1024: The Rope Shrine Maiden’s Diary -Fatal Frame-, and Blood stained sisters – Oneshot(s)

Title: The Rope Shrine Maiden’s Diary -Fatal Frame-/Blood stained sisters
Author: xxBloodyKimonoxx/socialzombie0512
Media: Video Game
Topic: Fatal Frame
Genre: Tragedy/Horror and Hurt/Comfort
URL: The Rope Shrine Maiden’s Diary -Fatal Frame-, Blood stained sisters
Critiqued by SC, Auren and L. Ederlein Salthorne

Hello, and welcome back to the Library of the Damned! I’m your host, SC, and this is the unfortunate continuation of my “Until I Get My Riffing List Back” campaign.

So, I figured, since I’m still stuck doing this, let’s take a trip to the horror genre side of fanfiction.net and see what we can find!

Initially, I was gonna do a Silent Hill fic, because I love making everybody suffer by looking at the disfigured abominations you fight in Silent Hill, but my recent Abyss oneshot set my mind to another game series I was also familiar with, so I decided to go there instead.

Oh yeah, and I brought some friends with me this week. Meet Auren Pharis and Lance Ederlein Salthorne, twin psychics!

O hai, Auren! (Normally his sword is on his back, but because recolor.me doesn't have anything like that yet, he has it about his waist for this one instance.)

O hai, Auren! (Normally his sword is on his back, but because recolor.me doesn’t have anything like that yet, he has it about his waist for this one instance.)

O hai, Lance! (He doesn't actually have a cape on his regular outfit, that just came attached to the gloves. So did the sword, but that he does have.)

O hai, Lance! (He doesn’t actually have a cape on his regular outfit, that just came attached to the gloves. So did the sword, but that he does have.)

Auren and Lance were born magically proficient children, and among those powers was the ability to see into the future (Lance) and see into the past (Auren) as easily as if they were just blinking, where most seers and historians have to put out a great deal of effort and resources just to get the briefest of images or write down the barest details. With Auren, his power is as simple as coming into contact with an object and suddenly unlocking its entire past in that instant, and with Lance, all he has to do is look at something and he’ll get an idea of where it’s going to go. This helped the brothers out tremendously in their preferred occupations – younger brother Auren went and became a mercenary for a while, then retired and became a bounty hunter instead, with some adventuring on the side, and older brother Lance became a dragon slayer, and after becoming a widely-known celebrity for his skill at such a dangerous job, he also retired (well, he had no choice, really. Lance was only a dragon slayer because of a war that broke out between dragons and humans, and Auren only became a mercenary when the war commenced because he was able to get good pay from desperate clients of the upper class, so once the conflict came to an end, neither of them could find work and had to move on) and decided to go into the bodyguard line of work, also with some adventuring on the side. He and Auren have adventures together sometimes.

Specs would probably like Lance more than Auren, because while Lance actually learned how to use a sword properly, Auren cheated and tapped into the history of an old sword used by a master swordsman and just absorbed all the sword’s battle experience, then tied in his own little quirks and called it good.

Auren: Hey, it’s not gotten me killed yet, so I must have done something right.

L. Ederlein: We’ll see how that holds ten years from now.

Right, so let’s get to the infodump:

Fatal Frame, also known as Project Zero, is a series of Japanese survival horror games developed and published by Tecmo, Grasshopper Manufacture, Wanadoo, Microsoft Interactive, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, and Nintendo for pretty much all the major consoles from December of 2001 to September of 2014, with at least five mothership titles at present – Fatal Frame, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, Fatal Frame III: The Tormented, Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, and the newest release, Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven. The series has had multiple spin-off titles as well.

We’re focusing on the first two games in the mainline series this week, so I’m only going to divulge their plots.

In Fatal Frame/Zero/Project Zero, the story is centered around siblings Miku and Mafuyu Hinasaki –

O hai, Miku!

O hai, Miku!

O hai, Mafuyu!

O hai, Mafuyu!

Who happen to find their way to Himuro Mansion, the location of an urban legend in Japan speaking of a brutal massacre that supposedly took place within, leaving no survivors. I’m sure I’ve gone into detail about that story before, in my Princess Mononoke riff.

The siblings don’t arrive at the same time, or for the same reason – Miku enters the mansion in search of her brother, aspiring folklore journalist Mafuyu, who himself entered the mansion in search of his mentor, Junsei Takamine –

Posthumous o hai, low-res Junsei!

Posthumous o hai, low-res Junsei!

– who was researching the legend surrounding the mansion along with his assistants, Koji Ogata –

Posthumous o hai, Koji!

Posthumous o hai, Koji!

Juuust in case anybody was about to ask me, "why posthumous?".

Juuust in case anybody was about to ask me, “why posthumous?”.

– and Tomoe Hirasaka.

Posthumous o hai, Tomoe!

Posthumous o hai, Tomoe!

When he entered the mansion, Mafuyu had the good sense to bring his mother’s old camera with him, which ended up saving his life when he revealed its power of capturing and dispelling the souls of tormented spirits. Recalling an old story, Mafuyu came to realize that his mother’s old camera was the Camera Obscura –

Ladies and gentlemen, the Camera Obscura.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Camera Obscura.

– but unfortunately, about the time he discovered that, Mafuyu met the reason behind the massacre at Himuro Mansion: Kirie Himuro.

Posthumous o hai, Malevolent Kirie!

Posthumous o hai, Malevolent Kirie!

Posthumous o hai, Benevolent Kirie!

Posthumous o hai, Benevolent Kirie!

Kirie was involved in a sacred, yet disgusting ritual that the Himuro family undertook to keep a doorway to hell that resided beneath the mansion sealed, known as the Strangling Ritual. Every ten years, a woman was blinded in secret and forced to wear a demon mask, and a group of young girls would be pit against her in a game of Demon Tag. The child who was captured last – in this case, young Kirie – would spend the next few years until she reached her age of adulthood locked away in a room with no access to the outside world, her only visitors being masked priests sworn to silence and only present to attend to her needs, so that the young shrine maiden wouldn’t grow attached to any mortal objects and have her pure blood tainted by the sins of the world. On the appointed day, she would then be tied down by holy ropes to a device and be drawn and quartered, and her blood would stain the ropes, which would then be placed over the doorway to hell. The mix of pure maiden blood and holy blessings on the ropes would act as a seal, preventing the door from being opened.

