229: When you love someone – Chapter Two, Part One

Title: When you love someone
Author: hot-chick down under
Media: Television
Topic: House M.D.
Genre: Drama/Romance
URL: When you love someone – Chapter Two
Critiqued by Frozenpoodlemeat

This week we begin with chapter two, which is called “Peacemaker is my middle name”.  I read ahead in the story and realized that I had apparently not looked at the tags for this story.  It is tagged as a drama/romance, which I can see because there is drama and romance.  I had not looked to see who the romance was between, but so far it seems like Cameron and Chase.  No, that’s not the right answer.  It’s tagged as Cameron/House.  Oh, god.  I haven’t seen anything in this story so far that would lead me to believe that Cameron should be with House in this story.

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