1016: Beauty within the beast – chapters 9 & 10

Title: Beauty within the beast
Author: Sessh-Amy
Media: Movie
Topic:  The Beauty and The Beast
Genre: Romance/Drama
URL: Chapter 9
URL: Chapter 10
Critiqued by Ghostcat (with special guest Ishi)

Hey there, fabulous Patrons!

I’m here with the last two chapters of this fic; that’s right, it’s my favorite part of a fic – the end.

:Ishi and Ghostie toss glitter into the air:

Ishi-sensei’s decided to return for this last chapter, I don’t really know why.

The clan feels an incident is imminent, Ghostcat-sama.”

Bunch of grump-buckets, the lot of you. But I can’t make you leave. I mean, I can, but I don’t feel like going through a respawn this early in the riff.

:bows: “You are most kind, Ghostcat-sama.”

…Just hand me my notes.

In the last pair of chapters …:flips through pages:… Not a lot happened. Belle was moved to a room, Gaston petted the Beast, the Beast remembered he was injured, and Lumiere tried to convince the Beast that he was falling for Gaston. The Beast was initially reluctant to believe this, despite the evidence of the rose’s petals falling off, and used his magic mirror to spy on Gaston – who happened to be with Belle at the time. The beast stormed out of his room, because his injuries only bother him when the plot demands it, and is probably going to go confront Gaston.

“The author uses many words to convey very little.”

Part of it wasn’t even hers, it was mangled plot regurgitation.

To the fic!

7 petals

“The petal-clock has returned!”

:eye-twitch: Yay.

“Does he know I never lost my memory?” Gaston asked in a panicked voice as he paced around Belle’s room.

Huh. Looks like we’re just jumping right into the scene.

“Apologies, but how does Gaston-san know that the furred ouji-sama was spying on him?”

Good question. I have no idea, but that’s a good question.

“I think he was to distracted to noticed,” Lumiere said.

Ah, there’s your answer! Lumiere told him.

“But how is it that a candlestick can travel faster than a large, angry creature?”

:shrugs: Speed of light?

“Distracted?” Gaston questioned, looking at Lumiere with a raised eyebrow.

Umm, yeah. You were acting all buddy-buddy with Belle and it didn’t look good.

“Especially when one considers that the candlestick had been on the verge of convincing the furred ouji-sama of his love for Gaston-san.”

It’s almost as if this whole scenario was contrived so that the Beast would get the wrong idea and fly into a pouty rage.

“He was just angry at the fact that you were with Belle,” Lumiere points out.

Really angry, like “snap off your head like you were a Barbie doll” angry.

“That is a very specific type of anger, Ghostcat-sama.

I have an older sister. Barbie dolls can be very therapeutic for children, especially if they aren’t yours.

“You two are the coldest people I ever met!” Belle exclaimed. “How can you guys play with a mans heart?”

:Ghostie and Ishi high-five:

Preach it, sister!

“The bookish female is most wise.”

“Mademoiselle, you don’t understand,” Lumiere started. “Adam needs to fall in love so he can regain his human form,” Lumiere convinced.

Something that has no time limit, since the countdown only starts after he starts falling in love. The Beast literally has all the time in the world to find someone to love.

“It might be difficult to find one who could look past the furred ouji-sama’s exterior.”

I’ve been to a few cons where he’d fit right in. There’d probably still be a few people who wouldn’t consider his appearance “authentic” enough.

“But he is a large furred beast with horns, claws, and fangs!”

There’s no snob like a cosplay snob. Most cosplayers are cool, though.

And what the hell is up with these verbs? Is the author just choosing words at random now?

“But playing with his heart like this?” Belle said. “What will happen to him after he turns back to normal? Will you just leave him Gaston?” Belle asked, looking at Gaston with hopeful eyes.

You beautiful bookworm, you! I could kiss you! In fact, I think I will.

:Ghostie kisses Belle on the lips:

“If one may have a turn…”

No way, sensei!

“But … you embraced the bookish female!”

