297: Three Worlds Collide – Chapter One, Part Two

Title: Three Worlds Collide
dark dhampir
Book / Movie / Television
Harry Potter / Sanctuary
Family / Adventure
Three Worlds Collide
Critiqued by Frozenpoodlemeat

This week we continue with “Three Worlds Colide” and wonder what sort of awesome life Harry Potter is going to have living with Helen Magnus at one of her Sanctuaries.  I’m going to warn you that we are not going to find out much of what Harry’s new childhood is like.  Oh well.  Anyway, if you’ll remember from last week, Helen had just taken Harry from the Dursleys.

Albus Dumbledore, meanwhile, was just returning to his office from his breakfast with the other teachers who stayed in the castle over the summer holidays. As he ascended the stairs behind the griffin statue, one of his alarms went off. The headmaster quickened his pace.

The old man strode through the door and quickly located the source of the noise. It was a special glass orb on his desk. The headmaster’s blood ran cold. He didn’t even bother to examine the device; he Apparated to Number 4 Privite Drive immediately.

So, Dumbledore was afraid something would happen to Harry, but all he’s doen about it is put in an alarm that he wouldn’t hear until he went into his office?  What if he’d gone on vacation or something and Harry had been gone for days?  For someone who is supposed to be one of the most intelligent people alive, Dumbledore is kinda stupid.

Vernon Dursley felt like a child on his birthday, one who had just gotten the best gift he could have asked for. The freak was gone! No more would the little brat suck up his family’s resources like a vacuum. Once more he had his perfect, normal, ideal famil-

“What in Heaven’s name?” he shouted when an old man in a purple robe materialized in his living room. Vernon didn’t know the man’s name, but he knew enough about magic to recognize a wizard when he saw one (if the wizard was being obvious about it).

That is to say, Vernon could identify that someone was wearing robes.  How observant of him.

“Ah, Vernon Dursley, I presume? I am Albus Dumbledore. You may remember me from the letter I left you several months ago.” Dumbledore was smiling his usual smile and his eyes held their customary twinkle. Inside, however, he was trying to determine why the wards had alarmed him when the house was obviously not under attack.

Vernon, however, was not used to dealing with people amicably, and he wasn’t used to dealing with wizards at all. “Why are you here?” he asked, his face a bit paler than usual.

So Dumbledore is playing the sweet old man and Dursley isn’t buying it.  Magic is obviously very effective.  Then again, the alarm business seems to have been a bust and beaming into someone’s house isn’t usually something that people take kindly to.

“Strait to the point, eh? An admirable trait, I suppose,” Dumbledore replied. “Very well, then, I am here because I am worried about Harry’s safety.”

“He’s not here!”

Um, that’s probably what Dumbledore was worried about.

Vernon and Dumbledore both turned toward the kitchen. Petunia now stood in the doorway. Her body was shaking like a leaf, but her voice was strong. “The freak’s not here anymore, so go away!”

“What do you mean he’s not here?” Dumbledore asked ignoring the insult.

God, Dumbledore, you’re really dense.  Don’t you know what ‘not here’ means.  Gah, wizards these days.

“His grandmother,” Vernon said, regaining a little of his confidence. “She sent some people to pick him up. You weren’t supposed to leave the little brat with us! It was right there in the will!”

“The will?” Dumbledore asked, for once totally in the dark about something.

Dreadfully sorry, but wizards don’t have ‘wills’, ma’am, could you please explain what on earth you are talking about?

“Yes, the will!” Petunia shouted. “The will that my sister made with that husband of hers! The will that said we were never supposed to be stuck with her freak spawn! The will that you completely ignored!”

Oh, that will.

Albus Dumbledore was at a complete loss for words. He couldn’t actually remember when the last time that had happened was. James and Lily had never mentioned a will. He knew that Sirius Black was the boy’s godfather, but the couple had never mentioned that they had any specific plans for the boy if they should die. “You said that the people who took Harry were agents of his grandmother?” he asked, not certain he had heard correctly. Why would Lily want her mother to look after a baby so late in life?

Maybe Lily’s mother wasn’t a hate-filled hag like Lily’s sister.

“Yes, Potter’s mother, Helen Magnus,” Vernon answered. His face was now beginning to return to its trademark purple.

Helen Magnus? That made no sense. It was well known that James Potter was the only son of Charlus and Dorea Potter. Dorea’s maiden name had been Black. Furthermore, both had already died of dragon pox not a year ago. This situation was getting more and more mysterious. “Did the agents of Ms. Magnus provide any proof of their claim?”

Well, I guess Harry wasn’t going to have any luck using his mother’s maiden name as a security password.

“They had a copy of the will with them,” Vernon answered.

“Do you still have it?” Dumbledore asked.

“Eh, no,” Vernon replied. “They took it with them.”

You know, maybe we should have asked for a copy, but then again as long as we don’t have to see Harry, what do we care!

Dumbledore was about to berate the man for making such a mistake when Petunia gave a start. “The form! The guardianship form has the name of one of the women on it! She signed as a witness.”

The horse faced woman quickly disappeared back into the kitchen and brought back a coffee stained paper.

Wow, the Dursley’s really know how to file away important paperwork.

Dumbledore was well known for his self-control, but even he couldn’t contain himself when he saw the name of the witness. Amelia Bones was not someone any sane person would impersonate lightly. That meant that it was unlikely that the signature was false. Heck, it was even in Amelia’s handwriting. This added a whole new level of mystery.

“Thank you,” the old man finally managed to say. “This will be very useful to the magical community in locating our missing hero.” With that, he Disapparated away, leaving a concerned Vernon and Petunia.

Mostly, Vernon and Petunia are concerned that Dumbledore will be back, probably.  So thus ends part 2 of chapter one.  This section really reminded me of when I was trying to convince Taco to read the Harry Potter books.  He had tried to read the first one and had been annoyed by the fact that the super wise wizards were constantly doing stupid things, Dumbledore in particular.  I have to say that I kinda see his point now.

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