542: From Another World – Chapter 34

Title: From Another World
Author: EclipsePheniox
Media: Video Game
Topic:  Mass Effect / Parallel Realities
Genre: Supernatural/Romance/AU
URL: From Another World Chapter 34
Critiqued by Erttheking

W:….You’re kidding me right?

G:  Nope!  That’s the oath.

W:…Um…Tar lorek san-

N:  No it’s Tar lorek son, not Tar korek san.

W:  Oh, ok.  Tar lorek son, Bar-

C:  No, it’s bor, not bar.

W:…..Tar lorek son, bar nagga-

G:  Nakka, not nagga.

W:  I could do this a lot better if the three of you weren’t all jumping down my throat!

G:  Aw.  Poor little girl.  Cornelia, take her out back and try to get her to get it right.  I left some instructions there for some advice on getting your ring to work too.  Nora and I will handle the review today.

W:  Guh.  Fine.

C:  Come on let’s go.  It’s a though language, we don’t even know what it means.

W:  Not helping *slam*

N:  So, last time Legion’s loyalty mission got watered down with the “This is morally gray but not really” treatment and ended with the start of Tali’s loyalty mission.

G:  Ten credits says that he sticks with the stupid twist from Parallel Realities.

N:  Goeth, that only works if the person you’re betting against actually DOUBTS it happening.  Anyway, lets get going.

Chapter 34 Trial and Truth

N:  For God’s sake.  Is Shepard gonna give some advise at the end of this trial?

To say that Shepard and Ashley was dumbfounded belittled the situation. “That’s crazy! Anyone who knows you would know that you would never betray your own people.” Ash stated not believing what she just heard.

G:  Yeah, all she ever did was drop off of the grid for three weeks straight and then come back with strange technology no one had ever seen before.  Anywho, EP decides that writing is too hard and just copy pastes Tali explaining the Quarian legal system to Mr. Superior Intelligence despite the fact that he will most likely quote Quarian law later on later to bash Zaal’Koris.  I predict this with my ability of foresight.

N:  And this story being really predictable and unoriginal and just plain stolen when it’s not.  Though we do get one new bit with Legion.

“We overheard what has happened with Creator-Zorah and we wish to join the trial.” Legion said surprising everyone.

Ash and Shepard looked at Tali who was lost for words. “Its your choice Tali.”

She thought for a minute before talking. “Legion why do you want to come with us?”

“Knowing what creators want and attitude towards Geth-Creator coexistence.”

Tali slowly nodded. “Ok legion you can come but no weapons and if you try anything I’ll kill you.”

“Understandable precautions we accept.”

N:…You know I can understand the mindset of taking precautions when you’re putting a Geth on a Quarian ship, but I feel like there was a more diplomatic way to put that.  Also this idea feels very half baked, I could say that about the entire story, but…you know, after they get to the Migrant Fleet and dock with a ship.

The Normandy approached the docking cradle and attached itself to it. Several Quarian marines waited outside the airlock waiting for Tali’Zorah and her companions. But legion entered first and was faced with a number of weapons in his face.

N:…Yeah.  That.  Quarians really don’t like Geth.  Also is there any reason that Legion went in first?  Don’t you think that’s kind of stupid?  Tali even flat out says in game that bringing Legion on board doesn’t really seem like a good idea.

Shepard, Tali and Ash entered through the airlock and was greeted by one of the Quarians in a rude manner due to Legion. “What is the meaning of this Tali’Zorah? You bring Geth to the fleet?” the Captain said.

“Don’t worry. Legion is disarmed and we have placed a destruct device on him. So if he try’s and does anything he’ll blow and I’ll take responsibility.” John said before the situation escalated.

“Very well. Stand down.” he then said to his men before turning to Shepard.

N:  Exactly when did you put a bomb on Legion?  Also, I don’t think Legion would really appreciate a BOMB being put on him.  Even then this situation still was resolved unrealistically quickly, mainly because Shepard didn’t explain anything about Legion, what he was doing there, or why he had a Geth on his ship.

G:  Not to mention Legion has kind of been turned into a suicide bomber this way…..wonder if I can hack him.

N:  So we get even MORE copy pasted dialogue from Tali’s Captain and Shala’Raan learning about the trial, how Tali is being charged with bringing Geth onto the fleet, and getting some show don’t tell with Shepard apparently having convinced a businessman to invest in Zhu’s Hope.  Also apparently he’s supposed to have a silver tongue.  This is what we call an informed ability.  After a slog of unoriginality the trial FINALLY starts.

“The accused, Tali’Zorah vas Normandy, has come with her captain to defend herself against the charge of treason.”

“Objection!” the Quarian in the red suit roared. Shepard recognized him as Admiral Zaal’Koris. “A human has no business at a hearing involving such sensitive military matters! And nether does a Geth.”

“Then you should not have made me her captain!” Shepard argued. “According to the Quarian Military Doctrine, in hearings that involve high-end crimes, such as treason, a Quarian citizen or soldier is to be represented by their ship’s captain.” Shepard noticed the shocked stance that Zaal’Koris was in. “Yes, I did my homework. According to the Doctrine, all admirals have to be in agreement before stripping someone of their ship name. Now either you are unaware of your own laws, or you are and just forgoing the application of law and order of your own people. As for Legion he requested to be here and in the same Doctrine it states that anyone can attend. Besides as an extra precaution he has no weapons and we’ve attached a destruction device to him if he try’s anything. But I suggest you withdraw your objection and let’s start this hearing.”

Everyone was shocked by Shepard’s display. None of them could expect someone so affluent in knowledge of their laws. Even someone within the Fleet would not be so knowledgeable. Tali was feeling a little better after seeing his display. She knew he was only warming up.

Zaal’s stance became tense after Shepard’s argument. “Objection withdrawn,” he said. Zaal felt humiliated.