But I’m not married to a lovely kunoishi who could reduce me to bleeding shreds without wrinkling her kimono.

“…You speak truth, Ghostcat-sama.”

“…I’m… doing this for the gemstone Belle,” Gaston admitted.

“One fails to see how this would be a better situation.”

Kind of makes it worse, doesn’t it?

“I’m also only doing this for everyone in the castles, I don’t want them to spend the rest of their lives living as objects,” Gaston said, folding his arms and leaning against the door.

Yeah, no. You can’t have it both ways.

“It would be very noble of him to take these actions for the sake of others.”

Only he isn’t, because he just admitted – in the sentence directly before this one! – that he’s only doing it for the swag.

Belle looked away, she didn’t like the plan one bit but she doesn’t want to see everyone in the castle live as mere objects.

“Then why does the bookish female not seduce the furred ouji-sama, thus breaking the curse and denying Gaston-san his prize?”

Well, then the author couldn’t manufacture this relationship and force her favorite characters together.

Suddenly someone knocks on the door, breaking their conversation. “Who is it?” Belle asked.

Ooh, is it Avon calling?

“One doubts that very much, Ghostcat-sama.”

Damn. I’m almost out of Berry Tart lip liner.

“It’s Ms. Pott,” Ms. Pott called. Gaston opened the door to let the teapot in.

:Ghostie headdesks:

The frickin’ teapot is there now?!? How did she get there before the Beast? How did either of these two beat him to Gaston and Belle?

“Is there a speed of tea?”

“I thought you would like a spot of tea,” Ms Pott said as she entered the room with her son Chip. “Oh Gaston, Lumiere, I didn’t expect to see you two here,” Ms. Pott said.

That makes two of us.


“Oh we just came here to see if Gaston would jog his memory a little,” Lumiere said. “Turns out that Belle knows Gaston,” Lumiere said.

I hope no one questions why Gaston went to Belle’s room before Lumiere ever showed up and spent a significant amount of time with her. I’m sure the numerous servants haven’t been monitoring the movements of the only human occupants of the palace.

“Oh do you, how long have you known Gaston?” Mr. Pott asked.

In the canon I don’t think they knew each other very long, Belle and her father moved to the village shortly before the events of the film began.

“Then why would Gaston-san seek the bookish female out to make her his mate?”

Because plot, mostly. And she’s the prettiest girl in the village, so she makes a nice addition to his trophies.

“Um…” Belle looked over at Gaston and Lumiere. They gave her pleading stares.

I want to try that!

:Ghostie attempts to give Ishi a pleading stare:

“…Do you need to visit the honorable handwash station, Ghostcat-sama?”

Never mind.

“…Since, we were kids,” Belle said. “I can’t believe he lost his memory, this is like a nightmare,” Belle convinced.

“The author keeps using that word. One does not think it means what she thinks it means.”

Yeah, she definitely doesn’t verb very well.

“Don’t worry dear, he will get it back eventually,” Ms. Pott said, pouring tea into her son.

:Ghostie looks at Ishi:

I’ve got nothing. Sensei?

“One chooses to remain silent at this time.”

“She’s very pretty mama,” Chip whispered to his mother.

“I know chip, now go to her,” Ms. Pott said. “Careful,”

“Thank you,” Belle said, kneeling down to get the tea cup.

“Do you wanna see a trick?” Chip asked. He soon began making the tea inside him bubble up.

“Chip!” Ms. Pott scolded.

“Oh, sorry,” Chip apologized, snickering a little.

Oh, great – plot regurgitation.

“Literally, in the case of the cup-child.”

Ewww. Thanks for ruining a charming scene, sensei.

“One does not find this scene very charming.”

Not this one, the movie version. Then it’s really cute when Chip blows bubbles. Here, not so much.

“That was a very brave thing you did child,” Ms. Pott said, referring to how she spared her own life for her fathers.

“But I lost my father, my dreams, everything,” Belle said.

