406: Once in A Lifetime – Chapter 5

Title: Once in A Lifetime
Author: NotWithoutYou
Topic: The Avengers
Genre: Romance/Humor
URL: Chapter 5: Shopping, Shwarma, and a Dance
Critiqued by: Kate

Hey, guys! Wassup?!? Are you ready for another rip-roaring chapter of Once in A Lifetime?

Yeah, neither am I.

(Alleynah’s P.O.V.)
Loki and I got ready to go. I found an old outfit of my ex boyfriends and gave it to him to wear.
“Ready to go?”

Wow, that’s wrong. Why is A-Sue dressing up Loki in all of her exes’ clothes? At least, I’m assuming she means all of her exes because there’s no apostrophe to indicate singular possession. Better question, why does she still have all of her exes’ clothes? She must have had a lot of exes if she has enough of their clothes to make an entire outfit. And why would Loki need them? Can’t he just magic back the suit and scarf ensemble we saw in Thor and The Avengers? You would also think she might give him some time after handing him some clothes to get ready. Guess not.

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