Artastic Tuesday

C: How’s Ert holding up?

E: Ugh….argle…blargle….

N: Finals week. So he’s…in an interesting spot.

G: Well what do we have for this week? Where are our scripts?

N: We have nothing. Unless you want to talk about Shakespeare, political correctness or a couple of pages with a bunch of swear words on it.

C: Wait, we have one thing. An art piece.

G: Artastic Tuesday it is. Put it up.

Picture by KitKatInaHat



C: Wait, this is from the fanfic we’re from. From the Ashes. Roger Andrews is on the left, Sheryl Hayha is on the right, and that’s Nora in the middle Is this really relevant?

G: Well, Nora’s in it. That counts for something right?

C: Ert just scribbled a sticky note saying “It’s all I have” on it. So I guess we’ll go for it…damn it Nora, you look messed up.

N: *Buries face in hands* I got into a scrap with a Banshee. Got claws through the torso and wrist too, nearly lost my hand.

C: How’d you get out of that?

N: Managed to snap its neck. Got lucky. We were both on the top of an APC, one of its claws went the roof, and Roger smacked them with the butt of his rifle. He bent them pretty good and it got stuck.

C: Well…that’s what we got for this week…Goeth do a song and dance.

G: *Whips out chainsaw swords* GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!


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