“Cheer up child, it will turn out all right in the end,” Ms. Pott said. “You’ll see…Oh! Listen to me, talking on while there’s a supper to get on the table,” she said as she exited the room. “Chip?” she called.

“Bye,” Chip said, hopping off of Belle’s hand to go follow his mother.

Yet more plot regurgitation! And the Beast still hasn’t made an appearance. He must have had to visit the little monster’s room or something.

“Apologies, but why did the bookish female not partake of the cup-child’s tea?”

… You might want to re-phrase that, sensei.

“One sees no problem in asking why the bookish female is so disgracefully wasting precious tea.”

Oh. Well, it’s probably just another instance of the author rushing through the plot regurgitation as quickly as possible.

“Apologies, but if the author does not wish to experience these scenes, then why have they been included?”

Another excellent question! And I have no answer for this one either, but it is an excellent question.

“That was very brave of you,” Lumiere said.

Thanks for reiterating something already stated by a canon character, you useless scene accessory.

“Apologies, but one is unfamiliar with this term.”

What, scene accessory? It’s when a character is present in a scene and interacts, usually through dialogue, with other characters but doesn’t really contribute anything. A lot of SI Sues and Stus that are doppelganging a character, like Dart and Stryfe in Taco’s Dragoon fic, end up being nothing but scene accessories.

“I’m glad I did do it,” Belle said.

“The bookish female’s diction seems different.”

That’s a sign that the author is shifting from the source material’s dialogue into her own original work.

“It is quite jarring.”

Authors notes*

Wait a second …:flips through fic: That’s it?!? That’s the whole chapter? That can’t be the whole chapter, nothing happened!

“The bookish female almost enjoyed a cup of tea.”


so so so sorry! Like holly shit!

“One can neither like or dislike this female, as she is unknown.”

What the hell are you talking about?

“This Holly Shit. One has no knowledge of her.”

I don’t think that’s what the author meant, sensei.

I spent so much time slacking off I forgot about my stories XO

And how grammar works.

“Assuming the author possessed such knowledge in the first place. One also finds it odd that an author would forget a work currently in progress.”

It’s something we see a lot of in the Library, though. That’s one of many reasons why you should finish the work before you start posting it.

Hope this makes up for it ^.^

It doesn’t, not even a little bit. Better to abandon a fic than to keep tacking on hastily written chapters that contain nothing of merit.

“Apologies, but was this chapter intended to be a reward of some kind?”

Sounds odd to me, too.

It’s a short chapter but its full of fluff!

“The author says that as if it were something to be proud of.”

Hey, some fluff fics are fun to read. Inserting a pointless fluff-chapter into your work, that’s not cool at all.

Did I lose some readers? Bet I did XD

“When one possesses so few, they should be treasured. Discarding them or driving them away is an ill-advised action.”

Well, if her readers made it through this many chapters, they’ll probably tough it out until the end.

7 Petals

“The petal-clock appears broken again, Ghostcat-sama.”

No, I think it’s just another update. Not really sure why there needs to be an update since nothing happened in the last chapter, but there it is.

Gaston stood in front of Adams room, hesitant to walk in.

Go on, walk right in. It’s not like he’s in there.

“The furred ouji-sama is allegedly confined to his bed. Where else would he be?”

He was in bed, until he got up and wandered over to use the magic mirror. After that he stormed out of the room and Lumiere hopped over to Gaston’s room. The Beast could be anywhere now.

He gulps. What if Adam found out he didn’t lose his memory?

“Gaston-san should have thought of the consequences of his actions before agreeing to the candlestick’s plan.”

Karma can indeed be a vindictive bitch. And she moves pretty fast in this instance, since Gaston only started faking amnesia the night before. Since Gaston hasn’t really done anything to take advantage of the injury, then he might get off relatively light in this case.

He’ll lose the gem Lumiere promised him.

And that’s really all that matters, isn’t it?

“Gaston-san stated as much in the previous chapter.”

There was a bit about helping the servants transform, but it was almost an afterthought. Despite the occasional fluttery feeling, he seems focused on seducing the Beast you to get his paycheck.

