1040: Persona 3 Trade Me Chapter 26

Title: Persona 3: Trade Me
Author: Bayanette Winters
Media: Video Game
Topic: Persona
Genre: Romance/Adventure
URL: Chapter 26

Ert:  So um, this review is just going to be me, as the others are little- Woods:  So who’s the guy with the big ass sword?  *BANG!* Goeth:  Artorias of the Abyss, hold on I’ll get him.  *Stab*  Ha!  Your champion is gone.  Now wh-*BANG!*  Ow. Ert:  Busy.  So, let’s move onto the last chapter of Trade Me.  Well, last chapter currently out.  I may come back to it later a-la From Another World, but after this I’m gonna be moving onto a new project.  Haven’t decided what yet.

Chapter 23 **Reader’s Warning: This chapter has intense swearing and possibly disturbing scenes. Please keep that in mind as you proceed.**

Ert:…Yeah, that warning applies to you guys too.  Also song (Song Counter: 24)

05/30/2014 2:45pm Aila held herself as high as she could. She’d been taking training lessons from both Akihiko and Shinjiro to become stronger (now that her Persona was more or less immobilized), but at this point she wondered if she was gaining anything.

Ert:  Once again, showing things is too hard so let’s just summarize them.  That’d be like if you summarized her freaking out or getting the drugs.  IT’S BORING!

Her teachers were really trying to help, but her exhaustion seemed to come faster and faster. Not to mention the headaches that proceeded….

Ert:  Is anyone even TRYING to solve ANY of the problems in this story?  This is why I don’t feel sorry for these people when bad things happen to them.  They just sit down and take it.  They don’t try to be proactive, they don’t try to fix things, they don’t try to take the initiative, they just feel sorry for themselves.  I don’t feel bad if you get bitten by an animal if you just accept your fate and stick your head in its mouth.

“Let’s take five,” Akihiko stated, observing her tired form. She gave a smile. Shinjiro made a noise from his seat nearby.

Ert:  Well, that sentence was so vague that it would be any noise, so I decided that it was this noise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIaFtAKnqBU

“Thanks.” Her head pain persisted. “I’ll be right back.” She hurried off to the bathroom. Her bottle was in her hand before the door shut. She had been taking two at a time as her headaches became worse.

Ert:  Yeah, question.  Her taking pills a random stranger gave her is bad enough, but he even tell her the proper dosage?  People have been killed by taking too much of a prescribed drug for the love of god!

She could sense Fate-and could almost hear Ryoji crying out-in the back of her brain. She wanted to listen (really, she did) but she couldn’t handle the throbbing. This time, she dryly swallowed three pills.

Ert:  Great.  She’s upping the dosage even MORE!  Did she consider taking fucking Advil or the Japanese equivalent before jumping to this extreme?

She glanced into the bottle as the magical little things took effect. She was almost completely out of her prescription. She needed to get more from Shouta…but where would she find him? And how could she get to him without the others noticing something was up?

Ert:  WHY ARE YOU KEEPING IT A SECRET!? Seriously, it’s like she’s deliberately doing things in the least efficient and most stupid way possible!

…. …. …. 06/02/2014 05:47pm She had to do it tonight. She had to find Shouta and get the pills from him. She was down to her last three, and it was taking much more than that to keep her headaches down each hour. As the boys discussed something in the kitchen, she tried to slip by.

Ert:  I NEED MY FIX MAN!  I’m not kidding, what do you call it when someone is gulping down pills each hour?

“Where do you think you’re going?” Shinjiro asked. Aila stopped dead in her tracks. “I was just going for a walk,” she said casually. “That sounds like a good idea,” Akihiko said. “It’ll be good for your cardio. I’ll come too

Ert:  NO!  YOU CAN’T COME WITH ME!  WHAT I’M DOING IS TOP SEKRET!  It’s not like you have a history working with Personas, YOU CAN’T BE TRUSTED!

“No, it’s okay. It’ll just be a quick jog…it won’t take too long.” She took her apartment keys as footsteps came her way. An arm reached around her to hold the door closed. “…Hold on.” Shinjiro used his other hand to feel her forehead. Since she’d just take her pills, her fever must’ve subsided. Shinjiro gave a thoughtful click of the tongue, then turned towards Akihiko. “I don’t think she should go out tonight.”