However, something went horribly, horribly wrong. A visitor came to the mansion and discovered Kirie in her cell, and not realizing the intent, he became friends with her, and feel in love with her, thereby tainting her blood. Acting quickly to try and fix what was already far too broken, the Himuro priests took and killed the visitor, throwing his body into the Endless Abyss (which they apparently just have in their backyard, whatever) but it didn’t do them any good, because Kirie discovered the treachery and became saddened and angered by it. When she was taken to her death on the appointed day, the ropes were draped over the door, but Kirie’s tainted blood wasn’t powerful enough to keep it shut. It burst open, and a Calamity came forth, carrying with it Kirie’s restless soul, which split into both a benevolent and malevolent form, and a terrible curse known as the Malice, which caused all the residents to go mad, killing each other and themselves if Kirie didn’t get to them first. In a last ditch effort to keep his people from falling under the curse of the Malice or Kirie’s wrath, Lord Himuro –

Posthumous o hai, Lord Himuro! (And I'm just gonna assume the floating heads belong to those three priests you beheaded during your killing spree.)

Posthumous o hai, Lord Himuro! (And I’m just gonna assume the floating heads belong to those three priests you beheaded during your killing spree.)

– took up the blade and killed all those he could who had not yet been afflicted, ending his insane rampage with his own blood as he fell on his sword in the mansion’s resident Buddhist temple.

The mansion fell into ruin, and forever afterwards, any foolish soul who set foot within was cursed to a slow-acting death over the course of about four days, each day being marked by the sudden appearance of rope burns around the ankles, wrists, and neck, representing Kirie’s sacrificial drawing and quartering. Once the rope burns appeared about the neck, it was too late. It’s not explained how the afflicted die, but reports claim to have only found body parts, so I think we can make our own conclusions here.

Surprisingly, however, Mafuyu didn’t get cursed. Actually, because he bore such a resemblance to Kirie’s lost lover, she mistook him for the same man and took him hostage instead, trapping Mafuyu between the living and spirit worlds.

Two weeks later, Mafuyu’s younger sister Miku entered the mansion in search of her brother and promptly got trapped by the restless souls of the former residents and Kirie. Not long after finding the Camera Obscura, Miku encounters Kirie’s benevolent soul, followed quickly by her malevolent soul, who hits her with the Rope Burn curse. For the next four days, Miku is left to uncover the truth of the ritual with the aid of benevolent Kirie and undo the damage, which frees Mafuyu, cures Miku and repels the Malice from malevolent Kirie’s soul, which recombines with itself and takes up its solemn duty to close the doorway to hell and bar it with her own spirit. Mafuyu, realizing why Kirie never killed him, stayed behind with her ghost to help her keep the gate barred, and was buried under rubble as the mansion collapsed on itself, just as Miku escaped.

This first oneshot, a real shorty at only one hundred and forty-nine words called “The Rope Shrine Maiden’s Diary -Fatal Frame-” by xxBloodyKimonoxx, is the author’s take on diaries Kirie might have kept. She did actually keep a diary, which you can find seven entries of in game, but it’s not how the author wrote it.

Gentlemen? Shall we?

Auren: Sure, why not.

L. Ederlein: By all means. Although you’ve neglected to talk about the second game, for a reason I won’t talk about here.

Damn it man, could you not spoil the surprise by looking into the future, please?!

L. Ederlein: Too late.



Right-o! First fic!

November 26, 1827

November 26, 1827 is an assumed date on the author’s part. It’s uncertain when Kirie underwent the ritual, as the game doesn’t go into detail about it. When you base a game about an urban legend, it’s kind of hard to pin any dates down, you know? The only thing we know for certain is that the game takes place somewhere in the nineteen hundreds (again, not specified), which means that we’re at least forty or so years ahead in time if we assume this date to be correct, and Kirie was seventeen – the age of adulthood for women during the time period in which she probably lived – when she was sacrificed, meaning that she was only seven when the Demon Tag ritual took place. So, if we assume the date to be accurate, this would place her at least somewhere in her late forties or early fifties if she were still alive.

Fuck, if this game were a real thing, I could just have Auren figure this all out for me. It’d probably take him like two seconds.

Auren: Less time than that, even. I would learn all this stuff in the blink of an eye, so long as I could come into contact with Kirie. Which… you know… I can’t. So.


Today was the day of the Demon Tag Ritual or the ‘Blind Demon’ ritual. A lot of other girls were in the mansion today. There was this lady wearing a mask with stakes where the eyes are.

Ah, yes, the blinding mask. It’s exactly as gruesome as it sounds.

Here’s how a woman is chosen to be a demon in the Demon Tag Ritual: they’re the FIRST girl to be caught during the present Demon Tag Ritual. The point of the ritual is to be last, because it meant that the demons couldn’t touch you, and so you were therefore pure. If you got caught first, clearly you were just a demon in human form, right?

And that woman, ten years later, is placed in the demon mask.

I assume you understand why she’s blind, now?


Actually, the blind demon tag woman is an enemy ghost you can, and are forced to fight in game, at several points during her part of the plot (the second night centers around the Blinding Ritual and Demon Tag Ritual).

Posthumous o hai, Blind Woman! (By the way, I'd like to point out that this image is in German. I'm amazed Germany even allows Fatal Frame to exist in their country, what with their views on censorship.)

Posthumous o hai, Blind Woman! (By the way, I’d like to point out that this image is in German. I’m amazed Germany even allows Fatal Frame to exist in their country, what with their views on censorship.)

Her fights are nothing if not aggravating at times. Here’s one instance:

(Unfortunately, I can’t find a video of JUST the fight against the Blind Woman, so you’ll have to deal with some spoilers. Thankfully, I already told you how the game goes, so it shouldn’t offend anybody too badly.)

As you might have noticed, ol’ Blindy McSightless there has a particularly annoying habit of warping all over the place when you’re battling her. Even the LPer (Louis Chou, who does really good, if lower quality silent LPs) has trouble with her during his playthrough. Supposedly, there’s a mechanic where moving quietly means she can’t find you, but with her constant warping, that doesn’t do much good because you can’t avoid her anyhow.

Auren: L probably could.

That’s because he can see into the future, Miku can’t.

Although, there IS a definitely useful mechanic for when she decides to turn invisible – notice how Miku turned her head, and the Blind Woman was right where she was looking? Well, a big part of Miku’s character is that she has a sixth sense that lets her detect ghostly presence around her, so when a ghost turns invisible, if you stop moving and pay attention, Miku will turn and look in the direction the ghost is sneaking up from so that you don’t get any nasty surprises when you reengage.

It’s not that she’s a difficult fight – just annoying, really.

Auren: Kinda like a lot of things I’ve ever fought.

That’s what you get for having the power of hindsight: everything is a bitch to fight.