Or worse! Adam could shred him to pieces!

A very valid point. Maybe you should wait until you’re sure he’s in a good mood.

“But this is the time when the tsundere is at the height of their attraction! One must strike at once!”

Don’t make me turn the hose on you, sensei.

The mere thought sent shivers down Gaston’s spine.

:Ishi looks smug:

Oh, shut up.

‘Man up!’ he told himself as he took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

That’s a weirdly modern phrase for someone to use during this time period.

“One does not understand this phrase. How can Gaston-san become even more male than he already is?”

Geez, how do I explain this? He’s afraid he’s being too much of a soushoku-kei and is telling himself to act more like a nikushoku-kei.

“Ah! This is understandable given his past actions. Gaston-san exhibits many of the characteristics of a grasseater.”

Which would be ironic since he’s supposed to be this manly and macho hunter, if it were done intentionally.


No response. He knocks again.


Oh, shit!

:Ghostie hands Ishi a roll of bolt-tape:

“Apologies, but one has not seen the hated facial expression.”

Yeah, but you know how Herr gets around onomatopoeia.

:Ishi pales visibly:

“One will dispatch the clan at once.”

“-I heard you the first damn time!” the beast growled making Gaston jump.

“It does not appear that his self admonishment has worked. Gaston-san continues to act as a soushoku-kei would.”

To be fair, the Beast is a big, hairy monster who is probably super-pissed at Gaston right now. He’s right to be acting timid.

His heart raced as he grasped the door knob. He swallowed hard as he twisted the knob and pushed the door open.

I think that is the most descriptive narration I’ve seen in this entire fic.

“And it is simply opening a door.”

That’s just sad, man.

“What do you want?” Adam asked. His back was facing Gaston as he looked out the window, trying to avoid eye contact.

Honey, he’s not trying to avoid eye contact – he is actively doing just that. Avoiding eye contact would be if you were facing someone and trying not to look them in the eye. Turning your back to them eliminates the awkward shifty-eye dance.

“It also allows one to check their phone while appearing introspective.”

I don’t think that applies here, sensei.

“I-I came to check on you,” Gaston said in a shaky voice.

“I’m fine,” Adam huffed, not moving an inch.

Oh, hell. Batten down the hatches, boys!

“One does not see why such a mild response would require such measures.”

The Beast seems to have been cast into the role of “the girl” in this contrived little relationship, since Gaston is pursuing him while the Beast does nothing to actively encourage Gaston. Because “nice girls” have to be demure and can’t walk up to strangers and say “Nice ass. Can I have your phone number?”

“…One does not understand.”

Sorry, I got side-tracked.

The Beast is pouting because he thinks Gaston might like Belle better than him. He’s acting like a stereotypical “girl”, and what typically follows the “I’m fine!” conversation is the “girl” throwing a temper tantrum. Since this isn’t a young female but is instead a very large and strong male, things could get dangerous.

Gaston felt fear run threw his body.

:Ishi and Ghostie watch the physical manifestation of fear run through the air:

Huh. There’s something you don’t see every day.

“Shall one warn Esshi-kun?”

Nah, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

‘Oh God, he knows I was lying,” he thought as he cleared his throat and straightened himself up, trying to show confidence.

“Do not be afraid, Gaston-san. Animals can smell fear.”

And the urine that’s probably dribbling down his leg right now.

“Are you sure?” Gaston asked as he walked up to Adam, debating whether to put his hand on his shoulder or not.

“That would be a rather awkward way of standing.”

Probably meant to be Gaston’s hand on the Beast’s shoulder, not his own. Still a pretty dumb idea, since it would make it easier for the Beast to grab Gaston.

“But the furred ouji-sama is taller than Gaston-san, he would be unable to place his hand upon the creature’s shoulder.”

It doesn’t really say if the Beast is sitting or standing, just that he’s by the window. I’m going to assume he’s standing, which would make a comforting shoulder pat all the more unlikely.

