Saturday Special: Insurance Salesman Fanfiction

Hey guys, and welcome to a more informal Saturday Special. Well, unfortunately, SC was not able to draft up a snarking for today: he had issues IRL he had to deal with, so unfortunately he will be out of commission for this week.

Hopefully, he’ll be back.

But in the meantime… well, last night I was speaking with my friend ChainsCoyote, who does stuff with the FBA. And he shared a little fanfic that proves the adage “it’s not the concept that makes a fic, but the execution”.

This fic? Well, you know all the State Farm commercials lately where the people do this:

Well, someone wrote a fanfic involving State Farm agents being called into demonic summonings.

It. Is. Glorious:


13 Comments on “Saturday Special: Insurance Salesman Fanfiction”

  1. leobracer says:

    *Tilts head, half closes one eyes, raises eyebrow*

    There’s fanfiction of commercials?

  2. infinity421 says:

    What even is State Farm?

  3. agigabyte says:

    How can someone do this much perfect in one fic?

  4. SC says:

    To clarify, my IRL issues involve the agony of moving and settling all of my stuff into my grandpa’s house, and it’s been too hectic (and painful) for me to focus on the riff I’m working on.

    By the way, we didn’t go with professional movers, so I was lifting heavy-ass furniture and carrying it absurd distances, so to anybody wondering: yes, my arms, legs and back are SO FUCKING SORE RIGHT NOW

  5. Placido Farren says:

    *reads fic*

    A fanfic? About insurance companies? Using their commercials as a baseline

    How can something that sounds so ludicrous at first be so awesome in its execution?

    In all seriousness, thanks for sharing that with us Herr. Also, I feel your pain SC. I’ve had to help my mom move no less than three times. Even though we had other people helping, it still left me sore.

    Anyway, hope y’all have a happy Easter tomorrow!

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