287: A burning Rose – Chapter Six or Nine

Title: A burning Rose
Book / Movie
AU / Crime / Adventure
A burning Rose – Chapter Six or Nine
Critiqued by Ghostcat

Everybody do the last chapter dance! Woo-hoo!

:flails around wildly like Kermit the Frog:

I was considering dividing this chapter up since I thought it was too long for a single riff, so imagine my surprise when I checked the word count and discovered that the chapter is less than twenty-five hundred words long. It just feels like it goes on forever.

In the last chapter, after building up the temple robbery over multiple chapters and forcing the audience to endure a monotonous dinner with Munchkin where he did everything but hand the treasure over to AbR, the actual robbery takes maybe a minute and is only made possible by a convoluted series of coincidences that would be nearly impossible to plan for. After rushing through the flight back to what I assume is America in a few sentences, the chapter ends with AbR getting a phone call from Alice/Michelle and then falling alseep in bed.

There is a brief Author’s Note where the author begs for more reviews, but there’s nothing really interesting about it so I’m not going to include it here.

And now we continue on with Chapter 6 (or 9), which is titled The Gift.

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