229: When you love someone – Chapter Two, Part One

Title: When you love someone
Author: hot-chick down under
Media: Television
Topic: House M.D.
Genre: Drama/Romance
URL: When you love someone – Chapter Two
Critiqued by Frozenpoodlemeat

This week we begin with chapter two, which is called “Peacemaker is my middle name”.  I read ahead in the story and realized that I had apparently not looked at the tags for this story.  It is tagged as a drama/romance, which I can see because there is drama and romance.  I had not looked to see who the romance was between, but so far it seems like Cameron and Chase.  No, that’s not the right answer.  It’s tagged as Cameron/House.  Oh, god.  I haven’t seen anything in this story so far that would lead me to believe that Cameron should be with House in this story.

Trisha couldn’t believe what she was seeing, it shocked her and she thought her life was more complicated. It then dawned on her that this showdown had attracted quite a crowd…all with shocked faces. Trisha’s face turned white as she realised that no one knew about House and Cuddy or Wilson.

WTF?  Why does Trisha seem to think that this is all about her?  Her sister is dating Chase and just works in the hospital.  If Cuddy, House, and Wilson want to look like assholes in front of everyone, that doesn’t really complicate Trisha’s life.  Now if Trisha was going to be admitted to the hospital, I could see her concern.  I wouldn’t want these people treating me.

“Damn it” whispered Trisha to herself “I am such an idiot for trusting that stupid girl!”

What are you babbling about now, Trisha?

Alisa and Joel came running into the hospital, looking like they had something to tell her when they stopped and gave an oh man we’re too late kind of look.

Are these people part of the street fighter gang?  I vaguely recall Alisa telling Trisha about House’s past.  What are they doing in the hospital?  Is there a reason that the author isn’t telling us who they are?

Trisha acted quickly and went in between House and Wilson who were ripping each other apart while Cuddy with tears streaming down their eyes begged for them to stop while at the same time trying to zip up her skirt and button her blouse.

Did I miss something?  How did House and Cuddy have time to start ripping each other’s clothing off?  I guess they really take the term “quickie” seriously.



Dude, that’s not what I heard.  Trisha made it sound like House and Cuddy were dating and there’s a huge difference between one night stand and dating.


YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT!” yelled Wilson taking another hit at House.


Um, Wilson, this is House.  He’s a egocentric asshole who has never given a damn about anyone other than himself.  And then there’s Cuddy, a woman so whipped that she allows House to get away with whatever he wants.  I think it was quite easy for them to cheat on you, poor, stupid Wilson.

“IT JUST HAPPENED” cried out Cuddy

Right.  You just tripped and fell on his penis.  It happens.

“Whoa, whoa, hold it man” said Joel who held Wilson down

“Calm down, you’re making fools of yourselves” said Trisha


House tried to swing a punch at Wilson when Trisha quickly turned around and grabbed hold of his arm spinning him around and holding him down on the nurses’ station.

Why hasn’t anyone called security?

“Ow let go of my arm!”

“Alright, clam down I don’t want to hurt you but you gave me no choice, I will only let you go if you promise that you will calm down and not hurt anyone, you’re giving something for everyone to talk about” said Trisha.


Was Trisha just restraining House?  And she believed that he was just going to cooperate?  God, Trisha, you’re such a noob.

And with that Trisha let go of him and went over to check on Cuddy who was still sobbing.

“You ok?” asked a very concerned Trisha.

Well, I’ve just lost my last shred of dignity, so, yes I’m completely fine.

“Hey man, you’re not a bad fighter” said Joel as he let go of Wilson’s arm.

“Joel, not now, this is a serious situation” said Alisa

“Thanks but I’ll be fine” said Wilson

“Wilson wait!” yelled Cuddy

“No, Lisa we’re through go off with House for all I care but I don’t want anything to do with you, see you around”

Oh, Wilson, we all know that you will come crawling back and forgive both House and Cuddy.

Wilson stormed out of the hospital doors while Cuddy fell to the ground on her knees and whispered “But I love you, it was a mistake”

Good to know that this emotionally fragile woman is in charge of running a hospital.

Trisha, Joel and Alisa gave each other sympathetic looks and Alisa comforted Cuddy.

Really?  Why do the members of the street fighting gang feel sorry for themselves?  It isn’t as though they have to deal with any of this.

“Hey, it’s ok I’m sure he didn’t mean it, you’ll work it out, just wait until everything cools down”

“No, you saw how hurt he was, I’m sorry you are?”

Don’t worry, Ma’am, we street fighters are here to protect you and your loved ones from each other.

“Name is Alisa, friends of Trisha and Cameron, now come on cheer up, Joel and I will take you home and I’ll fix you a nice cup of coffee. Would you like that? Asked Alisa.

“I would, thankyou”

“Well then grab your stuff and we’ll get going” replied Joel.

“We’ll see you tonight Trisha” both said in unison.

“Yeah get going” said Trisha

WTF?  So, when you run a hospital you can just take the day off when your lovers find out about each other?  I’ve heard of a mental health day, but this woman needs a mental health month.

Trisha shot a glare at Cameron that sent daggers and Cameron’s smirk had now change into guilt and House had a feeling that Cameron took Wilson into Cuddy’s office but how did she know about him and cuddy?

Oh, come on Trisha.  Did you really believe for a moment that Cameron would keep her nose out of this?  And, really, I don’t think House would give a damn about who caused the situation as now he has an excuse to give Cuddy comfort sex.

Then it hit him, Trisha was the head street fighter and knew everything that was going on and must had made the mistake of telling her. She had got her revenge from the time she and Chase were caught by him in the janitors closet…she had changed. House as quickly as he could turned on his heel forgot about his belongings and dashed out of the hospital, very eager to get home and help himself to a bottle of scotch…he was so getting smashed tonight.

WTF?  How does being the head street fighter give you knowledge about everyone?  And why is House running home to get drunk?  Shouldn’t he be giving Cuddy comfort sex?  Well, I suppose it’s possible some of these questions might be answered next week, but I doubt it.

2 Comments on “229: When you love someone – Chapter Two, Part One”

  1. TacoMagic says:

    Right. You just tripped and fell on his penis. It happens.

    I’m told this excuse may not work in real life.

  2. Mr. Rofapofagus says:

    Apparently street fighters also are master spies. No wonder that mary sue from hell was in the CIA.

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