive amount of insight in a college resulted in, and I quote “The stillbirth of their brains”

SNAP The rest of team CRDL looked at the startled hunter the three boys approached him only to knocked down by Ruby’s lightning speed. “You ok?” Ruby asked the hunter “Yes I am fine thank you Ruby”

Nora: Well, that was pointless.

“So do you forgive me?” Crow looked at the young huntress in confusion “Forgive about what?”

Cornelia: And so was that! New counter time! (Pointless Counter: 2)

“Y’know the eye patch thing from yesterday.” “It is fine Ruby I forgive you I-” A sharp scream of pain echoed in the mess hall Cardin was now on the ground holding his broken wrist. All eyes went to the two students, Gehrman just stood there anxiety flooded in not knowing what to do, running away would make him look like the culprit, the only thing that could be heard now was Cardin’s scream. Seiko: I think the fact that he was abusing you would be enough.

Nora: Not to sound like a sociopath, but if you pick a fight with someone and end up with a broken wrist…then quit your bitching. You brought it on yourself.

A small ring came from his scroll it was from Ozpin. it took two minutes of awkward silence to check his message the fact that he was able to turn it on was short of a miracle.

Nora: So what’s the big deal? He’s afraid that he’ll get in trouble for defending himself? To be honest Cardin’s head this coming.

Mister Crow your initiation will begin soon Youl will have half an hour to prepare. I’ll send someone to escort you ‘perfect reason to leave’ Good luck -Ozpin

Cornelia: Is there a term for a plot that simultaneously goes everywhere and accomplishes nothing?

“I must go now, tthank you for saving me Ruby” “Go where? don’t you have classes with us?” “Not anynmore.”

Cornelia: Uh, you only had classes canceled for today. Granted you really should do the “start next semester” thing, but whatever.

Gehrman ran out of the mess hall not wanting anymore attention. Team RWBY just stared in awe he just snapped someone’s wrist with pure force,

Nora: Yeah, Ruby decapitated a crow the size of a school bus, but breaking someone’s wrist is what gets people to stare in awe.

-Amphitheater (30 mins later)- Unexpectedly classes for all students has been cancelled, students in all of beacon were called to the amphitheater for a special announcement. in the center of the amphitheater, the screen projected revealing the headmaster in the sparring arena. “Hello students you’ve been wondering why I have called you here, today you’ll be spectating an initiation of a new student, Gehrman Crow.” Ozpin looked stoic as ever he paused for a short moment.

Cornelia: So we decided to stop all classes for today so you could watch this guy, even though when an entire class of students came in at the start of the year we didn’t think that was important enough for an audience. In fact, let me just hit this in advance. (Pointless Counter: 3)

“However instead of going through the forest as the first year did he will be facing me as an opponent.” As soon as Ozpin finished students began to murmur

Nora: *Sigh* this hurts already. Ozpin is the freaking headmaster of a school of monster killers. I don’t think fighting him is a very fair judgement of new students. Granted he’s yet to fight in the show, but if this ends with anything other than Ozpin wiping the floor with Crow or it being a very close match we’re gonna have to start the Gary Stu counter.

“You think he’s that strong?” Jaune looked to their teammates, all of them had a different expression, even Ren was shocked by this this was clearly unorthodox.

Seiko: Oh-uh- Hi Team JNPR. Didn’t see you come in.

“You are probably wondering why I am using such an… unorthodox methods,

Cornelia: Can we give Ozpin a job here?

that is because I wish to test his skills myself, he is not here to become stronger in frank his combat prowess already matches that of an elite hunter,

Cornelia: Making it very clear that him attending this school is pointless. (Pointless Counter: 4)

he is merely here to learn how to control his ability and to learn about this world.

Seiko: Did Ozpin even learn about the beast plague problem thing? To be honest even we don’t know the fine details of what’s going on with that. Nora: Yeah not to mention I don’t think Beacon has a “Learn to control your vague beast bullshit class”. Also, if he wants to learn about the world I think he should start with a few books instead of jumping right into class.

He comes from a place where aura nor dust wasn’t discovered, a place where one misstep means death, a place where idea of protection is a foreign concept, In curtail the only thing he knows is, for lack of the better word kill.”

Nora: We’ve been OVER THIS! Story, can you please do something other than say the same phrases over and over again with slightly different wording?

“Wait if he didn’t unlock his aura…” Yang just realized something , the strength that he used to break Cardin’s wrist was pure force, the strength he had was inhumane.

Cornelia: Again-WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS! For God’s sake this author must think we’re goldfish.