Now then, I feel like I’ve gotten far enough off topic, so let’s snap back into gear here:

She tried to catch us, and I got caught last. I will be the next rope shrine maiden.

Thank you, Kirie, but I’m fairly certain I clarified that already.


I’m sorry please don’t curse me.

2 men with a veil covering their face took me to this room where I’ll live, I asked if I could keep a diary and they said yes.

They didn’t imagine her writing completely non-canonical nonsense, though. OH GOD THE RITUAL IS GONNA FAIL.


I’m sorry I won’t joke about that anymore.

L. Ederlein: Yes he will.

Shut up, man! I don’t want to get cursed!

They won’t let me go outside though! Why do I have to be in this room? Why can’t I go outside? Is it all part of the preparation for this ‘ritual’ I have to take part in as a Rope Shrine Maiden?

You want my honest answer?


…Well, uh, let’s just leave it “yes” and move on, then.

What will happen to me? I want to go outside! This room is so small and crowded…


That’s the end of the oneshot, but I’ve already told you how it goes for her so we’re honestly not missing out on much.

Now, that was FAR too short for a oneshot of SC caliber (because I’m certain that everybody expects me to put out veritable novels at this point), so let’s throw another oneshot in the mix!

This fic is called “Blood stained sisters”, by socialzombie0512, and it’s a little over a thousand words, and set in the plot of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.

Now, here’s the REAL reason I brought you guys in on thi-

L. Ederlein: It’s because the main protagonists of Crimson Butterfly are twin sisters and we’re twin brothers.


L. Ederlein: I do recall telling you that I had already foreseen this moment.


*sigh* He’s right though, the reason I left out Fatal Frame II’s plot is because of that one little detail that I was HOPING I could surprise them with, but fucking Lance decided he wasn’t patient enough to play along, so I guess the cat’s out of the bag on that one.

Fatal Frame II/Zero ~Akai Chou~/Project Zero II loosely continues the plot of Fatal Frame from the eyes of twin sisters Mio and Mayu Akamura –

O hai, Mio!

O hai, Mio!

O hai, Mayu!

O hai, Mayu!

– who are visiting a site from their early childhood that is set to be turned into a dam, when Mayu suddenly becomes transfixed on a curiously crimson-colored butterfly and begins to follow it. Mio, fearing for her sister’s health after Mayu sustained a bad injury to her leg in an earlier incident, follows after Mayu, and the two sisters unknowingly step over the threshold between the human world and a world of eternal night where a haunted, occupied only by themselves and the restless, malevolent spirits of the village’s former occupants, reside. It doesn’t take long for the twins to stumble across the Camera Obscura – a separate instance from Miku’s, meaning that any camera can become empowered with ghost-capturing and dispelling powers – and are then attacked by the ghosts of the villagers. Thankfully, Mio is a quick-draw with the camera and is able to fight them off, but then Mayu is led astray by the ghosts and Mio is left to chase her down.

Mio discovers a Silent Hill-esque radio operated by Spirit Stones along the way, and it gives her little tidbits of information about what all is going on in the village:

Much like Fatal Frame, the village in Crimson Butterfly was home to a horrible ritual. This ritual involves a pair of twins, usually fifteen years old or so but it’s possible for them to be younger of necessary. They’re locked away in separate houses from each other, secluded from the world for about a year, give or take, and during that time they enter a purification process wherein they become priests/priestesses (this ritual is gender-neutral) for when the ceremony begins, and are taken in as members of a certain household (not sure what significance that holds) until it’s time to move them to the Kurosawa House for the ceremony.

In the ceremony, one twin strangles the other to death, and the body of the dead twin is thrown into a gateway to hell known as the Hellish Abyss (simplified as ** because it’s like Voldemort in that it’s a name that’s taboo to speak aloud and looking upon the Abyss blinds you), thereby preventing a catastrophe known as the Repentance from occurring. According to the villagers, the souls of twins are really one pure soul split in two, and strangling one to death unites that soul, thereby creating a barrier against evil that would threaten the village. It’s pretty out there, but then again, so is ripping a girl apart to keep a door shut, right?

The surviving twin receives a butterfly-shaped mark on their neck to signify the ritual’s success, and are recognized as a Remaining, a guardian priest of the village; and the dead twin becomes a crimson butterfly, acting as a guardian deity of the village. Often, the surviving twin will go white-haired from the trauma and grief of killing their own sibling.

(There’s a non-lethal version of the ritual where the twins go to the top of a mountain, are bound together by a red sash, and perform a séance, after which they become “deities” who watch over the village together. Obviously, this isn’t as effective, because there are exactly zero pairs of twins in the village when Mio and Mayu show up.)

So what’s the Repentance, and why do we need to prevent it?

Well, it’s like the Calamity from Fatal Frame – bad shit goes down, everybody dies, and if you’re really unlucky, the vengeful spirit of the most recent sacrifice comes back to make things worse.

Which is exactly why the village is locked in eternal night and nowhere to be found on any maps when Mio and Mayu step into it!

“But, SC! Who’s the sacrifice that came back?”

Oh, you know, Sae Kurosawa.

Posthumous o hai, Sae! (I am amazed that there's an image of her character where you can actually see her entire face. Most of them have her head thrown back while she's laughing maniacally, or she has her head down so her bangs are covering her eyes, or the picture is too small and grainy to make anything out.)

Posthumous o hai, Sae! (I am amazed that there’s an image of her character where you can actually see her entire face. Most of them have her head thrown back while she’s laughing maniacally, or she has her head down so her bangs are covering her eyes, or the picture is too small and grainy to make anything out.)

She also came back with a buddy called the Kusabi, who was an innocent folklorist named Seijiro Makabe that ended up being tossed into the Hellish Abyss along with Sae to try and fix the ritual, which… You know… That didn’t work out well.

Posthumous o hai, Kusabi!

Posthumous o hai, Kusabi!

(Also, the Kusabi was responsible for bringing the Camera Obscura in Crimson Butterfly to the village. The Camera Obscura in Crimson Butterfly is actually the original, with the Fatal Frame Camera Obscura being a later model. Both cameras, the Spirit Stone Radio, and a special projector which had as of yet not come up as an item of importance in this riff, were all created by the Kusabi’s old friend, Dr. Kunihiko Asou:

(Assumedly) posthumous o hai, Dr. Asou!

(Assumedly) posthumous o hai, Dr. Asou!

So there you go.)