N:  I’m gonna have to call bullshit on anyone being allowed to attend considering that the Geth are more or less the sworn enemy of the Quarians so I don’t see how they are under any obligation to let him stay.  Also I’m getting the feeling that InHarmsWay-oh I’m sorry, that EP was just pulling random shit out of his ass with these Quarian laws so that he could bash Zaal’Koris because the big meanie head made him feel bad.  Also, I’d feel a little uncomfortable about Legion sitting IN THE MIDDLE OF A CROWD with a fucking BOMB attached to him!  Also, there’s another problem with this whole thing that we’re gonna get to later on.

G:  Also, apparently Shepard was able to learn more about Quarian law in a day or two than most do in their entire lives.  Science is disappoint in you Shepard.  So, more laddy da plot regurgitation as we learn that Geth have seized the ship that Tali’s father was working on.  You know, I think I almost met Rael’Zorah once.  It’s a shame I never got to, the formula for Quarians that I was working on was finally perfected and I was running out of subjects.

N:  Yeah, I know.  I met one of them.  It nearly shattered my ribcage.

G:  Nearly?  Well, back to the drawing board.

“Then explain how the Geth seized the lab ship that your father was working,” Zaal’Koris replied in an arrogant tone.

The area was aloud with voices of the people.

“What are you talking about?” Tali demanded. “What happened?”

“Legion I thought that you said that you detected no Geth.” Shepard said turning to the Legion.

“We did not. Even now we are not detecting any form of Geth in the fleet.” Legion said defencively.

“I’m not detecting any deception.” Tikus said over the privet comm.

N:  Good to see that Wilson is talking to Shepard in privet.  Just for the record I checked to make sure this wasn’t UK slang, and it isn’t unless EP is trying to talk about a type of flower or use the Russian equivalent of “hi” so…yeah.  Also Legion is talking…defencively…how did spellcheck not light up like the fourth of July on that one?

G:  May have ripped the programing out of that one for shits and giggles.

“As far as we can tell, Tali,” Gerrel answered, “the Geth have killed everyone on the Alarei. Your father included.”

“What! Oh, Keelah.”

Shepard quickly stepped in to control the situation. As much as it angers him at the obvious political ploy they were playing, he kept his cool for Tali’s sake. “I appreciate the need for this trial, Admirals,” he lied. “But our first concern must be the safety of the Migrant Fleet. The Normandy stands ready to assist in whatever capacity is necessary.”

N:  Oh no no no no no no no, you don’t get to get away from that.  The obvious political ploy?  Oh tell me Shepard, tell me how your superior intelligence gleaned this insight into the Quarian political system when you didn’t even know how trials worked when Tali got the call!  And yes, there is a political ploy going on here, but the trial so far really hasn’t dropped enough evidence for that to be clear yet.  Zaal doesn’t want Shepard to be there, Han’Gerell is pissed at Zaal…that’s about it really.  Christ, Daros’Xen is a massive part of the debate and she hasn’t even said a word yet!  So yes, this has been pulled from the ether to make Shepard supar smart. Why? Because InHarmsWay did it.

“Thank you,” Raan said. “Quarian strike teams have attempted to take the Alarei. So far, without success.”

“Shepard we have to take back the Alarei,” Tali said to Shepard.

“The safest course would be to simply destroy the ship,” Zaal suggested.

“Really?” Shepard exclaimed. “Destroying a ship that is surrounded by ships? What is acceptable collateral damage to you? Send us in. We’ll clear the ship.”

N:  Right.  Because he totally wasn’t going to pull other ships away from the Alarei…come to think of it, if ships are still near the Alarei that aren’t military ships, that’s a really dumb move.  What if the Geth try to hop ships?

G:  SHHHH!  Stupard is talking.

Zaal was annoyed at the Human basically calling him an idiot again.

N:  I feel for you buddy.  Guy is a little full of himself.

“You intend to take the Alarei back from the Geth?” Raan asked for clarification. “This proposal is extremely risky.”

“With your permission, Admiral, yes. The good of the Fleet must come first. And Tali needs to find her father.”

“We also would like to go to the ship to analyse the situation.” Legion said.

N:  How the Quarians should react.  “NO!  You stay away!  We have enough Geth over there as it is and we don’t need you assisting them or trying to jump into one of the platforms there!”  What we get instead:

The Admirals looked at each other before Shepard chirped in. “He has a point. Who else better to find out what happened.”

“Agreed,” Gerrel commented. “And if you die on this worthy, Tali, we’ll see that your name gets cleared.”

“We can discuss that later,” Zaal said to him in a hushed tone.

G:  You know, the Quarians and the Geth kinda are at war with each other.  It’s really fun to watch.  They really wouldn’t let Legion poke around like this, he could be an infiltrator planning to kill them all for all they know, they don’t even know where he came from or who the True Geth are.  We’re not gonna get something that awesome though, pity.

N:  Shepard regurgitates plot with Tali before saying maybe they should talk with the Admirals to get their viewpoints (WHY!?  I thought you already knew what was going on!) before we smash cut ot the Alarei without any scene dividers or build up.

The ship was eerily quiet. A large puddle of Quarrian blood was splashed against the hallway. Tali looked at the blood as they walked by. The door opened at the end of the hallway. The next room had three Geth on the other side.

Legion opened fire on the Geth on the right. Tali fired one round from her plasma shotgun at the one in the middle. While Shepard and Ash fired a couple of rounds from their assault rifles, destroying its head.

N:  So far so boring.  Well at least-

Several more Geth entered the room. Three troopers and two hunter class Geth. Xiltro piped in, “I want to try something.”

Xiltro piped in



N:…EP….why?  Why are you doing this?  Why do you think that taking a written story, changing the names and every tenth word is a good idea?  Why do you think people will want to read it?  Why DO people want to read it?  Theres barely any original thoughts to it, the ones that are there are so horribly token, poorly utilized and underdeveloped that they just come off as insulting.  There’s no characters, just crude puppets vaguely resembling characters with people just going through the motions half of the time and just sucking Shepard off when they aren’t. The plot is just mindlessly following the plot of the games, despite how all the changes to the universe make it so that it all makes no sense!  Why does this story exist!?

