1017: Treasure Hunter – Oneshot

Title: Treasure Hunter
Author: Fatal-fame
Media: Video Game
Topic: Tales of the Abyss
Genre: Adventure
URL: Treasure Hunter
Critiqued by SC and Teh Specs

Hello, and welcome back to the Library of the Damned! I’m your host, SC, and today is probably going to be the last oneshot in my “Until I Get My Riffing List Back” campaign,[Actually, it turns out this is not my last oneshot, because my riffing list is buried under all my recently moved stuff and I can’t get to it at the moment, FFFFFFFFF-] so I figured I’d end it on a familiar note for me.

Today’s oneshot is a Tales of the Abyss fic called “Treasure Hunter”, by Fatal-fame –

Specs: Fatal Frame?

Sae's a nice lady.

Sae’s a nice lady.

No, Fatal-FAME. Although I admittedly made the same mistake.

Anyhow, the fic is an Adventure-genre story of about three thousand words, published a little over a month ago on the fifteenth of February, so it’s fairly new. This could easily end up being a full riff in the future.

“But, SC! You said you wouldn’t riff two Tales fics at a time, and you’re already working on one!”

Relax, this is just a oneshot. The other one is a full riff. Besides, if this becomes a full riff, I can put it on my own blog so that I don’t clutter myself up here.

So! I think you know what time it is!


Tales of the Abyss is the eighth mothership title in the Tales series, and is the older brother of Tales of Vesperia. As Vesperia, Abyss was developed and published by Namco Bandai and Namco Tales Studio for the PlayStation 2 in December of 2005, and recently underwent an systems upgrade in February of 2012 that now makes it playable on the Nintendo 3DS. Tales of the Abyss, alongside Vesperia and Symphonia, is one of the top three most popular Tales games in the series, with sweeping reviews of sevens to tens almost across the board. Granted, the reviews are a bit lower for the 3DS upgrade, but that’s because Namco Bandai took the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” route without realizing that people were kind of hoping they’d add new features.

So, you know, minor goof there. No biggie. Happens to the best of us.

Tales of the Abyss is possibly one of the darkest games in the series, let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat. The game opens in the world of Auldrant, with the voice of Yulia Jue, a wise prophet of ages past –

O hai, Yulia!

O hai, Yulia!

– recanting a vision of the future in which the powers of the world – The Malkuth Empire, and the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear – fall into bitter warfare for a full cycle of the seasons, after a specific and tragic series of events cause a swell in tensions which cause the two countries to dissolve the treaty that ensured peace between their people in the wake of a previous war’s aftermath. The prophecy then speaks of a boy with fire-red hair, born with a name which means “light of the sacred flame”, stepping forth to stop the fighting and bring about peace and prosperity for untold years to come.

Enter Luke Fon Fabre:

O hai, Luke!

O hai, Luke!

The spoiled son of Duke “Crimson” Herzog fon Fabre –

O hai, Herzog!

O hai, Herzog!

– and Duchess Susanne fon Fabre –

O hai, Susanne! (Best image of her I could find, sorry folks.)

O hai, Susanne! (Best image of her I could find, sorry folks.)

Of course, if you're desperate for a full body image of her, this chibi should suffice.

Of course, if you’re desperate for a full body image of her, this chibi should suffice.

– Luke is third in line from the Kimlascan throne by way of his uncle, King Ingobert VI –

O hai, King Ingobert!

O hai, King Ingobert!

– and the crown princess, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear:

O hai, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear! (Why is your name so fucking long)

O hai, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear! (Why is your name so fucking long)

“But, SC! What about the Duke?”

See, that’s the thing: order of succession for royalty is dependent on the royal bloodline, and the Duke married into that bloodline. He’d only be eligible if nobody else in his family could take the throne.

No, Luke is third in line by order of the king’s sister and Luke’s mother, and the crown princess, Natalia.

“But, SC! Natalia and Luke swore to marry when they were younger!”

Yes, they did. But even if that marriage came to pass, Luke would STILL be third in line, under the title of Prince Consort, with Natalia sitting as Queen Regnant.

So blah-dee blah-dee blah aristocracy politics and such, big deal. And Luke might be that kid from the prophecy, so foregone destiny right? Pretty boring, predictable story, why’s it so “dark”?

You’ve never played a Tales game before, have you.

Seven years prior to the plot, unknown intruders broke into the Fabre mansion in Kimlasca’s capital city of Baticul and kidnapped Luke across country lines into Malkuth, where he was held as prisoner and suffered from such an intense amount of shock, terror and likely torture that he fell into an amnesiac, almost autistic state of being. When he was finally recovered and brought home, it was a serious concern that he’d never be able to live as he once did. And even after slowly reteaching him how to communicate and perform the most basic of human actions again, Luke never recovered all his memories, and there was still a lingering fear that he might slip back into his amnesia for good this time.

The event was so horrific to the royal family that King Ingobert enforced an edict that forbade Luke from ever leaving the Fabre manor until he reached his age of adulthood – twenty-one years old in Auldrant – and he was to be under the watch of the Fabre family’s White Knights and Luke’s close friend and personal bodyguard, Guy Cecil –

O hai, Gailardia Galan Gardios/Guy Cecil! (Again with the fucking long-ass names)

O hai, Gailardia Galan Gardios/Guy Cecil! (Again with the fucking long-ass names)

– and trained in self defense by General Vandesdelca “Van” Grants.

Posthumous o hai, Van!

Posthumous o hai, Van!

Well, that all went according to plan for the most part.

Until, that is, shortly after his seventeenth birthday, when Luke and the rest of the Fabre family received word from Van that Ion, the leader of the Order of Lorelei – the sole religious group of Auldrant – suddenly went missing from the holy sovereign nation of Daath. Van claimed to have enough time to train Luke in a few important techniques before he set off, and during said training, a mysterious assassin infiltrated the mansion to try and kill Van. However, Luke intervened, and by way of a phenomenon known as Hyperresonance, he and the assassin were accidentally teleported out of Kimlasca and into Malkuth. It’s here that Luke discovers the assassin is not so mysterious – in fact, she’s Van’s sister, Mystearica “Tear” Grants –

O hai, Tear!

O hai, Tear!

– and from there, the plot kicks into gear.

So it’s already pretty heavy from the start, right? But that’s okay, we’ll just ease the player into-

Wow, you REALLY haven’t played a Tales game before.

No, from the moment Luke and Tear get shot off to Malkuth, the game then proceeds to kick the player in the nuts over and over again with one Martinesque plot twist after another.

Shortly after arriving in Malkuth, Luke and Tear run across the Malkuth military and wind up getting arrested for suspicions of being Kimlascan spies. After revealing that they aren’t, and that the supposedly missing Ion –

O hai, Ion! (Note that Ion is a BOY, not a girl. This becomes even more difficult to discern when you hear him speak.)

O hai, Ion! (Note that Ion is a BOY, not a girl. This becomes even more difficult to discern when you hear him speak.)

– is in fact not missing, but on a mission to try and cool the heads of Kimlasca and Malkuth to avoid oncoming war under protection of Malkuth’s Colonel Jade Curtiss –

O hai, Jade!

O hai, Jade!

– the two are persuaded to join the mission, to provide Kimlascan witnesses for the peace talks, since the Fabre family’s voice would be especially powerful to the cause. And no sooner do Luke and Tear agree to it then Jade and his men come under fire from the God-Generals, who seek to kidnap Ion for real.

Here’s where things start coming together, if you’ve played the game through once:

Malkuth has not kidnapped Ion, and is instead trying to help him engage in peaceful negotiations with Kimlasca.

The God-Generals want to take Ion, who is supposedly missing from Daath because of Malkuth.

Van is out looking for Ion, because of the fear of his kidnapping.

Van is the Locrian General of the Order of Lorelei, and THE COMMANDANT OF THE GOD-GENERALS.

Van agreed to help train Luke, who is integral to the prophecy of the Score.

Luke’s kidnappers were also supposedly Malkuthian in origin, which is again proven false.

Oh, and just to sweeten the deal, did you notice one of the God-Generals who attacked Jade and his men had some suspiciously long, fiery-red hair? And sounded awfully similar to Luke? And the guy seemed rather unresponsive to Van’s authority, like he hated the guy?



That guy Van that you thought was so cool is actually the MAIN FUCKING ANTAGONIST.

Sadly, unless you’ve played the game through once, the plot is so cleverly done that you don’t find this out until midway through the game, where Van uses both Luke and Ion to orchestrate one of the most horrific genocides ever.

Hell, up until now, you were probably thinking the Order of Lorelei were the villains, because their leader just so happened to go missing and it’s their own agents trying to fuck things up for the peace talks – “because the prophecy said war, not peace!”


The Order of Lorelei is a secondary antagonist at best, and they’re only involved at all because they’re a bit too fanatical about the prophecy of the Score.

No, Van is the real villain here, and he is a cunning bastard, if I may be so bold to say. That bit I mentioned about the one God-General who seemed a bit too similar to Luke? THAT GUY IS THE REAL LUKE. The Luke you’ve been playing as is a CLONE. Van made copy!Luke in order to shut the royal family up about him being missing by coming back a hero with their boy in tow, while he forced the REAL Luke to become an agent in his greater scheme, under the new name Asche.

O hai, Asche! (He's not fat, his robes are just weird.)

O hai, Asche! (He’s not fat, his robes are just weird.)

Oh yeah, and Ion going missing? Notice how Kimlasca is the only faction to hear about it, while everybody else knows he’s actually on a mission of peace? That was Van trying to get Kimlasca mad at Malkuth so that he could have his God-Generals swoop in and snag him while they were distracted. Then Van could join back up with his God-Generals and set their plan into motion unhindered.