After much toil, turmoil, and barely avoiding death by Sae and the Kusabi, Mio and Mayu finally reunite, but Mayu has become possessed by Sae and persuaded by the other spirits to undertake the role of the younger Crimson Twin to be sacrificed in the ritual. In order to dispel the Repentance and escape, Mio is forced to strangle Mayu to death. Over the deed is done, Mayu’s body is thrown into the Hellish Abyss, and the Repentance is dispelled. Mayu becomes a Crimson Butterfly, and Mio chases after the butterfly sobbing apologies. Later, after the artificial lake is built as planned, Mio is shown to have a butterfly-shadows bruise on her neck, signifying the success of the ritual.

Fatal Frame really likes killing off siblings, guys.

Now, for those still wondering why Crimson Butterfly is a continuation of Fatal Frame, here’s where the two games are connected:

Sae’s twin, Yae Kurosawa, caused the ritual to fail by running away from the village. Unbeknownst to her, Sae was hanged, and her body was thrown into the Hellish Abyss with the future Kusabi to try and fix the ritual, but that failed. While that was going on, or perhaps after the Repentance had already been unleashed, Yae met her future husband, Ryozo Munakata, and they had a daughter, Mikoto Munakata. After this, they moved into the Himuro Mansion, then recently vacant from the massacre of the Himuro clan, where the benevolent soul of Kirie Himuro gave Mikoto the Camera Obscura, which then found its way to Yae, who began to see spirits. Mikoto got a hold of the camera, and one day while playing Demon Tag with friends, suddenly disappeared. In truth, the Long Arms ghost –

Posthumous o hai, Long Arms!

Posthumous o hai, Long Arms!

– was snatching up Mikoto’s friends and killing them because he falsely assumed them all to be his daughter, who he had tried to save from the Strangling Ritual before he died. Mikoto, however, was led away to safety by the benevolent soul of Kirie Himuro, and was found in the forest nearby later with no memory of the incident. Unfortunately, before this time, Yae had commit suicide by hanging due to being intensely distraught at Mikoto’s loss. She became one of the restless souls at the mansion as a result. Ryozo discovered her body soon after and was eventually killed by the malevolent soul of Kirie Himuro while investigating the old stories of the mansion’s massacre. Before his death, he published a book about the tale which inspired Junsei Takamine and his assistants to investigate, leading to their deaths by Kirie as well. Like his wife, he also became a restless spirit. Meanwhile, Mikoto went on to marry an unnamed husband and have a daughter of her own, Miyuki Munakata. Miyuki married her future husband, Masato Hinasaki, and they had two children:

Miku and Mafuyu Hinasaki.

In Fatal Frame, one of the ghosts Miku fights is that of Yae Kurosawa, who’s body still hangs from the tree in the cherry atrium that she tied the noose to, and Yae spends the fight bemoaning the loss of her daughter. She also fights Ryozo’s ghost later on, in the area where he was murdered.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Fatal Frame II is a continuation of Fatal Frame. It’s a bit startling that Miku and Mafuyu are/were connected by blood to a similar incident that they didn’t even know was happening while they were dealing with Himuro Mansion.

Now, just for fun, let’s do some math to see roughly how long the time split between the two curses is, and how long each went unattended before being dispelled:

If we assume the date of the Demon Tag Ritual from the first fic to be accurate (1827), and Yae was in her mid-thirties to mid-forties when she died (let’s split down the middle and assume that she was about forty years old exactly), this means that Yae died in roughly 1867. Mikoto was seven years old when Yae commit suicide, meaning that she was likely born when Yae was thirty-three. If we assume Mikoto followed in Yae’s footsteps and had her daughter when she was thirty-three as well, that would mean that Miyuki was born in the area of 1893. Miyuki also commit suicide by hanging in her… Let’s say early thirties, which means that she died somewhere in the 1920’s. Her daughter Miku is seventeen at the start of Fatal Frame, and if we assume that at least a year went by after Miyuki’s suicide before Miku came to Himuro mansion, we can then guesstimate that the events of Fatal Frame take place somewhere around the mid 1920’s – perhaps 1925 or 1926. Assuming that Crimson Butterfly happened about the same time, we then go back and subtract Yae’s assumed age of death from the year that she supposedly died, which leaves us with 1827, the year of Kirie’s Demon Tag Ritual.

Yae and Sae were both fifteen when Yae ran away and the Crimson Twin Ritual failed, which means that All God’s Village was lost in about the year 1842. Kirie was sacrificed ten years after her Demon Tag Ritual, putting her death around 1837, meaning that the massacre at Himuro Mansion and the fall of All God’s Village were separated by a mere five years.

Now, if we take 1842 and 1837 and subtract them both from 1926 and 1925, just to be thorough, we’re left with four numbers: 83, 88, 84, and 89.

This means that the events of Fatal Frame and Crimson Butterfly happened anywhere from eighty-three and eighty-eight to eighty-four and eighty-nine years after the respective curses were unleashed on each area.

Whew! My head hurts from all that.

Auren: And to think, I could have solved all that for you in no time at all.

That’s why I didn’t ask, I wanted to do it myself. I like a challenge every now and again.

So, yeah: Fatal Frame and Fatal Frame II are connected by about ninety years of bloodlines.

Fun Facts with SC!

Now then, I’ve told you how Crimson Butterfly goes and exposed you to some fun facts, so let’s get to the actual riff, eh?

L. Ederlein: …Aaand time. Right exactly as I foresaw.

Of course you did.

Blood stained sisters

Just in case you forgot what the fic was called.

Auren: I didn’t!


Disclaimer: I do not own any FatalFrame characters and I do not own the happenings in this story is totally fan-made and is fiction.

Fatal Frame is two words.

Also, you don’t own the fan-made scenario you wrote? So, then, what the fuck about this fic DO you take credit for?

L. Ederlein: She… Put her name in it?

Auren: She owns the disclaimer?

I guess so.

WARNING: might contain blood and gore etc.

Eh. Silent Hill gets me worse in that regard.

Auren: Blood and gore? Oh no, a portion of my entire career is in this fic! Help! Help! I need an adult!

L. Ederlein: Surely the future must be bleak if there is blood and gore in a tale of fiction.

In case we haven’t made it clear, author, the fact that you’re writing for Fatal Frame is enough of a hint that it’s not for the squeamish. But, thanks for the warning anyhow. If the fanfiction group I follow on Facebook is any indicator, sometimes even warnings don’t prevent idiots from complaining about your story going against their preferences and you not properly informing them beforehand.

I’m not so good at writting Horror and this story might be cheesy but I wanted to test myself

Eh. A lot of the meat of the horror genre is more psychological and imaginative than physical or visual. Anything can be a jump scare with good timing and an unsuspecting target, but if the story doesn’t go to a deeper level than that, naturally it’s going to suck.

