1012: The talkfest show with special guests – Chapter Four

Title: The talkfest show with special guests
Author: Sadielover1470
Media: Star Wars Rebels / Skullduggery Pleasent
Topic:  Television / Cartoons / Books
Genre: Romance
URL: Chapter Four
Critiqued by agigabyte

*agig walks into the CIC of his RiffShip and sees this chapter*

agig: Wait, what? Fuck! You had to update again, didn’t you? You just had to ruin other universes with a crossover, didn’t you? You couldn’t just leave them the fuck alone, could you? Fuck!

*Cain walks in, both talking and sipping some hot cocoa*

Cain: Hey, agig. I just had an idea for a Sunday Spe-

*Cain does a spit take, having seen the chapter on the main screen*

Cain: Damn. We have to do this, don’t we?

agig: Yep. I’m going to grab some hot chocolate first, and suggest you readers do the same.

*A few minutes pass*

agig: Okay, I’m back and ready to review this shitfest once more. Without further ado, chapter four.

Hi everyone I am extremely sorry that I have not updated in ages I have been very busy and have had tonnes of hw. As you may have noticed I have changed this to a crossover with skulduggery and there will be characters from various other things like Httyd, heist society, doctor who and plenty others

Cain: No! Don’t infect Doctor Who! Please!

Disclaimer: I only own my oc’s Natalia, nick, cherry, Stephanie and Christina everything else belongs to their resected authors/directors/makers of the show

enjoy and have fun

Minigraph Counter: 1

Hera’s POV

agig: Fuck.

I gasped when I saw Christina’s hand fly to her mouth. She hesitantly swayed forwards and back and then collapsed. I heard Natalia scream and kneel on her knees looking at the fallen girl. Her hand felt her pulse, she smiled in relief and turned her head to look nicks eyes and shaking head.

Cain: Wait, what the hell is happening? You just throw in a character randomly falling over? Why do you do this?

agig: Because reasons, Cain. Because reasons.

She whispered something in his ear and kissed his cheek. He went from frowning to smiling and hugging Natalia. Sabine, Ezra and Stephanie came in they were out of breath and were bent down their hands holding their knees.

Cain: Hey, look. The authoress has learned what a comma is. Now if she would just use them more often.

Sabine expression changed from out of breath to worried and scared. She stumbled and fell. Ezra caught her in a bridal position. Her arm was around his shoulders, her breath was ragged and his expression was beyond scared. He looked like his heart had been ripped out.


I came out of my hiding place and rushed to Sabine. She was motionless but was still breathing. Her breaths coming out harshly and her skin quickly becoming a pale colour.

A girl with blue hair appeared

agig: Suddenly and from behind!

Cain: Minigraph Counter: 2

and waved a hand over Sabine and went over to Christina and did the same. The two girl’s skins turned to their normal shade and they started to stir. The Blue haired girl disappeared with a simple snap of her fingers.

Cain: I got nothing.

A girl about 24 appeared and smiled she spoke” My name is Valkyrie Cain and that girl there was Clarabelle” A man about 25/26 appeared next to Valkyrie and put his arm around her shoulders she snuggled next to him.

Cain: I’m ashamed that my first name is the same as Valkyrie’s last name.

The man put two fingers on his neck and the skin disappeared revealing a skull. Sabine blinked twice and fainted again this time landing in Ezra’s arms.

agig: Fuck.

The skeleton spoke somehow” Hello everyone I am skulduggery pleasant and Natalia planned all of this.”


Natalia smiled and went from kneeling to smiling. She snapped her fingers and a brown haired girl appeared. She wore a purple cloak “Hello my name is sally Wilcox and I am an agent of Natalia’s we all are Val is and most of the other people that you have met are too”


Valkyries POV

agig: Fuck.

I watched their expressions go from guarded to relaxed and excited. I smiled and watched as shadows formed my friend tanith who was arguing with someone on the phone “Yes I will do that… no wait can you provide me with all I need” She cocked her head listening to the person on the phone all of a sudden she flung the phone and smiled at me. I face palmed and groaned.

Tanith smiled again and walked over her blonde hair was in a ponytail and her eyes glinting. She wore a navy blue dress and red sky high heels. A portal opened behind her and the one and only china sorrows walked out.