What is Van’s plan?

Destroy the fucking world and rebuild it with him and his God-Generals as supreme rulers.


Because Van was disgusted with how the Score ruled everybody’s lives and wanted to switch the system up. (I’m paraphrasing, it’s way more complicated than just that alone.)

Why are Luke and Ion important?

Because they are the pieces necessary to destroy everything.


Well, let’s go back to that genocide I mentioned:

The place said genocide happens is called Akzeriuth. It’s a mining colony in the Kimlascan area, heavily contested between Kimlasca and Malkuth. In-game, the place has been suffering from a sudden eruption of a highly toxic chemical known as the miasma, a by-product of the poisonous underground ocean of mud known as the Qliphoth (pronounced “cliff-oth”). The outer crust of Auldrant is suspended above the Qliphoth by way of powerful and ancient devices known as the Sephiroth Trees.

If any of these Sephiroth trees were to be shut down, the outer crust would fall through the magic (or, in this game, fonic) barrier that acts as a temporary backup to keep the crust suspended until the trees can be reactivated, and it would crash into the Qliphoth, and everybody living on that piece of land would die slowly from poison fumes, among other obvious causes.

Well, as a safeguard against such a thing, those Sephiroth trees are protected by a barrier that only Ion can deactivate, and can only be shut down by a Seventh Fonon specialist – which Luke happens to be.

I think you get the picture now.

As it happens, Akzeriuth sat directly above one such Sephiroth tree, and Van conned both Luke and Ion into destroying it (of course, he wouldn’t have had to if not for Luke and Co.’s unforseen aptitude for not getting screwed over easily, as well as the royal family of Kimlasca suddenly making a connection between him and Luke’s kidnapping and having him arrested) which proceeded to drop the colony into the Qliphoth and kill everybody, except those who were immune to the toxin – which, thankfully, included Luke, Ion, and their respective allies.

Now, hearing this, you’d think that the group would be all, “Oh, shit! Van done went and betrayed us! We gots to stop him and his dastardly God-Generals!”

Instead, in a mix of emotions and possibly not thinking too straight (after all, this did mark the first point I’m the game where the group was legitimately screwed over), the group all decide to dump the blame squarely on Luke, who – while yes, he had been a total dick up to that point, and Van might not have been doing a great job of hiding his villainy from any keener eyes than Luke’s – was as much a victim as the rest of them, and was honest to goodness only trying to help because he didn’t know any better, and really didn’t deserve the verbal ass-whooping he got.

Well, not to the degree that he got it, anyhow – he still needed the wake-up call, because he’d been acting like a massive shitlord up to that point.

And you were wondering how I could get away with calling this game dark, huh?

Well, much as I would like to explain more, I sadly can’t, because the fic takes place shortly after the Akzeriuth incident, when the party discover a lone city floating in the Qliphoth – Tear and Van’s home, Yulia City – and decide to plan their next step there, but not before Asche suddenly shows up to beat Luke over the head even more and temporarily replaces him in the party because Luke falls unconscious after hearing about his clone status. Asche telepathically keeps Luke in the loop about the party’s actions because of his and Luke’s genetic makeup being exactly the same (and therefore, their magic- sorry, fonic frequencies being exactly the same [it’s way more complicated than that, I had to paraphrase]), and after Luke hears what Asche thinks he needs to hear, he shuts the link, and that’s where this fic starts.

You still with me, bro?

Specs: Yup, just finishing up this dungeon in A Link Between Worlds… Aaand done.

Now, I have to warn you, this fic might hurt a bit.

Specs: Pfft, I’ve had to deal with Tai AND Kale, how bad could this be-

Every action has a consequence, the group never figured that leaving Luke would have such a dire effect. Now Luke goes around the world, searching for lost relics and treasures. Watch out everyone, Luke doesn’t give a damn. AU, OOC Luke, new name, no pairing, may contain bashing, violence, swearing.

*Specs flops over backwards as blood violently explodes out of his eyes, nose and mouth*

…My God, you’ve killed him, Author!

*After a second, Specs respawns*

Specs: You could have done a better fucking job of warning me about THAT!

Yeah, sorry.

So there you go, people, that right there is the premise of this oneshot. This should be fun.

*Massively airheaded voice* But first, let me read an author’s note!

Fatal-fame does not own Tales of the Abyss. This is a parody, nothing more.

Specs: You’ve staged your fic immediately after a horrible massacre and plan to go completely off the rails immediately. I don’t think you understand what the word “parody” means.

Treasure Hunter

Specs: Let me guess: you called me to help riff this because it’s a Tales fic, and also because Contacts, Shades and I oftentimes go treasure hunting in or spare time, right?


Specs: And this is gonna hurt?


*Specs sighs sadly and alliteratively*

Yulia City, Tear’s room

Luke shot up from the bed and put a hand on his forehead.

“Guess the channels closed.” Luke said to himself as he lightly massaged his skin. When he felt better he took his hand away and surveyed the room. The first thing he noticed was the lack of a blue woodland animal.

‘That’s right.’ Luke thought to himself. ‘Anise took Mieu.’


No, according to the game, Mieu stayed behind with Luke because he refused to leave his master’s side for anything.

Oh yeah, and:

O hai, Mieu!

O hai, Mieu!

Mieu is a Cheagle, who are worshipped as holy creatures according to the game’s canon. The ring he wears around his waist gives him special powers, namely breathing fire, flight and the ability to bust up rocks and shit with his skull. Kinda handy.

As soon as you meet him, he takes a liking to Luke for some reason, and at least until the Akzeriuth incident, all Luke does in return in abuse the poor sod (“Shut up, Thing!” is the most common thing Luke will say to Mieu for a WHILE).

Anyhow, onwards!

Luke thoughts

Specs: What a coincidence! I have a habit of thoughtsing, too!

Don’t you mean thinking?

Specs: Bitch, you heard what I said!

Alright, Ice-T, settle down.

went back to when she took him. How the little guy did everything to get back to his master. He scratched, bit, attacked as they called it, and even tried to light her on fire. Luke couldn’t help but smile at that.

Same here, the idea of Anise getting incinerated is kinda funny.

I mean that in the anime sense, of course, where being on fire leaves you charred and dazed but otherwise unharmed. I might not like Anise, but she’s far more tolerable than Van.

‘Even with the way I treated him, he still wanted to stay with me.’ Luke mused sadly as he picked up his sword.

Specs: Yeah, I don’t quite get it either. Even after Luke’s personality check, he’s still basically a dick to Mieu. Just not as frequently.

He turned to walk to the stairs, only to stop when he noticed the mirror.

Luke walked in front of it and simply stared at it. In it he saw himself, yet not himself.

‘We really are the same.’ Luke realized as he raised a hand to his face, lightly brushing his bangs away. ‘I really am his copy.’

Uh, yeah. Asche told you as much himself. I believe his words were quite unpleasant, even. Something about how some filthy little replica stole the life and family he used to know and now he’s been reduced to working for Van and life sucks and whatnot. Oh yeah, and if you win the boss fight against him (you don’t have to, and at the time it’s actually really difficult because it’s just Luke against the far more powerful Asche, but it’s not impossible), he even gripes about Luke kicking his ass despite being a cheap copy of the original.

Here’s that fight, by the way:

Sorry for the low video quality, it’s the best I could find without it being somebody on their New Game+ run.

But yeah, as you can see, the fight is pretty rough, especially since you’re only sitting at a thousand-something HP at the time and Asche hits for several hundred of that at once. He’s also just as fast as you, and knows even crazier tricks than you (for the record, Luke NEVER LEARNS Icicle Rain or Stalagmite, which are both Fonic Artes and not Strike Artes like what Luke uses), and apparently, with certain triggers, in-battle cutscenes pop up that I honestly had no idea even existed because I’ve never hit those specific triggers myself.

And before anybody asks what the whole “run in circles” thing is about, THAT’S THE ONLY STRATEGY THAT WON’T GET YOU KILLED. Trust me, I’ve tried just going full-blown Artes on him, and putting aside Luke’s crippling lack of MP at this point in the game, Asche just basically spiked me out of it mid-cast anyhow. I’ve also tried wailing on him without giving him an opening to retaliate, and all he does there is bitch-slap me out of my combo so that he can return with his.

What makes this fight so hard is that Asche attacks as soon as he gets close enough, and as I said, he does a crapload of damage and moves exactly as fast as you do, so you have to run in circles until he stops moving and lets you have an opening to heal or get a few good hits in. Otherwise, you die, and instead of the cutscene where he gripes about sucking, you instead get a cutscene where Asche mocks Luke for being a worthless piece of shit, which ends in Luke passing out from denial like in the other cutscene.

“But, SC! What’s all that glowy stuff around Luke before he passes out?”

Oh, that? Can’t talk about it, spoilers.

“But, SC! You’re spoiling the midway point in the game!”

That because the fic takes place during the midway point in the game, hypothetical voice of the audience! Geez! Get off my case!

Anyhow, I think I’ve gone off the rails long enough there. Back to the fic!

After an eternity Luke pulled himself away and walked towards the stairs.

‘Nobody I know is here.’ Luke thought ‘So I’ll ask the mayor if there’s a way back.’ He walked outside of Tear’s house and turned right towards the main building.

Specs: Uh, hey, author? You fucked up a detail.

Yeah, what the hell? Tear is supposed to be out in the flower garden just outside her room, and the dramatic moment of character redemption for Luke is supposed to take place there.