Like, for example, Silent Hill looks gross and horrifying on the surface, but the real terror comes from the hidden messages in each character, monster, and location, and you realize that the character you’re playing as is quite literally in a hell of their own design, and they can either repent or repeat the process endlessly until they do or die.

Or, in the case of Fatal Frame, the fear factor comes from the idea that something could have gone so horribly wrong that the souls of the victims still linger in a violently restless state of existence between the living and spirit worlds, forever retracing their final steps and bemoaning their fates, because they physically cannot proceed into the afterlife, and anybody who is foolish enough to walk into their territory has one of two options: find the solution to the problem in an extremely unlikely stroke of luck and escape, or more likely end up being tortured to death trying and add their own souls to the mix.

Yeah, horror is not a genre for newbie writers, I agree.

c: Yo ne?Let’s begin! xD

…Oh this is gonna hurt.

L. Ederlein: You don’t need to be precognitive to guess that one.

Mio and Mayu were walking along the forest,

“Walking along” indicates that they were walking ON the forest. What, can Mio and Mayu suddenly fly or something?

Auren: They’re just tip-toeing on the treetops like pretty ballerinas.

Twigs crunching under them and crows squawking loudly over their remembered to cover any bare skin as they knew some of the bugs crawling around could harm their of the twin sisters were silent while searching for a way out of the forest.

This, gentlemen, is the result of the author getting hit by a brick.

Salthorne brothers: Ouch.

‘Yes Mayu?’
‘Will…will we ever make it out of this…place…?’
‘We sure will!Just take on a positive attitude and we might make it…soon…I hope’

Ah, unattributed dialogue.

Also, the twins aren’t nearly that upbeat. But then again, they’re the victims of a curse that trapped them in a haunted village, so I don’t imagine they would be.

A crow dived in to take a nip at their heads and they screamed and ran before walking again.

Auren: AGH CROWS RUN aaand I’m over it.

L. Ederlein: That’s about how it goes for you in real life, too.

Auren: Basically.

‘Ah!Look!I told you so!I’ve found a gate here Mayu!’

*Mayu* “Mio, did you drink six sodas in a row again?”

Auren: That sounds disgusting.

L. Ederlein: Not to mention incredibly unhealthy.

Mio pointed towards an opening in the trees where she looked closely and saw a black torii gate.
‘Oh,A torii gate!A town must be nearby…Do you think we should check it out?’

Remember the last time you girls walked through a black Torii gate and discovered a town on the other side? Did Sae trying to murder you not teach you anything?

Mio shook her head in disagreement.

Well, your funeral.

‘No…well OK something happened we’ll use the camera Obscura,right?’

Auren: Mio could learn a thing or two from me.

Mayu grinned.
‘You’re fascinated with the camera aren’t you?I must say,Even I was fascinated with it but,Mio..It’s could get us in danger!’

Being fascinated has nothing to do with it, it’s literally your only weapon against the ghosts.

And being in danger is an understatement – you’re already in danger. Overexposure to the Camera Obscura can go a step further and kill you.

Just like it drove Yae and Miyuki to suicide.

What, you thought the camera was a SECURITY BLANKET?

Mio spun around and began walking towards the torii gate.
‘Mio?!Did you listen to what I said?!’

‘Yes I did,But the camera Obscura helps us!It helps us with it’s exorcist powers,Don’t you see that Mayu?’

Yeah, uh, it’s not that it can’t happen, but usually nobody ever really stops to talk about how the camera can exorcise spirits. It’s kind of awkward to hear these two going on so cheerfully about it.

Mayu fidgeted for a while and ran to catch up with looked up at her and her face looked worried and she replied with a wobbly voice,
‘Sure..We’ll go through the gate,Anything to get out of this forest!’

Pfft. Mayu running. That’s a funny joke.

Also, when did the two switch personalities? Mio’s he serious one, Mayu’s the easily distracted one.

L. Ederlein: Is that really important, though?

Kind of, yeah.

They both held hands and walked through the torii could make out an outline of a woman weeping under the gate but she shook her head eager to get rid of the vision.
‘What’s wrong Mio?’
‘Oh,I guess it’s nothing to worry about sis’

Wait, how did you see Yae if her ghost is at the Himuro Mansion? Because after she escaped the village, Yae sat by the gate to said village crying as it was erased from the map by the Repentance.

She grinned fakely at her twin sister and they both walked down a hill that headed into the village.

Auren: One benefit to hindsight powers is that I never make a mistake twice.

You’ve got a lot more going for you than the Akamura twins do, then.

Mio looked back to see a girl in a red kimono run past her feet and disappear into thin-air.
Mio turned around and ran through the gate to catch up with her elder sister.
‘You should probably slow down abit Mayu..Just in case your leg hurts…’

Mayu can’t move quickly! Her leg is permanently crippled! What part of this is confusing to you?!

L. Ederlein: The part where Mayu’s injury is a hindrance, apparently.

Mio looked down sadly at her sister’s leg as her childhood memories suddenly came to closed her eyes and slowed down noticed something…Mayu was all fuzzed up in her could just make out the outline of her cheek bones…But that was all she could make ‘s eyes shot open and she shook her head violently.
‘No,no,no,no,no’ she cried.

Wow, it is just endless bricks to the skull with this author, man.

[And you have ME to thank for-! -Book Specs]

[Except I knew it would be you before you started doing it. -L. Ederlein]

[Motherfucker, get out of my editor’s notes! -Book Specs]

Mayu was no where to be seen…
A sudden pain shot through Mio’s body and she fell on the ground, and her scream was ear piercing and could be heard from anywhere into the forest. If anyone was there to hear her to begin with.

Auren: If you can hear here anywhere in the forest, she has absolutely ruined her voice.


Another shot of pain travelled up her body as she bundled up and threw her head back to scream then she saw someone standing in front of to ignore the pain that mysteriously over came her,she looked forward,squinting her eyes to see Mayu wearing a white kimono,With a red ribbon sash,covered in red suddenly laughed madly,pointed at Mio and disappeared into the night.
T-that was not Mayu She thought.

No, that was Sae.


Which means you’re re-screwed.

L. Ederlein: You’d think she’d have seen this coming from the LAST time she went through it.

Yeah, seriously.

And if you’re wondering why Mayu is still alive if I keep referencing that they already suffered the village, there’s an alternant ending where Mayu doesn’t die. As a trade off, however, Mio goes blind from looking into the Hellish Abyss, so we still have a problem.

