228: Control – Chapter Fourteen, Part Two

Title: Control
Author: Jckash03 (Now permanently referred to as Jackass)
Media: Television / Movie
Topic: Dragon Ball Z
Genre: Suspense / Romance
URL: Control – Chapter Fourteen
Critiqued by Lyle
Submitted by Blessed8be

Hello again!  Welcome back to chapter fourteen of the DBZ fic called “Control” where nothing seems to make a whole lot of fucking sense.  At.  All.  Especially with regards to canon.  Double-especially with regards to real-life happenings like crime investigation.  Let’s sum-up what we saw during the first half of this chapter then we’ll move along.

Gohan has a hissy-fit about having to raise his brother and take care of his mom, thus preventing – in his mind – him from being able to achieve his full potential.  Nevermind that he has a Ph.D.  They totally held him back.  Trunks meets with Mr. Officer, who probably hails from the same CSI training as Mr. Khaki Suit for how well he knows how to do his job.  Trunks denies knowing anything about the death of Marron but later admits to Bulma that he did kill her.  This has no effect on Bulma but to berate her son and daughter – who is absent from this conversation – for ruining Bulma and Vegeta’s marriage.  The fic officially turns into a poorly scripted episode of “Days of Our Lives.”  All we need now is for someone to fall into a coma for a few chapters and miraculously pull through, falling madly in love with their doctor, who just happens to be their sister’s husband’s more attractive twin brother.  And he’ll talk with an Australian accent for not reason but because it’s “hawt.”

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