You know, this cutscene?

Don’t worry, he cuts his stupid-looking bangs too.

Specs: …You know, it occurs to me – how is there enough wind in Yulia City to make that dramatic moment happen? They’re underground, and the city is enclosed in order to keep out the miasma.

Uh… Well, there’s also a fonic barrier around the city, so it might be the air being kicked up from the energy charge that probably gives off. Honestly, I don’t know.

Specs: I smell shenanigans.

…Are we honestly questioning the logic in a Tales game right now?

Specs: Well, yeah. This particular Tales game has way more meticulous detail orientation and scientific mumbo jumbo than Vesperia, where things are sort of vague and more fantasy over science.

Well, you make a fair point there.

In any event, I guess we’re not doing the dramatic moment in this fic. Terrific. A huge break from canon. It can only go downhill from here…

On the way he heard the whispers of the people.

“Isn’t that the replica?”

“It looks exactly like the other one.”

“Shh what if it hears you.”

“Why? It not like it has feelings.”

…OW. Rude, much? What the fuck, Yulia City wasn’t anywhere close to this level of discriminatory jackassitude in-game!

Specs: All these burns, Luke must be on fire right now.

Luke just looked down at the metallic ground as he walked forward.

‘I deserve it, after what I’ve done.’ Luke thought as he walked into the middle building.

Uh, buddy, you might have unwittingly dropped an entire city into its untimely and poisonous grave, but that was off some other asshole’s orders (Van encoded a trigger phrase in Luke’s mind, so he had literally no say in his actions once Van had him where he wanted him), and I’m fairly certain being born a genetic copy of another person makes you a victim more than a criminal. So no, you didn’t deserve that. Those guys were literally being assholes.

Specs: Which is odd, considering Yulia City maintains a strictly neutral or otherwise disconnected stance on that sort of thing.

Yeah, Yulia City is known as “The Watchers’ City” because they very, VERY closely adhere to the prophecy of the Score and seek to maintain that prophecy’s integrity throughout the world, so I’m not sure that Luke being a Replica would even register on their radars. Which makes this discrimination even MORE non-canonical.

He quickly walked up the ramps and went into the meeting room.

“Ah you must be the replica.” The mayor said as he noticed him.

O hai, Teodoro!

O hai, Teodoro!

Mayor Teodoro is Tear and Van’s grandfather, by the way. So there you go.

I’d explain more, but spoilers. So I can’t.

Luke just nodded to him, still keeping his gaze downward.

“You must be looking for a way back to the surface, correct?” The elderly man asked him.

“Yes.” Luke said quietly. The mayor walked up to him and motioned for Luke to follow.

“Do you still feel bad for Akzeriuth?” Teodoro asked Luke. When the replica didn’t respond he continued. “If so, then there is no need to. For it was written in the score.” He continued, much to Luke’s shock. Luke was about to respond and call him crazy, but stopped before a word left him.

‘What right do I have to scold him?’ Luke realized as they walked into a room with a large white fonic glyph in the center.

The wrongness of this block is painful.

First and foremost, it’s Tear that shows Luke the road to the surface. Teodoro tells them about it, but is busy with other stuff at the time. Secondly, even though Teodoro explains about Akzeriuth’s fall, he doesn’t just hand-wave it and tell Luke it’s no big deal. Certainly not without some retaliation from Luke and Tear about how sick that way of thinking is. Third, Score is capitalized. It’s the game’s holy prophecy, treat it with some damn respect.

Fourth, and I’m fairly certain this is obvious by now – WHERE THE HELL IS TEAR?! She stayed behind with Luke because she refused to work alongside Asche, and because Teodoro needed her for other matters at home. So why are we suddenly just waltzing into the Yulia Road without her?!

Shit, author, did you play this part of the game at all?!

“Now, stand in the center and I’ll say the incantation.” Teodoro instructed him. Luke did as he was told and moved into the center. “This will take you to a place called Aramis Springs. Just go through the cave and head west to find Daath.” The old mayor told him. When the mayor got a nod from the redhead he murmured the incantation.

Oh come the fuck on.

I’m not saying he couldn’t have done it, I’m just saying that Teodoro was busy with other things and would probably have called, say, THE GUY WHO WAS STANDING AT THE DOOR TO THE YULIA ROAD to activate the road instead so that he could get back to work.

As light started to fill the room, the mayor gave Luke one final comment.

“Don’t worry, the score has a plan for everyone.” The elder told him. Luke just smiled slightly.

Specs: Like this fic, which will be dropped into the Qliphoth when we’re done.

“Somehow.” Luke commented. “I doubt that.”

Specs: Come over here and say that to my face, boy.

Whoa now, let’s save the fisticuffs for the badfic, not the canon characters.

With that Luke disappeared in a flash of light. The mayor just stared at the now empty room.

“Somehow.” Teodoro whispered to himself. “I do too.”

Specs: And then he disappeared inexplicably in a flash of light?

Fuck, beat me to it.

Aramis Springs, inner cave

No, Luke appears OUTSIDE the cave. Nice try, fuckbrain.

Luke reappeared in a flash of light. He quickly looked around to see that he was in some sort of clearing. The next thing he noticed was that he was in water up to just below his knees.

“Uahh!” Luke exclaimed as he jumped out of the pool.

“It dumped me into the water.” Luke said to himself, but he noticed that his clothes were dry.

That is canon. There’s some sort of fonic something or other that repels the water from the person standing in it. It’s a stupid mechanic that I disagree with, but I can’t really do shit-all about it because it’s canon.

‘Huh, weird.’ Luke thought as he walked towards the cave entrance. He looked inside to see a cave filled with water and monsters.

Specs: That was-


*Alarms Blare*

Don’t worry, Booky taught me some Strike Artes. I got this.

Specs: Uh, remember what happened the last time you tried to use Artes?

That was an accident because people threw my concentration off. I got this one.


*SC fires a volley of magic bullets from his rifle – far more than the gun actually holds – at the DRD; also, his concentration launches out the door and KOs the surviving agent that didn’t get hit initially*

And that’s that.

Specs: Wow.

Ah shit, it melted the barrel.


You’ll be fine.

‘This will be tough.’

The monsters in Aramis Springs are, at worst, a nuisance. Quit your bitching.

Luke thought as he drew his sword, but stopped and stared at it.

At this point in the game, I had Luke equipped with the Bastard Sword due to item synthesis in Chesadonia. It’s a cool sword, but it ain’t that distracting.

Specs: Besides, I have my heart set on the Spada Lunga, if I have to use a two-handed sword at all.


That really is a gorgeous sword, though.

Specs: Isn’t it just?

‘Maybe I should let one kill me.” He wondered as he looked into the eyes of the reflection. ‘It wouldn’t hurt anybody.’ He looked up to see a merfish approaching fast, it’s weapon waving wildly.

Silly Luke, alliteration doesn’t kill you!

By the way, it is actually a bad thing if Luke dies, because he and Asche are- [REDACTED] -which is vital for defeating Van.

‘This is it.’ Luke braced himself for the attack. The merfish raised it’s weapon and swung at him.

Only for Luke to bring up his own sword in defence.

‘Guess I can’t just die.’ Luke mused sadly as he pushed the merfish away. As it stumbled Luke cut it in half.

Hero tries to commit suicide dramatically but finds he just can’t bring himself to do it? Where’ve I seen THAT trope before?

‘Doesn’t mean I won’t though.’

Specs: Yes it does, you moron! When you say you can’t die, it implies that it’s physically impossible for you to do so! I would know, I CAN’T DIE. (Permanently.)

Tartrus, middle of the sea

That is not how you spell Tartarus.

Also, before we continue, let us bask in the glory of the Malkuth military land dreadnought (actual title) that is the Tartarus:



(That little black dot next to the Tartarus at the bottom left is the rough equivalent of how big a normal vperson is in comparison. I did say “dreadnought”, after all.)

Guy sat on one of the many beds of the Malkuth Landship. He had been given a break by the others so that he could get some sleep. This proved to be a useless endeavor, as his thoughts always went back to his charge.

‘I wonder if he’s doing alright?” Guy thought as he stared at the ceiling. ‘I mean we were pretty harsh on him, but he did need a reality check.’

Specs: Guy and Ion are basically the only ones of the entire group who didn’t slam Luke nearly as hard as everybody else, or at all in Ion’s case because Anise dragged him off before he could get a word out, so I’m not surprised that he’s feeling bad about it.

On the other hand, Guy didn’t slam Luke super hard, but the fact that he did at all was probably more than enough to hit home for Luke.

Specs: Abyss is a game about really complex relationships, guys.

His thoughts were interrupted as Mieu walked in.

Have I already introduced Mieu?

Specs: Yep.

Okay, good.

“Hey Mieu.” Guy greeted the small cheagle. Mieu just looked up at him for a few seconds and turned to walk out the door. Guy just sighed at the cheagle’s disrespect.

‘Every since we left Luke he’s been acting like this to everyone.’ Guy thought as he stared at the door.

Mieu knows that you broke canon by not leaving him behind with Luke, and is disappointed in you.

Specs: As well he should be.

‘But we’ll be getting Luke in two days, so that will cheer him up.’ With that Guy laid his head down and tried to sleep.

But he couldn’t get rid of the foreboding feeling in his heart.

*Guy* “Shit, what if Luke graffitied the walls in Yulia City?!”

Specs: The implication of Luke being a graffiti punk is equal parts hilarious and kind of sad.

Aramis Springs cave

Luke fought through the cave with all his strength, slashing every monster that got in his path.

