535: Call of evil life in hell – Chapters Six and Seven

Title: Call of evil life in hell
 Insane Doctor The Insane Shadow Hunter and JudgmentDragon25
Media: Video Game / Movie
Topic:  As many video games as you can shake a stick at, and The Land Before Time
Genre: None listed, and really, it’s hard to categorize such fail
URL: Removed from FF.Net.
Critiqued by TacoMagic Darth Crunchy

For the time being, Taco is still at large somewhere in time.  I have been told by our ninjas that they have joined a collaborative effort with the Time Police and the DRD’s SDQF Special Forces Unit to catch him.  Apparently he went back in time and created the slogan: “Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee” or some such nonsense.

So it falls to me, Darth Crunchy, to continue in his stead.  As I am still new around here, you’ll find I have extended an olive branch to all of you readers.  After we’re done in here, you can join me in the lobby for free donuts and light refreshments.  Those who pledge to join the Dark Side will also receive a complimentary pass that can be used for free drinks from the bar. Read the rest of this entry »