“B-but-.” Aila started to stutter. She needed to go out. She needed her pills. She didn’t know what would happen without them.

Ert:  Probably what was going to happen anyway.  They don’t really seem to be doing much, considering you need to take them hourly now.

“Does she still feel feverish?” Akihiko approached and touched Aila’s head, too. Her cheeks were now flushing from all of the attention. “Really, you two, I’m fine!” She pushed them both away from her. “I just want to take a walk. What’s wrong with that?”


A knock came at the door, startling everyone. Shinjiro moved his hand and Aila slowly opened it. No one was present, but a small package lay on the floor. Aila picked it up; it was addressed to her. “What is it?” Akihiko asked. The box shook slightly as she brought it too her face; she recognized the noise it made.

Ert:  And for some reason no one else put two and two together and realized that it was pills.  Seriously, pills in a bottle make a very unique sound.

“Probably just junk,” she stated. “Well, I’m going to go take a shower. Maybe you guys are right about me staying home.” Without further explanation, she left to the bathroom. She didn’t care if she sounded suspicious; she needed some privacy.

Ert:  Considering that everyone was too braindead to realize what’s up with her up to this point, I doubt that’ll be a problem.

When the water was turned on, she swiftly tore open the package. There it was: another green prescription bottle. A note sat beside it. Aila-I thought you’d need some more by now. Remember to take them as prescribed. -Shouta.

Ert:  Prescribed?  AS PRESCRIBED!?  You didn’t say how they were supposed to be prescribed.  And even if he did, I know for a fact Aila has been royally inconsistent with how she’s taking them, so she’s certainly not taking them as prescribed.

Thrilled, she grabbed the old bottle and dumped the remainder of its contents into her mouth. Then she opened the new container and took two more.

Ert:  So she’s gone from two, to three, to five.  Christ, five pills of even less severe medications could be enough to get you to OD.

Never had she felt more relaxed or at ease. The pain of Minako’s memories faded further and further from her mind. She was so relieved…so relieved that she could be herself now. She was confident that she didn’t have to worry about hurting anyone ever again.

Ert:  Yeah, you know, until she runs out of pills.  She’s chomping them down like candy, so I imagine this bottle will last two weeks tops.

… … …. Time Unknown The world around her closed eyelids shifted uncomfortably. It was dark and twisted-she couldn’t see a thing inside it. Cautiously, Aila took a step forward and met a wall. She took a step back and hit another wall that hadn’t been there before. To her sides: more walls.

Ert:  She can’t see a thing while he eyes are closed?  Well you don’t say.

Walls. Walls. Walls. She was trapped. They were closing in on her. They tried to press her body into the size of a shovel,

Ert:…I’m sorry what?  Is a shovel commonly used to denote smallness?

but her eyes would burst out of their sockets before that. Aila couldn’t breathe as the pushed in on her. Her arm reached upward, which was the only area with free space. She waved it around, trying to find a switch or lever-hell, she didn’t know! Anything to stop this would be nice!

Ert:  You know, she’s right.  Not being crushed to death is nice.

A voice called out to her. The silver ring on her finger tried its best to glow in the dim light, but it just couldn’t muster the strength. Someone’s figure was stretching down to her. Aila caught sight of something yellow, but it faded-as did the fingers that wanted to pull her out of that prison.

Ert:  So, just to be clear.  Aila’s ring can apparently glow, but couldn’t manage to do it in this instance and someone tried to pull her out but did nothing.  In other words nothing new here.

The box tighten again. Then again. Then again. Aila’s lungs were collapsing, her organs were being squashed, blood was pouring out of her every edifice. She was going to die here. This was the end. The ring couldn’t save her now-nor could anyone associated with it.

Ert:  The ring is can do that apparently.  Or not do that.

Then, in the corner of her bleeding eye, she saw a wolf. It approached her cage, which made the walls slow ever so slightly. As it got closer, she recognized it as the wolf that she had seen that night. Its yellow gaze watched her as it sniffed the invisible walls. She’d hoped that it would help her, but then it just sat. It just f*cking sat down and watched her.

Ert:…Really.  The story censored the word fuck?  It’s ok with everything else it’s shown up to this point, but saying the word fuck is going too far?