By this point in the game, one slash isn’t going to cut it with those monsters, so I hope Luke is doing a fair bit more than just that.

Specs: You know… Unless it’s me. But then again, my sword was forged to absolutely ridiculous standards for most normal weapons of the era I used to live in, so I’m kind of an exception to the rule.

What era did you used to live in, again?

Specs: Oh, you know, Third Crusade. Ol’ King Richard and Salahuddin were scrapping with each other on the battlefield, and meanwhile both my parents had died from a damn plague and I lost all noble status and wealth and got reduced to a gutter rat living out of English-controlled Acre for the first few years of my life because I was too young to inherit and apparently didn’t have the marks for knighthood or something. I barely managed to scrape the coin together to put myself through a blacksmith apprenticeship for a few years before being trained as a proper swordsman by a retired old Teutonic Knight and then going off and entering the mercenary line of work up until I died unceremoniously. In that timeline, the master smith I served under helped me forge my Kewl Sward, which thankfully followed me through to my second life.

Well, you sure had a colorful past.

Specs: Yeah, my life was pretty eventful.

‘Thank goodness for FCS.’ Luke thought as he used Steel to heal himself from a tough battle.

Okay, first of all, Steel doesn’t heal Luke, it’s a temporary stat buff for crit rate. In a fire- or light-element FOF (Field of Fonons – basically, you step into a glowing magic ring on the ground of a certain color and use a certain Arte and it transforms into another more powerful Arte), it converts into Coil, which boosts attack strength for a time. Guardian Circle (or Guardian Frost, if there’s a water-element FOF under your feet) is the healing Arte. But, I can probably let this go if the author’s implying what I think they are.

Now, to the second point, that’s FSC – which stands for Fon Slot Chamber, an integral combat mechanic in Abyss. Basically, you find these items called Chambers, each named after something that has a use in medical science (Grass, which is a protein source primarily for animals but also found in protein drinks for people; Carmine, which is the color blood is typically described as; Sunlight, which provides vitamin D especially to lighter-skinned individuals; and Cobalt, which is the basis of vitamin B12, which is a feel-good supplement). These items are then attached to separate Artes and cause different effects which grow more powerful as the Arte and chamber see repetitive use in battle. However, the effect doesn’t last if you decide to switch Chambers, so you’ll have to start all over again if you have a Carmine Chamber, switch over to a Cobalt Chamber, and then go back to the Carmine Chamber.

Each Chamber has a general purpose which changes slightly depending on the Arte it’s attached to. Grass Chambers are usually restorative enhancers, but can also be attack modifiers; Carmine Chambers are almost exclusively attack boosters; Sunlight Chambers tend to do interesting things to FOFs; and Cobalt Chambers are usually magic boosters. There’s a looot of experimenting you can do because of the sheer number of Artes you’ll have as you progress through the game, so I can’t give any certain answer in that regard.

If this is what I think it is, then the author is implying that there’s a Grass chamber attached to Steel, which does in fact give it a minor healing effect in addition to its stat buff use.

So there you go, yet another Tales game with complicated mechanics that tend to make more sense in practice than on paper.

Specs: Standard fare, really.

As he was doing this he failed to notice the iron crab that snuck up behind him. He turned to see it as it pulled back one on it’s claws and hit him head on.

Specs: First Tai, now Luke?! Why does nobody think to combat pivot?! It saves lives, damn it!

I would say that Luke has an excuse, because he was just a student of swordsmanship when the plot kicked into gear… buuut, if he’s at a point where he knows Steel, then he’s had more than enough time and battle experience to learn how to handle himself better than that. So what the fuck, Luke.

Luke flew back and landed in one of the surrounding pools of water. Luke quickly swam to the surface and prepared to swim to one of the rock paths. However, he noticed something at the bottom of the pool.

‘What the?’ Luke wondered as he dived in to grab it. After two more attempts he had finally managed to grab it.

‘Got it.’ Luke thought triumphantly as he swam back to semi dry land. When he had pulled himself out and walked to a dryer area, he checked his prize.

It was a blue jewel, shaped like a musical note. Luke looked at it for a few seconds before putting it in his pocket.

Specs: So, Luke has developed Contacts’ Treasure Sense, then?

Sounds like it.

For those who don’t know, Contacts’ Treasure Sense is a power of his that lets him detect any hidden valuables in the area, no matter where they are in relation to him. This has a sister power, Trap Sense, which forces Contacts’ body to undergo a sudden and involuntary reflex dodge if he detects environmental danger within a ten foot radius of him. He tells me that both are equal parts appreciated and a hindrance to some of his hairier jobs.

Now then, that jewel Luke found? Given that the Order of Lorelei is a very musically-themed religion (Locrian and Dorian are two of the mentioned rank titles in the Oracle Knights, and are the names of the Dorian and Locrian Modes; Cantor, Conductor and Maestro are pastoral hierarchy ranks, with Cantor being the lowest; the symbol of the Order is a tuning fork; the God-Generals are all code-named after musical terms [Aria, Dissonance, Syncopation, Allegretto, Cantabile and Largo]; the religious text of the Order is called the Score; the list goes on, I’m sure), I feel safe in assuming that it’s a religious artifact of some sort or another. And since Luke is so close to Daath, which is the Order’s headquarters, I imagine he could make a pretty penny if he decided to trade it in. And that’s important, because money in Abyss is an unusually expensive commodity. A basic Apple Gel (read: lowest level of health potion) costs you 250 gald, where you could get the exact same item in Vesperia for exactly 200 gald less. It’s crazy.

(Oh by the way, that one musical term I mentioned, Cantabile? That would be God-General Cantabile, who is the only God-General you don’t meet in the game.

O hai, Cantabile! (Who looks nothing at all like a female Yuri Lowell no shut up you can't prove anything)

O hai, Cantabile! (Who looks nothing at all like a female Yuri Lowell no shut up you can’t prove anything)

Her position is instead taken by Asche and she “disappears”, more likely killed off, because she is part of the Fon Master faction of the Order who stand against the Mohs faction, which Van is a part of, thereby putting her in direct opposition of Van’s schemes, making her and Asche the only God-Generals that I don’t hate. She is, however, an important character in Tales of Fandom Volume 2, which is a subseries of the Tales series, and it turns out that she’s the one who trained Tear as an Oracle Knight initially, and told Tear about Van’s treachery, which is what set Tear against Van in Abyss.

Fun facts with SC!)

‘Might be worth something.’ Luke thought as he started to walk again.

I’m fairly certain I just fucking said tha- SHIT.

*Alarms Blare*


Specs: It’s okay, Bifocals gave me a thing.

What thing?

Specs: This thing.


…Is… Is that a Witchblade?

Specs: Yup.

But, you’re not a psyker. You… You can’t use a Witchblade properly without psychic powers.

Specs: Buddy, you once wrote about me being a Jedi*, and those powers carried over from that story.

…Wait, you kept your Force potency?

Specs: Yup! And if that ain’t psychic power, I don’t know what is. Now then!

*Specs charges out into the hall and utterly eviscerates the DRD agents*

…Note to self: apparently, it DOES matter if I mention my characters having powers and then forget that I said so later.


Oh, speaking of…

Luke found his way out of the cave and covered his eyes from the sun.

‘Glad to be out of there.’ Luke thought as he moved his hands from his eyes and started to look around. He saw that he was in a clearing and quickly walked past all the trees. He found a cliff and looked around to see any landmarks.

Okay, hold it right there.

This is the part where Jade is supposed to show up and talk a lot of shit to Luke before informing him AND TEAR WHO ISN’T HERE FOR SOME FUCKING REASON about God-General Dist’s whereabouts in Daath. Or, I think it has to do with Dist. I could be mistaken.

Oh, and:

O hai, Dist! (He's so pretty~)

O hai, Dist! (He’s so pretty~)

Dist has a bit of a hard on for Jade in the maniacal, “I have surpassed the master and am superior” sense.

Even though he’s by far the easiest God-General to defeat in open combat.

And doesn’t even fight in person.


Really, the only reason that fight looked difficult at all was because the guy was using lower-than-current-tier equipment and was slightly under-leveled for the fight. When you’re at about level twenty with current-tier equipment, Dist goes down like a sack of rocks.

Anyhow, Jade’s supposed to show up about where Luke is now, spit at Luke’s feet, and then bring up some important news about something in Daath. But he’s not. So what the hell?

‘Is that a port?’ Luke wondered as he saw a small town like area. ‘If so Daath should be.’ Luke turned to the left ‘This way.’

Specs: Excuse you, author, Luke is just getting to Daath for the very first time in his life, you can’t just claim that he would know where to go from seeing the port.

Plus, can we learn how to properly use periods? Not every sentence is ended by a period, author. Luke musing about where Daath is should have been written:

‘If so, Daath should be…’ Like turned to the left ‘…this way.’

Or, you know, you could just rewritten the whole thing altogether because this paragraph is awkward as hell.

Luke started to walk down the path he had found. As his feet traveled the dirt road he started to think of what he should next.

Specs: Maybe get your feet back, to start?

Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.

guess I should go to Daath and stay there for a few days.’ Luke planned ‘And if the others don’t show up then I’ll head back to Baticul.’

How do you plan on doing that without a boat? Or without knowing what the schedule is for ferry transport? You JUST GOT TO DAATH, pal.

After a few hours of walking, without getting attacked by monsters, he had finally made it to Daath.

Specs: Without getting attacked? Luke? I don’t buy it.

Me either, the kid is the most likely to foolishly step into a monster nest or get mugged by bandits.

‘This is Daath?’ Luke wondered in awe as he gazed at the cathedral. ‘Wow.’

