405: Protective Secrets – Chapter 12

Title: Protective Secrets
Author: bim-bam58
Media: Manga/Anime
Topic:  Fruits Basket
Genre: Romance/Tragedy
URL: Chapter 12
Critiqued by Ghostcat


Hello, my splendid Patrons! I’m here once again with another chapter of my FB fic, this one titled Search and Ride.  There’s yet another chatty Author’s Note in the beginning that doesn’t add anything to the fic, so I’m just going to skip over it; in fact, there are several portions of this chapter that I’m going to summarize to keep this riff at a managable length as it has the dubious distinction of being the longest so far. It’s actually more like two short chapters squashed together.

Not a whole lot happened in the last slice of failure pie; Shigure took Tohru to the train station, cried like a little girl, and then returned home.

Now that we’re all caught up, on to the chapter!

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