‘That’s impossible only a monster can do that’ Yang couldn’t help but be afraid of the arrival of the new student

Cornelia:…Yang…Yang Xiao Long…afraid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VOItW3va3c Seiko: The woman who walks into a club of pissed off gangsters and then just smirks when a dozen pistols are pointed in her face?  NOPE!

Ruby shuddered at the last word Ozpin spoke there was no way someone timid as him would be capable of such deed Weiss couldn’t believe at the fact that the place he came from didn’t use dust at all, Blake on the other hand wasn’t surprised at all he had the same face as her previous partner, Adam

Nora: *Groan* The same face as someone she knew from the White Fang. Good as time as any to start (Gary Stu Counter: 1)

the amphitheater became louder filled with concerned voices as well as outrages Weiss being one of them. “I want all of you to observe this match to see how what his fighting styles are after all he might be the fifth member,” Ozpin smiled at the students

Seiko: The fifth member of what exactly? Nora: I’m starting to question if English is this author’s first language.

The screen changed the perspective now it had an overview a black figure approached to Ozpin, the student finally found out who the Undertake of Beacon was, the the two stepped back Ozpin held his cane in a defensive stance as for Crow he just took out his twin blade a cane was latched on to his hip. A tense atmosphere surrounded them, for Crow his hunter extinct wouldn’t let him held back he was still worried what Ozpin said

Cornelia: For the second time, you can hold back, just show a little goddamn self control.

I’ll be fine mister crow please don’t hold back ‘If that is what he want…’ Ozpin dashed at the hunter making the first move , the cane he wielded was unleashed towards him, crow simply dodged the in coming attacks while studying his opponent’s fighting style it was fast and unrelenting for him it was similar to Gascoigne’s when the beast blood took over the poor hunter, he was glad he didn’t bring his hammer as that would slow him down.

Nora: So Ozpin, a very reserved and mysterious man, has a fighting style that is similar to when a man went crazed with bloodlust and did nothing but charge forward and tear things apart? Uh, I’mma calling bullshit.

CLANG! Crow blocked Ozpin’s incoming attacks the two metal began to collide fast the two weren’t willing to give up so easily . Crow’s strikes was fast not leaving any moment of recovery for his opponent, each strike was meant for a swift death.

Seiko: Wow! This is…REALLY boring.

-Amphitheater- Weiss and Blake shuddered at his strikes,the two blade users learned the vital spots for an instant kill, however they never killed anyone before, they weren’t ready for such thing, however for Crow he was attacking the spots with no hesitation, each strikes was placed with perfect precision only to be blocked by Ozpin’s cane.

Cornelia: I’d like to point out that the characters in RWBY are so durable that one took around half a dozen shotgun blasts to the face, got blasted through a glass sculpture and was seen just fine.. Their aura is pretty good at keeping them intact.

As the two huntsmen fought Ozpin had a stoic expression during the entire fight as Crow she couldn’t tell because of his mask his armor made him look like a emotionless killing machine. Ozpin jumped back to create space between him and the hunter, Crow watched his opponent like a predator eyeing on his prey waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Crow snapped back his blade then sheathed it then he to took out his cane to his side, now it was an even fight.

Nora: As in it wasn’t before?

-Arena- The two cane strike each other it was a completely different fight, for Ozpin it wasn’t everyday that you fight someone with the same weapon he wielded. Crow stopped his attacks then dashed back then he ran toward at Ozpin he raised his arm to a position to strike but it was too early Ozpin went on defensive to prepare for his unexpected attack Crow quickly turned around in a full circle the cane that was once intact turned into a whip it latched on to Ozpin’s cane Crow pulled his cane, causing the headmaster’s body of the cane to be slipped out and revealing a blade. “Now… it is a fair fight” his voice was calm yet menacing a blood thirsty aura surrounded the hunter.

Nora: You said that TWO DICKING PARAGRAPHS AGO! Author! Originality! Try it out! Cornelia: Something just occurred to me. This guy has got some serious problems with bloodthrist, yet everyone, himself included, insist he keeps fighting. Isn’t that like having an alcoholic working at a brewery?

Crow smiled, he began to enjoy the fight, the adrenaline, sound of metal clashing, he was in pure ecstasy he wanted to see the blood of the opponent, he wouldn’t stop until his opponent at his mercy only to kill him at the crescendo of hope crushing it, he wanted to see blood, he wanted to bathe in it,just thinking about it made him more excited. He threw his cane at his side then took out his blade of mercy in twin blade form

Seiko:…Uh… Nora: Am I the only one who finds that a bit…sexual? Cornelia: Congrats. You make the beast plague even more creepy than Bloodborne did.

