1011: Beauty within the beast – Chapters 7 & 8

Title: Beauty within the beast
Author: Sessh-Amy
Media: Movie
Topic:  The Beauty and The Beast
Genre: Romance/Drama
URL: Chapter 7
URL: Chapter 8
Critiqued by Ghostcat (with special guest Ishi)

Standard greetings, beloved Patrons!

I’m here with more tender, juicy fic to whet your appetites! The last chapters were a long, dull slog featuring Gaston’s attempts at being seductive, a double scoop of plot regurgitation, and everyone’s favorite soap opera trope, Feigned Amnesia.

“That sounds like the name of one of those angry screaming people the young ones are so fond of.”

:shrugs: I’ve heard worse band names.

In case you can’t tell, dear Patrons, today I’m joined by my good buddy Ishi-sensei. The clan insisted, something about how I’m “too volatile” to handle these chapters alone.

“I believe the exact phrasing concerned your hobby of setting yourself on fire when feeling intense anger, Ghostcat-sama.”

Meh. Same difference. You’d think a clan of merciless assassins could handle a little fire.

“You have personally melted three Riffing Chambers, reduced five to irreparable rubble, and caused a Library-wide respawn event, Ghostcat-sama. There is also the matter of Fumiko-san’s begonias.”

That was not my fault! I told Gumdrop I was ticklish and he just wouldn’t stop. I still think they’re overreacting about the chambers, but I guess I’ll put up with you for now.

:Ishi bows: “One is whelmed by your generous nature, Ghostcat-sama.”

I think that should be “overwhelmed”, sensei.

“As you like, Ghostcat-sama.”

:Ghostie glares at Ishi:

I’m watching you, ninja-boy.

Authors note*

:eye-twitch: Great, an opening Author’s Note.

:Ishi discreetly preps a fire extinguisher:

Yeah…I feel as though this is an awkward yet cute chapter xD

…And? Is there a reason you’re telling the audience this? Ever?

“Perhaps the author is proud of their work.”

You wouldn’t say that if you’d read the first six chapters.

15 petals

:eye-twitch intensifies: Great, the petal-clock is back. This just keeps getting better and better.

“Apologies, but one does not know this term.”

The author is using these petal-tags as a countdown clock to the point where the Beast finally falls in love with Gaston.

“But for what purpose?”

Hell if I know, sensei.

“Lets forget about Gaston for a minute

Or even the rest of the fic, I’m fine with that.

“Is Gaston-san truly so abhorrent to you?”

Not especially; I mean, he’s an unlikeable jackass but he can’t really help it. Most Disney villains are fairly flat; I prefer antagonists that have some actual character to them.

and focus on the girl you have in that jail cell,” Mrs. Pott said, walking up to the beast.

:headdesk: This is NOT how you establish your setting, author.

“Apologies, but is a teapot walking across the Void?”

Yeah, so?

“How is this accomplished?”

The author isn’t very good at coming up with ways to describe non-human locomotion.

“You cant keep her down there in that cold cell, she’s a woman, give her a room!”

And make it one of the pink, frilly ones because she’s a girl. Chicks like pink, frilly stuff. And shoes.

“Apologies, but one feels this statement is incorrect. Your own quarters are neither pink nor frilly. However, one does recall an image of a pale-skinned woman garbed in frills of red and black…”

:smack!: Leave my Harley poster out of this!

“Why must I do that?” The beast asked, irritated that he’s going to have another person live in his castle.

I don’t know. You could leave her down there for now.

“Apologies, but in the film Ghostcat-sama showed the clan on Movie Night, the furred ouji-sama relocated the bookish female at once.”

But that’s when she was the love interest. Gaston’s the love interest in this fic, so there’s no reason for Belle to be here at all.

“Like I said, she’s a young woman…and I don’t think Gaston would like to find out that you are keeping a woman in a jail cell,”

Wait, what? He’s going to move her because Gaston wouldn’t approve?

“Is this the same Gaston-san who attempted to have the bookish female’s father condemned to an asylum to coerce her into marriage?”

Yeah, he’s quite the altruist.

The beast got quiet, and just stared at Ms. Pott.

Hopefully questioning her sanity.

“How does one determine the mental health of cookware?”

:shrugs: I dunno. Ask Booky-dono, he probably has a book on that somewhere.

“One thinks not. The silent one is quite … unnerving.”

You’re a member of a clan of lethal ninja who fear nothing!

“Even so.”

…Damn. I gotta remember to be nicer to Booky-dono.

He began to think about what Gaston’s reaction would be. ‘Would he get mad?’ he thought to himself as he furrowed his eyebrows.

I don’t know, maybe?

“Are the two not quite close?”

Not really. The Beast doesn’t know him well enough to guess how Gaston would react. They’ve spent maybe ten minutes together over the course of a day, not counting the times when the Beast was unconscious.

14 petals

“Look, Ghostcat-sama! It is the petal-clock!”


“…Fine,” the beast grunted, while leaving the room in annoyance.

