254: When you love someone – Chapter Three, Part Two

Title: When you love someone
Author: hot-chick down under
Media: Television
Topic: House M.D.
Genre: Drama/Romance
URL: When you love someone – Chapter Three
Critiqued by Frozenpoodlemeat

When we left our heroes last week, Trish had just burst in on Chase and Cameron as they tried to put House out of their thoughts.  Trish has decided to see this to the end and somehow fix poor Cameron’s life and the mess she made at the hospital.  So, let’s see how that goes.

“Alison, Chase?”

“In here Trish” replied Cameron

“You work things out?”

“Yeah we did”

Well, Chase slept on the couch and they briefly mentioned the previous day, so sure, they have it all worked out.

“Thank God”

“What are you going to do about Wilson, Cuddy and House?”

Nothing, because it’s none of our damn business!  Well, that should be the answer, but you know Trish is going to mess around and Cameron is probably going to make more trouble in the meantime.

“Well Ally, you have done a very fine job, House came in with a hangover, Cuddy didn’t show up to work , Wilson and House’s friendship is hanging on by a thread and the not only the hospital but the whole of New Jersey is gossiping about it.”

Really?  The whole state is gossiping about what happened between three doctors?  I seriously doubt this is as big a deal as Trish is making it out to be.  However, this is the age of youtube videos, so maybe someone video taped the fight/argument and put it on the internet.  In that case, I guess the whole state might know.

“I feel rotten, I should confess and apologise”

Wait a minute.  Doesn’t Wilson already know that Cameron was the one who told him to go to Cuddy’s office?  Beside that, Cameron did not actually do anything wrong.  Sure she went about alerting Wilson to the situation in a bad way, but the fact that Cuddy is sleeping with two men isn’t Cameron’s fault.

“Oh no” replied Chase

“That’s not a good idea, on a number of levels. One Cuddy would fire you, Wilson would never speak to you again and House will forever hate you, best to not say anything” said Trisha.

And all of this would be bad?  Honestly, this would be the best scenario, as it would force Cameron to move on with her life and stop stalking House.

“She’s right, besides let them feel what it’s like to be humiliated and have their world torn to shreds, calls for good entertainment” said Chase

Damn, Chase, that’s harsh.

“Now Chase we can’t do that, never take pleasure in one’s pain no matter how much they deserve it, we caused the problem therefore we have to fix it”

I can’t believe this, but it seems that Trish is actually the voice of reason.

“Are you serious?” asked Chase


What just happened here?  Did a stereotypical native American just enter the scene?

“I’m going to get the lowdown from Cuddy and Wilson and see if I can talk sense into them, House well he knows about me he’ll be useless to talk to but it’s worth a try”

“Sounds good” replied Cameron.

No, this does not sound good.  Cameron needs to go to Wilson and tell him that she’s sorry for the way she pushed him to see Cuddy and House together.  And then she needs to leave.  This is not her business and the best thing for her to do is not get involved any further.  Of course, we know that she isn’t going to keep her nose out of this.

“You better get some more sleep, you look like hell.”

I really wish I knew who was saying this and to whom they were addressing, but I have no clue.

Meanwhile the hospital was talking about the incident, nurses whispered, Doctors discussed it and patients laughed about it. As House staggered through the hospital, everyone started pointing, laughing and talking about it. Wilson was getting quite a bit to. People gave him pitiful looks, people whispered behind him and people gave him condolences. House felt like crap, whenever he saw Wilson he just stormed past him with his head down.

Why are the doctors capitalized, while the nurses are not?  And why are people pointing and laughing at House?  It’s a hospital, not a junior high school.  The least the nurses, doctors, and patients could do is whisper quietly to themselves.

It was without a doubt, Dr Gregory House was the laughing stock of New Jersey.

Well, sure, when people are laughing at you in one building in the state, they’re obviously laughing at you in every other building in the state.  I’m starting to think that the author thinks New Jersey is a little town rather than a state.

The one person he blamed for this was Cameron she somehow got hold of Trisha’s information about him and Cuddy and got Wilson to catch them on purpose. It was also Trisha’s fault for telling her but he didn’t blame her she was her sister and she thought she could trust her. His blood boiled, how dare she pull this stunt, he now hated her so much that he was willing to destroy everything she loved but there was just one problem.

So, House knows that Trisha has been spying on him and he’s perfectly fine with that.  He’s just pissed off because Cameron found out and told Wilson.  And House was so invested in sleeping with Cuddy without Wilson’s knowledge, that now he must literally destroy Cameron for being a tattletale.  That’s seriously screwed up.

Trisha and the Street fighters of New Jersey, they dominated the streets, controlled every single situation, watched people liked hawks and Trisha well she was very famous for beating confessions out of criminals, he wouldn’t dare cross her path otherwise she would be the last person on Earth that he would ever see.

So, the street fighters are like some super mafia?  I’m sorry, but there’s no way they can control every situation.  That’s basically saying that no one in New Jersey has free will because everyone is controlled completely by Trisha’s gang.  That’s damn frightening.

So he would use the same trick on her that she used on him and cuddy, seduce her, use her to get his pleasure, make her believe that he loves her and then make sure that Chase catches them in the hospital and when she looses him she will crawl back to him and then will he slam her down and tell her that it meant nothing to him and completely shatter her world that it wouldn’t be worth living for. Little did he know that these choices and events will take the life of someone close to Cameron and he will live to regret the decision for the rest of his life. If only he knew.

I’m confused.  Is House going to seduce Trisha?  How is he planning to do that when she controls everything that happens in New Jersey?  Is he actually planning to seduce Cameron?  I still don’t understand why he is so upset that Wilson knows Cuddy was sleeping with House.  It isn’t as though House was in love with Cuddy and he’s always fucking with Wilson, so it doesn’t make sense that he would be taking this so seriously.  I guess we’ll leave it there until next time.

One Comment on “254: When you love someone – Chapter Three, Part Two”

  1. Mr. Rofapofagus says:

    It’s with fics like these that I’m beginning to think that logic should be a mandatory class in schools.

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