421: From Another World – Chapters 3 & 4

Title: From Another World
Author: EclipsePheniox
Media: Video Game
Topic:  Mass Effect / Parallel Realities
Genre: Supernatural/Romance/AU
URL: From Another World Chapter 3 and Chapter 4
Critiqued by Erttheking

Chapter 3: A Hero Rises

Welcome back to my shredding of From Another World.  Last chapter, Shepard decided to stay with an alien race that he never met and actually wanted to join their military because…if he didn’t we wouldn’t have a Mass Effect plot.  Also, Ashley did nothing to contribute to the plot, Shepard talked to his Fairy Godmother, and then the Union finally figure out that he was the prince after ten years.  Maybe that last one was a Game of Thrones esque plot where a potential usurper for the throne kept things covered up…oh who am I kidding, that’d be too awesome.

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