So the same exact thing that happened in the movie is going to happen in the fic, but for completely different reasons. Instead of giving Belle her own room to show that he isn’t the horrible monster he appears to be, he’s doing it so some boy will like him.

“That does not sound like the actions of a mature and responsible adult. It is if a child has taken over this man.”

A character acting like someone roughly the same age as the author rather than their own age? Gee, I’ve never see that happen before.

“…One feels that you are being sarcastic.”

Really? How strange. That doesn’t sound like me at all.

“You are doing it again, Ghostcat-sama.”

“Thank you Adam,” thanked Ms. Pott as she walked to the kitchen, with a grin on her face.

“Is all sentient cookware so disrespectful of their superiors?”

In this fic, yes.

The beast walked to the dungeon, irritated that he had to give the woman a room.

Dude, you have a ginormous castle that is mostly empty! How difficult is it to give her a room?

“Perhaps like another whom shall remain nameless, the furred ouji-sama is being miserly with his space for his own selfish reasons.”

Let it go, sensei. I’m not approving the additional lab space for that little side project you have been cooking up with Goeth.

“The Library complex is immeasurably vast! Surely there is some small disused corner that one could borrow for scientific purposes.”

I don’t care what you call it, I’m not approving a Xenomorph breeding facility. That never ends well for anyone.

When he reached the jail cell, he saw Belle near the window crying her eyes out.

:a hand picks up the eyes:


Drop ’em, sensei.

Ketoujin des’.”

I’m a barbarian? You’re the one collecting stray eyeballs.

When she noticed the beast, she wiped her tears away, and said, “You didn’t even let me say goodbye, I’ll never see him again, I didn’t say goodbye.” She covered her face, with her hands. Proceeding to cry.

“Apologies, but was the bookish female not already weeping?”

I guess she completely stopped to deliver her lines in a dry monotone before beginning again. Can’t have anyone expressing an emotion in the voice, now can we.

The Beast, obviously could care less about her grief, said “I’ll show you to your room,”


“You seem distraught, Ghostcat-sama.”

I really don’t like what the author is doing to this character. In the source materials, the Beast’s little kindnesses are a way of thawing his fearsome image and revealing his true nature. He’s not a bad person, he just doesn’t know how to relate to people because he never had to. Here the action is very cold and calculating; he doesn’t give a damn about Belle as a person, he’s just worried about what that jerkass Gaston might think of him. It’s a self-centered action designed to make himself look good, which is what got him into this mess in the first place.

“My room? But I though-”

“Do you wanna stay here?” he asked.


“Then follow me,” Belle followed the beast to the third floor, everything she saw, frightened her. The beast led her to a room. “This will be your room, if you need anything, ask the servants.”

Yay, more rushed plot regurgitation that takes place in the Formless Void.

“It is times like this one wishes that there was a fast forward button install in the venerable console. Perhaps DaburuMegane-chan could install such a feature.”

Tempting, but then the riffs would be only a couple of sentences long. Plus it isn’t a good idea to let her tinker with the consoles. Things get explody. We will soldier on the old-fashioned way.

Before he left the room, he asked her, “Your name is Belle…Right?”


And he knows this because …How?

“Did the sentient teapot tell him?”

No, I checked. And after doing a little Googling around I found out that even in the source materials the only servant/household object who calls her by name is Chip.

‘So she’s the so called, Belle,’ the beast thought as he growled a little. “Don’t you dare leave this room, EVER,” He roared, slamming the door, leaving Belle alone in the room.

“The furred ouji-sama appears disproportionately angry; if he did not desire the bookish female’s companionship, then why imprison her within his castle?”

I’m kind of hoping she’s just here because that’s what happened in the movie, but I have a feeling she might be here to serve as a source of conflict. The Beast will probably get wildly jealous if Gaston spends any time with Belle, and this will somehow make his love stronger.

“That does not sound possible.”

The petal-clock dropped two petals the last time he showed a little bit of jealousy, and one when he considered what Gaston’s opinion of himself might be. That says something to me.

He walked, furiously to his living room,

Over a century before the “living room” was ever a thing; a sitting room or parlour or perhaps even a study, but not a living room.

wincing at the pain he was giving himself.

‘Bout damn time.

“Apologies, but does something ail the furred ouji-sama?”

Nothing much, he was just shot twice in the back.

“His behavior thus far has not reflected these injuries.”

They kind of vanished once the fic got to the plot regurgitation portions.

He had almost forgotten that he was still injured.

I think the author did, too.


He slowly walked to his couch, and sat down.

I kind of want to call bullshit on this.

“Come now, Ghostcat-sama. Couches exist during this time.”

Yeah, but they weren’t the sort of comfy nests we have now. They were more like barely-padded benches, usually stuffed with horsehair.

“So…I’m the one who shot you?” The beast jumped when he heard Gaston’s voice across the room.

That’s right, let’s sneak up on the badly injured Beast and startle him. That’s a great idea.

“You are doing it again, Ghostcat-sama.”