The walls resumed their speed. As the beast’s eyes stared into her, she realized that she was going to remain alive for minutes more. Even as her every limb was crushed into some mangled worm-looking thing, she was going to stay conscious until the last possible moment.

Ert:  I just realized that this story is turning into The Enigma of the Amigara Fault on me.  How long until Aila starts saying “This is my hole!  It was made for me!”  And now I’m just thinking about her saying “DRRRRR DRRRRR DRRRRR” and now there’s no way I’m taking this seriously!

Then, she wanted to die. She wanted to just let the wolf kill her so that she didn’t have to feel this pain anymore. She opened her mouth to beg it to kill her, but she didn’t have working lungs anymore. Her mind started racing-maybe it could hear her thoughts-and she desperately wished for death to embrace her. Death. Please Death. Please Thanatos, Ryoji. Please kill me. Please just let me die. I want to die.

Ert:  Please let her die so I don’t have to listen to this melodrama anymore.

…. …. …. 06/03/2014 12:00am It was the Dark Hour again. Aila had been left home alone, as her fever had returned with full force.

Ert:  AGAIN!?  FUCKING AGAIN!?  First they leave her with only a person or two, now they leave her completely alone. EVEN THOUGH THE SHADOWS KEEP MAKING A BEELINE RIGHT TOWARDS HER!  Is there anyone in this story who ISN’T stupid?

She awoke from her nightmare with a start and even felt a scream escape her lips. She was alive and breathing and away from images of dim rings and wolves. Aila was relieved to be awake, but found herself starting to cry. She was all alone. There was no one there to comfort her after that vicious dream.

Ert:  They ran off to go do stupid shit and hope that Shadows don’t kill you.

She maybe could’ve had Ryoji, or even Fate at that point, but they were repressed. Her friends were out on a mission. Hell, she was even missing Minako’s memories at that point.

Ert:  Oh for fuck’s sake, you can’t be happy with anything can you?  Even with memories that somehow take over your body you miss them when they leave because you need to be twagick.

At least they’d feel the void. At least she’d have something else to think about other than the flat line silence floating around her. Alas, there was truly nothing now. Just silence.

Ert:  Sadly the silence is often filled with the voices of stupid people.

In a flurry of agony and desperation, Aila dove off of her bed and slid things off of the nightstand. They made loud crashing noises. The silence was broken if only for a moment. When it returned, though, so did the pain. So did the feeling of cold darkness and invisible walls. Even now, she could feel them pressing against her. It didn’t matter where she moved, either-they followed her wherever she went.

Ert:  So she’s free of Minako’s memories but she’s still in pain?  I swear, the story is trying to maximize the amount of angst she has to go through no matter how little sense it makes…or maybe she’s going through withdrawal.  Yeah, either way it’s stupid.

She hurried to the kitchen and pulled out all of the plates, thrusting them into the sink and against the wallpaper. She broke glass cups against counters and yanked out the shelves in the refrigerator. She tossed over the TV and broke the windows showing her the waxing moon outside. Then, she screamed. For a long time she screamed, filling the void with the only noise she had left; her voice. When that became sore and worn out, she felt the headache come on.

Ert:  Yeah, hold on, let me break shit, it somehow makes the pain stop.  Also it is what tragic peopels do right?  Tragic people break things rite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLs-PkfUS2g

It was like a f*cking hammer had hit her head. She gripped her ears and tried to scream some more, but her voice didn’t want to come.

Ert:  “Tragic” moment ruined by censoring words.  Also, that wasn’t like a hammer hitting your head, that was me.

Of course, though! That was the answer. The pills were the answer. How silly that she didn’t go to them first.

Ert:  PILLZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOBNrAtIhRo

She swiftly sauntered to the bathroom, her bare feet catching on glass as a desperate desire carried her to the cure.

Ert:  PFT!  Fucking sauntered.  The Hell?

Swiftly, she tore the bottle from its hiding place and kneeled before the toilet. These were her savior, her Jesus Christ. These would make everything better. She gave a violent thrust and the lid skidded to the floor. Her harsh cries were going to subside, now. It’d be okay. She would be alright. These pills would make the walls go away.

Ert:  You know, I get the feeling anyone who struggled with a drug problem would want to strangle Aila right now for portraying such a simple and dumbed down version of that problem.