G:  Been saving that one for awhile.

Shepard’s omni-tool had blue electricity sparked around it before it surged. The electricity flew forward and impacted one of the Geth hunters. The electricity arced around its body cause it to spasm. The sparks took only a few seconds before it subsided. The hunter raised its AR and fired a full round at point blank into the other hunter. The troopers aimed at the hunter, but were quickly mowed down by the higher-class Geth solider.

“Meh I preferred your old look,” Shepard remarked.

The hunter shrugged. “This is just for here. It’s been weeks since I was able to move around in the physical world.”

N:  Oh goody!  It turns out that Shepard is ok with Wilson brainwashing Geth soldiers to do his bidding for them!  Unlike when Tali or Legion hack Geth were they more or less just go berserk on the enemy for a few seconds before regaining control of themselves, this control is rather permanent.  Not to mention that those Geth would always be recollected by the main collective where as these Geth have nowhere to go and…wait a minute.  Shepard brainwashed all of the heretic Geth!  Why can’t he just let these Geth reconnect to the Heretics where upon they will accept the Heretics new logic that “Organics are ok”.  I’ll admit the first point about brainwashing Geth is a massive nitpick, but this isn’t!  These Geth are going to more or less all get killed by the end of this mission, as in their programs are going to be PERMANENTLY DELETED, when we have a very easy solution where you could end this situation AND prove to the Quarians that Geth are serious about peace.  But no, you need to regurgitate plot.

G:  Also Shepard is trying to be cool and cocky with the life of Tali’s father in uncertainty, he messed up how Geth Hunters work, and apparently we’re focusing on “witty” banter.  *Yawn* can I kill something?  I’m bored.

Shepard noticed that Tali was apprehensive of Tikus’ presence. “You okay, Tali?”

“I know it’s him, but…” she replied. “I’m just not used to being around a Geth without it shooting me.”

“I kow how you feel Tali but this body feels strange,” Tikus said.

“Why’s that?” Shepard asked.

“Oddly enough, no. There is absolutely nothing in here.”

“How’s that possible?” Ash asked. “Shouldn’t there be dozens of Geth programs inside that hunter. That’s how they work, right, Tali?”

“Yes,” Tali replied. “A Geth shouldn’t be able to operate otherwise. You sure there’s nothing in there?”

“Yes,” Tikus said. “For all intents and purposes, this is a husk. But when I entered it I did feel something but I have no idea what it was.”

“So what does that mean?” Tali asked for clarification.

“It means that they’re being controlled by another source,” Legion answered. “Whatever signal was being sent to this platform, was cut off. we would suggest we look for the terminal that is sending the signal in order to shut down the Geth here.”

G:…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…wait you’re being serious…*snicker* ok man, whatever floats your boat.  Yeah the Geth here aren’t really Geth and their bodies are just being used by some unseen force.  Not only did that not happen in the game, but I know you’re using it to clumsily build up the twist this chapter has so….GHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

N:  At least one of us is happy.  There’s more plot regurgitation until we get this.

before they exited Shepard noticed something about the room. “Tali don’t these places have some machinery in it to take things apart?”

Now he mentioned it she looked around aside from the Geth and a few other things the room was basicly empty. “Your right. What’s going on?”

“No idea but I think we’ll find out later.”


N:  To a payoff that is very…very…dumb.  And forced.

They continued down the corridor. Along the way, they watched several logs of the Quarian scientists. Many of them did not sound good, especially the one of the mother leaving a message for her children. The videos did nothing to make Tali feel any better.

N:  Seriously, this is just gonna keep happening.  Before too long they come across a terminal.

Tikus took a closer look at the data. “Interesting.”

“You have a problem with this?”

“No. And I would be a hypocrite to be critical of trying to find better ways to overcome Geth systems. It’s just my concern what are your father’s intentions with these experiments. I would be concern about the idea of trying to take over the Geth again.”

G:  Yeah!  Brainwashing Geth into being meat shields for your army is wrong!  Right Wilson?

N:  MORE plot regurgitation (There’s a shot counter that would’ve murdered you by this point) about Tali’s dad building her a house before we get this.

“That promise will be fulfilled, Tali,” Shepard assured her. “You have my word. Your people are not alone in this galaxy. After this mission with the Collectors, the Order will enter this galaxy and we can get to reclaim your homeworld.”

N:  We could do it now, but we’re not gonna because we haven’t finished ME2 yet.

Just as they where about to leave Tikus called out to them. “Wait I found something.”

The others turned to him. “What?” Tali asked with excitement.

“It’s in audio so no visuals. I’ll play it.”

He pressed it and what they heard next made their stomachs turn. “No no please don’t.” a woman screamed. Just then a sound of a saw sounded and the woman screamed out in pain. The sound of ripping flesh could be heard then the audio stopped. The group was silent at what they just heard.

“Just what happened here?” Ash asked.

“If don’t think I want to know.” Tali said.

N:  You know, I feel like we’re overplaying the sexism card here and I’m not sure if this counts, but I will say that so far the only real change made to this mission is the inclusion of a woman being torn apart with a chainsaw…where a chainsaw came from or what the Geth are doing with one is beyond my comprehension.  There’s some boring fighting where-

Xiltro charged into the group of Geth


N:  *eye twitch*…where they mow down everything in sight before-

Tikus said heard some groaning behind him. He turned and saw a Quarian in a red and white suit on the ground still moving. “We have a live one here!” He quickly turned invisible to avoid being seen by the survivor.

Shepard, Tali,Legion and Ash ran down the stairs and approached the Quarian. Tali immediately recognized him. “Father!”

“Tali?” he groaned. Rael had several bullet wounds.

G:  Oh Rael!  It’s good to see you.  Please step into my office, I have an injection for you.  You may feel a slight tingling sensation as you grow to twelve feet and grow two additional arms.

N:  Guh, here we go.

“What did you do here father?” she demanded. “Did you reactive the Geth parts I sent you?”