Gold star for you, sensei.

“Apologies, but is this correct? Gaston-san is the one who inflicted the wounds on the furred ouji-sama?”


“Yet it was the bookish female who had been placed in the dungeons.”

First it was her father and then it was Belle before she was moved, but yeah.

“These relationships are very confusing.”

Tell me about it.

“Yeah…Who told you?” the beast asked, looking away as his heart began to run a mile.

“If the furred ouji-sama has recently lost a quantity of blood, an increased heart rate could indicate a severe drop in blood pressure.”

I think that’s supposed to be a reaction to Gaston, not the result of his recently rediscovered injuries.

“Lumiere told me,” Gaston said as he began to walk toward the beast. “He told me about how I shot you and how I ended up here…I’m sorry I cause you a lot of pain,” Gaston apologized as he sat on the couches arm.

Hey, don’t worry about it. He can’t be in that much pain if he’s gone this long without even thinking about his injuries.

“Perhaps the furred ouji-sama has been under the effects of strong medication that prevented him from feeling the effects.”

Always the optimist, aren’t you? But I don’t think he was given anything for the bullet wounds. They weren’t even bandaged, as far as I know.

“Disgraceful. The physician should be ashamed of themselves.”

He was a stethoscope, so there isn’t really much he could have done. :flexes fingers: No hands.

He placed his hand on the beast head and scratched it as if he were to be a cat. The beast tensed up but relaxed at Gaston’s touch.

Huh. That’s an odd way to flirt with someone.

“A vigorous head massage can be very erotic, but one should wait until the third outing or risk being branded as a creature of loose morals.”

A head massage? Really? That’s what does it for you?

“Kanai-san carries much tension in her scalp.”

I’ve seen those elaborate wigs she wears, with all the little ornaments in them. Those things would give anyone a headache.

“It also gives one an opportunity to caress her exquisite nape.”

Just like a guy, always looking for a chance to cop a feel.

‘He’s soft,’ Gaston thought as butterflies began to fly around his stomach.

“One was not aware that Tariko-san was serving batafurai today.”

It’s an expression, sensei. And a really strange reaction for Gaston to have, considering he’s being paid to seduce the Beast and hasn’t been shown to have developed any real feelings for him yet.

The beast was strangely soft and very fluffy.

Be still, my trembling heart. Nothing says romance like being compared to a kitten.

“Do not be so quick to judge others, Ghostcat-sama. Couples often have unusual pet names for each other. One often calls Kanai-san youchuu chiisai during more private moments.”

I think I’d rather be compared to a kitten than be called a “little larva”. Also; next time you think about sharing one of these fun little personal anecdotes, feel free not to.

Gaston smirk as the beast purred in pleasure.

:Ghostie hands a roll of bolt-tape to Ishi:

Better have the clan lock down Taco.

“Apologies, but one thought Gaston-san was exempt.”

In some cases he is, but this is supposed to be a touching romantic scene. A smirk has no place here. Now, if he was cold-heartedly seducing the Beast and manipulating his feelings in order to win the shiny stone promised by Lumiere, that would be different.

12 petals


Wait, that little scratch was worth two petals? That’s the same as the Beast’s little bout of jealousy.

“Gaston-san must give very good head … scratches.”

Yabai! I request the highest of fives, sensei.

:Ishi and Ghostie high-five:

The beast cuddled up against Gaston’s arm, making Gaston’s heart skip a beat.

Do him behind the ear, maybe his leg will start twitching.

“That is what the female proclaimed!”

Dude. You’re on fire today.

“One hopes not, but one is prepared for that eventuality.” :Ishi holds up fire extinguisher:

‘What’s happening to me?’ he thought to himself as he felt the beast pull away.

You’re succumbing to the Sue Force. It’s a sad thing, very tragic.

“One had hoped to find a cure, but thus far one’s research has proved fruitless. Perhaps if one had more lab space…”

No means no, sensei.

“Don’t touch me,” the beast said as he stood up and quickly left the room.

That’s not the tune you were purring a moment ago, Mr. Kitten.

“Perhaps the furred ouji-sama is shy.”

Then why let Gaston get to whatever baseball-based sexual metaphor a head-scratch would be? Why push Gaston away like that?

“Ah-ha!” Ishi claps his hands together: “One knows what this is!”

I know I’m going to regret this, but what are you talking about?

“One moment he is soft and yielding, the next harsh and abrasive; the furred ouji-sama is tsundere.”

Hmmm. I don’t really think the Beast’s behaviour has been consistent enough to make that call, but I guess if anyone can spot one it would be you.

Gaston, having no idea how to react, followed the him.

“See? None can resist the allure of tsundere.”

Meh. I don’t see how someone can be attracted to that sort of personality. Living constantly on the edge, never knowing if they will smack you upside the head or give you a big hug? It’d drive me crazy.

:Ishi stares silently at Ghostie:


:a long, awkward moment passes:

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

“It is nothing, Ghostcat-sama.”

