209: Animagus Predator – Chapter Two

Title: The Animagus Predator
Author: Bijuui9
Media: Book / Movie
Topic: Harry Potter / Aliens/Predator Cross-Over
Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi
URL: The Animagus Predator – Chapter Two
Critiqued by Ghostcat

It’s a beautiful day here in the Library; the birds are (presumably) singing and the sun is (possibly) shining and we are starting a new chapter of The Animagus Predator! But before we get to it, let’s see what happened last time.

:reads notes:

“Nothing that makes any damned sense.”

Well, yes; but the Patrons would probably like a little more detail than that.

It is after the war and Harry Stu, with the help of Zombie Dobby, brews a dangerous potion and uses it to turn into various creatures. After spending the night in an abandoned warehouse turning into animals, Harry Stu retrieves a shrunken piece of luggage from the Dursleys where he had been living for some unknown reason. Returning back to the warehouse, Harry Stu gears up in an all black ensemble complete with boots, gloves, body armor, a full-length leather cape, and enough knives to make magnets jump off the refrigerator and stick to his ass. At this time it is also revealed that Harry Stu is immune to most poisons including many of the “most deadliest” and can heal twice as fast because of his exposure to basilisk venom and phoenix tears respectfully. After tucking in the last few unnecessary accessories, Harry Stu and Zombie Dobby Apparate to Gringotts’ bank, which is where this chapter opens.

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