I’ll give him that one, it is pretty impressive.

Daath from the front

Daath from the front

Daath from above

Daath from above

Daath from the road, in-game

Daath from the road, in-game

Yep, that huge structure that arcs over the whole city is the cathedral. God only knows how it stays standing like that.

After a few seconds Luke managed to tear his eyes away from the large building and started to make his way to the merchants area. There he looked around and saw a man standing outside of the inn, he could tell by the sign.


“Excuse me.” Luke said to get his attention. “How much for a couple days?”

“Just for yourself.” The man asked him, to which Luke nodded. “Four days for two thousand gald.”

Specs: Jesus Christ, dude, he’s only staying there for TWO days!

The price gouging in Daath is incredibly accurate. I easily blew several hundred thousand gald just buying new equipment. It’s ridiculous.

Luke dug into his pockets and realized something.

‘I don’t have my wallet.’


Luke thought frantically as he tried to remember where he could of left it. His mind recalling when Asch and the others were in the meeting. Anise was holding something black and rectangular.

‘Anise stole my wallet.’ Luke realized with horror. ‘She actually stole my wallet.’

That sounds about on par for the little bitch.

O hai, Anise!

O hai, Anise!

Anise is the attendant and guardian of Fon Master Ion. She makes it no secret that she’s a money grubber, trying to cozy up to every noble or military commander with a paycheck that she can, or even scheming to get money through nefarious business means and gambling (which she’s far, far too young for). Usually it’s just played for laughs, but there is a legitimate plot reason for it involving her extremely gullible parents – her father, Oliver, and mother, Pamela, have a nasty habit of buying into every scam that comes their way, and they’re so pious that the loss of money is considered giving to charity when it really honestly isn’t. So, you know, she’s not without cause in her endeavors.

Anise takes up the bratty half-pint with a comically oversized weapon role in your standard Tales lineup, riding on the back of her size-changing fonic doll in combat and popping off at the mouth almost as much as Luke. She torments Guy by exploiting his phobia of women against him, constantly harasses Luke about marriage and whatnot (at first, but she backs way the hell off after Akzeriuth), is forever indignantly proclaiming that she’s “not a kid!” To anybody who even so much as looks at her wrong, insists on making obscene comments about Tear’s chest to embarrass her and get Guy or Luke in trouble, tries to butter up Jade endlessly (it doesn’t work, Jade doesn’t take the bait), and overall, she’s not the most likable character in the group. Certainly more tolerable than Luke, but at least Luke gets better. Anise… Doesn’t. She maintains the exact level of bitch that she starts out with. The only time she actually improves is way late game, when- [REDACTED], which for her is a huge step forward.

Anise is not exactly the best fighter in the group – in fact, if I don’t have to include her in a party, I don’t. Her attacks are awkward, slow and don’t really do much damage, and even her Mystic is pretty meh. She does have some Artes that are unique to her which hurt like hell, but anything she can do, Jade can easily do better. Thank God party members who don’t participate in combat get XP from battle anyways, or else she’d forever be stuck at level ten or something.

So that’s Anise.

“But, SC-!”

Look, if I took the time to stop and talk about EVERY CHARACTER OF IMPORTANCE in this oneshot, not only would it be as ridiculously image-heavy as my Assassin’s Creed riff was, which it already is, but it would also be unreasonably long for a oneshot.

Now then:

“Is something wrong?” the man asked him.

“No just forget about it.” Luke said as he turned to walk away.

‘What now?’ Luke wondered as he put his hands back into his pockets, where his hand hit something. He pulled out the musical note that he had found earlier.

‘This has to be worth something.’ Luke mused as he walked over to one of the many vendors.

Uh oh. We’re about to enter the same territory that Kye-Stu botched so, so hard once upon a time. Let’s hope this goes at least somewhat better…

“Excuse me.” Luke said to the women across the stall, who was reading a magazine. “Excuse me.” Luke tried again, a bit louder. When she still ignored him he put the jewel on to the table. “I’d like to sell this.” The women finally glanced at him and the jewel, then went back to her magazine. Her eyes then widened as she looked back at the jewel.

“This is a song of water.” She said as her gaze snapped to Luke. “How much do you want for it, I’ll give you ten thousand.” Luke’s eyes widened in shock as he heard how much he could sell it for.

“Twenty thousand then.” She implored as she saw his face. Luke’s eyes widened even more.

“Forty thousand and that’s my final offer.” She told him in a tone that left no room for debate.

“Deal.” Luke said quickly, still in shock as she handed him a huge bag of gald.


Author, I’m no expert on bartering, but typically, shop owners try and go for the LOWEST possible buying price so that they can then turn around and sell whatever they bought at a higher price than the purchase and, you know, TURN A PROFIT from it. How the hell is this vendor gonna hope to turn a profit from a forty thousand gald purchase? And on a little jewel, no less! Even diamonds have a fairer asking price, and people have to rip off an arm and a leg to get one, half the time.

Specs: Let’s not tell that kid Frain about this, huh?

I made him a trader. This logic applies directly to his line of work. He’d strangle me if I told him about this.

“Y’know, these are really rare.” She said offhandedly as she studied the jewel. “Are you a treasure hunter?” Luke was about to respond, to tell her that he wasn’t, but something stopped him.

‘I’m not a treasure hunter.’ Luke thought to himself. ‘It’s not like I ment to find that jewel. Besides I have to get back to the others.’


‘Or do I?’ Luke wondered.

Yes, thank you, Luke.

‘I’ve spent my whole life just doing what others told me to do.’ Luke realized ‘Master Van said this, Asch said that. That’s all I really do, base my actions on what others tell me.’

That is in fact the basis of why people got so pissed, yeah.

‘But at the same time, no one was actually honest with me. No one told me that I was a replica, Van betrayed me, and Asch is just a prick who blames me for things I can’t control.’ Luke thought angrily.

Let me just explain that real quick:

EVERYBODY was, in some way, responsible for Luke’s inevitable failure at Akzeriuth. Putting aside that Luke unwittingly did the deed, that is.

Jade was responsible for the creation of the cloning technology that brought about Luke’s “birth” from the genetic data of Asche, who was then the real Luke. Replica Luke was inserted into the life of Real Luke to quiet all concerns of his being missing, thereby robbing Real Luke of his entire life and turning him into Asche, who blames Luke for things he had no actual say over. The only reason Asche gets away with it is because he was the only person who put out the effort to try and stop Luke from getting swindled, but failed because, well, it’s not like Luke had any reason to trust him by that point. Rather than try and handle things reasonably, knowing what Van intended, Asche instead decided to let his emotions overtake him and turn him into a vengeful little asshole. Guy and Natalia were Luke’s closest friends, but at the same time did nothing to try and help him understand the world he lived in, despite them basically hand-holding Luke through the most basic of human learning processes, which pretty well set him up to ultimately fail. Grand Maestro Mohs and the rest of the Order of Lorelei were basically just pampering Luke to bring about Akzeriuth’s fall by lying to him and saying that he was going to save it. Tear kickstarted everything by (accidentally) kidnapping Luke across country lines into Malkuth, where the two were captured by Jade and shanghaied into assisting Malkuth in their attempts at peace talks with Kimlasca, and finally, Van took Luke to Akzeriuth and tried to murder him and therefore erase all possibility of his plot backfiring on him by triggering a code implanted in Luke’s mind (“Foolish Replica Luke,” fittingly enough) that would make him destroy the Sephiroth tree supporting Akzeriuth, thereby dropping it into the Qliphoth. However, Luke survived to see the damage he’d done, and everybody was so pissed at the loss of Akzeriuth that, rather than own their own separate responsibilities for it – because they were ALL guilty in some way or another – they quite literally decided to dump it off on the one guy who had no forewarning and couldn’t have known the mess he was about to walk into.

Really, Akzeriuth is among the most infuriating moments in the game because of all this. It makes me honestly want to punch everybody – and slap Luke because he was involved, but couldn’t really do anything to stop it because he didn’t know better.

Oh, and Akzeriuth isn’t the end of it. In fact, I think the author is about to continue:

‘Everyone treated me like an idiot, even Guy did at points. They never really explained anything to me, they just assumed I wouldn’t understand.’

‘And then they just blame me for Akzeriuth without letting me explain anything. They even let Ion get off scot free, even though he was one of the main factors in it.’

Before I continue, yes, Ion was a main factor. He was the only one who could undo the fonic seal that barred the entrance to the Sephiroth tree, and he stupidly did exactly that. From there, Van had an easy road to his goal. And Ion gets exactly ZERO flak for it, even after everybody DOES start to own up to their failures. In his defense, he is also the only other person who doesn’t stuff his foot up Luke’s ass, but that’s about all for him.

As for that other point, that’s another annoying thing – though they teach Luke what he needs to know to keep up, nobody really sits him down and explains the whole situation to him because her displayed a lack of information comprehension whenever they offered that made them give up before they even really tried. Tear is probably the most informative person in the group for Luke, and even she just basically dances around the big topics because she assumes he won’t bother to listen or won’t get it.

Now, don’t let this come off as me siding with Luke one hundred percent, because part of the reason they don’t try is because he won’t let them. In fact, Tear has the best reason to not bother with him, because he’s just flat-out abusive to her from the start of the game up to Akzeriuth – whenever she tried to offer her input, if he didn’t insult her into silence, he would shut her down before she could really give him any sound advice, so if anybody had an excuse to let him fall on his face and eat shit for it, it was Tear.