“Do you need help with anything?” Gaston asked, trying to catch up with the beast.

Can I get you some tea? Coffee? A cookie?

“Blood transfusion?”

“No, I’m fine-” The beast flinched as he came to a stop. He leaned against the wall, trying to sustain himself up.

Yeah, you’re the picture of health.

“In an unrelated matter, could one have the contact information for your next of kin?”

“Are you alright?” Gaston asked, standing at the beat side.

“Its nothing-“

“‘Tis only a flesh wound!”

:Ishi beams proudly:

Ummm … I kind of … Already made that joke, sensei.

:crestfallen: “Oh.”

What the hell. Once more won’t hurt.

Got to keep the ninjas happy.

“Now, don’t lie, Master,” Lumiere said, grinning at Gaston and the Beast. Probably thinking he should give a helping hand to Gaston. “You’re still in pain. Gaston, please help him to his room,”

Where he should have been this entire time, because he’s supposed to be on bed rest for the next two-plus weeks.

:holds up tranquilizer rifle: “Does the furred ouji-sama require persuasion?”

No, I think this is a signal that the fic is drifting away from plot regurgitation and going back into Hurt/Comfort territory.

“One assumes it would be impolite to shot oneself with a tranquilizing agent.”

Not unless you shoot me, too. Ladies first, you know.

:Ishi looks around the room: “There is a lady within the Riffing Chamber?”

Don’t make me bite you again.

“I don’t need help,” The beast said as he groaned at the pain.

“…You were saying?” Lumiere chuckled, almost in a mocking way. “Gaston, would you please?”

Yeah, you need to bog down the already sluggish pacing of this fic by having one of your main characters spend long stretches of time completely immobile.

“It was effective in Sleeping Beauty.”

Only because the story focused on the Prince during the portions when the Princess was napping.

Gaston nodded, and put the beast arm, over his shoulder. “Where’s his room?” Gaston asked.

“Just follow me,” Lumiere said, leading the way.

He’s keeping up the pretense of memory loss pretty well, considering this is an emergency. Must be a Method actor.


Never mind.

Gaston placed the beast on his bed, ever so gently. “Now, I’m going to tell Mrs. Pott to bring you some tea,” Lumiere said, leaving the room.

Because otherwise she wouldn’t show up of her own accord even though that’s pretty much all she does.

“And sing.”

I think she just has the one song, sensei.

“Why did you stay?” the beast suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?” Gaston asked.

Yeah, what are you talking about?

“You just found out that I caused you to lose your memory, but you’re still here…Why didn’t you leave when you had the chance?” the beast asked as he looked at Gaston with questioning eyes.

“The furred ouji-sama asks a valid question. If Gaston-san had truly lost all memory, would not suddenly finding himself confronted by a monster like the furred ouji-sama be a terrifying experience that would cause Gaston-san to flee the palace?”

Logically, yes – but badfics exist outside of logic.

Gaston found this as an opportunity to make a move,

What do you call that little head-scratching session you just had?

“Heavy petting?”

Well … you’re not exactly wrong, sensei.

“…Well, I don’t really know…I guess a part of me just doesn’t want to leave here,” Gaston said, sitting next to the beast. “I guess there’s something holding me back” Gaston said, starring at the beast eyes.

Yeah, a big-ass gemstone.

“And possibly love.”

The jury’s still out on the love.

Th e heart begun to race.

Who’s heart? The butchered grammar in this thing is horrible.

“What mean ewe, Ghostcat-sama?”

I will bite you, you know I will.

9 Petals

The hell?

“Is there a problem, Ghostcat-sama?”

The petal-clock jumped from twelve to nine! There’s no rhyme or reason to this damned thing.

“As you say, Ghostcat-sama – badfics exist beyond the realm of logic.”

“…I wonder what’s holding me back…” Gaston said, placing his hand onAdamscheek.

“The author is uncomfortable with adult subject material?”

I’ve read one of her other fics, and … No. Not even a little bit.

“…What are you-” the beast was interrupted when he heard the door open.

Oh, thank the gods!

“The interruption is quite welcome.”

It was Ms. Pott with her son Chip. Gaston pulled his hand away before she could notice what he was doing.

“Would Gaston-san not be more concerned that the cup-child would notice his behavior? The teapot is mature enough to ignore such an indiscretion.”

You’re assuming that any of these characters would act in a mature manner, sensei.

“Hello, Gaston, feeling any better?” Ms. Pott asked, carefully hopping on the bed, trying not to spill the tea inside her.

Probably not, since he sort of collapsed and had to be carried to bed.

“Fainting is seldom a sign of good health.”

“Yeah, kind off,”

Frickin’ liar.

:Ishi holds up box of matches:

“Should one do the honors?”

Not now, we don’t want to set fire to the bed. It’s an antique.

That’s the end of one chapter, so let’s get cracking on the last one for today.

Authors notes*

And it has another Author’s Note. Fabulous.

“Do all of the chapters begin with such notes?”

I think most of them do.

