Tuesday Announcement: Cards Against The Library!

Hello all. So Ert was unfortunately unable to complete his installment of From another world in time for this week thanks to real life, so Tuesday has become empty for the first time in forever.

But hey, you all know somethin’? That works out for us! ‘Cause lately, I’ve been inspired to do somethin’ thanks to efforts from friends elsewhere on the internet.

So, patrons, how would you guys like to contribute to a custom-made deck of Cards Againts Humanity centered around the Library?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am thinking of making a Cards Against Humanity deck for the Library.

Well… for those of you that know what it is. For those of you that don’t, imagine Apples to Apples, except the really horrible R-rated version that tests how horrible a human being you can be. For a good preview, have a YouTube play of CAH:

Anyway, some people can make online cards that can be used on an online version of CAH that can be used in games. So some of my friends (including NeroBrony of Duhad’s channel that I spotlighted) have made CAH decks for their respective universes. So I thought “why not do that for the Library, too?”

And then I also thought “Y’know what would be awesome? If we could involve the readers in it!” So here we are with CAH for the Library.

So, patrons, what cards do you think should go into this custom CAH deck? Leave some ideas in the comments, and I’ll look ’em over and see which ones are good and which ones are dumb! And who knows where it’ll go from there, yeah?

So yeah, let us know ’bout that! I look forward to hearing suggestions from you guys!


43 Comments on “Tuesday Announcement: Cards Against The Library!”

  1. The Crowbar says:


    Maybe something with Herr’s pie stash?

  2. infinity421 says:

    Can’t watch the video now due to being in college, but can someone remind me which cards as questions and which ones are answers?

    Also, from one of my previous CAH matches, “Littlest Cancer Patient: The Musical”.

  3. fledglinghuman says:

    For white cards, maybe some of the most memorable Sue/Stu moments and description? Like “Hair like unicorn vomit”!

    For a black card, maybe, “In the ultimate badfic showdown, __________ and __________ battle to win __________.” Three white cards, of course, but a possible combo could be “Suerinil Maethrian Ithiliel,” “Ewdard Cullen,” and “Exclusive rights to the Saturday slot.”

    We should include battles over post slots. Because.

  4. infinity421 says:

    For a white cardI’d like to nominate the phrase “abusive raptor bestiality”, or something similar. Because that fanfic was a freaking train wreck.

  5. SC says:

    Obviously, there needs to be a Bifocals card. At this point, it’d be silly not to have one.

    Something like, “Bifocals making off with a camera and turning it into a confetti bomb” or something.

    • Herr Wozzeck says:

      Right now, we have a white card with “Bifocals’ latest invention” on it. I’m pondering making a black card with Bifocals, though.

      • SC says:

        Do both, just to be safe. God only knows that there’s about a half a million situations where a card about Bifocals would end up being the best answer.

  6. infinity421 says:

    Oh; is a Coochipede card possible? Think of the aura of repugnance it can create!

  7. Silky says:

    Black card ideas:
    Gumdrop’s latest snack: _________
    Herr Wozzeck’s new favorite opera is a combination of __________ and __________.
    Who put __________ in the brain bleach jacuzzi?!
    This fic makes my head feel like __________.
    I never thought __________ would stop the DRD agents, but it worked like __________.
    The best Sucktastic Awards category is __________.
    __________ just emerged from the SDQF.
    __________ is why your fanfiction is never good.
    I stayed up all night riffing this fic, and all I got for it was __________.

    White card ideas:
    The shark-jump tank.
    Something goffik.
    Entire wardrobes filled with ripped black clothing.
    Reading every single entry in the Library’s archives.
    Xeno-doken overdrive.
    Saccharine, barf-inducing romance.
    Being unable to sleep on the floor.
    The Formless Void.
    A relaxing night with Ishii and his leeches. (I don’t know if I remembered his name right- Ghostie’s ninja doctor with all the leeches?)
    A thirty-sue pileup.
    The character blob.
    A half-robot-ball baby.
    Your sister who’s more hot an pretty.
    An explanation that just makes everything more confusing.

    Should we set up an online CAH game sometime? I know it’d be hard to coordinate everyone’s schedules, but it’d be cool if we could all check in whenever it’s convenient and maybe find a game.

    • Herr Wozzeck says:

      I was actually thinking of getting Duhad to organize a playtest the deck with me and a couple others during one of his streams, if we could manage it. And then we’ll watch as it gets uploaded to YouTube and stuff!

      But yeah, all really crazy suggestions. Thanks!

    • Ishi says:

      One is remembered!

  8. I assume there’s already a clothing porn card?

  9. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    I’ve only heard about this game before, so correct me if I’m doing it wrong.

    I’m Commander Stupard, and ______ is my favourite store on the Citadel.

    Rex’s Child Labor Services
    Plot Convenience Corporation

  10. fledglinghuman says:

    Is there already a black card along the lines of, “__________ has made me lose all faith in fanfiction.”?

    Or black or white cards about smirking, scene shifts, and/or author’s notes?

    • fledglinghuman says:

      For that matter, have buzzers and our various personal weapons against badfic pet peeves been addressed, yet?

      • Herr Wozzeck says:

        I think the various person weapons have started getting implemented into the deck. As for buzzers, there’s only one so far.

  11. infinity421 says:


    “Dune said that ‘fear is the mind-killer’. I believe that ___ is the mind-killer.”

    Coochipede is the mind-killer.
    Raptor and I is the mind-killer.
    call of evil life in hell is the mind-killer.

    Forgive me if I’m doing this wrong, I haven’t played CAH since sometime last year.

  12. “Inversion of the pancreas” and “Everyone dehydrated”.

  13. nerobrony says:

    You got the idea for doing this from me, didn’t you?

    • Herr Wozzeck says:

      Haha, I totally did, Nero. Well, that, and someone else started doing it at a different corner of the internet.

  14. agigabyte says:

    Going to revive this for a bit.

    Answer Cards:
    Hedgehog abuse
    Expressive Feces
    EclipsePheniox (Just that. Nothing else is needed.)
    Wanking Carfull

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