Cain: Who is tanith? Also, clothing porn.

Clothing Porn Counter: 1

Her navy blue hair was waist length and she wore a figure hugging cream dress with matching heels she smiled and walked over but sally moved in front of her and shook her head. Sally obviously said something that sparked china’s anger because china slapped her and shouted “YOU BITCH!” Sally crumpled and I heard a shout come from down the corridor it was Adam sally’s boyfriend.

agig: Who are Sally, China, and Adam? Also, Clothing Porn Counter: 2

He walked up to china (who was smiling and waving) and punched her right in the face. She crumpled. Adam picked up sally bridal style and kissed her passionately. Suddenly I heard a familiar shout of “DOCTOR WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON”

agig: Took the words right out of my mouth.

I smiled and held up my hand shadows formed Clara Oswald who was very angry a blue box appeared behind her and out stepped the doctor (AN: this is the 11th doctor and I did say there will be mentions/cameos of different characters FYI this a different timeline where they defeated darquesse and Valkyrie kept her powers and the surge never happened)


*The hit brings down the shields of the RiffShip, leaving it vulnerable*

agig: Shit! Lieutenant, reboot the systems, we need shields now!

The doctor looked right and left taking in all the people in front of him. He smiled and turned to the petite brunette who in turn raised her hand smiling slapped him.

agig: Wha- But- *sigh* Fuck this shit. I’m gonna go take a fuckin brain bleach jacuzzi.

He recoiled and held his hand to his cheek and his arm encircled Clara’s waist and he moved to kiss her but she turned her cheek so he landed on her cheek instead of lips. He blushed as did she but she laughed and giggled.

Cain: Damnit, why did you leave me to deal with this alone? Also, what the hell just happened?

Astrid came in giggling and was swaying a lot. I put my hands on my hips also a bit drunk and pouted “are you drunk Astrid” She looked guilty as she nodded and put her nail in her mouth smiling. I remembered the ghosts crew and was about to introduce but I heard a crash and bang.

Cain: Wait, you mean Astrid from-

Hiccup Astrid’s boyfriend was standing there looking sheepish with a bottle of liquor in one hand and his helmet in the other. His cheek had red lipstick on it and he was shirtless I heard a wolf whistle and saw W.W. hale the fifth and Katrina bishop standing there with an unlocked lock in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other.

Cain: Blast.

I started to speak “This is Katrina bishop and her boyfriend hale, this is Astrid and her boyfriend hiccup, This Is Clara and her boyfriend the doctor, This is sally and her boyfriend Adam and this is tanith and china” I gestured to each as I said their names.

Cain: Well, at least she introduced them.

They in turn smiled and waved either proudly, meekly or drunkly. Sabine after recovering from her faint earlier spoke for the ghost crew “Hi I am Sabine Wren this is Ezra Bridger, Kanan jarrus, Hera syndulla, garazeb orrellios and chopper our droid” Each in turn after their name was said smiled and waved.

Cain: Let’s just hope that they don’t start play-

“Well now everyone’s introduced let’s play a good game of truth or dare” Natalia said with an evil smile.

Cain: I jinxed it, didn’t I?

So that was chapter 4 I am going to start work on chapter 5 almost immediately but I am going to have my breakfast and get dressed first.

see you in rainbowtopia


Cain: Thank you for your description of your morning routine. Not really. Well see you guys next time.


7 Comments on “1012: The talkfest show with special guests – Chapter Four”

  1. AdmiralSakai says:

    So that was chapter 4 I am going to start work on chapter 5 almost immediately but I am going to have my breakfast and get dressed first.

    You know, this author knocking out entire chapters before breakfast would explain… quite a lot.

  2. TacoMagic says:

    everything else belongs to their resected authors

    We have removed the normal authors and replaced them with fanfiction authors. Let’s see if the fans notice…

  3. TacoMagic says:

    Well… that character blob escalated quickly…

  4. TacoMagic says:

    Natalia smiled and went from kneeling to smiling.

    What a second isn’t that-

    *A dart flies into the room and hits Taco in the neck*

    I can taste the colors!


    *Taco is dragged from the room by stealthy DRD stealth agents.*

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