Hey ya’ll! Check out my Beauty and the beast one shot ;D lemony and Yaoi!

“The author has written another fic for this subject?”

Kind of. It’s a oneshot featuring Gaston and the Beast’s human form, Prince Adam. I’ve read it – you can find it here – and it’s pretty graphic. The author follows the standard Reluctant Uke template, which I’ve never been terribly fond of.

“But such actions are common in this genre, Ghostcat-sama. One has seen you read many of Shinobi-san’s manga.”

I do try to avoid the ones with Reluctant Ukes, but it’s almost impossible because they are everywhere. I think it is primarily a cultural thing, though; It seems more socially acceptable for a character to be forced or coerced into a homosexual relationship than to enter one willingly. That’s probably why there’s a lot of “It’s okay because it’s you” in the genre as well.

9 petals

Great. :eye-twitch: That’s still here.

“The petal-clock appears to be malfunctioning, Ghostcat-sama. It has not moved from its previous appearance.”

I think it’s just an update because it’s the beginning of a new chapter.

“Belle…Belle!” Gaston whispered, as he knocked on Belle’s door.

“…Who is it ?” Belle asked her voice a shaky from crying.

“It’s me, Gaston!” he said, loud enough for her to hear.

Whoa there; you might not want to tell her it’s you.

“Would the bookish female not be happy to see a familiar face?”

Considering how the canon Belle feels about the canon Gaston, probably not. She did dump him in a pig-waller the last time she saw him.

Belle opened the door almost immediately, pulling Gaston inside the room. “Gaston!” She yelled, hugging him tightly. “How did you find me?”


“There, there, Ghostcat-sama.” :Ishi pats Ghostie on the shoulder: “One cannot be right all the time.”

“I saw the beast, force you into this room,” Gaston said, wrapping his arms around her.

“Apologies, but one does not remember Gaston-san being mentioned in that scene.”

:Ghostie flips through notes: You might be right; ah, here it is!

He spies on her when she goes down into the dungeons to have her father set free, but then he books it out of there before Mrs. Potts demands that Belle be moved to a regular room. He pops back into the fic for the head-scratching scene soon afterwards, so it is plausible that he was hanging around in the adjacent Void and the author didn’t mention it. I kind of doubt it, though, considering the ham-handed way he was crammed in the plot regurgitation scenes.

“Is the author fond of inserting Gaston-san into things?”

Judging by that lemon oneshot, yes. Yes, she is.

“Is this where you’ve been the whole time? Everybody has been worried, sick, about you,” She said, pulling away.

He’s a single male who presumably lives alone; who is this “everybody”?

“The small one with the bulbous growth on his face may miss Gaston-san.”

LeFou? He might, but he’s the only one in the village who is particularly close to Gaston. The rest of the villagers are more fans than friends.

“It’s sort of a long story,” Gaston said, while walking to the bed and sitting down.

Very long and very, very boring. Sweet mercy, it is boring.

:Ishi yawns: “Might one trouble you for another cup of roughage, Ghostcat-sama?”

Sure, but go easy on this stuff. :tops off Ishi’s coffee cup: I think Crunchy’s been slipping extra evil into the carafe again.



“Apologies, but one is not familiar with this symbol.”

I think it’s a scene break. Kind of odd, though; there haven’t been any in the fic so far.

“You will remain this way, until you learn to love someone dearly and truly, your love for that person has to be so strong, that you have to be willing to do anything for that person,”

That is the essential definition of love; to place another’s welfare and well-being above your own.

Sumimasen, Ghostcat-sama. Kegawa no ouji-sama wa ren’ai shiyou ka? Koi shinai ka?”

English, sensei; use English. Eigo dekimasu.

“But your language is so imprecise! How may one ‘love” one’s shoes in the same measure one ‘loves’ one’s spouse?”

Dude, I just speak it – I don’t claim to understand it. English is the unrepentant whore of languages; she seduces any unwary grammar that wanders past, and then leaves it bruised and bleeding in a back-alley after rummaging through its pockets for loose subjunctives.

“That does not answer one’s question, Ghostcat-sama.”

Sorry, but I can’t. I kind of assume he has to find ai, enduring romantic love, since that’s how these things usually work out – but it really doesn’t specify.

:Ishi mutters darkly to himself in Japanese:

:Ghostie takes away Ishi’s cup: I think you’ve had enough roughage for today, sensei.

And if I don’t fall in love with anybody?”

Then you’ll remain this way, for ever…”

“This is not how one remembers the curse from the film.”

:headdesk: The more I see this, the more pissed off I get. The way the author has restructured the curse is just … It just reeks of wrongness!

“Huh?” the beast sat up from his bed, awakening from his nightmare.

“Was the furred ouji-sama sleeping?”

:Ghostie shrugs: Maybe? He was sent to bed in the last chapter, so it would make sense. Would have been nice to establish that at some point, though.

“…Love…it’s just a waste of people’s time,” he growled angrily, forcing himself off of his bed, ignoring the pain coming from his bullet wounds. He walked out of the room, and headed to his original room.

