302: Three Worlds Collide – Chapter One, Part Three

Title: Three Worlds Collide
dark dhampir
Book / Movie / Television
Harry Potter / Sanctuary
Family / Adventure
Three Worlds Collide
Critiqued by Frozenpoodlemeat

This week we’re going to finish chapter one.  Exciting, I know.  And even more exciting, I have finally left Office 2000 behind and upgraded to Office  2007.  So, hopefully I’ll be able to figure out where they’ve moved everything.

To Amelia Bones, there was never a good time to meet be interviewed by the two most powerful men in the country. But when a war had just ended and the reason they were there to see her was because she had helped to spirit away the country’s hero, it was especially unpleasant. “Professor Dumbledore, Minister Fudge, to what do I owe the honor?”

Oh come on, really?  She has to know that they know what she did.  It’s not like she went about it in a super top secret sort of way.

“Sadly, Amelia, this is not a social visit,” Dumbledore began. “We’re here about a most terrible kidnapping, a kidnapping in which you have been insinuated, sadly.”

“A kidnapping? I’ve always hated those. Tell me, who’s been abducted, and how am I involved?” Amelia was doing her best to look legitimately concerned.

Yup, she’s going to pretend that she has no idea what is going on.  I can’t imagine that even Fudge is dumb enough to fall for that.

“Harry Potter!” Fudge exclaimed. “The Boy-Who-Lived has been abducted from his relatives by an unknown witch named Helen Magnus. Amelia, you must realize how terrible this is. We must locate the boy before anything can happen to him.”

But really, Voldemort is gone, as far as any of the wizards know, so why would they really be this concerned?  I mean sure, the kid’s mother’s love stopped the dark wizard, but Harry is still just a baby.  I do understand that they should be concerned about Harry’s welfare, but just about anyone would be better for Harry than the Durselys.

If I was a Death Eater, Amelia thought, I wouldn’t wait this long to do something to the poor child. Out loud, she said, “I’m sorry, gentlemen, but I can’t help you. In fact, I don’t even see the problem.”

“What?” Fudge yelled. “The Boy-Who-Lived has been kidnapped, and you don’t see a problem?” The Minister of Magic’s jaw was slack, and spit flew from his mouth when he spoke. His trademark bowler hat suffered bloody murder in his hands.

Bones is right though, if she meant to kill Harry, she would already have done so.  Sure, casting a death spell on him might fail due to however his mother’s love works, but I’m pretty sure he could be killed in normal sorts of ways.  Also, I’m imagining the hat bleeding all over the floor.

Amelia smiled to herself. If only she could show this version of Fudge to the public more often. “You misunderstand Minister; I would see a problem with any kidnapping. But, the abduction of Harry Potter would be an absolute disaster.”

I guess that wizard world would be really sad about the loss of their mascot.

“Oh,” Fudge said, regaining some control over himself. “I’m sorry, Amelia. It’s just . . . your word choice . . . terribly confusing . . .”

“I don’t see a problem, Minister, because there has been no abduction.” This time, Fudge was unable to say anything at all. “You see, the Potters’ will clearly states that if James and Lily Potter should die before Harry reaches adulthood, then the boy is to be left in the care of James Potter’s mother, Helen Magnus.” She opened a drawer and took out a document, which she gave to the pair. “Read it for yourselves, gentlemen.”

Well, then why the hell, if there is a legitimate will, would Magnus go to all the trouble of going behind Dumbledore’s back.  And frankly, why wouldn’t Dumbledore have been told about the will in the first place rather than leave Harry with the Dursleys for an extended period of time?

The two did. The will was perfectly legitimate, with the signatures of both of the Potters, Sirius Black, and several other people, including the mysterious Helen Manus. All in all, there was nothing to argue, except the decision itself.

“I must protest, Amelia,” Dumbledore said, before Fudge could say anything. “James Potter was the son of Dorea Potter nee Black. This will is clearly a poorly made forgery.”

If the decision itself is the only thing to argue, why is Dumbledore arguing that the will is fake.  And yet the author/narration states that the will was legitimate.  What the heck?

“I’m afraid the will’s genuine, Headmaster,” the woman answered. “You see, James Potter was actually the adopted son of Dorea Potter rather than her birth child. Potter’s conception, you see, was actually illegitimate.” Both men’s eyebrows shot up at the statement. “The Potters formally adopted him into the family and kept the circumstances of his birth a secret. From what I understand, however, Magnus was an important part of James Potter’s life, although he didn’t talk about her much.”

Ok.  That makes no sense at all.  At the point that James would have been born, Magnus would already have been doing her own thing running the Sanctuary.  Her mother is long dead and her father would never have cared if she had a child out of wedlock (which she did in the show by having a child with John Druitt, whom she never married).  The only way any of this makes sense is if Mangus had sex with James’ father and then decided to give him the child to raise with his wife.  But that makes less sense as Magnus would never give up her child (she froze the embryo that would become Ashley and kept it for years before actually having Ashley).  So it makes no sense that she would have continued another pregnancy to term at that point.  Rather, she would most likely have frozen that embryo if she wanted the child at all.

