420: My Immortal – Chapter Three

Title: My Immortal
Author: Tara (reposted by TheJadedDolphin)
Media: Book / Movie
Topic:  Harry Potter
Genre: Romance / angst
URL:  My Immortal – Chapter Three
Critiqued by Lyle

Well, hello there!  Welcome back to “My Immortal,” the age-old story of love, loss, and fishnet stockings.  The last time we met, Ebony McSuepants gave us a walk-through of her average morning, more wardrobe prOn, and then yelled about how much she does not like Draco Malfoy.  Then he invites her to go see Good Charlotte with him and suddenly she can’t breathe.  Gripping, isn’t it?  Let’s get into chapter three and find out what happens!  The lukewarm suspense, it mildly tingles somewhat unpleasantly.

This chapter contains references to cutting, so if you’re sensitive to this, please be forewarned.  I care about you, my dear readers.  Group hug!

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