“One strongly recommends the application of powerful tranquilizers under these circumstances.”

Normally I’d agree with you, but he’s been walking around for a while and the wounds only really bother him when it’s convenient to the plot so he probably doesn’t need them.

“The tranquilizers are not for the furred ouji-sama, Ghostcat-sama.”

He walked over to the rose the enchantress has given him. You will remain this way, until you learn to love someone dearly and truly…’ her words echoed in his head.

:headdesk: Keep this up, fic, and I’ll let sensei shoot me.



“But one has chambered a round…”

Rifle down. Now!

His eyes widened when he noticed that more then 5 peddles have already fallen off of the rose.

Luckily I’ve kept notes for these occasions!

:flips through notes:

The petal-clock started at twenty and at last count was down to nine. That’s eleven petals in less than twenty-four hours.

“That would be more than five petals.”

Technically, but that’s more than double the amount. The author should be able to keep track of something like that. She has a running clock in her fic, for pete’s sake!

“When did this happened?” the beast questioned as he removed the glass container from the rose and picked up the fallen peddles. “…How-“

“Is the furred ouji-sama truly so ignorant of his own heart?”

Of course not! He’s offered a token resistance, but nothing substantial. He can’t be so unaware of the situation, not if over half the petals have fallen.

:Ishi and Ghostie look at each other:

Can he?

“It seems that you are in love master,” Lumiere suddenly said, creeping from the shadows.

Well, duh. That’s the rose’s entire purpose in this fic.


“…Nonsense,” the beast ssaid, watching another rose peddle fall.

Bara-chan say you are terrible liar, furred ouji-sama.”

Listen to the rose, she knows what’s up.

8 petals

Thanks for the update, fic.

“Now one will not have to remove one’s slippers to continue counting.”

His eyes widened in shock. “Are you sure?” Lumiere asked, hiding his smirk from the beast. “Because the rose peddles say otherwise.”

“Should one alert the clan? Will Taco-san require additional layering?”

Lumiere is this fic’s Awesome McEvil, so smirking would be the jerkass thing to do in this situation, but let’s err on the side of caution.

:Ghostie removes a roll of bolt-tape from the desk and tosses it to a waiting ninja:

Remember, he needs an air hole!

The beast gave a low growl. He didn’t want to believe what Lumiere was saying.

Dude, look at the rose. Does it look like it is playing a joke on you? Lying just to mess with your head?

“Bara-chan is the physical embodiment of the furred ouji-sama’s emotional state. She cannot lie.”

It’s just a figure of speech, sensei.

There’s such a thing as ignoring your feelings for the sake of adding dramatic tension, but this is pushing through willful ignorance and into being a dumbass.

“Come on Master, you can’t hide it anymore,” Lumiere said hopping on the table with a mirror in hand.

Or at all. That’s kind of the point of having the rose around, the show the progression of his feelings. Why else would that lame-ass petal-clock exist?

“To torment Ghostcat-sama?”

Good guess, but no.

“Apologies, but what is this mirror that the candle is holding?”

It’s probably meant to be the beast’s magic mirror, which is in the film, but it hasn’t been mentioned before or described in any way so it could be anything.

“Your heart is set on Gaston, isn’t it?”Adamseyes widened, was he falling in love with Gaston?

“Gaston?” the beast said.

:double headdesk:

“One would like to requisition crayons and a drawing tablet, so to better explain the situation to the furred ouji-sama.”

Talk to Kitty, art supplies are her department.

“…Lets prove my suspicions,” Lumiere said, handing Adam the mirror. “Just say the words ‘show me Gaston.”

“That is what he said?”

Not quite.

The beast stood there in silence, gazing at the magic mirror. His mouth moved but words didn’t come out.

Huh. Maybe when Lumiere said it, the mirror picked up on the words and changed to reveal Gaston.

“The prose does not indicate that such a thing has happened.”

That’s never stopped fics before.

After a few long moments of silence, the beast finally says, “…Show me Gaston.”

Dammit! I just can’t win today.

Lumiere watched in amusement, until the expression onAdamsface changed. An expression that shows anger…and jealousy.

“One predicts that Bara-chan will lose many petals very soon.”

It does seem to react more strongly to jealousy.

7 petals (:o so close to zero!)

Aww, only one? He must not be very jealous. Also;


No Author’s Notes in the narration!

“Apologies, but one was not aware that counting worked differently in English. In one’s language, nanatsu is not very close to zero.”

It’s closer than twenty, I guess. But badfic math is a lot like badfic grammar; it plays by its own rules.

“Something the matter?” Lumiere asked.

Something? Try somethings; lots and lots of somethings.

“One is compiling an indexed list.”

The beast didn’t respond, he just let the mirror fall to the ground as he exited the room.

Where it instantly shattered, because glass is fragile.

“It may remain intact, the fall would not be very great.”

Depends on where in the palace the Beast’s room is. Kind of strange that there would be an opening in the floor that leads to the ground below, but who am I to question fairy tale architecture?

