150: No title – Chapter Four, Part One

Title: No Title
Author: amysmiles
Media: Television / Comic Book
Topic: Batman: The Animated Series
Genre: Romance / Family
URL: No Title – Chapter Four
Critiqued by Ghostcat

Well, I thought I was done with the Batman fanfic “No title,” but after I finished the riff of Chapter Three I was cruising through ff.net and checking for fic updates when I saw that another chapter had been added.

:shakes fist at computer:

Damn you, Internet gods – damn you and your sadistic sense of whimsy! I’m going to demolish all the churches I built for you!

:knocks down house of cards:

What? It still counts. I glued one of those fish thingies to the side.

Nothing much happened in the last chapter: children were endangered, the Riddler went shopping and showed the first signs of Gary Stu-ness by fending off the advances of several women, and Harley Quinn came over to baby-sit while Scarecrow and Riddler went out to commit some unspecified crime.

Since this chapter is the longest one yet, I’m breaking it in half to make it easier for everyone. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss anything important, now would I?

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