“You seem troubled,” he said, noticing a portrait of a young man posing with a sword. He looked familiar…could the guy in the portrait be Adam?

Bullshit it does! With the exception of his eyes, Prince Adam doesn’t share any features with his Beast form.

“And portraits are not know for being completely accurate depictions.”

That’s true as well. Unlike a photograph, a portrait relies on the skill of the artist and how much they want to flatter their subject. Since Prince Adam is royalty, the artist probably made him as handsome as possible.

“I’m not troubled,” Adam growled as he walked past Gaston to sit on the bed.

Told you – he’s pouting.

“It is quite a disturbing sight, Ghostcat-sama.”

At least he’s sitting down now.

“I just hate letting strangers into my castle.” He growled almost childishly.

And what exactly would you call Gaston, whom you’ve never once tried to throw out of the place?

“One believes the correct term is man-candy?”

…You’re not exactly wrong, sensei.

“Who, Belle?” Gaston asked, focusing his attention back on Adam.

Why, do you have someone else tucked away in your pocket?

“Perhaps the furred ouji-sama should inspect the area throughly.”


‘How could this monster be that young, handsome, man in the portrait?…Handsome?’ he questioned himself. Did he just call another man handsome?

Technically you just thought it, but I don’t really see what the problem is. Just because you find someone physically attractive doesn’t mean you want to boink their brains out.

“Perhaps Gaston-san cannot admire beauty without desiring to possess it.”

That would kind of fit in with the source materials; he only wants to marry Belle because she’s pretty, after all.

“Yes,” Adam growled, his muscles tensing. “I hate woman, they’re pests,” He sneered, remembering all the past woman that came to his castle and tried to seduce him.

That’s understandable since they had all been paid to be there and seduce him.

“Is that not why Gaston-san is there?”

Ooh, awkward.

“…Why were you with her?” He asked, looking up into Gaston’s eyes.

Maybe if you hadn’t pitched a fit and watched in the mirror, you would have been able to figure out what was going on.

“Pitiful. The furred ouji-sama is practically begging Gaston-san to lie to him.”

“What?” Gaston questioned, shaking the thought of calling another man handsome out of his head.

“Apologies, but does Gaston-san truly find this concept so disturbing?”

Kind of looks like it. That or the author’s just padding out the scene.

“I saw you with her,” Adam said in a low dangerous voice as he looked deep into Gaston’s eyes. “Why were you with her?”

You mean when Gaston thought he was alone with Belle in her room? Care to explain to him how you did that?

“Another awkward situation.”

“Well-” Gaston started noticing that Adam’s eyes not only showed anger, but sadness and hurt too. They were a beautiful blue color. “-Belle looked familiar to me.

He’s the Beast with the emotional-kaleidoscope eyes.

“Apologies, but did Gaston pause in mid-sentence to admire the furred ouji-sama’s eyes? How is it the furred ouji-sama did not notice this lapse?”

The dialogue’s already pretty awkward and stilted, so he probably didn’t do anything different.

I thought maybe she knows who I am and can tell me about my background,” Gaston lied smoothly.

“One must agree with Gaston-san, his lies are quite dull and flat.”

I don’t think that’s the kind of smooth the author meant, sensei.

“She says I live in her small village and I am admired by all the towns people,” Gaston said.

“One might say excessively so.”

In that the whole village is made of Gaston’s fanboys and fangirls? Yeah, it’s a bit over-the-top.

“Lucky you,” the beast huffed, looking away. “Being loved by all the towns people must be nice,”

I’m sure it has its upsides.

“One finds it quite disturbing, as if the entire village was inhabited by a cult.”

Says the man who lives in a compound full of ninjas unnaturally devoted to dairy products.

Gaston furrowed his eyebrows, “Surely you’re loved by everyone in your castle,”

“Does Gaston-san know the entire palace is populated by sentient house goods who owe their present condition to the furred ouji-sama’s reckless behavior?”

Don’t forget that they are all servants as well, which means they were paid to be there.