Lumiere walked over to the mirror,

Even though Lumiere is on the table and the mirror fell on the ground, somewhere over there. :waves vaguely at the Void:

and saw Gaston and Belle together.

“Oh, my.”

:headdesk: Looks like I was right about her only being in the fic to serve as a source of conflict.

“But why manufacture this fraudulent stress? Could the author not find another way to strengthen the pair’s bond?”

Because relationships built on mutual affection are hard!

“Everybody has missed you in the village, I’m glad to see you’re okay.” Belle smiled.

Ugh. How many times is she going to tell him how badly the village misses him?

“At least once more?”


“I’m glad you’re the one that found me,” Gaston replied.

Oushi no kuso!”

It’s “bullshit!”, but anyway – what’s got your panties in a bunch?

“The bookish female did not find Gaston-san! He went to her room, knocked on the door, and was allowed to enter. It was he who found her!”

Hey, you’re right! Belle wasn’t there looking for Gaston, whom she should dislike, but was searching for her father.

“Idiot,” Lumiere growled as he left the room.

You’ll get no argument from me.

“Apologies, but to whom if the candle referring to?”

Doesn’t matter.

That’s all for this chapter, Patrons! See you next time!

:Ghostie and Ishi wave:


42 Comments on “1011: Beauty within the beast – Chapters 7 & 8”

  1. Herr Wozzeck says:

    You have personally melted three Riffing Chambers, reduced five to irreparable rubble, and caused a Library-wide respawn event, Ghostcat-sama.

    Seriously, Ghostie, you’re lucky I wasn’t on grocery duty all those times. The Library would’ve been irreparably destroyed by now if I hadn’t!

    • GhostCat says:

      What can I say? I’m a woman of intense passions.

      • Herr Wozzeck says:

        I guess that’s true. I have destroyed seventeen riffing consoles myself, but I’ve tried not to extend it to goddamn property damage!

      • Placido Farren says:

        Maybe you two should have special counters for stuff you destroy in your homicidal rages. I’ll start with you, Herr.

        *hit buzzer seventeen time*

        Riffing Consoles Destroyed Cou-ERROR!

        *explodes in face*

        Oooh, pretty colors.

        *falls unconcious*

  2. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “You cant keep her down there in that cold cell, she’s a woman, give her a room!”

    Oh, so that means it’s perfectly acceptable for Maurice to stay down there?

    I mean, I know that’s how it was in the movie and all that, but if Mrs. Potts has been able to stand up to her master and point out his idiocy all the time, then what’s stopping her from pointing that out?

    • GhostCat says:

      And I’m pretty sure it was Lumiere who did it in the film. I think the author likes Mrs. Potts, so she’s given the character a lot more screen time. Poor Cogsworth has vanished completely.

      • Herr Wozzeck says:

        Maybe Cogsworth’s lack of presence in this fic is for the best, really…

      • Placido Farren says:

        Don’t feel bad. It means he’s escaped the fic and, as such, won’t be subject to its idiocy.

      • Herr Wozzeck says:

        Yeah, Placido, I think that–

        *SIRENS BLARE*

        Oh goddammit, you set off the DRD alarm! Why did you–!?

        *is picked up, thrown into the shark tank*

      • Placido Farren says:

        *uses fishing pole to fish out Herr*

        Don’t worry Herr, I’ll just my fishing pole to fish you out and- oh crap!

        *SIRENS BLARE*

        *SIRENS BLARE*

        Oh come on!

        *runs off, accidentally dropping Herr back into the shark tank, with DRD agents in pursuit*

        Don’t worry, I’ll come back for you later!

  3. Herr Wozzeck says:

    They’ve spent maybe ten minutes together over the course of a day, not counting the times when the Beast was unconscious.

    That, and Gaston is busy faking amnesia. So there you go.

    • GhostCat says:

      I know romances tend to move really fast and there’s a certain amount of implied romantic reciprocity, but damn. They are barely in any scenes together and it’s already this great Twu Luv.

      • Placido Farren says:

        I know. With how fast they “fall in love” with one another It’s like the romance from a certain literary abomination, minus the sparkly vampires and werewolves that are allergic to shirts.

      • GhostCat says:

        And, like the sparklepire and his damp washcloth, they have zero chemistry together.

  4. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “Thank you Adam,” thanked Ms. Pott

    Gah! The said-ism!

    *runs and hides*

    Taco save me! Taco save me!

  5. Herr Wozzeck says:

    I don’t care what you call it, I’m not approving a Xenomorph breeding facility. That never ends well for anyone.

    • Placido Farren says:

      Le gasp! Ishi’s an agent for Weyland-Yutani?!

      • Herr Wozzeck says:

        Pretty much… In some ways.

      • Ishi says:

        One’s interest in breeding the Zenokaijin is purely for the best interests of the Library. Ghostcat-sama’s Xenodoken Gun must need receive ammunition from somewhere, and it is quite expensive to import.

