212: Harry Potter Meets the BabySitters Club – Chapter One

Title: Harry Potter Meets the BabySitters Club
Author: Phoenix1001
Media: Book / Movie
Topic: Harry Potter / The Baby-Sitter’s Club
Genre: Family / Friendship
URL: Harry Potter Meets the BabySitters Club – Chapter One
Critiqued by Addicted Reader

Hello, dear readers.  Today I’ve decided to continue my journey through the book crossover section of fanfic.net.  The past two weeks I unintentionally brought you two Harry Potter crossovers.  I found them both by the other source material, and it was merely coincidence that I ended up with HP crossovers.  This time, I chose yet another source material and specifically looked at the HP crossovers.  As Ghostie pointed out at the beginning of Animagus Predator, there are a LOT of HP crossovers out there.  Just about everything I checked had at least one HP crossover.

I finally settled on this short multi-chapter Baby-sitters Club/Harry Potter crossover fic since it has characters behaving in completely non-canon ways, excessive detail, and writing just bad enough to make it interesting without making me want to cover my screen in real red ink.

So without further ado, let’s start with the summary:

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