“It would take many crates of precious stones to compensate for such actions.”

I’m sure the Beast will do something for them. A nice gift basket at the holidays, perhaps.

“If that were true then why do they mock me behind my back?” Beast asked. “They laugh at me, mock me…they want me dead”

“That escalated quite precipitously.”

I didn’t know you were a fan of Anchorman, sensei.

Nan des’ ka?”

Never mind.

“I don’t want you dead,” Gaston said.

I notice he doesn’t say anything about the servants not wanting him dead.

“One is not even in the furred ouji-sama’s employ and has entertained murderous thoughts regarding him.”

Yeah, but you’re a merciless assassin – you do that for everyone.

“One would insure your death was swift and mostly painless, Ghostcat-sama.”


“Right,” Adam rolled his eyes.

See? Even the Beast doesn’t believe you.

Gaston furrowed his eyebrows, he can actually sense the beast hurt.

“Of course the furred ouji-sama is injured, it was you who shot him!”

It’s a different kind of hurt, sensei. The author’s probably forgotten about the bullet wounds again.

Unconscionably, he reaches down to cup the beast chin and forces Adam to look into his eyes. “I’m telling you the truth,” Gaston said, looking deep into Adam’s eyes.

:Ghostie checks her wrist:

Is it time to shoehorn in more hastily planned romance? My, how the fic flies when you have no damns to give.

“Apologies, but one is not familiar with this word – unconscionably. What is its meaning?”

That’s a new one for me, too. I know what “unconscionable” means, but I really don’t think that’s what the author intended here.

“It would be quite fitting, as Gaston-san is quite unprincipled and unethical.”

True, but it’s probably supposed to be “unconsciously”.

Adam’s eyes widened in surprise. He didn’t expect Gaston to react this way, or to be this close to his face.

“But Gaston-san did not physically move, he only changed the angle of the furred ouji-sama’s face. He cannot be closer than he was before.”

I’m just hoping the Beast bites him.

He can feel Gaston’s hot breath hit his lips.

Frickin’ hell! How close are these two?

“They appear to be within kissing distance.”

:eye-twitch: Oh, goody.

Wow, he never notices how high Gaston’s cheek bones were, how strong his chin looked, and how sexy eyes were…

Ugh. You’re giving me the sugar shakes, fic.

“Would you care for some insulin, Ghostcat-sama?”

Give you an excuse to stab me with a syringe? No, thanks.

5 petals

Frickin’ hell! Long, soulful looks into each other’s eyes rates the same as spontaneous jealousy?

“At least the petal-clock is moving once again.”


“Keep your hands off me,” Adam growled, slapping Gaston’s hand away.

That should probably be “ripped his hand off and tossed it across the room”.

“Of course, Ghostcat-sama.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over,” Gaston apologized.

:double headdesk:

He too was shocked at his own actions. Why did he do that just now?

Because romance!

“Suddenly, yet not from behind.”

:Ghostie giggles:

“Please maintain your composure, Ghostcat-sama.”

“Whatever,” The beast said noticing the sun setting out the window. “Whether your words are true or not, I could careless,” he lied, feeling his heart tighten up after saying those words.

I’m starting to think you might be on to something with your tsundere theory, sensei. The Beast is acting awfully odd.

“Go to your woman and leave me,” Gaston felt the same tightening feeling in his chest. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ He thought as Adam stood up from his bed.

“One theorizes an undiagnosed heart condition aggravated by recent blood loss.”

Very romantic, sensei.

“Leave my room,” he said almost childishly.

Okay, what’s with the “almost childish” crap? The Beast has done everything but throw himself on the bed, kicking and screaming.

“Perhaps the kicking and screaming in bed will occur in the next chapter.”

There’s been no activity on the author’s account for several years, so I guess we’ll never know.

“Fine,” Gaston nodded as he walked past the beast and towards the door. He looks back at the beast one last time before walking out the room and closing the door behind him.

“What happened?” Lumiere asked.

