219: call of duty:the untold zombie chronicels – Chapter Seven

Title: call of duty:the untold zombie chronicels
Author: insane doctor and judgmentdragon25
Media: Video Game/Movie
Topic: Call of Duty/Land Before Time Cross-Over
Genre: None Listed
URL: call of duty:the untold zombie chronicels – Chapter Seven
Critiqued by TacoMagic

So, just as we’re all recovering from the last chapter, we find ourselves once again thrust *herf* into the dank and sordid world of call of duty:the untold zombie chronicels; try to contain your enthusiasm.

All that happened last chapter was underage dinosaur sex, so the less said the better.  If you’re really interested in what’s been happening before now, check out the synopsis at the begining of chapter 6.  But, honestly, not much has actually happened, so if you’re just joining us you haven’t really missed anything important.

Anyway, it’s a fresh chapter, so that means it’s time to run my script!

[taco@magic : ~/LOD/tools]$ TCT \c 1:7

Taco’s Comma Tracker V. 2.5
Loading chapters 1 to 7…Done
Commas detected: 27
Total words analyzed: 26,794
Total commas used correctly: 0

Looks like we don’t get any new commas this chapter, so we’re inching back toward having 1 comma per 1,000 words.

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