He charged at Ozpin each strikes became faster and stronger but this time the precise placement of his strikes became sloppier, he was now swing his blade with brute force. “The sweet blood, oh it sings to me. It’s enough to make a man sick”

Nora: I’m scared that every time we change paragraph the narration is gonna inform us that visibly getting aroused.

He suddenly realized the beast blood took over his body, in a short flash he remembered his fight with Gascoigne, that was the first time he witnessed the blood taking someone over. He was the sole reason why he took the oath of Hunter of Hunters, he promised himself that he would never let himself turn into a beast, as time passed his promise began break starting with his left eye it was an inevitable result.

Seiko: Did that paragraph just summarize an entire off screen character arc? Cornelia: Kind of looks like it. “I saw this, then made an oath to not be like that but then I became like that anyway. Because I suck.”

His entire left eye was red except for his pupil, his pupil was now oval shaped and pure black. He lied to Eileen and his brethren in his covenant about his eye telling them it was just a mere injury. Upon hearing that Eileen gave him an eye patch with the symbol of his covenant Hunter of Hunters, he was more than glad to wear it as it proudly represented his affiliation. The once new eye patch began to get tattered and stinked of blood despite that he still wore it with pride.

Nora: So his eye has come down with…thingie. You know, if this is the beast plague working its magic, it does not work this slow.

Gehrman stopped his strike, he quickly threw his blade on the ground, he struggled to stay up. “I… I forfeit” Ozpin’s showed a slight form of relief.


-Arena- “Why did he stop?” “I don’t care I’m just glad he stopped he could have killed professor Ozpin.”

Nora *Grinds teeth* (Gary Stu Counter: 2)

“No way professor was beating him!” “Oh please the Gehrman kid was clearly winning” “Is he even human?” “Man I want him in my team!” “Someone strong as him we;ll sure get top grades!”

Cornelia: Oh goodie, people are lining up to suck his dick already. Can’t we get OCs that are regarded as being on par with everyone else? Do they have to be goddamn special snowflakes?

The amphitheater was filled with voices all with different opinions team RWBY was shocked in many different ways. “Weiss can we-” “No.”Weiss cut her partner off “You don’t know what I was going to say…” ” You want him as the fifth member right?” “Well-” “Ruby didn’t you hear what Ozpin said? He only knows how to k-kill! He’s just as same as the White Fang!”

Nora: I feel like this whole mess is a massive oversimplification (Not to mention Ozpin was pretty boneheaded for announcing something like that to the entire school) but if it means we get to stay far away from Crow I’m ok with it.

“He is not like the White Fang.” Blake added her opinion harshly at Weiss with a glare

Cornelia: You COMPARED him to the White Fang Blake. Jesus fucking christ!

“Whatever he is like, he clearly can’t join us.” Weiss crossed her arms, Ruby looked to her “Sorry Rubes we can’t have someone like him what if something happens to you?” Even her sister was against her.

Seiko: It’s not even like Ruby to want to slap random people on her team. I can think of other characters that she would’ve done it to.

The crowd grew silent team RWBY saw the students staring at the center of the amphitheater it was the Headmaster and the new student. Silence slowly turned into whispers of fear and hatred, not many team leaders wanted the monster that stood in front of them.

Cornelia: They were tripping over each other to blow him three seconds ago! Now they’re all scared of him!? What is this story trying to do? It can’t seem to make up its mind.

Ozpin observed the crowd, he knew this would happen, when someone is different people distrust or even loathe them for not being the same.

Nora: Uh…no it was more you announcing to the entire school that all he knew how to do was kill people. Ya fucking moron.

“H-headmaster…” Crow gently pulled his sleeve “Yes mister Crow?” Ozpin turned to Gehrman he still couldn’t tell what he was feeling under his mask, As if he understood Ozpin’s concern Crow removed his mask and gave him a forced smile as he did many times. The only expression he knew how to make was anger and sorrow, nothing else. The cost survival was his happiness.

Cornelia: That’s called informed attributes, and they’re a mark of lazy writing. Also his appearing disappearing stutter is back for the moment.

“May I work al-alone?” The hunter asked timidly, Ozpin’s eye brow was raised “Why would you want that?”

Nora: *Looks at the crowd* Take a fucking guess.

“Hunters in Yharnam usually works alone.” in honesty he knew no one was going to accpet him “Sadly that cannot happen, however I can do this.” Ozpin went closer to the microphone “As you see his skill he surpasses all of you you have a lot to learn from him and he has a lot to learn from you, for now it will up to his decision to choose the team he desire to join. Now, Mister Crow would you like to introduce yourself?”