“Geth… Parts…” Rael was too weak to say anything. “Reactive?… yes but… but my… people turned… into..”

Shepard tried putting pressure on the wounds to stop the bleeding. “He’s losing blood!”

“We did… not do… this.” was all Rael said before he stopped moving or say anything.

“Father?” Tali called out to him.

“He’s gone Tali.” Shepard said in a apologetic voice.

Hearing those words Tali could not restrain herself. “No.” was all she said before bursting into tears. Shepard then held her in a tight embrace.

“I’m sorry Tali.”

N:  Oh…He actually dies in this version…well that’s good.

G:  Yeah, but I have concluded that Shepard doesn’t know the first thing about first aid considering that he just pressed on the wound instead of trying something more practical like medi-gel.  He did the same thing back with Nihlus where he just left the poor guy with shrapnel sticking out of his chest.  Speaking of which, is he still in a coma or did he die?  I only ask because I kind of need a puppet for a show I’m gonna put on.

N:  There’s more plot copy pasting until right the Hell out of nowhere, we get this.

“I hate to say this but since we got here I haven’t seen any Quarrian body’s. Only blood.” Tikus said.

“We agree Geth do not remove the body’s unless they need to.” Legion stated.

“We’ll find out in the control room.” Tali said.

N: The very sentance before that was talking about Tali’s dad.  This, came right out of nowhere.  So, they go and fight MORE Geth before-

“Xiltro, Legoin take the left flank, while Tali, Ash and I take the right.”

N:…Three times…three times in one chapter…if you noticed that we haven’t rung any buzzers this chapter it’s because the chapter itself is just going through the motions so much of following the plot that there’s nothing to it.  Actually I take that back, it’s going through the motions of copying someone who is going through the motions.  It’s some holy pinnacle of unoriginality and blandness.  So, even more fighting until we finally get to the terminal that is controlling all of the Geth.

Ash looked to the terminal. “Is that it?”

“Yes, this is the console hub my father mentioned,” Tali replied. “Disabling it will shut down any Geth we might have missed.” She accessed the console. “It looks like some of the recordings remain intact. They’ll tell us how this happened, what father did.”

“It sounds like you don’t really want to hear it,” Shepard observed.

“No,” she answered him. “We have to, I know. I just… this is terrible, Shepard. I don’t want to know that he was part of all this.”

Tali started the video log. It showed a couple of Quarian scientists standing at the terminal. Rael approached them from behind.

“Do we have enough parts to bring more online?” Rael asked the two scientists.

“Yes,” the male scientist replied. “The new shipment from your daughter will let us add two more Geth to the network.”

“We are nearing a breakthrough on systemic viral attacks,” the female scientist added. “Perhaps we should inform the Admiralty Board just to be safe.”

“No,” Rael asserted. “We are too close. I promised to build a house on the homeworld. I’m not going to sit and wait while politicians argue.”

“We’d have an easier time of it if Tali’Zorah could send us more working material,” the male scientist suggested.

“Absolutely not,” Rael scorned. “I don’t want Tali exposed to any political blowback. Leave. Tali. Out of this. Assemble new Geth with what we have. Bypass security protocols if need be.” The video cut out.

“He really wanted to keep his promise,” Shepard said.

“I never wanted this,” Tali said. “Keelah… I never wanted this.” She walked away a few steps. “Everything here is his fault! I tried to pretend it didn’t point to him, but this… When this comes up in the trial, they’ll…” Tali spun around and walked up to Shepard. “We can’t tell them, not the admirals, not anyone.”

N:  Yeah.  We’re gonna have to rip off Herr’s review because like Ert said way back when, From Another World and Parallel Realities are so similar that we can point at Herr’s review and say “pretty much that” for 75% of it.


G:  Don’t worry about that, sedatives should kick in soon.

N:  Anyway, Tali’s loyalty mission is considered one of the best in all of Mass Effect 2, just because of how deeply it takes you into the Geth and Quarian conflict.  The Quarians are hurting  badly, the Migrant Fleet is barely keeping them alive, they’re a shadow of the race that they used to be, they get no respect from the galactic community as a whole and are treated as second class citizens.  They want their homeworld back because they don’t see any other way for them to start rebuilding their fractured society, they haven’t found any other planet that will support their fragile immune system, and adapting to another planet could take centuries.

The whole situation is a mess and the political farce that Shepard saw and then never described is that each Admiral has their own take on how they should approach this situation.  Raan can’t make up her mind, Gerrel wants to nuke the Geth into oblivion, Xen wants to brainwash them back into being slaves, and Rael seems to agree with Xen.  No one can agree on what could be done and Tali was pretty much going to be ripped to shreds in a massive tug of war between the Admirals because of what her father did by jumping the gun because he had a chance to make a better weapon to fight the Geth and ended up getting hundreds of people killed.

“You won’t need to it’s a fake.” Tikus spoke surprising everyone.

Shepard looked to Tikus. “Seriously.”

“Yes, Commander.” He approached the terminal. “The image around the Qurrians is 0.5% distorted. It could get past any screening tech. I’ll get in to see if there’s anything we can use.”

N: And then this happens.  Yup, the dumbass plot twist from Parallel Realities is back ladies and gentlemen.

Tikus floated around inside the ship’s network. It was a large green holographic plan with databases and systems buildings that dotted the landscape. Databases were large green holographic buildings with Quarian symbols lining them. Tikus approached the first database and interfaced with it. Blue connectors came from his hands and attached his form to the database.

“I’m in. Examining.” Thousands of files flew through his mind. The video log that they just watched went through. Before it could leave, he stopped the process. “Hold it ok Commander, this file was falsified.”

Tali’s voice chimed in. “How do you know?”

“Upon further analysis, the audio and video do not match up. Deep within its code, the dates are off. The video was made separately from the audio. And get this. Upon further analysis of the audio, shows that the audio file is not naturally recorded.”

“So it was spliced?” Ash asked for clarification.

“Just like what happened during the Hock heist, but this is much more advance.”

