917: Samurai Jack Meets Jewel Lee – Chapter XIV


Title: Samurai Jack Meets Jewel Lee
Author: HopelessRomanticArtist1990
Media: TV Show
Topic:  Samurai Jack
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
URL: Chapter XIV
Critiqued by Ghostcat (with special guest Ishi)

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So in case you couldn’t tell, dear Patrons, this is the very last chapter! :does Happy Dance: The last chapter was filled with pointless side-quests, but everyone eventually ended up outside Aku’s door via various means. I smell a big confrontation in the works with lots of improbable action, so sensei is on standby with a jumbo-sized box of sedative chocolates and a nice cup of coffee!

To the fic!

The demon they were desperately trying to locate was finally found behind an old wooden door at the top of an enormous stone tower.

The demon who is constantly surrounded by flames is located behind a wooden door.

“This could be problematic.”

With all the little inconsistencies in this fic, it really makes me wonder if the author has ever seen this show.

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