“But only if you take them all.” The voice was one she hadn’t heard before, but its depth and dominance prepared her for what was happening next. In one long drink, she took the remainder of the pills all at once.

Ert:  Why should I feel sorry for Aila?  Really, why should I?  The more I look at her, the more I realize that she has a self destructive personality.  She seems to go out of her way to screw herself over as much as possible.  That or she’s a complete dumbass.  Added to that, her only real personality trait is how bad she has it, so I’m not really that engaged.

She gagged a few times as they clattered against her throat, but they went down eventually. Having so many inside of her got her feeling so numb and woozy. Not only did it make the walls fade-everything started fading. A darkness was pressing at the corner of her eyes, but it was soft and comforting. It asked if it could come into her mind, offer her a present of peace and a quiet that wouldn’t drive her mad.

Ert:  So quiet was bad a little while ago, now it’s good?  Can this story make up its mind about anything?

“Yes,” she muttered, though she wouldn’t have needed to use her voice to give permission. The black fog started overtaking her gaze…and body, too. At last, she felt true, eternal peace.

Ert:  Oh goodie, is she dead?


Ert:  *Sigh*

Someone had grabbed her very violently, shaking the darkness off of Aila’s limbs. Then, a large finger jammed its way into her throat. Aila choked on it, feeling her lungs constrict as they tried to breathe past it. Instead of air, however, the contents of her stomach were released. She was placed against the toilet bowl were all of the food and pills inside of her poured out.

Ert:  Yeah, because when you’re keeping someone from ODing, you need to make sure you don’t make a mess in the bathroom.

As the magical little things escaped into the water, Aila started to sense the darkness leave her as if it was never there in the first place.

Ert:  Uh, no.  If she was feeling the effects of the pills, that would mean they were already in her system.  Just vomiting wouldn’t make that go away.

Without her really even noticing, her hands dove into the muddled liquid to get the pills back. The pain was starting to come on again. It needed to be silenced. Something on her stomach-it felt like a damn lead pipe-pulled her back from the toilet and a hand quickly pulled the porcelain trigger. The pills and Aila’s bile started to disappear into a deep abyss.

Ert:  You’re flushing a toilet for fuck’s sake.  You don’t need wording this dramatic!

“NOOOOOO!” Aila tried to cry out, but the sound that actually came was that of a suffocating cat.


Her body started convulsing as the affliction re-entered her limbs and head. It thrust the darkness aside, stating that it was no longer allowed inside. Then it made its nest in her heart-in her blood, where it traveled through her veins to inhabit every muscle. A swell of memories started coming on: all of the ones she’d pushed away with the suppression pills came full force and at the same time. She didn’t have time to process them-god, she’d pushed away so many! And they were all pouring in at once! All at once!

Ert:  You ever get that feeling that someone was so proud at how smart they were sounding that they didn’t care if what they said didn’t make any sense so long as it SOUNDS smart?  I’m getting that feeling right now.  Also I DON’T FUCKING CARE!

They filled her head and when they couldn’t fit that, they started drowning her nose and her cheeks and her mouth and her throat and her chest. She tried to shout-tried to make them fall away from her-but her rasping voice didn’t have the energy to push anymore. She wanted to die. She wanted to be crushed by invisible walls. ANYTHING but this!

Ert:  *Cocks pistol* Ok.  Anything to make this bitching stop.

Two arms had wrapped around her arms and chest, then two massive legs crossed over hers when she started kicking and thrashing. They attempted to keep her still-to keep her from hurting herself. She’d already unknowingly banged her wrist against the toilet bowl (and now it started bruising and swelling like a balloon). She didn’t like the restraints; she wanted to flail and move and flop around like a fish that’d just been pulled out of water by a hook. These arms and legs holding her down were like the walls she’d so recklessly tried to escape.

Ert:  You want to flop around like a fish?  Because that’s such a well known desire.

She wanted to die. She tried to make it known with her voice that she wanted to die.

Ert:  I also imagine people who have had suicidal impulses might also be pissed at this story for telling such a simplified version of this.

She tried monstrously hard to beg the person to let her go and to let her just fall over and suddenly stop breathing. She’d help, if she needed; she’d put her hands over her own throat if she had to. She’d press and press and press until nothing could get past through her airway. She’d end it herself, if they’d just let her go….

