207: A Questing We Go! – Chapter Three

Title: A Questing We Go!
Author: chikadee-pan
Media: Book/Movie/Television
Topic: Peter Pan
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
URL: A Questing We Go! – Chapter Three
Critiqued by TacoMagic

CAUTION: This fic contains some very weird and unintentional innuendo surrounding young characters.

Welcome back, dear readers, to the (currently) final chapter of A Questing We Go!

A quick recap: In chapter one we’re introduced to the current group of The Lost Boys Children.  They’re a small collective of whiners who play games that none of them really like.  After the lamest round of hide-and-seek that’s ever been played, they find a piece of radioactive map and then all head to bed.  In chapter two, we follow Harmonia, a fairy whose life is riddled with poor choices that has culminated in her hanging out with the two biggest asshats of the fairy world.  Eventually they find the second piece of the radioactive map, which is quickly stolen by Sparky, one of the asshat duo.

Onward to questing!

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