131: Control – Chapter One

Title: Control
Author: Jckash03
Media: Television / Movie
Topic: Dragon Ball Z
Genre: Suspense / Romance
URL: Control – Chapter One
Critiqued by Lyle
Submitted by Blessed8be

Good day, everyone!  As I promised, I’m going to be taking care of some of our “Orphans” as our list is growing and I don’t want it to get too full.  For those either new to the Library, or not following along, the “Orphans” are stories submitted by our readers (or by one of the other members of the crew not familiar with the source material).  We have it posted up in our super-secret clubhouse.

Anyway, today’s riff is on a fic called “Control” which hails from the Dragon Ball Z universe.  Considering the show itself is worthy of snark, a fic of it should be just as craptastic.

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