Ert:  Yeah no.  You’d pass out before you’d die and then you’d start breathing normally again.  FUCK’S SAKE this is stupid.

She hadn’t noticed before, but now felt a chin and neck laying over her shoulder. A cheek was pressing against hers, doing its best to keep her head from bashing against the tub behind them. A voice was reaching her ears…it probably had been talking for a long time now; she just hadn’t heard it before.

Ert:  I don’t care how hysterical she is, she wouldn’t miss someone talking directly into her ear.

“I ain’t gonna let you die here,” he muttered, holding her tighter. “You’re stronger than this.

Ert:  No she’s not.  She literally gives up every time things get hard.  I’m not advocating suicide, but I am saying that Shinji is being a liar right now.

You may not think so, but I’ve seen it. You’re better than this shit.” He breathed heavily, then exploded: “God dammit, why did you take the f*ucking pills?! You could’ve talked to me, you idiot! You stupid f*cking dumb ass, did you even think about what would happen?! Didn’t you know?! Didn’t you think even once about what this would do to us?!”

Ert:  Don’t you think about how your succeed would affect US!?  God, you’re so selfish!  Also, yeah, that’s what a suicidal person really wants to hear you fucking cunt.

Aila’s body convulsed some more-it was a savage beast trying to escape its prison. The limbs gripped tighter. It was no use; she knew this somewhere inside. He was stronger than her, so much stronger…. “You ain’t gonna die,” he muttered. “I ain’t gonna let ya. If you try, I’ll come after your god damned soul and bring you back. I’ll go to Hell if I have to.

Ert:  *Holds up plunger*  That can be arranged.

You ain’t gonna die.” After a while, he started saying it to himself. Aila thrashed more and more, the bubble of pain growing and growing and growing. Dammit, when would it burst already?!

Ert:  When you stop torturing metaphors.

Hours and hours and hours went by. Or at least, that’s what Aila assumed (she couldn’t really keep track of the time anymore). The desperate desire to consume more drugs and eliminate the pain was overwhelming. “You ain’t gonna die.” The blood inside of her boiled, threatening to burn through her skin. “You know you’re strong than this. You have to know.” Oh, God, it was turning into acid! It was going to melt right through her! “Dammit, answer me!”

Ert:  Shouldn’t he call a fucking hospital?…Right Dark Hour.  Well shouldn’t he call fucking Mitsuru?

Someone had to hear her wailing through the walls! Help! Help release me! I need to pull apart the pipes and find those pills!

Ert:  *Puts head in hands*  Jesus Christ, are you guys reading the same lines I am?

“You should’ve talked to me, you idiot! I would’ve understood! I would’ve…” Release me, you monster! Let me go! I’ll will rip you apart if you don’t let me F*CKING GET THOSE PILLS BACK!

Ert:  Censoring because we’re willing to show a girl try to kill herself but swearing isn’t a line we’re willing to cross.

“You ain’t alone in this, Aila.” That’s when something clicked. She knew this voice. She’d known it all along-she just hadn’t paid attention to it before: Shinjiro. Shinjiro… “Shin-” Her voice cut off. Her throat couldn’t bear to say anything more. “Yeah, it’s me, kid.” She could now feel his breath against her collarbone.

Ert:  Yeah, we have a sweet moment like that.  Or something.

She could feel his hands pressing her forearms against her chest. She could detect his legs restraining her knees and ankles to the tile floor. Then, it all seemed to disappear as a wave of pain made itself known. It was as if it was saying: “DON’T YOU DARE IGNORE ME! I’M HERE! YOU CAN’T STOP ME!” She desperately wanted to scream again.

Ert:  Oh shut up.

“You’re stronger than this.” His voice found her again. “Fight it. Fight it, god dammit!” He was right. She needed to fight it. She didn’t have the pills to do it for her, so now she needed to take the battle into her own hands. She focused on steadying her breathing. She concentrated on getting the pain to center in her torso (if it was there, she could fight it easier.)

Ert:  Pain can be fought easier in the torso than other parts of the body.  It’s a scientific fax.

“That’s it, kid.” Her limbs were starting to reduce their flinches. The contractions of her muscles were getting fewer and far between. Her pumping blood was starting to fall into a slow and steady rhythm. The pain was still there, but she was controlling her responses to it. She could now feel Shinjiro’s chest breathing slowly against her back, and she tried her best to match its pace.