“Deputy Director,” Fudge said, “I find that story a little hard to believe. As far as I know, there is no family in Magical Britain with the name ‘Magnus.'”

Glad to know it’s not just me.

“Of course not,” Amelia answered. “Ms. Magnus is not a part of a British wizarding family.”

Well, duh.  Magnus isn’t a wizard, though she does have vampire blood in her.

“A foreigner?” Fudge looked as though he was about to have a heart attack. “Do you mean to tell me that Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, is no longer in Britain?”

Well, Magnus is not actually a foreigner.  Her family is British.  Though, I don’t know if she ever gave up her citizenship.  It’s probably a moot point as she was born in 1850 and probably isn’t technically a citizen anymore.

“I believe so,” Amelia stated pleased that Fudge had latched onto the fact that Magnus wasn’t British. Actually, she was, but she hadn’t lived in Britain in nearly a century. Still, it would have been troublesome if the Minister were to look through the Muggle British archives and find Magnus’ true age (which was why Amelia had referred to Helen as “Ms.” instead of “Dr.”). She wasn’t sure, but Amelia suspected that the wizarding world was even less ready to except the existence of Abnormals than the Muggle world was.

I actually highly doubt, given all the information about the wizarding world that Fudge would ever be able to figure out that Magnus was the Helen Magnus who was born in 1850.  And even if he did find the name, he would assume she was a wizard (since they apparently live a long time) or that she was a different Helen Magnus.

“This is absurd!” Fudge yelled. “Harry Potter is the hero of Britain! He belongs here. To take him from our nation is-“

Wait, I thought Robin Hood was the hero of the Britons.

“-Perfectly within Magnus’ rights as the boy’s guardian,” Amelia finished. “Young Potter is not the property of Magical Britain; he is a child who deserves to be with his family. And don’tsay that he already was with his family, Dumbledore,” she said, when she saw the Headmaster was about to interrupt. “I was there. Those people were barely feeding the boy. He was wearing his cousin’s old clothes, and the pig is twice the size of the boy! I assure you, gentlemen, that Harry Potter is much better with his grandmother than with those people.”

I can’t argue with any of that.

“But Amelia,” Dumbledore pleaded, realizing that things were getting out of hand, “you don’t understand how important it is that Harry be with his mother’s family. There were special protections placed on house. Separating Harry from them places the boy in great danger.”

I have to concede that Dumbledore kinda has a point here, but then again I doubt that he ever told anyone about the weird love magic that meant that Lily’s sister’s house could protect Harry from evil.  And after this conversation, I’m starting to think that even Dumbledore never really believed in it.

Amelia snorted. “Unless you announce it publicly, I doubt the Death Eaters will look for the boy outside of Britain. The boy’s probably safer than ever. Besides, the law is clearly on Magnus’ side and so are the goblins. I met her at Gringgots and the goblins were firmly in her camp. Face it, gentlemen, there’s nothing you can do.”

“Very well then,” Dumbledore said, looking defeated. “I suppose you are right. Good day, Amelia.”

Gosh, Dumbledore gave up really easily, didn’t he?

“Well, at least the boy’s with a proper family, now,” Fudge said, as the two left.

Right.  Because that’s how I would describe the Sanctuary, too.

Amelia Bones did her best not to laugh. Harry Potter was with a proper family, alright, but not Fudge’s idea of proper. She would have to watch out for those two in the future, though. The woman realized neither of them would simply give up and leave Harry alone with his grandmother. Still, there was one good piece of news. Fudge, the bigoted idiot, was still convinced that Magnus was a witch, and it looked like Dumbldore believed she was, too. It was unlikely they would ever suspect that James Potter was a halfblood. Additionally, Helen Magnus had long since ceased to exist in either the magical or the Muggle community. Only a handful of people in either knew that she existed, and Magnus had assured Amelia that she had already sent word to her contacts not to help any Ministry investigations, not that Amelia expected anything less.

Ah, so the author is saying that Magnus had sex with James’ father and then just happily left her child to be raised by wizards.  Sorry, that’s just not believable at all.

Still, Amelia would have to send an owl to her friend as soon as possible. While there really was no legal course the Ministry or Dumbledore could take, they weren’t going to let that stop them. Slow them down, maybe, but not stop them completely. Plus, Harry’s name was already in the Hogwarts registry. The boy was well hidden for the time being, but he would have to return to Britain eventually. That was when the real battles began.

I’m pretty sure that even if the Hogwarts letter found Harry, it wouldn’t mean that he had to go to school there.  It’s like an invitation, you can refuse or ignore it.  Which brings me to another question I’ve had about the books.  So, why was it that the Hogwarts letters kept coming for Harry and what exactly would make them stop?  Was it just that he had to read the whole letter?  Well, anyway, that’s the end of chapter 1.  And until next time I’m going to leave you with this thought: Chapter 2 begins in 2008 with Harry in his third year at Hogwarts.  Yes, chapter 1 takes place in 1981 when Harry is a baby.  Do the math.


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