217: Control – Chapter Fourteen, Part One

Title: Control
Author: Jckash03 (Now permanently referred to as Jackass)
Media: Television / Movie
Topic: Dragon Ball Z
Genre: Suspense / Romance
URL: Control – Chapter Fourteen
Critiqued by Lyle
Submitted by Blessed8be

Howdy!  Today we’re going to tackle Chapter Fourteen of the brain-numbing, squicky (hehe, spell-check wants to change that to “Bisquick”), hurf-inducing fic known as “Control.”  I hope you’re ready; I sure as hell aren’t.

Last time we met, Bulma received some inappropriate pictures of Bra, who was – ironically – wearing nothing but her underwear.  This led to a huge conflab between Vegeta and Gohan, whom Vegeta blamed for taking the photographs.  Bra continues to be a little shit-head and every adult in the fic continues to be about as dumb as a shopping cart.  I think that about sums it up.

Before we begin, I’m going to announce that I’m doing things a little differently this time.  I’m going to listen to my Pandora radio station, which is filled with a mix of soothing, groovy, laidback, and upbeat music (it ranges from Adele to Mumford and Sons to Michael Bublé to Frank Sinatra).  Let’s see what sort of effect this has on me when riffing this piece of bat guano.  Perhaps I’ll be nicer.  Get out your observation notebooks, class.  This is science!

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