A temper tantrum disguised as a romantic scene.

“Very poorly disguised.”

“…He’s mad,” Gaston said plainly as he and Lumiere walked away from Adam’s room. “He still thinks I lost my memory though,”

“Excellent,” Lumiere chuckled, “so the plan hasn’t been spoiled.”

No, it’s actually advancing quite quickly despite these characters having no chemistry with each other.

“There were indications of arrhythmia while in each other’s presence.”

In one scene. Their previous interactions were as bland as unsalted oatmeal.

“I guess,” Gaston agreed.

“…I sense something happened in the room,” Lumiere said, cocking up and eyebrow.

“What makes you say that?” Gaston asked.

“The look on your face gives it away,” Lumiere explained, noticing the look of guilt and sadness on the hunters face.

Maybe he farted?

“Nothing happened,” Gaston lied as he remembered how close he got to the beasts face…and how beautifully his eye’s sparkled when they stared up at him in surprised. ‘Wait, what?!’ he thought as a light blush spread on his cheeks.

I feel a cavity forming.

“Within your teeth? One is not trained in dentistry, but one can take a look if you wish.”

No, this hole is in my soul.

“Would you care for a koneko, Ghostcat-sama?”

Would I! :snuggles kitten: I take back nearly everything I said about you being an unqualified hack, sensei.

“Are you sure?” Lumiere asked, smirking.

Yeah, I’m sure. I was there – NOTHING happened.

“A great deal of nothing.”

“Oh dear, don’t tell me that you’re gaining some kind of affection for Adam?” Lumiere laughed as they approached Belle’s room.

Affection, for someone you are seducing? Do you think this is Pretty Woman?

“Or Great Expectations?”

Dude, Pip got his heart broken by Estella.

“Truly? Perhaps there was an error in translation.”

“Of course I’m not,” Gaston argued back as he opened the door to Belle’s room. “I’m doing everything I can to change him back to human is all,” he stated

Gaston has gone from just wanting the gemstone to wanting to change the servants back into humans to now wanting to change the Beast back into a human? Why are his motives constantly changing?

“Perhaps the portrait moved him more than he wishes to admit.”

If something’s moving, I wish it was the plot.

“What ever you say,” Lumiere chuckled.

“What happened?” Belle asked, standing from the bed.

“It would appear that your bed was moved into the hallway for some unknown purpose.”

Maybe she rearranges furniture in her sleep?

“He’s just mad,” Gaston explained.

“I see,” Belle nodded as she sat back down on the bed. “…Is there any way I can possibly help?” Belled suddenly asked. Gaston and Lumiere looked up at the young lady in surprised.

:Ishi and Ghostie also look at Belle in surprise:

What the hell are you talking about?

“Why do you wish to help the candlestick control his anger?”

There’s a pairing I haven’t seen before – Lumiere and Belle.

“The logistics of their coupling make for an interesting mental exercise.”

:slides chair away from Ishi: Keep that shit to yourself, sensei.

“You want to help?” Gaston asked in surprise.

“…Even if I do think it’s wrong, I want to help the people in the castle take back their true form,” she explained.

I still don’t see how helping Lumiere would do anything useful in this situation. The curse originates with the Beast.

:Ishi holds up a piece of paper:

“Look, Ghostcat-sama! I have plotted a diagram illustrating the mechanics of a coupling between the candlestick and the bookish female!”

:facepalm: Gods grant me strength.

“Thank you my dear child, we’ll need all the help we can get,” Lumiere thanked.

Be better if it was useful, but I guess every little bit helps in some way.

“Lumiere? Are you in there?” Ms. Pott called from the other side of the door. Gaston opened the door to let the tea pot in.

Crapcakes! What’s she doing here? Offering everyone more tea?

“One can never have too much tea.”

I’ll carve that on your memorial tablet.

“Ah, there you are,” She smiled as she hopped towards the candelabra. “I need you help in the kitchen,” she explained.

“She requires the aid of one who is partially made of wax in the presumably hot kitchen?”

