897: Life with Raptors – Chapter One

Title: Life with Raptors
Author:   AwesomeHunter77
Media: Movie
Topic: Jurassic Park
Genre:  Humor/Drama
URL: Life with Raptors
Critiqued by TacoMagic and Eliza

Welcome back patrons.  As promised, today we’re embarking on another larger project.  I was originally planning on doing something else, but I’ve since decided that it’s a bit too topical right now and might freak people out.  Plus, there are a lot of triggers, and, frankly, I’m still calming down from Jedi’s Destiny.  I need something that doesn’t require me to put warning tags all over it.  So what do I have that fills that requirement?  Well, I actually have two things, and I’ll be doing them both, but to start, I’m going to take a look at Life with Raptors.

Life with Raptors is a fic inspired by Raptor and I.

I’ll give that a minute to sink in.  A fic based on a really, really horrible fic.  This is going to be From Another World all over again, isn’t it?  Luckily Life with Raptors is a lot less objectionable than Raptor and I; primarily because it’s so damn vague and doesn’t really go anywhere.

Anyway, since we’re once again riffing a raptor story, I figured I’d get one of the feathered duo in here to help me out.  Crunchy is busy helping Herr with something, so I’ve asked Eliza to sit in on this one with me.

“I hope you aren’t planning on trying to put me into this fic as well.”

That was one isolated incident!  And it worked out all-right in the end.

“YOU weren’t the one who almost got put back into Raptor and I.  You never even apologized for it.”

Is THAT what this has all been about?  Eliza, I’m sorry I tried to put you back into Raptor and I.  It was a poorly-thought out plan to maintain the continuity of a fic not worth saving and I was wrong for doing it.

“Thank you, Taco, apology accepted.”

You’re still going to pelt me with pies, aren’t you?

“Of course.  That’s our thing now.”

*Taco sighs*

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