That said, though, it’s still wrong. Basically, the group had to deal with a difficult student – a common occurrence in any kind of lesson being taught – and rather than try and reach him, they all just decided to not bother, which is worse than simply doing a bad job. So, while Luke is in the wrong, everybody else is far more so.

‘But that’s a recurring theme with them. Wait until the last possible moment or when the information could have been used to save lives and blame the one person who had no clue about the true situation.’

And Luke just summed up in one thought what I took several paragraphs to convey. Nice. I’ma go cry, now.

‘And then they just go with Asch, even though he was a god-general, for no reason other then he was the “real Luke” and leave me in the city of score obsessed nut jobs, even taking the one friend I actually had left.’

NOW we’ve reached an issue.

No, they didn’t just go with Asche. In fact, if it were up to them, they wouldn’t have gone with him at all, and would have stayed behind with Luke – if only so that they could ship him off to Baticul to rot in a prison cell and then be done with him – but it so happened that Asche had vital information about Van’s plot that they needed to see immediately, and the fact that they were pissed at Luke only served to make the decision relatively easy.

And as I discussed already, Mieu being taken is non-canonical, because he stayed behind with Luke.

What we’re starting to reveal here – if it wasn’t clear already – that this fic is an author tract about how bullshit he thinks the Akzeriuth scene was. And while I don’t blame him, because I think it’s pretty crappy myself, I also understand it at a deeper level that allows me to be mad at it and rant about how wrong it is without going off on a tangent like this and getting things wrong, because ultimately, everybody loses in that scene, so proclaiming any one side to have been at fault would be insulting the message the scene was sending.

Sadly, I’ve read ahead in this fic. It gets worse.

Specs: Wait, the author somehow makes this worse?

You’ll see.

Luke’s eyes widened as something became clear as day to him.

‘I hate them.’ Luke concluded ‘I truly hate them.

Specs: You mean he didn’t before?

Keep reading.

I hate Anise, the little money grubbing whore.

Specs: Whoa.

I hate Jade, the man who knows more than he’s willing to tell.

Specs: Well, that’s far from the worst of his issues, but…

I hate Natalia, the girl who refuses to let go of the past.

Specs: Uh… Again, far from her darkest mark.

I hate Guy, my supposed “best friend”.

Specs: Ouch, damn.

I hate Asch, the spoiled brat who blames everyone but himself.’

Specs: Bu- I- you’re no better right now!

‘And I hate Tear the useless, annoying, naggy failure of a soldier.’ Luke thought with absolute certainty.

Specs: HO-LY SHIT, you wanna chuck some of those stones at the ACTUAL villains, maybe?!

‘And if they want the “real Luke.”‘ Luke thought with sheer venom. ‘Then why shouldn’t I oblige them.’

Specs: Wait a minute, are you fucking-?

“Yeah, I’m a treasure hunter.” Luke said finally. The girl just nodded at him.

*Specs flops over backwards in another bloody mess*

*SC hums quietly until Specs respawns*

Specs: This fucker’s serious, isn’t he?

Yep. And we’re STILL not at the worst part.

Specs: WHAT.

“Gotta name?” She asked him. His first reaction was to say Luke, but he decided against it.

‘I’m not Luke anymore.’ The replica decided ‘I don’t want to be Luke anymore.’

Specs: But you ARE Luke, because the real Luke decided to become Asche! There was a whole dramatic thing about-

*SC puts a hand on Specs’ shoulder*

There’s nothing we can do for him now. He’s OOC, Specs.

Specs: …Fuck.

His eyes roved around for something to call himself, something that could give him a name. His green eyes quickly zeroed in on a poster on a wall.

‘Join the Order of Lorelei today.’ He read to himself, his eyes focused on one word and a name began to form.

“My name is…” He said after a moments hesitation.

Specs: Oh, let me guess: Lorelei?

Naming yourself after the deity of a global religion is probably not a good way to go off the grid, methinks. It would be ironically fitting, though, considering that Luke- [REDACTED] [God damn it, you little shit! Stop dropping uncensored spoilers that I have to cover up! -Book Specs]

Tartrus, middle of the sea

Oh yeah, the Tartarus has a seafaring mode as well as a ground mobility mode. Forgot about that detail.

Tear was laying on a bed, having swapped shifts with Guy. She was also having troubles sleeping, her problem the same as Guy.

“Luke needed to be humbled.” She told herself as she rolled onto her side. “Did he really think he could blame others for his own actions?”


Sorry, that was me having a small rage moment. Carry on.


Well, shit! That would explain Luke leaving without her!

“But what if it wasn’t?” A voice spoke out in return, this caused Tear to turn towards the door. When she saw no one there she started to look for a source, but there was no other person in the room. Slightly on edge, she let herself fall back onto the bed and closed her eyes. Before sleep had taken her completely the voice said one last comment.

“I thought I trained you better…”

Damn it, Cantabile, now’s not the time for your shit from beyond the probable grave!

Specs: What if it’s Legretta (real name Giselle Oslo)?

Go fuck yourself, Legretta.

Go fuck yourself, Legretta.

Nah, if it were that bitch, she’d be too busy insulting Tear’s allies, massaging her lady boner for Van and trying in vain to convert Tear to a cause she already doesn’t believe in.

I really don’t like Legretta, guys.

Padamiyan, cliff south-west of Daath, The next day

Excuse you, it’s just Padamiya. You would only say “Padamiyan” if you’re writing it as “[insert place here], Padamiyan Continent,” which you didn’t.

Get it right.

Also, Padamiya is one of five continents in Auldrant, with the other four being Rugnica, Aberria, Radessia, and Sylvana.

Fun facts with SC!

A young looking boy stood on a large cliff, using his green eyes to look out into the sea.

That the author made a point to talk about Luke’s eye color makes me think he has night vision ocular implants, but then I remember that this isn’t Deus Ex so I have to shake that thought from my head.

The wind started to pick up, lifting his long red hair to dance with it.

Specs: Damn it, Link! You put down that Wind Waker right now, young man!



The boy grabbed the dancing strands with his right hand and pulled it tight. With his left hand he brought up a long sword.

Oh, NOW he’s gonna do his dramatic hair cut. Took you long enough, fucker.

Specs: Can we just discuss that while it looks cool, cutting one’s hair with a sword is a good way to behead yourself or dismember a limb?

That’s the one part of Mulan that I didn’t really agree with, honestly.

The sword itself was a simple design with a round pommel and red hilt. The blade itself was a wide piece of sharpened steel around a piece of a nearly black metal that widened as it got closer to the hilt. Above the hilt was a small white triangle with a black and white design in it.

Specs: Oh God, that sword sounds GROSS.

Not to mention wildly unstable, if I read the description right.

“With this.” He whispered as he used the blade to slice through his hair, leaving it at shoulder length. “I say goodbye to who I was.” He whispered again as he brought the hair in front of him and let it go, letting the wind carry it away.

Specs: Oh, we’re not gonna do that “cheesy declaration of intent as the character undergoes a dramatic change” thing, are we?

Looks like it.

Specs: Ugh, I hate that trope…

He stabbed the blade into the ground and then bent down to pick up a set of clothes.

“With this.” He said as he glanced at the monster mark staring back at him, He let them slip out of his grasp into the ocean below. “I cut all my ties in my old life.”

Specs: Dude, what the fuck are you doing?! You could have sold those clothes for a killing! They were made for the son of a Duke, that’s gotta be some high quality material!

Waste of perfectly good gald. For shame.

He then grabbed a cutlass in a brown sheath with a gold line running in the middle of it, stopping just short of the end of the sheath.

“With this.” He whispered as he pulled back and threw it as hard as he could. “I say goodbye to my old swordsmanship style.”

Specs: I- you can’t just- THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS, YOU LITTLE SHIT! You can’t just FORGET a system of combat that you’re comfortable using on a whim, it’s ingrained in your brain and muscle memory! AND PICK UP THAT FUCKING SWORD, YOU DAMN HEATHEN! DON’T YOU MAKE ME COME OVER THERE, I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL WHOOP YOUR ASS!

‘One more thing.’ He thought resolutely as he pulled the sword from the earth and held it in front of him.

“With this.” He said as he placed the edge of the sword on his face.

“I will never be confused with him again.”

Before you go permanently scarring yourself across your nose and looking like far too many of my OCs, might I just advise that you clean that sword first so as to avoid infecting yourself horribly with all the soil on the blade?

Specs: But teh drama!

But medical crisis!

Yulia City, meeting room, an hour later

Oh bullshit, you can’t just go from the middle of the ocean in the Outer Lands to Yulia City in the Qliphoth in an hour.

“HE’S WHAT?!” Guy yelled out.

*Teodoro* “I told you, horribly disfiguring himself to spite you all. What part of that did you miss? What, do I need to translate it in the Score for you?”

“Not here.” The Mayor responded in the same tone he used to answer the first question.

Specs: Not knowing what this tone is, I like to imagine that he’s acting like a sassy, petulant teenage girl right now.

*SC cackles*

“Why did you let him go?” Tear asked her grandfather, worried about the redhead.

“What reason did I have for keeping him here?” He asked in return. “Even if he’s a replica, he is still a citizen of the outer lands.”

*Teodoro* “Plus, you know, it was either that or watch the kid drown himself in the Qliphoth. I’m sure everybody would have loved that second option, but…”

“You have a point.” Jade replied as he rubbed his eyes under his glasses. “We will have to track him down it seems.”

“Why?” Anise asked in a venomous tone “So he can screw up again?”

Specs: No bitch, so you can prevent him from getting himself killed and costing you the only real weapon you have against Van and his schemes, because like hell Asche is gonna join you in his place.