“Tiberian?” Shepard asked already knowing the answer.


At that moment Tikus felt a presence move nearby. There was a sound. He turned around in time to see something move nearby. “Commander… I’m not alone in here.”

N:  Now, I imagine some of you are getting rather angry at this, and I can understand that.  Me personally, I find this to be so dull, predictable and lifeless that I find myself in this state:

N:  Simply because this story is nothing.  It isn’t lousy, it isn’t poorly written, it is NOTHING.  I could go on for hours on what is wrong with this story, but it isn’t worth the time.  It is a non-entity!  It is 98% stolen from other places, and 1.5% random gibberish and 0.5 % original thought if I’m being extremely generous.  It isn’t a thing!

The doors to the room opened. This caught the group’s attention. Their eyes widened with horror. For standing there was the lower parts of a Geth hunter but the head and torso was a unsuited Quarrian that has been fused with a Geth hunter. While the face of it still had Quarrian features it was bald aside from a set of wires coming from the back of its head and had a mask over its mouth.

“Keelah.” Tali said in horror.

“Defiantly Tiberian.” Shepard said.

N:  Goeth.

G:  One.  It is highly unlikely that the ship they are on would be equipped with the necessary supplies to fuse Geth and Quarian body parts together considering that is a Quarian ship.  Two.  It is highly unlikely that after attacking the Quarians that the Geth would’ve been able to either capture them considering the circumstances, or use their bodies after killing them due to decay.  Three.  We are never given a specific time as to how long the Geth have been loose on this ship, but it appears to have been a day or two at the very most.  It is unlikely that Geth with limited resources would’ve wasted their time trying to work on experimental soldiers.  Four, this comes right out of left field.  Now granted, I think the idea of Quarian-Geth hybrids is an excellent idea, but you need time and prep work for this kind of project.

N:  You can’t just shove it in randomly with only a couple of half baked hints scattered at the start of the chapter.

They where so shocked that they did not notice two more come up. Just then all three of the aimed their weapons at Shepard and fired. He was it and slammed into the wall. Ash noticed only too late.

“John!” screamed moving up to him.

He was unconcerned but the weapon they used cut through his armour. His flesh was majorly burned but his healing ability was already kicking in. Now she was pissed. She grabbed her rifle and started firing at the Quarrian-Geth hybrids.

“Tikus we have incoming, multiple incoming hostiles!” She yelled through her communicator. “But Shepard is down!”

“I have problems of my own!” Xiltro screamed back.

“Like what?”

Tikus saw the entity emerged from behind one of the databases. The entity was red in its holographic colour and looked exactly like a Collector soldier. “I’ve identified the one responsible for all of this. It’s a Collector virus!”

“I need you to take it down,” Ash ordered.

Tikus summoned several anti-viral constructs. “I maybe an Exocron but I have one hell of a combat program!”

N:  What are you talking about?  He’s fine!  He’s always fine!  Even if he gets hurt he shrugs it off in three-

“I have problems of my own!” Xiltro screamed back.


Tikus summoned several anti-viral constructs. “I maybe an Exocron but I have one hell of a combat program!”

The blade covered orbs rushed at the Collector virus. The virus raised its talons and struck forward. The blows destroy every anti-viral that tried to attack. The Collector flew forwards and tried to attack but Tikus dodged its attacks effortless. “I like challenges.”

Tikus grabbed one of its talons and flung the monstrosity down towards the ground. The creature impacted the holographic ground, destroying some data. He raised his hands, with the tops facing the Collector. He waved them towards him. “Come on bring it on you useless hardware.”

The Virus then formed a practical beam and began firing at the Exocron. Tikus just ran in between the buildings avoiding the fire. He then created two swords ready for close combat attacking.

Tikus ran up to the Virus so fast that it did not have time to attack. He sliced with both of his swords. The Collector froze in place. He flew about a small distance away from the virus before he stopped. The digital swords dissipated from his hands. He turned around and saw the virus’ avatar becoming slightly unstable. Tikus raised his arms. The blue connectors emerged from his hands and launched forward. They attached themselves to the virus.

“Your nothing but bits now!” he yelled as the connectors brightly glowed.

The virus let out one defiant scream before it disintegrated and assimilated. Tikus absorbed any knowledge the virus had. If he were to fight another virus similar to this avatar, he would have an easier time in weakening it. But as he analysed he found something that he could not believe.

The Quarrian-Geth hybrids lay limb on the ground. Tali was still frozen. She had no idea what living creature could do this. Just then Shepard slowly got up. Ash saw him and helped him.

N:  For anyone planning on writing a virtual reality story, here’s a pro tip.  Trying to make hacking attempts sound like badass one liners simply doesn’t work.

G:  Also it doesn’t work like Tron.  So unless you plan on making acceptable breaks from reality like Tron, this is just gonna come off as stupidly hilarious.  Speaking of which, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

“John you ok?” she asked.

“I’m fine. Hell that blast did a number on me.” He said.

N:  See!?  He’s fine!

“Viral infiltrator has been eliminated but we need to get out of here now!” Tikus announced over the comm.

“What do you mean?”

“No time to explain but we need to get to the shuttle now while I get a vaccine program done.”

Those word meant trouble. “MOVE!” Shepard ordered.

As Tikus jumped to Shepard’s omni tool Tali heard the yell and began running with the others back to the shuttle. It did not take long. As they entered Legion dropped it’s weapons and entered before the doors closed and the ship took off.

“Ok Tikus explain.” Shepard said as Tikus assumed his human form.

“Sorry about the rush commander.” he replied. “I was able to assimilate its data. The virus I fought was of Collector origin and incorporated Tiberian tech but that’s not the best bit they where trying to convert the Quarrians to become those Quarrian-Geth hybrids.”

“How?” Tali piped in.

G:  This should be entertaining.  Tell us, how?