Cornelia: All the teams are full. In fact, the forest exercise that you skipped over for no damn reason was to have students form their teams and have them work together, hence why people aren’t allowed to skip it and they do it in groups. But fuck logic, Crow needed to show off.

The hunter peeped out of Ozpin’s back, he sheepishly took off his cap to let his black hair flow he tightened his eye patch once more, a small amounts of giggle could be heard from the female students. Gehrman sheepishly walked over to the microphone “My name is Gehrman Crow It is a pleasure meeting you all…” he spoke timidly

Nora: Just stay away from me when I’m going into a blood frenzy.

The crowd in the amphitheater grew silent, he was the same person who fought Ozpin on an equal ground, it looked like he made a complete change of his personality, he was no longer the vicious hunter the Ozpin once fought. ‘Did I do something wrong?’ the hunter began to panic not knowing what to do, he beagn fidget his hand while looking down, thankfully Ozpin took over the microphone

Seiko: Do you really want that question answered?

“That’ll be all students you’re all dismissed from the rest of the class.”

Nora: This review has gone on for a fair bit so now seems like a good time to stop. In summary, story has no idea what it wants to do, things get repeated without stop and Crow can’t seem to make up his mind if he’s a bloodthirsty killer with a case of pink-eye or a fragile little flower. In summary? We have freaking BRSue 2.0 people. We’re in for a hell of a ride. Seiko: *Rip* We’re in!


28 Comments on “1058: The Final Hunt- Chapter 4 part 1”

  1. AdmiralSakai says:

    “I remember seeing those faces after they…” Blake hesitated to say it so bluntly she was looking for a way to say it without scaring her innocent leader.

    “they took the lives of the others.” a silence fell for the three huntress as for Ruby she was oblivious to what the fanus meant.

    Because all people, everywhere, have one distinct Murder Face that they form whenever they kill another person, at any time, for any reason.

  2. AdmiralSakai says:

    “Look he’s only crying from his right eye!” Cardin pointed it out he began to look at his eye patch.

    Nora:…*Sigh* You’re fucking me.

    Cornelia: Nope. They’re seriously going down this path.

    He genuinely DID NOT NOTICE that the man had an eye patch until he started crying.

    Good god, that’s dense even for Cardin.

  3. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Ehhh… Ert? There is no Violet in RWBY AFAIK, unless you meant “Velvet”, also missed a comma there.

  4. AdmiralSakai says:

    As he approached closer to he noticed something different other than her ear, she smelled different. It wasn’t the smell of the beast nor human it was something completely different. He couldn’t help but approach to her, she seemed helpless and scared almost like a prey.


    Is this…. shipping? If so, it hurts.

  5. The Crowbar says:

    There are already shitfics about Bloodborne?!


    What the hell is wrong with everything?!

    *The Crowbar spins around aimlessly in a futile attempt to find any meaning to the Universe*

  6. "Lyle" says:

    Crow woke up from his dream, he looked around the room only to remember what has transpired yesterday. Another soft knock came from the door. He walked up to his table to wear his eye patch, he tightly tied it to ensure it won’t fall off.

    And the mysterious person knocking on his door was never mentioned again… I hate it when authors forget details like this. Someone was knocking. It woke him up. He never answers the fucking door and we’re all supposed to just forget that there was a knock in the first place. *facepalm*

  7. "Lyle" says:

    The indecisiveness of the author… it burns…

  8. TacoMagic says:

    he was attacking the spots with no hesitation, each strikes was placed with perfect precision only to be blocked by Ozpin’s cane.

    Did he hit and kill his target? No? THEN IT WASN’T FUCKING PERFECT PRECISION!

  9. SuperFeatherYoshi says:


    Ert! ERT! XCOM 2 IS HERE!

      • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

        Yep, XCOM as La Resistance, Mobile HQ, melee weapons, Snake Men, Evolved Sectoids.

        Also, this game is PC exclusive with Mac and Linux port, so procedurally-generated levels are back.

        Suck it, console.

      • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

        Oops, friendly fire.

        Seriously though, I’m glad that this one isn’t bogged down by console ports. I heard EU didn’t have procedurally generated levels because consoles couldn’t handle it.

        • erttheking says:

          Fair enough. To be honest I was more nervous because I have to game on a FUCKING MAC. So I’m relieved that it’ll be getting a port…gotta wait a bit for it though.

  10. Delta XIII says:

    Cornelia: Is there a term for a plot that simultaneously goes everywhere and accomplishes nothing?

    I’m in favour of the term “Sunday Drive Plot”.

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