544: My Little Necromorphs – Theme “Song”, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2

Title: My Little Necromorphs
Author: zombiekingalex
Media: Video Game/Cartoon
Topic: Dead Space/My Little Pony
Genre: Parody/Friendship
URL: My Little Necromorphs
Critiqued by Herr Wozzeck

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another droll Thursday here at the Library. Well, last week, we finally finished that Fire Emblem themed mess that masqueraded as a story with If You Don’t Have Something Nice to say. As anybody would think after reading that piece of shit, I need a fucking break after that shit-fest. So today, we start with a series of shorter fics to cleanse my pallet.

And one of them…? Well, Ghostie was gonna look at this, but I offered to take over for her. She warned me that it was gonna be really bad, but… I dunno. I mean, c’mon, she passed this fic up to do crystal heart’s path! How could this be any worse than that particular train wreck?

*opens the link*

Oh, fuck me

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