“There was a worm file in one of their storage crates once it was opined the virus would be released into the system along with nanomachines, that converts infects the victims suit and use their body’s and suits to convert them into those hybrids. But they needed Geth constructs to make them into the hybrids. So that saw we heard was from the medical room that they used to complete the conversion processes. The Collectors know about the state of the Quarrian politics and hoped to try and restart the war so that they could have an army of hybrids to fight for the reapers as expendable soldiers.”

“God damn,” Shepard gasped. He looked to Tali. “At least your father was innocent of what happened here.” He could see her smile under the face plate. “Can you give me the evidence to prove this?”

“Yes, right here. On your omni-tool is the digital signature of the Alarei virus. The other is the digital signature of the Collector Ship virus. It’s a match. This means the virus EDI and I fought made its way here.”

“How did the crate get onto the Alarei?”

“The Collectors have been keeping an eye on the Quarians. They sent forth a drone to disguised as a Quarrian food transport.”

N:  This…this is even DUMBER that Parallel Realities.  And that’s saying a lot!  First of all, a worm is a virus that infects computers, it is not a physical thing that you can touch, and it sure is hell doesn’t involve nanomachines.  Second of all, how come the Collectors were trying to make half Quarian half Geth hybrids, when they have the freaking Dragon’s Teeth to fall back on?  Three, how would making hybrids here help their goal of causing a war with the Geth?  Four.  How would causing a war with the Geth increase their ranks?  Most combat between the Geth and Quarians would take place in space, most likely in the system where Rannoch is, so good luck slipping in there to grab all the corpses floating around in space without the Geth stopping you.  And finally, if the Quarians are so dumb they mistake an unmanned drone for a food transport, how come the Collectors didn’t just slip, oh I don’t know, a NUKE onto the Migrant Fleet?  Or am I just being crud?

G:  Nah, sounds good.  The close quarters that the fleet keeps would do a lot of damage, and if you can just take out one of their liveships millions are guaranteed to starve to death.  It would make sense for the Reapers, big anti-warship weapons are pretty much the only things that can hurt them, and the Migrant Fleet, for all their poor condition, has plenty to spare.  Taking them out would be high on the Reaper priority list.  Heck, it would’ve been even better if the Reapers had just taken a Heretic Geth ship, make it look abandoned, and hidden a nuke on it and leave it for the Quarians to find.  Would’ve sparked a war without relying on a convoluted plan.  What would they have done if the Quarians had just blown up the ship that got infected?  HMMMMMMMM?  Hehehehehe, wow this is stupid.

N:  All of this to murder Tali’s loyalty mission, kill the complexity of the Quarian people, and force out the happiest ending possible despite how little sense it makes.  Hoorah.

“Well, it looks like you need to give the Admiralty Board an earful,” Ash joked.

“That I do,” he said.

N:  Oh, of course you do.

“What?” Gerrel yelled.

“We agreed to clear her of her charges if she died!” Raan reminded.

“You said that,” Zaal said. “We didn’t actually have a vote on that case. I say we vote now.”

The four entered the plaza. “I may be a better speaker than I am a soldier, Admiral Koris,” Shepard said as they approached the centre plaza. The crowd all looked to them and moved out of the way for Shepard and Tali to reach the stand. Ash sat down on the steps. “But I am a goddamn good soldier to begin with,” he quipped. “Your ship has been cleared of the Geth. But you need to destroy it.”

“Whys that?” Gerrel asked guessing something bad.

“The ship has been contaminated with nanomachines that can turn you into this.” Shepard said as he pulled up an image of the Quarrian-Geth hybrid.

Everyone fell silent and the room grew cold at the sight of the abomination of what they where seeing. At that moment Gerrel hit his comm.

“Fire control destroy the Alaeri.”

Koris then turned to him. “What are you doing?” he yelled.

“Saving us.”

N:  Oh, so now destroying the Alaeri is a GOOD thing.  Of course, now that Shepard has given it his blessing.  What was that about it being surrounded by ships?  Oh right, who cares, Shepard wills it.  Also can someone please tell me what is over there?  Is it some sort of airborne virus that does…something?  If people are so panicky over it, how come the Collectors don’t just start dropping this shit on planets to decimate resistance against the Reapers?  Dear God, EP, just because you understand it in your head, doesn’t mean the rest of us do.

“Tell us, Shepard. What did you find on the Alarei?” Gerrel asked.

“What evidence do you wish to present before the Board?” Raan asked.

Shepard approached the stand. “We found that the Alarei suffered a cyber attack-”

The crowd was loud with chatter over that partial revelation.

“So the Geth parts that were sent to the ship were tainted!” Zaal roared. “This means exile for Tali’Zorah.”

Shepard stared at Zaal in amazement in his stupidity. Despite slightly agreeing with his ideas about the Geth, this man truly pissed him off. “You ever heard of the phrase ‘to assume makes an ass out of u and me’?

N:  Yes I have, you really should stop doing that Shepard.  You too EP, you should’ve played ME3 by this point and seen that Zaal is actually a very reasonable and caring leader.  Your story should’ve reflected your knowledge of what’s going to happen then. But that implies that your story has a soul and isn’t a cynical imitation of other people’s work.  Also you isn’t one letter.

Though I’m not sure if that phrase is applicable in this situation, since the only ass here is you.”

“How dare you! How dare you make a mockery out of this hearing!”

“This hearing is nothing but a mockery!” Shepard roared back. “Tali saved us all from the Reapers and the Geth at the Citadel and you would so soon turn against her?! She saved the Citadel. She saved most of the Alarei.

N:  You mean that ship you’re about to blow up?

She showed the galaxy what Quarians are capable of. And yet you pull this on her. If you had let me finished you would know that Tali, nor Rael were not responsible for what happened on the Alarei. The Alarei suffered a cyber attack from the Collectors.”

N:  You know, most people in game are pretty good about letting Shepard finish his thought before they object.  But writing people in character is hard.

“The Collectors are a myth,” Daro’Xen said as she finally involved herself in the trial. She would not allow this level of mockery to continue. “They are nothing more than bedtime story monsters parents use to scare their children into going to sleep.”

