Sunday- er… Saturday Special! – Song of the Mockingjay

Title: Song of the Mockingjay
Author: HeartOfParadise
Media: Book / Movie
Topic:  The Hunger Games
Genre: Hope
URL: Song of the Mockingjay
Critiqued By Lyle

Happy Saturday, Library Patrons!

Today we’re doing a Sunday Special, even though it’s Saturday.  We’re that sort of wacky around here.

Recently, another movie-based-on-a-book came out and, like thousands of others, I was curious what it was all about.  So, like a true bookworm, I got my hands on a copy of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I finished it in just over two days and went on to devour the next two books over the course of a couple weeks.  I’ll be completely honest when I say I highly enjoyed the  books.  Despite the Sue-ness of the main character, the books held a gritty realness to them that made me actually weep for characters that died during the course of the novels.  The end wasn’t sunshine and roses; it was realistic for what was happening, in my opinion.

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