She tried to get up on her fours and a shot of pain went up her legs,she screamed and groaned in pain.
Huh?Why am I in so much pain?What did I do wrong?


She groaned and coughed up abit of blood on to the floor.
This is unusual…B-blood?

Oh great, Sae already got to her.

Well, I did predict Mio’s funeral, so…

She dizzily got up,swaying from side to side,slowly making her way past bushes,trees,boulders,Anything that you could find in a forest.

Auren: What, no poison ivy?

L. Ederlein: I’m appalled at the lack of bird crap.

She should have tripped over a root at least once by now.

All of her body was aching and she coughed up a large sum of was unusual as she never got sick and never coughed up vision was blurred and her eyes were watery.

Booky, stop throwing bricks at the author!

[NEVEEEEER!!! -Book Specs]

Ugh,I need to find Mayu quickly before something happens to me She thought as she made her way towards a tree and leaned on to it and held on to the tree as an even bigger pain shot through her body that made her lose her balance and fall onto the ground and screamed another blood-curdling scream.

Well, I guess it’s too late for that.

‘uaargh!W-whaaat…!Is…happening…to…me…!Wh y so…much…pain…?!’

*SC shrugs unhelpfully*

She breathed in and coughed up large amount of blood and threw her head back in agony.

Auren: In my experience, flopping around like a suffocating fish only makes the pain worse.

I can’t even tell how to help Mio because the author’s writing is so illegible that I don’t know how the fuck she got injured!

‘aaargh!M-MAYU…!I…just want…to..find Mayu!’
She crawled on the floor,breathing heavily and fell on the time she didn’t get up at didn’t even try to.
She screamed in pain for one last time before falling unconscious for lack of blood.

And then she died in horrific form, I guess. The end.

She opened her eyes wearily,her eyesight was still fuzzy but she could still see where she was still by the tree where she fell and you could see patches of blood here and got up on one knee and used it for support to get up on her feet once looked around her and saw a small opening by the squinted her eyes and she could just make out outlines of buildings on the other side of the got up on her two feet and started walking clumsily and pushing through the bushes.

Uh… Sure, you do the thing, champ.

One of the cuts on her arm had opened and it was bleeding badly.
Ugh,I’ve seen enough blood for now… She thought and wraped her scarf around the deep wound and hurriedly made her way past the bushes and trees and found herself standing on a cliff edge.

Uh, when did Mio have a scarf?

Auren: Don’t look at me, I didn’t see it come up anywhere.

One more step and I could have fallen off…
Mio leaned forward and saw one,two…atleast eight houses,Maybe more!She was pretty tired of walking now but she wanted to find her sister no matter what may happen!

Some people just never learn…

Auren: Thankfully, I’m not that sort of person!

Good, keep it that way.

She ran across the path that led into the village,ran around a corner and just about lost her balance,until finally she stood in the town’s entrance.
‘Mayu…’ she whispered softly to herself.
She slowly took a step forward before hearing that…Mysterious she had time to think she swung her head around to see that woman in the bloodied kimono was standing next to her reaching out her hands towards Mio’s neck.
Mio let out a high-pitched scream before pulling out the camera obscura from her pocket.

You… Have seen how big the camera is, haven’t you?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Camera Obscura. Again.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Camera Obscura. Again.

I don’t think that’s fitting in any pockets anytime soon.

‘Haha!Do you plan to deafeat me once more?!’ The mysterious woman (known as Sae..Or Yae…I think)

Okay, first of all, Sae doesn’t speak like a corny villain, because she’s dead and can’t say anything but her last thoughts, if she had any before she died. The only thing I’ve ever seen her do is laugh maniacally. Nonstop. Usually surrounded by dead things.


Auren: There’s a narrative here? I’m shocked you could find it!

I know, I’m surprised too.

laughed at Mio’s face before reaching out to take the waited for the camera to charge before aming it towards the Woman’s face and clicked on the shutter.A small gasp escaped Mio’s lips when she noticed the camera had no affect on this ‘woman’.The camera fell on the floor.

You dumbass, you encountered Sae before! How could you have forgotten that she’s literally invincible?! (No, seriously, that’s a game mechanic. You can’t hurt Sae. Period. But damn if she can’t hurt you!)

Useless piece of junk…

Excuse you, bitch? That camera saved your life once!

L. Ederlein: Probably a few times more than that, even.

It saved her life from basically everything, really.

Mio had second thoughts and she dived for it,no use,the woman took the camera obscura and now aimed it towards Mio’s screamed and then gasped once more.

I reiterate: SAE. IS. DEAD. She couldn’t touch the camera if she tried, because first of all, she’s an intangible force of nature, and secondly, because the camera is basically poison to ghosts. Even psychotic invincible ones.

Wait..No…The camera won’t take any affect on me as i’m not a spirit…But it didn’t afflict any damage at all on her!What is she?some kind of robot then?!

Ugh, if this were Miku she’d have already found a way to make Sae look like an ass by now. Or, hell, Mafuyu wasn’t a slouch either, even though he only ever fought one ghost.

But no, we just have idiot Mio here thinking absolutely idiotic things and practically waltzing to her grave.

Is it weird that I don’t feel bad for wishing her non-canonical death right now?

Mio spun around and ran towards behind one of the houses.
She breaved heavily not caring how much noise she made.
Good grief…I’ve lost my scarf and the cut has re-opened…She sighed.

Auren: No, really, what scarf? Other than the previous passage, I don’t remember seeing anything about that.

She looked around the corner to see the Woman walking towards her holding the camera obscura.
‘OH MY..!’ she gasped in horror.

L. Ederlein: I highly doubt that this situation calls only for a mere “oh my.”

Yeah, I’d be busting out the big boy words if it were me.

Now ignoring the pain that the wound infflicted on her she ran as fast as she could into one of the houses.
Phew… She wiped imaginary sweat of her brown and walked across the noises were heard behind a looked slightly confused but she drew the curtain to the side to see Mayu.
‘I’m so sorry..so,so sorry.I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it…’ Mayu said inbetween sniffles and sobbs.

Where the fuck were you five minutes ago?!

‘Mayu?What are you talking about?You’re safe now,you’re not alone anymore’
Mayu looked up and Mio noticed a diffrent look in her eyes even her voice seemed abit off.
‘I wanted to be a maiden for the village…But something tradgic happened…’
Mayu got up on her feet and put her hands on Mio’s shoulders.
‘We could be butterflies together,soar the skies of the village.’

That’s not how it works, you little shit.