Maybe the cook needs wax to cover a cheese.

“Very well,” Lumiere agreed as he hopped towards the tea pot. “I’ll be back you two, in the mean time, try to bring back some of Gaston’s memory,” Lumiere smirked as he left with the tea pot.

The first one was somewhat justified, but you are really pushing it now.

“One will have the clan on standby, Ghostcat-sama.”

Gaston closed the door and looked back at Belle. “How do you want to help?” he asked Belle, leaning against the door with his arms crossed.

Help you reveal your inner beauty?

“One thought the bookish female placed little value on appearances?”

You’ve got a point. Gaston’s going to have to rely on his own dubious charms.

“He is doomed.”

Authors notes*

:Ishi and Ghostie both groan:

Not another Author’s Note!

“Have strength, Ghostcat-sama. Perhaps this one will be different.”

Yeah it’s a short chapter but at least I update XP Okay so in a way I kinda still have writers block. I want Belle to help out but I don’t know how. Suggestions? Review/Subscribe/etc

Nope. Not even a little bit.

“One feels both shame and resignation.”

:Ghostie pats Ishi on the shoulder:

C’mon, I’ll treat you to a cup of roughage in the cafeteria.

That’s all for this fic, Patrons! See you next time!


26 Comments on “1016: Beauty within the beast – chapters 9 & 10”

  1. agigabyte says:

    :shock: how… What….. But….

  2. SC says:

    :Ishi and Ghostie watch the physical manifestation of fear run through the air:

    Huh. There’s something you don’t see every day.

    “Shall one warn Esshi-kun?”

    Nah, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

    Ah, another lovely day I’m the- WHAT THE FUCK IS THA-?!

    *before he can react, SC is hot by running fear*


  3. SC says:

    “Look, Ghostcat-sama! I have plotted a diagram illustrating the mechanics of a coupling between the candlestick and the bookish female!”

    *Book Specs peeks over Ishi’s shoulder, turns red and promptly faints*

    Guess that must have been some good shit.

  4. Placido Farren says:

    The frickin’ teapot is there now?!? How did she get there before the Beast? How did either of these two beat him to Gaston and Belle?

    “Is there a speed of tea?”

    Well, half the time, in the movie, she was riding around on a cart, so seems feasible.

    At least, would be feasible if the author bothered to MENTION it! So, sorry author, I award you no points there.

    • GhostCat says:

      They all walk frickin’ EVERYWHERE! It’s like the author knows the don’t have legs or feet, but can’t be bothered to come up with another movement verb.

  5. agigabyte says:

    If you thought this was bad, just wait until April 29th.

  6. Placido Farren says:

    “One can neither like or dislike this female, as she is unknown.”

    What the hell are you talking about?

    “This Holly Shit. One has no knowledge of her.”

    I would feel sorry for anyone who is actually named that.

  7. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “The author uses many words to convey very little.”

    If only this were a pretentious fic…

  8. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “He was just angry at the fact that you were with Belle,” Lumiere points out.

    Um… Can’t the mirror also show Beast anything that Belle says? It was part of the movie while she was talking to the dresser!

    • Placido Farren says:

      That would be both logical and would resolve the conflict early. And we can’t have either of those here.

  9. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “It’s Ms. Pott,” Ms. Pott called.

    “I’m here with a movie? It’s called, um… Reefer Madness?”

  10. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Belle convinced.

    Agh, my eyes! They burn at the saidism!

  11. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “This Holly Shit. One has no knowledge of her.”

    Y’know, I kinda want to meet her too…

  12. Herr Wozzeck says:



    *is bolt-taped to the chair*


  13. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Wow, he never notices how high Gaston’s cheek bones were, how strong his chin looked, and how sexy eyes were…

    Or how he’s suddenly turned into a teenage girl when nobody was looking.

  14. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “Look, Ghostcat-sama! I have plotted a diagram illustrating the mechanics of a coupling between the candlestick and the bookish female!”


    And this is why you’re not allowed into the lab anymore.

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