132: After the Wrinkle – One Shot

Title: After the Wrinkle
Author: draconic skysong
Media: Book
Topic: Wrinkle in Time
Genre: None Listed
URL: After the Wrinkle
Critiqued by Addicted Reader

Hello, fellow snarkers!  If you recall, last week I riffed a very short fic from the Wrinkle in Time Trilogy section of ff.net which had nothing at all to do with those books.  This week, I’ve picked out another very short fic from the same section, but this time it is actually related.  So that’s point one in its favor.  There aren’t many more points, though, so don’t worry about getting out a pencil and paper to keep score.  You can use your fingers.  Probably just those on one hand, really.

Once again, since the fic is so short, I’m going to present the whole thing with my commentary.  Let’s start with the summary:

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