Mio shook her head.
‘No,no,no.I have no idea what you’re talking about please snap out of it!’
‘we cannot change our destiny..Our destiny is to become one.’
‘Sis…please!Snap out of it!’ Mio snapped her fingers in front of Mayu’s face before Mayu fell on the floor.

Nice job breaking her, Mio, you prick.

Mio bent down next to her sister and stroked her hair.
‘Please Mio…Become one with me…’
‘Mayu,We shall always be together…Don’t you remember our promise?But even so,I will not become one with you Mayu’

Salthorne brothers: Rude.

Mio smiled weakly as a tear fell onto Mayu’s shoulder…

I’m crying too, but for an entirely different reason.

Woo~ Should I continue?;3

This took ages to write so you guys better Review .X.

Fuck you!

Just Joking xD

Oh. Okay then.


Auren: Bitch!

*Auren rips out his sword and cuts the incoming leek in half*

Auren: That’ll learn you.

Well, this has certainly been an interesting week. I feel like our cometary got a bit hasty near the end, but I really didn’t want to try and actually make sense of this nonsense, so hey.

Thanks for reading folks, and stay tuned for next week, where I’ll probably have another frickin’ oneshot to bring you. The heaviest of sighs. In the meantime, I’m SC, and on behalf of Auren Pharis and Lance Ederlein Salthorne, I’ll see you next time!

… Let me guess, you knew I was gonna say that?

L. Ederlein: Oh hell, I knew you were going to take this long to end it, even.


Auren: Really, considering that he’s been doing that all riff, I’m shocked you didn’t pick up on the pattern after a while.

Yeah, I guess I was a little blind today, what can you do.


97 Comments on “1024: The Rope Shrine Maiden’s Diary -Fatal Frame-, and Blood stained sisters – Oneshot(s)”

  1. Herr Wozzeck says:

    She did actually keep a diary, which you can find seven entries of in game, but it’s not how the author wrote it.

    SC, did you want to get the oneshot version of From another world?

  2. Herr Wozzeck says:

    I do not own any FatalFrame characters and I do not own the happenings in this story is totally fan-made and is fiction.

    *puts on helmet*

    Well, this is gonna be painful.

    • Tie Dye Mage says:

      I’ve brought us a large amount of desktops for us to slam our craniums in rage/disgust/disbelief against.

  3. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Yo ne?

    And the fangirl Japanese strikes again. Hooray!

  4. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Twigs crunching under them and crows squawking loudly over their remembered to cover any bare skin as they knew some of the bugs crawling around could harm their of the twin sisters were silent while searching for a way out of the forest.


    What the hell is this!? This is like what you’d get if the author wrote the story, looked at it, and then randomly took out twenty-page chunks of it!

  5. Herr Wozzeck says:

    ‘We sure will!Just take on a positive attitude and we might make it…soon…I hope’

    Just remember:

  6. Herr Wozzeck says:

    She grinned fakely at her twin sister

    Eesh. This is such awkward writing, it really is…

  7. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Huh?Why am I in so much pain?What did I do wrong?

    What about the fact that you keep narrating like you’re a goddamn prose poem and the fact that you need to use the space bar?

  8. Herr Wozzeck says:

    and never coughed up vision

    Well you’re not an oracle, now, are you?

  9. Herr Wozzeck says:

    She crawled on the floor,

    Huh. Apparently, forests are lined with linoleum tile now.


    • The Crowbar says:

      Oh, you know… That crazy old coot in that hut in the forest just wants to have an easier job at cleaning up after the leaves.

      And all those vandalising teenagers running around with phones and cameras.

  10. Herr Wozzeck says:

    (known as Sae..Or Yae…I think)




    Author, if you don’t know that, what the fuck reason should we care to unravel the mysteries you’ve got around here? You need to know this shit before you do anything!



    Holy jizznuggets…

    • Tie Dye Mage says:

      Seriously author, it doesn’t take much effort to look stuff up. You could get most of your research done on the Fatal Frame wiki. Or are you still a white belt in Google-fu?

      • SC says:

        We here at the Library are highly practiced masters of Google-fu, and advise all readers to not try this at home.

      • The Crowbar says:

        True masters of Google-fu turn Safe Search off.


      • The Crowbar says:

        Holy shit, I just checked, and I’ve never had Safe Search on!

        …Google image search is so dissapointing…

        There is almost nothing explicit at all!

      • Tie Dye Mage says:

        If not for Safe Search, parents wouldn’t allow their children on the Internet at all. You’d be amazed at the amount of dirty stuff you could find from using seemingly innocuous search terms.

      • SC says:

        Oh, I know. It’s happened before.

        Don’t look up blue waffle if you’re looking for an actual blue-colored breakfast pastry. You will have nightmares.

      • The Crowbar says:

        Too late for that, SC!

        *Crazed giggle*

      • Tie Dye Mage says:

        I can see that you’re busy Crowbar. I’m just going to get some very nice men with a very big net to take you somewhere safe so you don’t hurt anyone.

      • The Crowbar says:

        *Points over to a corner filled with human bodies with Painters munching on them*

        Oh, you mean these guys?

        Yeah’, trying to get me into a net didn’t really work out. For them.

  11. The Crowbar says:

    Holy shit, I’m back now.

    Sorry for being absent for so long!

    Some erh’, how should I say it… Family problems came up. If things go even more downhill from here, I may not be able to visit the Library for the next few years.

    • Tie Dye Mage says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure I speak for most, if not all, of us when I say we understand. Your real life problems should be your first priority. We don’t mind waiting for you, right guys?

    • Herr Wozzeck says:

      Wait, what? No! =(

      Where’ll we get our snarking of Philosopher of Earth from now!?

      *holds you close*

      If worst comes to worst, we’ll really miss you!

      • The Crowbar says:

        D’awww. that’s so sweet!

        Anyways, I was actually writing the next chapter when the teacher with literally all the worst qualities a teacher could have suddenly came along in school.

        It sucks up all our free time. Mostly because she basically sat back in her chair, and told us to look for the info we’ll need in our tests from Wikipedia, or some such. And everyone who’s ever studied under her hates her. Literally. Everyone.



        • Herr Wozzeck says:

          Holy shit. How the fuck has that woman not been fired?

          I mean, she IS aware of the reason why legit academic institutions generally don’t let you cite Wikipedia as a source, right?

      • The Crowbar says:

        I know!

        And I know!

        I have no idea how she’s around.

        Maybe noone complained…

        Oh well. If she pisses us off enough, she’s gonna get it. We’ve already written complaint notes about 2 other teachers, so my class is on a roll.

      • Tie Dye Mage says:

        I agree that Wikipedia in unreliable as a direct source. However, I’ve found that it is a good way to look for actual legitimate sources via the References and External Links.