“The Collectors are very real.” Shepard pulled up his omni-tool and displayed footage of the Collectors on Freedom’s Progress and then on Horizon. “The Collectors have been collecting human colonists all over the Terminus.”

“Why would the Collectors attack our Fleet?” Raan asked.

“The Collectors are agents of the Reapers,” Shepard replied. “And I know you know they exist. You know that Sovereign was not a Geth construct. The Reapers are coming to this galaxy to harvest all life. What better way to do it then to pacify the largest fleet in the galaxy before they arrive?”

N:  Here’s a good question, why the Hell would they do it in this stupidly convoluted way as Herr put so well?

“What evidence do you have that this was an attack from the Collectors?” Zaal argued in vain.

“The digital signature of the virus matches the virus we encountered when we were attacked by the Collector cruiser.” Shepard sent the data to the admirals. “This data proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Collectors were behind the cyber attack.”

The admirals looked at the data.

“This data is good,” Gerrel said.

“I believe we can vote then,” Raan announced.

The admirals raised their omni-tools and cast their vote. Raan looked at the votes tallied. It was not a surprising result. “On the crime of treason, Tali’Zorah has been found not guilty. Congratulations.” She breathed a sigh of relief. “This concludes the hearing. Keelah Se’lai.”

The crowd quickly dispersed allowing Shepard, Tali, Ash and Legion to crow together.

“Well that went well.”Ash quipped.

“Yeah I feel a lot better now.”

“Lets hope they make the right choice. Come on we’ve got unfinished business.”

The four then left for the Normandy there was one thing left to do

N:  And we end with no personality, more Zmall Morris bashing, Shepard being full of himself, the word quip being missused again and no emotional payoff at all.  Shepard doesn’t tell anyone about the Union because some stupid higher power says so and us little sheep shouldn’t question it.  Well, that was dumb.

A/n I was planing to do the bit where Shepard reviles who he is but it was taking too long so enjoy this.

N:  Oh, and he’s going to reveal himself now because the author says he can.


N:  Ah, shit he’s out again!  *Blast*  Dr., I need a hand here!  Woods, Cornelia!  Get out here!

W:  I can’t get the stupid oath out!

G:  That’s ok, we got this one!  WEEEEEEEE *Blast*

60 Comments on “542: From Another World – Chapter 34”

  1. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “Don’t worry. Legion is disarmed and we have placed a destruct device on him. So if he try’s and does anything he’ll blow and I’ll take responsibility.” John said before the situation escalated.

    Wait a minute! Doesn’t Shepard say “If Legion gets out of line, I’ll take it out myself” in the renegade dialogue option if he does that?


    Our “pure paragon”, ladies and gentlemen!

    • erttheking says:

      This is what I call an informed ability. Also like I said. “I can understand being concerned about taking a Geth onto a Quarian ship, but there was probably a more diplomatic way around this.” Also if he was so damn concerned about Legion causing trouble, maybe he should have left him on the Normandy where EDI could keep an eye on him.

      • Herr Wozzeck says:

        Yep, informed ability is really all Stupard is. She’s almost all “informed paragon” with nothing in the way of being likable and idealistic. This is just… Dear Lord…

      • erttheking says:

        Seriously. Paragon Shepard could be tough when s/he had to (Pistol whipping Archer comes to mind) and I could understand how a well rounded Shepard could be Paragon most of the time and have the occasional renegade relapse, Human beings are like that. The thing is, I would expect a moment like that to be the result of extreme emotional stress or a heat of the moment thing. Him threatening to kill Legion like that, a person who is the first possible chance to communicate peacefully with the Geth in 300 years, is just STUPID!

  2. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Good to see that Wilson is talking to Shepard in privet. Just for the record I checked to make sure this wasn’t UK slang, and it isn’t unless EP is trying to talk about a type of flower or use the Russian equivalent of “hi” so…yeah.

    Oh, I know! Wilson is talking to Shepard from where he’s comfortably seated at Number 4 Privet Drive!

  3. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Speaking of which, is he still in a coma or did he die?

    You know, knowing EP, I wouldn’t be surprised if he completely forgot that Nihlus existed at this point. I mean, seriously, at least in Parallel Realities that paid off in some way! It was a stupid pay-off, but it the fact that it paid off at all speaks volumes!

    • erttheking says:

      Yeah I’ll admit I fell into that pit before. I left Jenkins alive in my story before it hit me. “HOLY SHIT! I have no idea what to do with him!” Needless to say, he hasn’t been showing up a lot…probably should do something about that.

  4. Herr Wozzeck says:

    N: This…this is even DUMBER that Parallel Realities.

    I actually had to read it twice to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. I just… Holy shit. It’s fucking remarkable when you can take something that was already fucking stupid and just make it even dumber, you know? I mean…


  5. Herr Wozzeck says:

    “The ship has been contaminated with nanomachines that can turn you into this.” Shepard said as he pulled up an image of the Quarrian-Geth hybrid.

    Hey, wait a minute! If the ship was contaminated with it just from the air and all that, then why the fuck wasn’t Tali affected by it!? Granted, I’m glad she wasn’t affected by it ’cause being affected by it would make this story even more sexist than it already is, but still! It doesn’t make any sense!

    • erttheking says:

      Oh what, you were expecting LOGIC from this story or something? Next I suppose you’ll want to to know what this fucking thing actually IS. Seriously is it the fucking T Virus or something?

      • Herr Wozzeck says:

        Oh God no, it better not be the T Virus. Attempting to emulate Insane Doctor fanfics is one of the few things that would make this fic worse at this point.

      • erttheking says:

        G: I accept your apology.

        Ignore him. We ran out of baby seals again and he’s cranky.

      • parrish122 says:

        Hm…..last week I wanted character moments, this week Herr wants logic. We’re both just doomed to have endless disappointment, I fear.

        On another note, “Insane Doctor fanfics” makes me want to read fanfics written by Goeth. Maybe he’d do it if we all pitched in to refill his baby seal supply.