      • Placido Farren says:

        In that case, do you think you can spare one? I always wanted an alien bodyguard. Plus, it’d be cool to have someone around who can reach the top shelf with its tail.

      • GhostCat says:

        We can give it a try.

        :cocks Xenodoken Gun:

        How good are you at catching things that move at hypersonic speeds, spit acid, and explode?

      • Placido Farren says:

        Uhhhhhhhhh…..On second thought, I think I can defend myself just fine. And I can use a ladder.

        Why are still pointing that thing at me?! ACK!

        *hides in bunker*

  6. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “It is times like this one wishes that there was a fast forward button install in the venerable console.

    And that, Ishi, is why I just remove the book from the console physically and skim through the plot regurgitation.

    Sometimes, you just have to do things yourself.

  7. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “That does not sound possible.”

    Ishi, you’re talking about a romance fic that’s trying to play a farcical premise straight. Anything is possible at this point.

  8. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “Lumiere told me,” Gaston said as he began to walk toward the beast. “He told me about how I shot you and how I ended up here…I’m sorry I cause you a lot of pain,” Gaston apologized as he sat on the couches arm.

    *tries to imagine the overly boistrous Gaston saying this, and fails miserably*

  9. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “A vigorous head massage can be very erotic, but one should wait until the third outing or risk being branded as a creature of loose morals.”

    Gaston better be thankful he’s in private doing this, too. Imagine the scandal that would’ve broken out if he was caught petting the head of a man who was once human!

  10. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Meh. I don’t see how someone can be attracted to that sort of personality. Living constantly on the edge, never knowing if they will smack you upside the head or give you a big hug? It’d drive me crazy.

    Oh! Oh! I know! Because this:

  11. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “It was effective in Sleeping Beauty.”

    Only because the story focused on the Prince during the portions when the Princess was napping.

    Pretty much.

    And on the fairies, them too. Though the fairies have less focus in the Tchaikovsky ballet, so…

  12. Herr Wozzeck says:

    I think she just has the one song, sensei.

    Just the one:

  13. Herr Wozzeck says:

    I do try to avoid the ones with Reluctant Ukes, but it’s almost impossible because they are everywhere. I think it is primarily a cultural thing, though; It seems more socially acceptable for a character to be forced or coerced into a homosexual relationship than to enter one willingly.

    I think most of it is actually that most yaoi is actually written by women who don’t really know anything about gay relationships. That’s why the whole “seme/uke” thing exists…

    • GhostCat says:

      Might be a little of both. People tend to forget that most of the genre is written by women with a primarily female audience in mind. Reading yaoi manga to learn about male homosexual relationships would be like reading Treasure Island to learn how to sail.

      • Placido Farren says:

        Me personally, I don’t mind slash fanfiction and yaoi ingeneral too much. One of the problems I have with most of it is that some of the pairings wouldn’t work given the characters personalities, so the author has to radically alter their personalities in order to make it work. Or they would say “by the way he was gay/bisexual the whole time”, even though there was no indication of this before. This fic is an example of both of these problems.

        I also think pairing enemies up is ridiculous, like Cloud/Sephiroth or Squall/Seifer. But that’s just my opinion.

        • GhostCat says:

          The same could be said for a lot of romance fics I’ve seen, not just those with same-sex couples. It does tend to show up more often in Yaoi, though.

          I don’t mind playing “What if?” with different pairings on forum boards or chats, but I don’t like fics that essentially restructure characters just so the author’s favored pairing end up together. If you’re going to alter the character so drastically, just write an original work.

  14. Herr Wozzeck says:

    7 petals (:o so close to zero!)



  15. AdmiralSakai says:

    Gaston nodded, and put the beast arm, over his shoulder.

    He placed his hand on the beast head and scratched it

    What are all of these random beast parts doing lying around? Is this all that didn’t make it into the beast soup from before?

    • Placido Farren says:

      Nah, more likely the Beast is made of Lego bricks or Bionicle parts and Gaston is trying to figure out how to put him back together.

  16. AdmiralSakai says:

    “Yeah, kind off,”

    That actually makes a pretty good dismissal for overly-intrusive “helpful” people-

    “Sweetie, you’re sure you don’t need another helping of Auntie’s casserole?”
    “Oh, kind off!”

  17. AdmiralSakai says:

    Gaston said, placing his hand onAdamscheek

    “Your heart is set on Gaston, isn’t it?”Adamseyes widened,“Your heart is set on Gaston, isn’t it?”Adamseyes widened,

    Lumiere watched in amusement, until the expression onAdamsface changed.

    Why does she keep mashing”Adam”together with other words?

    I smell Find & Replace shenanigans.

  18. TacoMagic says:

    “Thank you Adam,” thanked Ms. Pott as she walked to the kitchen, with a grin on her face.

    Wait, isn’t that kinda re-

    *A tranquilizer dart flies into the room and hits Taco in the neck.*

    Oooh, they’re using the stuff that makes you all tingly!


    *Dragged out of the room by DRD agents*

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