    • S.M.F. says:

      Aw, that’s terrible! :< Glad to see you here in the meanwhile, though – and I hope you won't have to leave. Against your will, I mean.

      • The Crowbar says:

        *Is being dragged out of the Library by a bunch of rebelling Painters*

        I’ll get you one day, you massive knobheads!

        HELP! They’re not listening to me anymore! It’s a fuckign coup!

      • SC says:

        Show of hands, who saw that coming?

        Specs: Wow, is it really that easy to overthrow rulers?

        Don’t get any ideas, my soul is the only thing keeping you sorry fucks alive. Plus the respawn points would defy you anyhow.

        Specs: Well, fuck.

      • The Crowbar says:

        *Walks back in with a Painter’s spine in his hand*


        He sat in my chair.

        My. Chair.

      • GhostCat says:

        I didn’t think Painters had bones.

      • The Crowbar says:

        Eh’, they got really nitpicky about their genetic engineering after the children of all the other species kept trying to turn them into balloon animals all the time.

  12. SC says:

    The only thing we know for certain is that the game takes place somewhere in the nineteen hundreds (again, not specified), which means that we’re at least forty or so years ahead in time if we assume this date to be correct,

    After ask the math I did later on that wildly disproves this, I am shocked I didn’t catch it during my edit.

    • Herr Wozzeck says:

      Yes indeed, SC. I also had to add a block tag and add an installment number up top.

      You’re welcome.

    • SC says:

      Well, the installment number I expected, because Lyle told me not to worry about that when I submit my riffs, but the blockquote tag I wasn’t aware of.

      I swear I didn’t rush it this time.

  13. agigabyte says:

    Author: Spelling? What is this “spelling”?

  14. TacoMagic says:

    No mention of the Crush Lens? Sir, you disappoint me.

    • SC says:

      There really wasn’t a good excuse to bring it up, much as I love the damn thing.

      • SC says:

        You know what disappoints me worse, though?

        I didn’t have a good excuse to mention Broken Neck, either.

        I mean, she’s like a staple of the series, and I couldn’t even bring her up!

      • TacoMagic says:

        Dude, literally as I was typing my comment down below about broken neck.

      • SC says:

        Ha, nice. XD

        Fuck it, I went and talked about the Crush Lens, I’ll bring up Broken Neck too.

        In the original Fatal Frame, Broken Neck was the ghost of a woman who jumped off the roof to escape Lord Himuro and landed square on her head, snapping her neck (and spine, my God) into the grisly form you see in the image.

        In Crimson Butterfly, she gets renamed as Broken Neck Woman, and get story is that she feel from the Heaven Bridge to her death by breaking her neck upon impact with the ground.


        There’s also Falling Woman, who’s entire body is basically a jumbled mess due to some horrific mutilation that she suffered upon her death, and she moves around how you’d expect one of the ghosts from Ju-On: The Grudge to.

    • SC says:

      Here, I can fix it:

      The Crush Lens is an attachment for the Camera Obscura which is basically what its name implies: when fighting ghosts, if you use the Crush Lens, you take extremely powerful special shots with the camera.

      Like, having the Crush Lens equipped against Kusabi will quite honestly save your ass. It’s an exorcism curb stomp in the form of a camera attachment.

      • TacoMagic says:

        Nightmare mode pretty much goes like this (provided you start it immediately after doing Hard):

        oh gods, oh gods, oh gods, oh gods, oh gods, oh go-

        “You have unlocked the Crush Lens.”


      • SC says:

        “Oh, what? What? Curse me? Curse ME? Bitch, that was a MISTAKE.”

  15. TacoMagic says:

    After much toil, turmoil, and barely avoiding death by Sae and the Kusabi, Mio and Mayu finally reunite, but Mayu has become possessed by Sae and persuaded by the other spirits to undertake the role of the younger Crimson Twin to be sacrificed in the ritual. In order to dispel the Repentance and escape, Mio is forced to strangle Mayu to death.

    Unless you beat the game on hard/nightmare difficulty. In that case, there’s a different ending (which isn’t canon). This, of course, takes place after you battle both Sae and Kusabi one right after the other, both of which have 1-hit kill moves.

    I might be grumpy for having to do that battle more than a few times.

    • TacoMagic says:

      And if you’re wondering why Mayu is still alive if I keep referencing that they already suffered the village, there’s an alternant ending where Mayu doesn’t die. As a trade off, however, Mio goes blind from looking into the Hellish Abyss, so we still have a problem.

      Oh… right.

      There’s also a third ending in X-box nightmare mode that is far more positive. To a point where there’s some question as to why it was ever included.

      Given the glut of X-boxers out there, I’d bet this fic is based on that ending.

      Which also doesn’t make any sense here because Sae and Yae complete the ritual in that ending and conjoin into a single crimson butterfly.

      • Herr Wozzeck says:

        At least they never got to get their filthy paws on Siren. That would’ve sucked…

      • SC says:

        My sentiments about PS3 Vesperia exactly.

        Why doesn’t Japan let us have nice things?

      • Tie Dye Mage says:

        If you feel that strongly about localizing it, you should join a petition or start one. I know for a fact that it’s thanks to a petition (as well as Capcom gauging interest within the fan community) that we were able to get the American localization of the Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright game There’s currently a campaign to get the Ace Attorney Investigations sequel released in America, if anyone is a fan of the series.

    • SC says:

      Yeah, I’m far more okay killing Mayu McLimpy off rather than going through all that hassle just to keep her alive for a non-canon ending, thanks.

  16. TacoMagic says:

    Pfft. Mayu running. That’s a funny joke.

    No kidding.

    “They’re going too slow! Let’s use the run button!”

    *Ambling intensifies.*


    • SC says:

      And this applies to EVERYBODY IN FATAL FRAME, folks.

      “Running”, as I once recall putting it, is like Marcus Fenix from Gears of War with a broken ankle. It’s a miracle (and sheer dumb luck) that all the ghosts are too slow to keep up with you.

      …Well. Except for certain cases of jackass ghosts.

    • Tie Dye Mage says:

      Whenever I hear about “Doll Twins,” my mind drifts over to “The Shining.”


  17. Delta XIII says:

    L. Ederlein: I highly doubt that this situation calls only for a mere “oh my.”

    Yeah, I’d be busting out the big boy words if it were me.

    I’d be cussin’ like it was going out of style!

    • SC says:

      I mean, a frickin’ ghost just showed up looking to kill me, and she’s motherfucking invincible. I’d be saying a LOT worse things than “Oh my.”

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