“It would be better if we took him to Baticul.” Natalia said quietly. Anise nodded after a couple of seconds.

Natalia isn’t necessarily being spiteful here, because during Asche’s stint with the group, he basically snubs her and that marriage promise they made when they were kids and tells her that she’s better off without him, so odds are she’s probably thinking hard about how bad Luke REALLY is in comparison to the person she once knew who now is a stranger in her world.

That doesn’t stop her from being a bitch to Luke when she sees him again, though. Because obviously.

“If he is still alive he should have gone to Daath.” Teodoro told them.

I mean, it’s like the only important place on the Padamiyan Continent that he could have gone to (or that I can think of off the top of my head), so…

“We’re going to Daath then.” Asch announced as he turned to the door and left towards the Yulia road, the others following close behind, except for two.

Specs: *Asche* “I’m not done degrading the little dreck yet.”

“Guy is something wrong?” Tear asked when she saw the young man hesitate for a few seconds.

“Nothing really.” He assured her. “I just have a…” Guy stopped to think of the best way to describe his hesitance “Bad feeling about what’s going to happen.”

Almost like you’re in a badfic, huh?

“To be honest.” She told him quietly “I think we feel the same.”

Specs: *Tear* “It’s almost like Luke has undergone a horrible derailing of his personality or something…”

Padamiyan, middle of the continent

What the fuck did I say about this, author?

The group walked down the road to Daath, only stopping to slay monsters that had gotten in their way.

Oh sure, the monsters block THEM off.

When they noticed a single person walking towards them.

From the persons body type, it was a male. He was as tall as Asch, wearing a brown cloak that covered his body, but was slightly open at the front. On his head was a wide brimmed hat, that was tipped so that it blocked them from seeing his face.

Specs: Luke, why the fuck are you dressed like a bandito?

As he and the group walk past each other, Mieu looked up at the man’s face. When he saw green eyes looking down at him he wanted to yell out of joy. But stopped himself because he wasn’t sure if it was his master. So he settled with giving the man a curious look instead. The man’s lips just twitched upwards for a second before he turned away, raising one hand into a hush gesture. Even though it was only an instant, Mieu knew what it meant.

His master was alive.

*Tear* “Do you guys ever get the feeling that we just walked right by something that’s really important to our cause?”

*Everybody else* “Nah.”

Padamiyan, near the port


“Well what do we have here?” A bandit asked as the young man stopped in front of them.

“Might have some gald on him.” Another said as he pulled out a knife. The boy just stared at them blankly from underneath his hat as he pulled his sword out of his cloak.

“Bring it on.”

Why am I not surprised that Luke walked himself into a bandit’s den? It’s like I pegged him for being exactly that stupid earlier!

Daath market, same time

“Excuse me, but have seen a teen boy with red hair?” Tear asked a girl behind one of the market stands.

Specs: Nope, have not. Much apology.

Many regret.

The girl looked thoughtful for a second before responding.

“Yes.” The girl replied without looking at Tear.

“Can you tell me where he is?” Tear asked, not fazed by her attitude.

“He left a couple of hours ago.” The girl replied. “Probably looking for a new treasure.”

“Treasure?” Tear asked the girl.

“Yeah.” The girl replied. “He said he was a treasure hunter.” At this Tear’s face took on a shocked expression.

*Tear* “You mean he didn’t just try and get daddy Duke to organize a treasure hunting party for him? Holy shit!”

Specs: The image of Tear proclaiming “holy shit” is unusually funny, given that she never swears.

“Did this treasure hunter have green eyes?” She asked to make sure, starting to fear the worst.

“Yep.” The girl easily replied. Tear thanked the girl for her help and went back to the inn, where the group was supposed to meet.

‘If what she told me is true, then the person we walked past was Luke.’ Tear realized.

Any number of people could have green eyes, is that seriously how you’re choosing to come to your conclusion? I mean, you’re not wrong, but still!

‘That means that Luke could be long gone by now.’

Specs: Nah, he’s just up the road fighting some bandits.

Tear walked into the inn and sat at one of the many tables.

‘If only I had stayed with him, he may still be with us.’

Funny how that works! If only you had adhered to canon, maybe Luke wouldn’t have gone fucking AWOL! How about that!

Near Daath port, thirty minutes later

The redhaired male looked down at the bandits that attacked him, all of them in a pool of blood.

Specs: See? Told you he was just up the road.

The boy turned to walk away, but a voice behind him caught his attention.

“Hey wait…” The voice of one of the bandits called out to him weakly. “Can I get your name?”

*Bandit* “Dude, you totally just kicked my ass! Can I get your autograph before I bleed out?”

The boy just stood there for a second before throwing something at the bandit. The bandit caught the object with some difficulty and noticed it was an apple gel.

Specs: Why are you healing the guy who tried to murder you?

“My name.” The boy said as he turned to the bandit, lifting up his hat so the man could see his face.

The most prominent feature being the scar that started at his nose and went down his right cheek to his chin

“Is Elei Lore.”

Specs: …You’re kidding me, right? His cover is literally just the two halves of Lorelei shifted around? And NOBODY is going to notice that, huh?

You’d be surprised how shallow the people in the Tales series can be. Nobody in Vesperia knew Yeager was Regaey until he out and revealed it himself.

Fatal-fame here

Specs: Mafuyu?!


I already told you, it’s not Fatal Frame!

and this is the first chapter ofTreasure Hunter.

Judging by the fact that he’s only written this one chapter over the course of about two months now, I’m hesitant to claim that he has any plans for it to be longer than the one chapter.

In my story Perfect Control, Luke still cares about a few people and is actively trying to save the world

In this Luke does not care what-so-ever. He will desensitize himself to everything from killing people, to watching people die ect. Completely willing to sell out the group for a gald.

Do ALL the Tales fandom authors take after Matty and SPOIL THEIR FUCKING WORK BEFORE THEY’VE WRITTEN IT?!

Luke no longer practices the Albert style swordsmanship. He will have a new style that is more brutal.

Really. More brutal than the Albert style, which is by its definition nothing but slow, heavy hits that don’t chain well in combos but honestly don’t need to? I don’t buy it pal, not in Abyss’ world. They don’t follow the same rules of swordplay as the real world does.

Also, that’s still not how it works.

Check out my profile for my other ideas, and if you want more than the basics, pm me.

How about fucking no? How about you just write it and stop itching to spoil it so badly?

Tell me if I should continue this in a review.

Please don’t. This was an interesting idea that you’ve ruined with very poor execution. At the very least, gain some more experience as a writer before you come back and try this idea again.

Well, that’s that for Treasure Hunter! I’m pretty sure Specs died on me again, so I’ll just skip to the end here.

Thanks for reading, folks, and stay tuned for next time! This was supposed to be my last oneshot, but that’s not happening for a while yet I guess, so… More oneshots to come! Aren’t you so lucky? In the meantime, I’m SC, and on behalf of Teh Specs, I’ll see you next time!

…Hey, you still with me, buddy?

Specs: Yeah, I’m just over here fuming a bit, don’t mind me.

Alright, you do you, booboo.


*Don’t bother looking for that Specs as a Jedi story. It’s not on the internet. I never uploaded it anywhere because it was a story far too ridiculous for other people to read. I wrote it just to bullshit around.


53 Comments on “1017: Treasure Hunter – Oneshot”

  1. SC says:

    Author comment: like as not, I probably made a few mistakes – can’t always see everything wrong when you only have enough time to do one edit – but one I noticed immediately was that I called Van “Locrian General.” That is not a rank that exists in Abyss. Van is the DORIAN General of the Order of Lorelei. Sorry about that.

  2. agigabyte says:

    Please give us Specs as a Jedi. Just make it understood that this is a joke story.

    • SC says:

      I’ma think on it. The only problem with putting it up online is that I run the risk of getting a foot up my ass for basically just taking Star Wars canon and kicking it in the balls repeatedly.

      • Placido Farren says:

        Uh, reality check SC, people have been screwing with canon since the birth of the prequel trilogy. I think you’ll be fine on that front.

      • SC says:

        Well yeah, but just my luck I’d get the stick-up-ass fans who don’t accept any break in canon at all and would ream me out for it.

      • Placido Farren says:

        Eh, I’m the kind of guys who wants a story to stay as it is. But only because it’s the original and I’m aware of what happens. But fanfic authors have done massive breaks from canon before and they’ve made great stories that fans can accept. I mean, look at Herr Wozzeck.

      • SC says:

        Personally – and this is just me – I never found the prequel series of Star Wars to be that bad. In my mind, it’s a break from established canon that ultimately ended up adding some to the canon in the end, and in my mind that takes down the severity of the break a bit.

        But, very clearly (like, I would die if I said it in an open room), that is a minority opinion.

        As for Herr, I’m well aware of how his fics were received, believe me. I spent a good few hours reading the reviews on his Mass Vexations fic.

      • Placido Farren says:

        I also thought the prequel was ok, I see some of the problems but, overall, I’m ok with it.

        Also, I don’t want you to feel like I’m pushing you to do something you don’t want to do. I didn’t mean to come off like that and I’m sorry if it seems like that. In the end, you have the final word on what you want to write.

      • SC says:

        Ah, it’s fine. I wasn’t worried about that. Even if that was what you were trying to do, I have this littleb habit of refusing out of spite, so it wouldn’t have gotten you very far.

        That said, I pretty well figured you didn’t mean anything like that.

      • Placido Farren says:

        Thanks! I have a tendency IRL to say things that offend or turn off others when I don’t mean too. I’m on the autism spectrum (Asperger’s if you’re curious) and, as such, I have problems telling what other people are thinking, even less so on the Internet. I like to leave a conversation knowing that I didn’t leave any bad feelings behind. So again, thank you for understanding.

