138: call of duty:the untold zombie chronicels – Chapter 2, Part 2

Title: call of duty:the untold zombie chronicels
Author: insane doctor and judgmentdragon25
Media: Video Game/Movie
Topic: Call of Duty/Land Before Time Cross-Over
Genre: None Listed
URL: call of duty:the untold zombie chronicels – Chapter Two
Critiqued by TacoMagic

It’s Wednesday and I think you all know what that means!  Yup, more of Team Stu blundering around in the Jurassic period killing dinosaurs and worrying about zombies.  Good thing we don’t have to worry about causality or anything.

So to recap: a bunch of crazy soldiers kill a bunch of zombies and then teleport to the distant past where they promptly gun down a T-Rex.  Meanwhile, the two author insertions are dumped elsewhere in the past, apparently for no other reason than that they can be extra awesome without the hindrance of the others.  Also, there are no commas.  The author insertions climb a rock and then fall asleep, which brings us to our current place in the fic.

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