224: Harry Potter Meets the BabySitters Club – Chapter Three

Title: Harry Potter Meets the BabySitters Club
Author: Phoenix1001
Media: Book / Movie
Topic: Harry Potter / The Baby-Sitter’s Club
Genre: Family / Friendship
URL: Harry Potter Meets the BabySitters Club – Chapter Three
Critiqued by Addicted Reader

Hello, dear readers!  We’re back with chapter three of “Harry Potter Meets the BabySitters Club.”  In case you’ve forgotten (and I don’t blame you), in chapter one Mrs. Figg babynapped Harry Potter from the Dursleys’ doorstep and took him to Gringotts Bank.  There, she and the head goblin decided that she would adopt him and Neville Longbottom, Harry’s cousin through their mothers and also newly orphaned.  In chapter two, Mrs. Figg visited her vault and then we all fell asleep as Mrs. Figg and the goblins discussed finances, estimating how much she would need to move to the U.S. with the boys.

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