      • SC says:

        I’m usually pretty mellow anyhow, so even if you did end up offending me, there’s not a huge chance that I’ll jump on you for it.

        It’s all good.

    • Delta XIII says:


      ALL THE YES!


  3. Delta XIII says:

    (That little black dot next to the Tartarus at the bottom left is the rough equivalent of how big a normal vperson is in comparison. I did say “dreadnought”, after all.)


    Dear sweet merciful FUCK!

    • SC says:

      Yeah, and that thing is loaded down with massive magical- sorry, fonic cannons.


      • Placido Farren says:

        A shame they don’t get used very often and the Tartarus eventually becomes obsolete.

      • SC says:

        Actually, worse – the Tartarus becomes the platform upon which Van builds his superweapon.

        Before that, though, it’s just used to stabilize the core of Auldrant – which apparently is a thing you can just do in Abyss, I guess.

  4. Placido Farren says:

    *Warning! Personal Essay Alert!*

    I don’t know where all of this is coming from. I just feel the need to say all of this.

    First of all, I’d like to say that I’m a big fan of the Tales series (admittedly I’ve only played the big three and Tales of the World but I still like the series as a whole overall). That being said, the games are not without their flaws, storywise. I did not take note of these flaws when I was younger as much as I do now, the biggest being Poor Communication Kills. It irritates me a little, but not enough to turn me off from the games. And here’s why.

    I love games that can tell an endaging story as well as teach lessons that can be applied to real life. The very first game from the Tales series I played was Tales of Symphonia (I played it 50 times at least.) And I can say with complete honesty that this game helped, in part, to shape my worldview. I learned about racism, how it affects its victims and to what extremes they go to for escape or acceptance. I learned about how friendship can help overcome obstacles we may not see or feel that we can’t overcome. But most of all, I learned about how there is always value in one’s life and that there is no value in dying. I was in a dark place at one point in my life and it was thanks in part to this that was able to get past that. All of these lessons that I learned then I carry with me today.

    The other games taught me things too. Tales of the Abyss taught me not to adhere to a predetermined path, to forge my own way forward in life. Tales of Vesperia (the latest one I played) showed me that just because people are on different sides, doesn’t mean they can’t still be friends and work towards the common good. Once again, these are all values I take to heart.

    Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say from my heart for now. Next new post I put up, I’ll be my regular insane/wacky/analytical/whatever persona. Thanks for listening (reading?).

    • SC says:

      So basically, every lesson I learned as well.

      Hey, finally I’m not the only Tales guy here!

      • TacoMagic says:

        You never have been. I own most of the NA regionalized Tales games. Still haven’t played them all *cough* Vesperia, Graces F *cough*, but I own them at least. Their recent PS3 blitzkrieg of games have also made it really hard to keep up.

        Honestly, strangely enough, one of my favorites remains Tales of Legendia. Battle system was far from the best of the franchise, but I liked the characters a lot more and found them more memorable than those in many of the other games. The fact that the whole second half of the game was focused character development meant you got to know all the characters a lot better than most.

        I’m also one of like ten people the world over who really liked Dawn of a New World.

      • SC says:

        Oh hey, didn’t know that!

  5. Placido Farren says:

    This fic….ARGH! So many plot divergences and contrivences! And for what? To turn Luke into some “badass” lone wolf who works for money and doesn’t care who lives or dies? I don’t mind breaks from canon every now and then for the sake of an interesting story. But this…..ARGH!

    *deep breath*

    I got to go hit something. Be right back.

    walks off to hit something

    • SC says:

      Like I said, the idea of this fic is genuinely interesting. I for one enjoy entertaining “what if” scenarios like these, where a hero in a group goes rogue and how the group reacts and all that. But the way this author tried to play out the idea? Ugh. I’ve read better from the likes of Thomas Brown.

      If this were any decent author writing this what-if scenario, I wouldn’t have any issue with it. But, well, here we are.

  6. TacoMagic says:

    Wow, you REALLY haven’t played a Tales game before.

    *Throws a blanket over his large stack of Tales games.*

    Nope, can’t say that I have.

  7. TacoMagic says:

    AU, OOC Luke, new name, no pairing, may contain bashing, violence, swearing.



  8. TacoMagic says:

    And that’s important, because money in Abyss is an unusually expensive commodity.

    Yeah, playing Abyss was giving me flashbacks to White Knight Chronicles. Granted, WKC was way, way worse about money being rare, but the same general feeling of being continually strapped for cash was there.

    • SC says:

      What throws me about Abyss is that money can be found on literally any mooks dead corpse or in a box or just lying on the frickin’ ground. I can only assume that there must be some kind of price inflation issue going on that never gets addressed, because it just becomes unbearable after a while.

      • TacoMagic says:

        Yeah, in WKC the money being rare was actually fairly reasonable. For instance, none of the monsters drop money, they drop monster bits which can be traded for money. But the more common a monster is, the less its bits are worth, which means the only way to actually make decent money is to hunt rare or difficult monsters (dragons, for instance). Or do quests that take a lot of time and are difficult.

        And the things you can fight that do have money, like soldiers, don’t have much on them. Which follows since you don’t gear up for patrols duty by grabbing your life-savings and strapping it to your belt.

        It all made sense, but it made buying things an extremely grindy experience that really did ruin the flow of a game that didn’t have anything else to set it apart from other JRPGs. It was a game that was trying to be a single player MMO, which is a dubious choice at best.

        In Abyss, it was just crazy rising costs vs what you were bringing in. It was kinda neat in that it forced you to chose between grinding and going out under-equipped. But it could have been done a little more smoothly.

      • SC says:

        Yeah, I think after Abyss people realized that the money was a bit of an issue and so softened the blow for Vesperia onward a bit.

  9. TacoMagic says:

    Luke’s eyes widened as something became clear as day to him.

    ‘I hate them.’ Luke concluded ‘I truly hate them.

    Whoa now, what the fu-

    *Long rant about all the hate*

    Dude, cool your tits. Everyone might just have reacted badly to the massive atrocity that just went down. It’s one of those human coping mechanisms, bro. That shouldn’t surprise you, since you reacted pretty badly yourself. Including, you know, the way you’re trying to shove blame off yourself onto them right now. Sure, the whole thing sucks, but you need to power through to the other end and see-

    I’m not Luke anymore.’ The replica decided ‘I don’t want to be Luke anymore.

    Screw it, I’m out.

    • SC says:

      All that, just for an excuse to make a lone wolf defector treasure hunter.

      So, ruining a key point in the game is the ONLY way the author could have worked that plot out?

  10. leobracer says:

    ‘AU, OOC Luke, new name, no pairing, may contain bashing, violence, swearing.’

    *Record Scratch*


    ‘AU, OOC Luke, new name, no pairing, may contain bashing’

    ‘no pairing, may contain bashing’

    ‘may contain bashing’

    ‘contain bashing’


    *Jumps into the Battle Armor, goes into a foe tossing charge on some dummies*

    Let me make something perfectly clear: Character Bashing is NOT acceptable!

    I don’t care who it is, I don’t care about other people’s opinion, and I don’t care if its a character that even I hate, Character bashing is a big No-No!

    I mean for the love of the man upstairs they’re not even real, so really, what’s the point?!

    Oy, I just know for certain that this is gonna suck.

    • SC says:

      You couldn’t be more correct in your assumption.

      • leobracer says:

        There was this one Tales of Vesperia fic that I read that tried and failed to paint itself as a quasi mythology story about a god who fell in love with a mortal.

        Unlike the reviewers, who praised the fic, I saw right through its less than paper thin disguise, and saw it for what it really was: A Sodia bashing fic.

        I didn’t leave a review on the fic, and I’m not sure if it still exists, but given who the character was, who was bashed in that fic, I think you can take a guess as to who the god and the mortal was.

        And then there was this “poem” that was about Estelle’s allegedly poor AI, (I played Vesperia and her AI worked the way it should have, as the party’s healer), that I did leave a review on, by calling the author out on her bashing.

        Thankfully that “poem” no longer exists, as the author took it down hours after I posted my review.

      • SC says:

        Sodia-bashing… So, the god was Yuri, then? Because that’s the only reason I can think of why Sodia would GET bashed, because of her intense dislike of Yuri.

        Which, you know, I can’t say that I blame her because Yuri does kind of bring it on himself.

        And complaining about a healer AI being crappy? Uh, they’re supposed to be, THEY’RE NOT FIGHTING AI. Estelle might be among one of the stronger healers, but the point stands that she’s not a fighter, which is why her 200-Man challenge is so fucking hard.

      • leobracer says:

        Actually the God was Flynn, and Sodia was a Goddess who wanted Flyn for herself.

        The point still stands though, and I deeply regret never calling the Author out on her bullshit.

        Of course, I’ve heard that Chloe from Legendia did something worse than what Sodia did, yet she’s still well liked by the fandom.

      • SC says:

        Never played Legendia, so I wouldn’t know about that.

  11. TacoMagic says:

    From the persons body type, it was a male. He was as tall as Asch, wearing a brown cloak that covered his body, but was slightly open at the front. On his head was a wide brimmed hat, that was tipped so that it blocked them from seeing his face.

    Fuck, he’s trying to be the Man with No Name.

  12. TacoMagic says:

    “Is Elei Lore.”

    Wow, the payoff of all that pointless secrecy surrounding his new name managed to exceed my expectations of stupidity. That displays an impressive ability for generating stupid plot on the author’s part.

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