        • Herr Wozzeck says:

          That we are. With this fic, disappointment is the only option, I’m afraid.

          Hm… Yeah… That would be a fun idea to explore…

          *rubs hands together*

  6. SC says:

    Also, I’d feel a little uncomfortable about Legion sitting IN THE MIDDLE OF A CROWD with a fucking BOMB attached to him! 

    In fact, most societies would take pains to put him down or deactivate the bomb.

    I say most, because Krogans would probably just blink once, shrug and go back to beating the hell out of each other.

  7. SC says:

    Also Shepard is trying to be cool and cocky with the life of Tali’s father in uncertainty, he messed up how Geth Hunters work, and apparently we’re focusing on “witty” banter. 

    What a creep.

    If Shepard was a Biotic build for this story, I could send my group of magical operatives, STAG (Sorcery and Tactical Assault Group), to nail him.

    Yes, I know Biotics aren’t magic. But really, the way this story makes them out, they might as well be in this circumstance.

    • erttheking says:

      No kidding. He flat out referred to a biotic attack as casting something at one point.

      • SC says:

        I must have missed that part.

        Deploying Squad 36-

        *Gurneys roll by with a brutalized Squad 36 member on each*

        Oh, right, they just got done getting their asses handed to them by an illegal magic weapon smuggling ring.

        Deploying Squad 35!

        (Really, that was a poor showing, STAG is typically much better than that!)

    • Herr Wozzeck says:

      And then there’s Alph–I’m sorry, Delta energy. Yeah, Delta. That’s totally what it is.

      Anyway, there’s the fact that Stupard uses… that, and for all intents and purposes that is magic. So tell STAG to fire away.

  8. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    “the Order will enter this galaxy and we can get to reclaim your homeworld.”
    The order… THE ORDER?!
    Holy fucking shit! The Gary Stus formed an alliance!

    • Herr Wozzeck says:


      Goddammit, EP!

      Ert! Ert, get your ass back in here, we missed a spot!

      • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

        Just what is your desk made of? Indestructible stuff.
        (Unrelated: here’s the USA vs. Batarian fic I talked about, in case you didn’t read the post in the suggestion box http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9337994/1/USA-vs-the-Batarian-hegemony)

        • Herr Wozzeck says:

          “Full-reusable Rocket”.


          That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life, and I’m not even from a military family or anything!

          *reads on*

          “Cold fusion” reactors? Seriously, author? That shit was already debunked a year before I was born!


          Damn, I haven’t even gotten into the actual story yet and already I know a stinker when I see one.

          Thanks for the find, SFY!

      • erttheking says:

        Hey, I caught four counts of him using Xiltro’s name, I’ve had enough for one day!

  9. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    “The Virus then formed a practical beam”
    As opposed to a theoretical beam.

  10. Herr Wozzeck says:

    Oh God, I just put one of the chapters in this fic into Gizoogle! The results have to be seen. I’ll just say that they rename “John” as “Jizzy”, and I’ll leave the rest to you: http://gizoogle.net/index.php?search=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fanfiction.net%2Fs%2F8306591%2F32%2FFrom-another-world&se=Gizoogle+Dis+Shiznit

  11. drunkensoviet says:

    Hold on, if Stupard 2.0 planted a bomb inside legion and for some reason Stupard 2.0 blew it up, wouldn’t that KILL ANYONE IN THE BLAST RADIUS?!?!?!?

    Also, Herr Wozzek, I had quite a read when I read that Gizzogled chapter

  12. SuperFeatherYoshi says:

    Is Arrival dlc in this story? Cause I’m pretty sure Stupard v2 here is just going to contain the relay blast with SUPERAWESOMELEETPARRALELGALAXYTECH. After all, we wouldn’t want our incorruptible hero to get his hands dirty, right Balak?

    • Herr Wozzeck says:


      In all seriousness, though, the Arrival DLC was in the original Parallel Realities, so of course EP put it into FAW. And in Parallel Realities, he actually let the mass relay blow up and kill those colonists because Stupard was too stupid to actually act on stuff he had at his disposal that would have helped him prevent the whole thing from unfolding the way it did it makes Stupard more “relatable”.

      • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

        You sure it wasn’t because “Slavery is bad and Batarians should feel bad”?

      • SuperFeatherYoshi says:

        You sure? Because IIRC there’s a scene in Bring Down the Sky portion of PR, Shepard flat out told Balak: “Your culture is wrong” This line was, big surprise, ripped off by FAW later.

        • Herr Wozzeck says:

          Stupard 1.0 didn’t go on an anti-slavery rant in PR when Aratoht came around. So Stupard 2.0 won’t do it either.

  13. TacoMagic says:

    …how Tali is being charged with bringing Geth onto the fleet…

    Well, she may not have been guilty of that before, but she did give Legion the OK to come…

  14. TacoMagic says:

    Four, this comes right out of left field. Now granted, I think the idea of Quarian-Geth hybrids is an excellent idea, but you need time and prep work for this kind of project.


    Not even this is an original idea from EP, either. It’s entirely ripped off from the movie Virus.

  15. TacoMagic says:

    I was planing to do the bit where Shepard reviles who he is

    I think the audience reviles him enough to cover for this lack.

  16. Powah here, writing this from beyond the grave. Yes, the drinking game has killed me, though I think that if I continued reading this I would have died of brain rot anyway.

    How does a computer virus translate into a real life nano-machine? Why wasn’t Rael infected? Why wasn’t Tali? Why make the hybrids to begin with? I mean, the squishiness and deadness of the organic parts would only serve to slow the Geth parts down. I can understand the Reapers doing it with dragon’s teeth, due to organic bodies being littered eveywhere, but building these hybrids is just a waate of resources.

    Oh, and why the two shit flying fuck would the Tiberians even build something like that? Seriously EP, I get the fact that you want them to be the most “advance” (because poor literacy is KEWL) Stus out there, but you can’t point at everything, even the evil stuff, and say they made it!

    Now if you excuse me, I’m going to look for Mordin around here.

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