Ert:  She reduces the pain through sheer willpower?  For fuck’s sake…

Finally, as the memories she’d tried to suppress were finishing their vigorous catch-up, one surfaced clearly in her mind. “It was also discovered that the pills Mr. Aragaki was taking were causing problems with….” Oh god, what had she done?


“Aila….” Shinjiro didn’t hear that voice, but Aila did. It was still distant and didn’t indicate a full-on return yet, but she knew it was coming. Her dear friend of the Death Arcana…he would reach her again.

Ert:  Yeah, he really has no purpose in this story, does he?

As she finally started to normalize, she became conscious enough to watch the blue ambience fade away. Had that really all happened within the time frame of the Dark Hour? It didn’t seem possible.

Ert:  The power of plot is strong with this one.

A harsh pounding came from the bathroom door. Someone had closed and locked it. “Shinji?! Is Aila there with you?!” Akihiko’s voice was muffled behind the wood. Aila wanted to call out to it, but she was on the verge of passing out. “Yeah.” The brunette behind Aila called back. “What’s going on?! It’s a mess out here!”

Ert:  Where the Hell were they this whole time?  And where was Akihiko while Shinji was taking care of Aila?

Mess? …Oh, yeah. “It’s fine, Aki.” Shinjiro loosened his grip on Aila. His embrace then was gentle, comforting. He moved his head from the girl’s shoulder and instead leaned her against his. “Aila? Are you-” “Dammit, Aki, shuddap for a second!” Shinjiro paused and stared down at Aila. She exhaustedly met his eyes in wonder; she’d never seen his face so still-at least, not like this. They watched each other for a few moments until the brunette opened his mouth again, not breaking their gaze. “Get Mitsuru. We need to get Aila to a hospital.”

Ert:  First intelligent move people have made this whole story.

“What?!” There was a brief silence. “I’m on it!” Footsteps pounded down the hallway. There was more staring, and then: “You gave Fuuka a headache, you know.”

Ert:  OH!  Well how are we gonna fucking move on!?  How can we live with ourselves?

“I did?” That’s what she meant to say, but her raspy tone turned it into a demonic cuss. Still, Shinjiro got the gist of it. “Yeah.” He gave the door a single glance. “Where did you get the pills?” “A friend….” Although, she had some serious doubts about that now.

Ert:  YA THINK!?

“You’ll have to introduce me sometime.” Shinjiro’s joking tone was rather frightening. Still, Aila was glad that it was him holding her. She was glad to have this savior at her side.

Ert:  Moments like this and we’re still coming back to a stupid love triangle.

She gasped; the pain was coming back. She wouldn’t thrash this time, but she’d moan and cry into the boy’s shoulder. Shinjiro put a hand to her head, holding her to his neck. “I didn’t want Aki to see you like this,” he explained. “It would’ve killed him.” That explained the door…..

Ert:  Because apparently Akihiko can’t handle anything serious.

Aila groaned. “What…about you?” “Me?” Aila nodded against him and cried out again. Shinjiro’s grip became a bit firmer. “I’ll live.” Dammit, she wished that it didn’t hurt to laugh.

Ert.  Ha…ha…ha.

… … … … … … … … And that, children, is why you don’t do drugs…especially when they’re the Persona repression kind.

Ert:  Shut up.  Just shut the fuck up.  What was that?  What the fuck did I just read?  This story has struggled with the most basic dements of story telling.  Consistent characters, a stable plot, engaging interactions, and freaking INVESTMENT.  And it thinks it can handle something along the line of drugs and suicide?  Fuck.  Off.

Ert:  These are serious matters.  Authors need to do research when they’re going into these fields (Well really they should do research when going into ANY field they’re unfamiliar with) so they can show they know what they’re doing.  And this is some of the most basic, watered down, and insulting takes on these subjects.  First of all, the stigma against drugs in Japan is HUGE.  A single joint of weed can give you a prison sentence of five years, and I refuse to believe someone would start chugging pills from a complete stranger if they grew up in that environment. http://www.theweedblog.com/toughest-marijuana-laws-around-the-world/

Ert:  Second, the only reason this stupid little scenario even happens is because Aila is the biggest moron possible.  Most people who have drug problems take them because they’re self medicating to get away from traumas in their lives, or they got addicted to it and can’t stop.  They don’t just take drugs from strangers to solve a problem they have no idea how he knows anything about and just assumes he’s right.  And what’s more, I can see you tried to go for the emotional trauma angle, but here’s the problem.  Aila is not convincingly tragic, she’s always sad, but the universe is basically doing backflips to give her something to be sad about.  She’s sad about the memories, but then she’s sad when they’re gone and THEN she’s sad when they come back!   People do not think like this!

Ert:  Third it’s very clear you don’t understand how drugs work considering you had Aila vomit them all up and caused the effects of them to suddenly stop.  How can you expect to tackle such a real world problem seriously if you don’t know jack about it?  I’m gonna be covering rape in one of my stories, and you can bet your ass I did research for it.

Ert:  Finally, this whole thing is based on something that NEVER made any sense.  The memory thing is stupid, it’s not well explained, and it’s not ever consistent with how it works.  It’s sad, because I was talking with Herr and I came up with something.  Persona is good at exploring modern issues through the supernatural.  Persona 4 had a channel that only appeared at midnight that showed real life people in stupid situations, but it also showed the stereotypical ways that people thought that they acted, and how those people were pressured to act that way to fit into societal roles, or felt cast out for NOT acting the right way.  One guy liked feminine stuff, so everyone assumed her was gay (He was probably also gay and going through acceptance issues) one woman was trained to be a proper lady and people assumed that her only goal would be to find a husband, one was a pop diva so plenty of people assumed she was a slut and/or only cared about her body and you get the idea.

Ert:  There is a lot of suicide in Japan right now.  It’s believed that a man’s value is measured by how he supports his family, and usually is expected to be the bread winner.  Problem is that the economy is tough, so being fired isn’t unheard of.  A lot of men, feeling they can’t support their families, feel that they have no worth and kill themselves.  It would’ve been interesting to see everyone assuming Aila would take on the role of leader, that she would step into Minako’s shoes.  The memories might’ve been interesting there, with everyone expecting her to discard who she was to step into a roll, and in that case the attempted suicide would’ve fitted the social pressure a lot of people feel in modern day Japan.

Ert:  But no, it’s because memories make Aila sad face.  Fuck this story.

Goeth:  ERT!

Manus:  YOU!

Ert:  Oh…oh dear.


22 Comments on “1040: Persona 3 Trade Me Chapter 26”

  1. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    On a semi-related note…
    I find it kinda strange that Turian armors seemed to be completely useless against laser during the First Contact War in From The Ashes. In the codex, it was mentioned that combat hardsuits have ablative layers that boil away when hit by energy weapons.

    • erttheking says:

      *Tilts head* I thought it was said that handheld energy weapons didn’t exist in the Mass Effect universe. Why would Turian armor be designed to take fire from a weapon that doesn’t exist?

      • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

        I think it wasn’t designed to protect against handheld energy weapons, it was designed to protect against heat. Energy weapons just happen to generate a lot of heat.

  2. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Also, please do this next please do this next please do this next please do this next:

  3. Delta XIII says:

    Ert: When you stop torturing metaphors.

    Does the Geneva Convention cover that?

  4. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Oh, come on! This is the finale, and there’s only, like, 15 comments? And most of them aren’t even related to this?

    • Tie Dye Mage says:

      That’s because I hadn’t had the chance to jump in. Now it’s 16 and counting.

    • TacoMagic says:

      Ert’s coverage was pretty comprehensive.

      But, even more important a large portion of the episode covered something of a sensitive subject. These kinds of episodes are notoriously hard to respond to because we don’t want to get the subject matter caught in the crossfire of snark.

  5. TacoMagic says:

    She’d hoped that it would help her, but then it just sat. It just f*cking sat down and watched her.

    *Squints* Wait…


    Anyone know what that word is? I can’t figure it out! It’s so confusing! I can’t figure out what that fucking word is!

  6. TacoMagic says:

    “I ain’t gonna let you die here,” he muttered, holding her tighter. “You’re stronger than this. You may not think so, but I’ve seen it.

    A shame that the audience hasn’t. I think Shin here might have been reading a different fic than we are.

  7. parrish122 says:

    Pain can be fought easier in the torso? I bet that Dr Goeth would have some interesting things to say about that. He’d have informed opinions through scientific observations, after all.

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